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Agarwal, Ankush (2009) Study on Thermal Storage from Exhaust of a Diesel Engine. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Peeyush (2009) Simulation of Heat Transfer Phenomenon in Furnace Using Fluent-Gambit. BTech thesis.

Aggarwal, Tarun (2009) Sliding Wear Behavior of Glass Fibre Reinforced $TiO_2$ Filled Epoxy Resin Composite. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Sriyanka (2009) Calibration of Capillary Type Thermal Mass Flowmeter. BTech thesis.

Banjare, Yamuna Prasad (2009) Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Pulse Tube Refrigerator. PhD thesis.

Behera, Pritinika (2009) Analysis of Transient Heat conduction in Different Geometries. MTech thesis.

Bhanja, Aditya (2009) Design of Instrumented Gripper. BTech thesis.

Bhanja, Amritraj and Panda, Anjan Kumar (2009) Numaerical Solution of Three Dimensionsl Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Microchannel Heat Sink and CFD Analysis. BTech thesis.

Bharule, Ajay (2009) Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Swing Jaw Plate of Jaw Crusher. MTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Sandip Kumar (2009) Micro-Drilling using Nd-YAG Laser. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Soumit Kumar (2009) Development of a Self Balanced Robot & its Controller. BTech thesis.

Chaturvedi, Vedansh (2009) Parametric Optimization of Fused Deposition Modeling using Response Surface MEthodology. MTech thesis.

Choudhury, Balaji Kumar (2009) Process Design of Turboexpander based nitrogen Liquefier. MTech thesis.

Choudhury, Bibhuti Bhusan (2009) Task Allocation Strategies in Multi-Robot Environment. PhD thesis.

Choudhury, Samir (2009) Radiation Modeling for Bio-Medical Applications. BTech thesis.

Das, Chandra Bhanu (2009) Waste Silk Yarn Reinforced Epoxy Laminate. BTech thesis.

Das, Harish Chandra (2009) Intelligent Diagnosis and Smart Detection of Crack in a Structure from its Vibration Signatures. PhD thesis.

Dash, S M (2009) Study of Cryogenic Cycles with Aspen-Hysys Simulations. BTech thesis.

Debasish, Das (2009) ANT Colony Optimisation Applied to Job Shop Scheduling Problem. BTech thesis.

Debnath, Debabrata (2009) Mechanical Behavior of Bagasse Fiber Epoxy Composites at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature. BTech thesis.

Dewangan, Palash (2009) Passive Viscoelastic Constrained Layer Damping for Structural Application. MTech thesis.

Dewatwal, Jainender (2009) Design of Compact Plate Fine Heat Exchanger. BTech thesis.

Gajannavar, Benakanaik (2009) Creative Design of Pattern for Sand Casting of Turbine Blade. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Jaykant (2009) Mechanical and Wear Properties of Carburized Mild Steel Samples. MTech thesis.

Hotwani, Nikita (2009) Vibration Analysis of Faulty Beam using Fuzzy Logic Technique. BTech thesis.

Inamdar, Anand S (2009) Drilling in Bone: Modeling Heat Generation & Temperature Distribution by Using HBIM. BTech thesis.

J, Rahul (2009) Analytical Solutions of Heat Conduction Problems. BTech thesis.

Jaypuria, Sanjib (2009) Heat Treatment of Low Carbon Steel. BTech thesis.

Jena, Pankaj Kumar (2009) Static and Dynamic Analysis of HCR Spur Gear Drive Using Finite Element Analysis. BTech thesis.

Jena, Prabir kumar (2009) Analysis of Combined Conductive and Radiative Heat Transfer in a Two Dimensional Square Enclosure using the Finite Volume Method. MTech thesis.

Jha, Alok Kumar (2009) Mechanical Characterization and Solid Particle Erosion Response of Particulate Filled Jute-Epoxy Composites. MTech thesis.

Jha, Panchanand (2009) Novel Artificial Neural Network Application for Prediction of Inverse Kinematics of Robot Manipulator. MTech thesis.

Khan, Irshad Ahamd (2009) Prediction of elastic properties of 2D orthogonal plain weave fabric composites. MTech thesis.

Khandelwal, Samir (2009) Designing a Valveless Micropump. BTech thesis.

Khandey, Umesh (2009) Optimization of Surface Roughness, Material Removal Rate and cutting Tool Flank Wear in Turning Using Extended Taguchi Approach. MTech thesis.

Kispotta, Raj Kumar (2009) Vibration Analysis of a Cracked Shaft Using FEM. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ashish (2009) CFD Analysis of Natural Convection in a Vertical Microchannel. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Chandranan (2009) Counter Current Flow Phenomenon & Pressure Drop Calculation in Annular Geometry. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Deepak (2009) Alternative Design of Manipulation for Maintenance Work in Hazardous Environment. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Neeraj (2009) Experimental Investigation of Faulty Gearbox Using Motor Current Signature Analysis. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pankaj (2009) Numerical Investigation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannel. MTech thesis.

