Design of Coriolis mass flow meter

Mathukia, Sunny kumar Lalitbhai (2018) Design of Coriolis mass flow meter. MTech thesis.

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This thesis is about design of a Coriolis mass flow meter(CMF), which is having a detail information of the proposed architecture and modification done to improve the performance of the mass flow measurement. Coriolis mass flow meter is most used mass flow meter in the any industries because it gives the most accurate details of the mass flow rate. CMFs are available for wide range of the piping sizes also has the wide range of the mass flow rate from some kg/seconds to tones/second. CMF can be also used in the mixed phase flow measurements.

Major drawback in any mass flow rate is the temperature of the media. As the temperature changes most of the medium will be have the change in the thermodynamic property. So the calibration of these meters is most complex because one has to deal with the variation in the temperature of the fluids.

Also, here in this research project work the Coriolis meter is made. All the circuits were designed and simulated for the suitable inputs from the previous circuits of each blocks as per the proposed architecture of the system. Significant of the piezo electric pickup sensors for the vibration measuring application was studied and implemented the same for the mass flow measurements. Here conventional electrodynamic sensors are being replaced with the PVDF piezo-electric sensors. Which reduces the so many complex circuitries. This made the meter compact and the easier to use.

Therefore, the main motive for this project was to use the piezo electric sensors as a pick up sensors and study the mass flow measurements with the help of this modifications.

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