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Agarwal, Preeti (2012) Removal of pollutant from industrial effluent using ion – exchange resin. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Vinay Kumar (2012) Stability Study of Important Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and a Review on their Gas Adsorption Properties. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Ankit Kumar (2012) Effect on naphtha yield, overall conversion and coke yield through different operating variables in FCC unit using Aspen-Hysys simulator. BTech thesis.

Annavajhala, Mrudula (2012) Energy integration in sponge iron plant using heat of waste gas. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Sanjukta (2012) Experimental and cfd simulation study of binary solid-liquid fluidized bed. MTech thesis.

Bhoi, Stutee (2012) Study of microchannel reactor using cfd analysis. MTech thesis.

Biswal, Avilash (2012) Effect of Key Variables on Coal Cleaning by Froth Flotation Technique. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Bijayani (2012) Recovery of liquid fuels from cellulosic feedstock. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Nihar Ranjan (2012) Studies on Adsorption and Wetting Phenomena Associated with Solid Surfaces in Aqueous Synthetic and Natural Surfactant Solutions. PhD thesis.

Biswal, Rupam Ranjan (2012) Effect of surfactant on evaporation of water. BTech thesis.

Bose, Arunim (2012) Simulation of air liquefaction using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Chatterjee, Krishnendu (2012) Wettability of hair using natural and synthetic
surfactants in presence of silver nanoparticles as additive.
MTech thesis.

Dalai, Abhijit (2012) Nitrogen and helium liquefier design and simulation using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Das, Kreeti (2012) Process Fault Analysis using Digraph Method. BTech thesis.

Dash, Abhishek (2012) Study on the thermal pyrolysis of medical waste (plastic syringe) for the production of useful liquid fuels. BTech thesis.

Garapati, Vamsi Krishna (2012) Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons. MTech by Research thesis.

Garg, Deepak (2012) Adsorptive removal of dyes from aqueous solution using Cu-BTC and Commercial Activated Carbon. BTech thesis.

Gottipati, Ramakrishna (2012) Preparation and Characterization of Microporous Activated Carbon from Biomass and its Application in the Removal of
Chromium(VI) from Aqueous Phase.
PhD thesis.

Hembram, Sasmita (2012) Behaviour of Three Phase Fluidized Bed with Regular Particles. BTech thesis.

Jason, Naveen Noah (2012) Self-assembly of colloidal sulfur particles on flat surfaces from evaporating sessile drops. MTech thesis.

Jyoti, Ghoshna (2012) Design of heat integrated multiple effect evaporator system. MTech thesis.

Kalo, Lipika (2012) CFD simulation of bed expansion and gas hold up behaviour of gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed. MTech thesis.

Khandeparker, Ashish (2012) Study of different operating parameters of fcc unit with aspen-hysys. BTech thesis.

Lima, Tanmaya Kumar (2012) Studies on hydrodynamic behaviour and COD removal
efficiency using inverse fluidised bed bioreactor: statistical
MTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Manoj (2012) Adsorptive mode of Phenol abatement from
aqueous solution using activated carbons.
MTech thesis.

Majhi, Tapash Ranjan (2012) Modeling of rotary kiln for sponge iron processing using cfd package (ANSYS 13.0). MTech thesis.

Marandi, Barsha (2012) Behaviour of Three Phase Fluidized Bed with Irregular Particles. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rashmi Prava (2012) Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Organic
Framework (MOF) Based Membrane.
BTech thesis.

Moharana, Yogesh Chandra and Malik, Manoja Kumar (2012) Fluidization In Conical Bed And Computational
Fluid Dynamics Modeling Of The Bed.
BTech thesis.

Mullick, Urmi (2012) Simultaneous removal of chromium and sulphate from tannery waste using microbes. MTech thesis.

Nayak, Kiran Chandra (2012) Effect of coal size and process variables on coal cleaning efficiency in an air dense medium fluidized bed. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Monalisha (2012) Design and simulation of a multiple-effect evaporator using vapor bleeding. BTech thesis.

Panda, Chittaranjan (2012) Aspen plus simulation and experimental studies on biomass gasification. BTech thesis.

Panda, Partha Pratim (2012) Solvent free synthesis of Dibenzyl Sulfide using H2S rich Monoethanolamine under two phase transfer catalysis. BTech thesis.

Parashar, Chetna (2012) Removal of Malachite Green dye by adsorption using char. BTech thesis.

Pati, Soumya Ranjan (2012) Synthesis and characterisation of activated carbon and
its study on Cr (VI) removal from water.
BTech thesis.

Patro, Jitendra Kumar and Malviya, Abhinav (2012) Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Augmentation Using TMT Rods with and without Baffles as Inserts for Tube Side Flow of Liquids. BTech thesis.

Prabhakar, Rohit (2012) CFD Analysis Of Newtonian Fluid Flow Phenomena Over a Rotating Cylinder. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Kuldeep (2012) Simulation of fluid catalytic cracker. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Saswat Kumar (2012) Liquid fuel from oil seeds by pyrolysis. MTech thesis.

Priyadarshini, Varsa (2012) Study of Drag Coefficient Using CFD Tools. BTech thesis.

Rajavathsavai, Divya (2012) Study of Hydrodynamic and Mixing Behaviour of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Using CFD Tools. MTech by Research thesis.

Ray, Minaketan (2012) Synthesis and characterization of AgBr/SiO2 core/shell nanoparticles. MTech by Research thesis.

Sahoo, Lisa (2012) Studies on effect of process parameters on particle growth in a fluidized bed granulator. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Pranati (2012) Hydrodynamic Studies of Coarse, Fine and Nano Particles in a Cylindrical Fluidized / Spouted Bed: CFD Simulation. MTech by Research thesis.

Sahoo, Subhadarshinee (2012) Fluidized bed reactor: design and application for abatement of Fluoride. BTech thesis.

Sarkar, Sreerupa (2012) Antimicrobial activity of sulphur nanoparticles on dandruff causing malassezia yeasts. MTech thesis.

Singh, Tanu (2012) Removal of petroleum hydrocarbon by using microbial mat. MTech thesis.

Sinha, Rahul (2012) Recovery of liquid fuels from oil bearing seed. BTech thesis.

Sourav, Sagar (2012) Production of hydrogen enriched SYN-gas by absorption method. BTech thesis.

Tripathi, Nagesh Kumar (2012) Production, Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Viral Proteins. PhD thesis.

Vikash, Kumar (2012) Synthesis of Dibenzyl Thioether using H2S and Anion Exchange Resin as Triphase Catalyst. BTech thesis.

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