M K, Santhosh Kumar (2009) CFD Analysis of Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Enclosure. MTech thesis.

Mallick, Umasankar (2009) Estimation of MRR Using U-Shape Electrode in Electrochemical Machining. MTech thesis.

Mazumdar, Avijit (2009) Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approached on Teachers' Performance Evaluation and Appraisal. BTech thesis.

Meher, Anil (2009) ECM Process Characteristics. BTech thesis.

Michael, Mathew (2009) Design of Flywheel for Improved Energy Storage using Computer Aided Analysis. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Subhransu Kumar (2009) Melting and Solidification of Binary Alloy Subjected to Cyclic Temperature and Heat Flux Boundary Condition. BTech thesis.

Mogal, Shyam (2009) Vibration Analysis of Cracked Beam. MTech thesis.

Mohammed, Zuberuddin (2009) Study on the Effects of Band Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation. MTech thesis.

Mohanty, Biswaranjan (2009) Development of experiments on vacuum technology. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Laxmi Narayan (2009) Fabrication and Wear Characterization of Jute-epoxy-SiC Composites. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rakesh (2009) Deposition of SiC Derived from Desert Sand and Wood Charcoal by Plasma Processing. BTech thesis.

Murmu, Mithun (2009) Three Dimensional Analysis of Extrusion through Taper Die. MTech thesis.

Nandiganahalli, Suraj (2009) Mobile Platform Control Using Fuzzy-Logic and Webots. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Abhijeet (2009) Finite Elemental Analysis of Functionality Graded Smart Composite Structures. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Jitendra (2009) Computer Aided Thermal Stress Analysis of Orthotopic Rotating Disc. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Suchi Smita (2009) Compression Strength of Saline Water Exposed Epoxy System Containing Red Mud Particles. BTech thesis.

Ojha, Shakuntala (2009) CFD Analysis on Forced Convection Cooling of Electronic Chips. MTech by Research thesis.

Patel, Debabrata (2009) Economic Design of Control Chart. BTech thesis.

Pathak, Rohit (2009) Multi Objective Optimization using Grey Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Sibasish and Sachdev, Ankur (2009) Design and Development of Micro Turbine. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Bidhan Kumar (2009) Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flow in High Speed Turbine using Fluent. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Bidhan Kumar (2009) Service Quality Indicators in Education Setting:Application of RIDIT Method to Likert Scale Surveys. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Krushna Prasad (2009) Design and Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Shailesh (2009) Simulation of Nitrogen Liquefication Cycles. MTech thesis.

Raghupathi , Avula (2009) Dynamic Stability of a Sandwich Plate under Parametric Excitation. MTech thesis.

Rath, Sunil Kumar (2009) CFD Analysis using Multigrid Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Rawat, Vivek Kumar (2009) Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Pulse Tube Refrigerator. BTech thesis.

Ray, Subhrajit (2009) Processing and Characterization of Titania Filled Epoxy - Glass Fiber Composites. MTech thesis.

Roymohapatra, Debasis (2009) Part Feeding System for FMS. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Atul Kumar (2009) Efficient Heuristics for Scheduling Tasks on a Flo Shop Environment to Optimize Makespan. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Harekrishna (2009) Vibration Analysis of an Elastically Restrained Beam. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Vaneshwar kumar (2009) Study on the Effect of Pre-Corrosion on Crack Initiation and Fatigue Life of an Aluminum Alloy. MTech thesis.

Saikia, Kaustav (2009) Effect of Band Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation. BTech thesis.

Samal, Sumit Kumar (2009) Study of Parameters of Ultrasonic Machining. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Anjana (2009) Optimal Placement of Actuators in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Shell Structures using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Sanmay (2009) Controling of Mobile Agents using Intelligent Strategy. BTech thesis.

Shaik, Zuneid Alam (2009) Design and Development of a Solar Dryer. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Surajit (2009) Generation of Optimized Robotic Assembly Sequence using Soft Computing Methods. MTech by Research thesis.

Shukla, Anand (2009) Forced Convection in Channels with Viscous Dissipation. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ashutosh (2009) Analysis of Reweting of Hot System. BTech thesis.

Singh, Mukesh Kumar (2009) Navigational Path Analysis of Mobile Robot in Various Environments. PhD thesis.

Soren, Rimil Sing (2009) Process Improvement Through Reverse Engineering. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Manu (2009) Parametric Appraisal of Erosion Process in Polyster Glass Fiber Composites. BTech thesis.

Sutar, Mihir Kumar (2009) Fault Detection of Cracked Cantilever Beam Sing Smart Technique. MTech thesis.

Tirkey, Nelson (2009) Evaluation of Chip Breaker. BTech thesis.

Tudu, Prakash (2009) Processing and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Upadhyay, Avadhesh (2009) Design of a Micropump. BTech thesis.

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