Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing on Clay Soil Under Eccentric Inclined Load

Sahu, Devasish (2018) Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing on Clay Soil Under Eccentric Inclined Load. MTech thesis.

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The foundations supporting the structures around us are not always subjected to a staticload which is centric vertical in nature.When two or more forces act on the foundation simultaneously, generally the resultantof those forces actsin a way other than centric vertical on the foundation. The resultant may act inclined at the center (centric inclined),eccentrically and eccentrically inclined on the foundation.Retaining walls,structures at coastal area are some of the examples where the aforementioned resultant acts on the foundation.

In the present study, a numerical approach has been made using finite element model tool Plaxis2D to study the ultimate bearing capacity of shallow strip foundation resting on clay, subjected to an eccentricand inclined load. Four different types of soils have been considered in the current study i.e. very soft clay, soft clay, medium stiff clay and stiff clay. Finite element model approach, using reasonable intensity of triangular mess has been made to observe the bearing capacity responsefor a range of load eccentricity 0-0.15 @0.05 and a range of load inclination 00-200@50.The depthof footing is varied from 0-1@0.5. From the databaseof the present study,an empirical equation has been proposed using regression analysis, for estimating the reduction factor(the factor by which the ultimate bearing capacity for the centricvertical load is reduced) when eccentric and inclined loads are concerned. Furthermore, comparison of outcomes from the numerical study with those of Meyerhof (1963) suggests good agreements between both the studies except eccentric condition.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Clay Soil; Eccentric Vertical Condition; Central Vertical Loading
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