Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Aspects Using Circular [MS] Rods Insert With and Without Baffles

Kujur, Rajan Kumar (2015) Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Aspects Using Circular [MS] Rods Insert With and Without Baffles. BTech thesis.



To study the heat transfer aspect of heat exchanger on a project named “Experimental studies on heat transfer aspect using circular [MS] rods insert with and without baffles” was endeavor. Heat exchange process which is daily used in industries in which energy takes one form to other. This project deals with the introduction of Circular [MS] rods as inserts as passive augmentation device, in the flow path of inner tube side of liquid flow. The impact of turbulence on heat Transfer was compared with the values for smooth tube. The impact of baffles was also taken into account and again a comparative study was made on the basis of varying the baffle spacing. All the outcomes and readings were contrasted and the standard information from the smooth tube. Two Circular Rods (di = 8 mm, 10 mm) were used for the experimental purpose. In the beginning the experiment was conducted without any insert to get the value for plane heat exchanger and thereafter the experiment was repeated with circular rods ( di = 8mm, 10 mm) without any baffles and with baffles with varying baffle spacing (ß=7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm).The Nusselt number was found to increase with decreasing baffle spaces The insert with baffle space 7.5 cm was found to be the most efficient among all the configuration used.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Heat transfer, Heat Transfer augmentation,Circular Rods insert, baffles,passive augmentation
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