Design and Prototyping of a Low-Cost Portable Ventilator

Jayaswal, Amit Kumar (2018) Design and Prototyping of a Low-Cost Portable Ventilator. MTech thesis.

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The ventilator (also called as a respirator) is a pneumatic and electronics system designed to monitor, assist, or control pulmonary ventilation and respiration intermittently or continuously. It can also be used to control human body oxygen levels, for example during surgery where blood loss can effect in hypoxia, or deficiency of enough oxygen in the patients body; it is best to have less human interaction. The objective of this project is to develop a low-cost portable ventilator for use in mass casualty cases and resource-poor environments. It represents a complex application where accurate measurement, correct instrumentation, power manager, and signal integrity are a critical factor for correct operation of a machine which a human life may depend on. This device is primarily used in intensive therapy to help enhance the patients breathing by modulate the flow of gas in the lungs. The proper pH level of arterial is maintaining by regularly monitoring and adjusting in ventilation. Pressure, volume and flow sensor are used in this setup. MCU receive data from the sensors and modulate the operation. Data of the airways, lungs and chest wall receive by sensor give to microcontroller unit then it will decide how the ventilatorpumps. Two air supply oxygen and air require for supplying in this system. Two supply used in this pneumatic system comes from pressurized tank or we can say that compressor. Both sources are regulated by two input valves to control mixture composition, which comes from an air tank where the mixture is kept at certain pressure limits. If the mixture composition is correct and is in the right pressure range, the system sends this air to the patient to control breathing.To control pressure and the respiratory rate of air in lung simulator is adjusting by input and output valves

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