Energy Conservation Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks for Increased Life Time

Tinker, Madhu Sudan (2015) Energy Conservation Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks for Increased Life Time. MTech thesis.



Energy has always been the main issue for wireless sensor networks because in many situations battery recharging or replenishment is not possible. Many solutions have been provided for energy conservation. Clustering protocols have been successful for solving this issue to an extent but are not perfect. In our proposed algorithm we utilize the ability of the sensor nodes to control their transmission power range. By utilizing this ability we are able to minimize their intra cluster energy. Although this is local energy saving but this leads us to minimization of overall network energy consumption. The other thing that can be considered is about the task of a cluster head in clustering algorithms where cluster-head is doing the task as transmitter and receiver simultaneously. Providing these tasks to a single node is not efficient. So we are introducing the notion of a special node called s-node where this s-node is working as a transmitter for a cluster and sending the aggregated data to the sink. We have simulated the proposed scheme with LEACH and LEACH-C protocol and simulation results show that the proposed scheme is better in terms of network life time than both protocols.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Clustering; Network Life Time; Optimization; S-Node; Signal Strength; Wireless Sensor Networks
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Computer and Information Science > Wireless Local Area Network
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