Experimental and Computational Studies on Oil Injected Twin-Screw Compressor

Sarangi, S K (2006) Experimental and Computational Studies on Oil Injected Twin-Screw Compressor. PhD thesis.



Gas compressors are mechanical devices used for raising the pressure of gas or vapour either by lowering its volume (as in the case of positive displacement machines) or by imparting to it a high kinetic energy which is converted into pressure in a diffuser (as in the case of centrifugal machines). The classification and use of compressors are described in the next section The selection of compressors for different applications is a crucial issue in the process industry. It is usually the most expensive piece of equipment and has dominant influence on cycle efficiency. The common types of compressors used in industry are reciprocating, twin screw, single screw, centrifugal, scroll and rotary vane. Compressor manufacturers are used to having a large market potential. Probably all types of compressors can be improved over what is available in the market today; but the potential return must justify the expense of research and development to achieve the improvement The twin screw compres...

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