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Kishor, Ved Prakash (2013) Modelling of micro electro discharge machining in aerospace material. MTech thesis.

Agrawal , Parbesh (2013) Evaluation of surface roughness and MRR of EN18 steel tool in EDM process. BTech thesis.

Baliarsingh, Avaya Kumar (2013) Prediction of fatigue crack propagation life in single edge notched beams using exponential model. MTech thesis.

Bhagat, Vineet Kumar (2013) Processing, Characterization and Mechanical Behaviour of Coir/Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Based Hybrid Composites. MTech thesis.

Bhardwaj, Gautam (2013) Measurment of electrical conductivity of natural fiber composite. BTech thesis.

Bican , Lokesh Kumar (2013) Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining
Parameters Using Genetic Algorithm Technique.
BTech thesis.

Biswal, Shatabdi (2013) Fabrication of abrasive jet machine. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Susanta (2013) Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. BTech thesis.

Das, Pratik (2013) Decision-making scenario towards Supply chain performance assessment in Fuzzy Context. BTech thesis.

Das, Suraj Kumar (2013) Study of Flexural Behaviour of Jeffcott Rotor. BTech thesis.

Duwary, Bijoy Kumar (2013) Liquid drop movement over an inclined surface using Volume of Fluid model with finite volume method. BTech thesis.

Gayen , Debabrata (2013) Finite element based vibration and stability analysis of functionally graded rotating shaft system under thermal environment. MTech thesis.

Jacob , SanjeevPothen and Sethi, Krushna Shankar (2013) Navigation of Mobile Robot using Fuzzy Logic. BTech thesis.

Jena, Sampreeti (2013) Multi-Objective Optimization of the Design Parameters of a Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger Based on Economic and Size Consideration. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Motish (2013) Numerical study of axial wall conduction in partially heated microtubes. MTech thesis.

Majhi , Bikash Kumar (2013) Static and Dynamic analysis of Functionally Graded Flat Panels. BTech thesis.

Marandi, Amit Kumar (2013) Scalability planning for reconfigurable manufacturing system using simulated annealing. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Pradeep Kumar (2013) Nonlinear static analysis of magnetostrictive laminated composite plate. MTech thesis.

Mohanta, Malay Kumar (2013) Lean Metric Evaluation in Fuzzy Environment. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Raj Amrit (2013) Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning Operation to Reduce Tool Vibration and Cutting Forces. BTech thesis.

Navyanth , Kusampudi (2013) Minimization of defects in aluminium alloy castings using SQC. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Sukanta (2013) Dynamics of Liquid Droplet on Flat Plate under Shear Flow with Adiabatic Condition. MTech thesis.

Panda , Abhishek (2013) Effect of shape, size and content on the effective thermal conductivity BeO filled polymer composites. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Suseet (2013) Liquid drop dynamics under the effect of an induced horizontal wettability gradient. BTech thesis.

Patra , Suvendhu Kumar (2013) Study of Physical and Thermal Behaviour of Epoxy
Composites filled with Blast Furnace Slag.
BTech thesis.

Porwal , Himanshu (2013) Piezoelectric Transduction Mechanism For Vibration Based Energy Harvesting. MTech thesis.

Raj, Rahul (2013) Compression test of aluminium alloy at different strain rate. BTech thesis.

Rout, Amruta (2013) Non-conventional Machining of Metal Matrix Composites: Parametric Appraisal and Multi-Objective Optimization. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Santanu Kumar (2013) Static and Buckling analysis of Laminated Sandwich Plates with Orthotropic Core using FEM. BTech thesis.

Sahu , Girish Kumar (2013) Static and free vibration analysis of laminated composite skew plate with and without cutout. MTech thesis.

Shreshth, Sandeep (2013) Lattice Boltzmann Method for Single Phase Heat Transfer and Two Phase Drop & Bubble Dynamics. MTech thesis.

Singh , Ajeet Bahadur (2013) Mechanical and solid particle erosion behavior of modified rice-husk filled epoxy composite. MTech thesis.

Singh , Ashutosh Kr (2013) Numerical Analysis of Performance of Closed-Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe. MTech thesis.

Sonkar , Rakesh Kumar (2013) Navigation of Automatic Vehicle using AI Techniques. MTech thesis.


., Choppakalyan (2013) Laser coating of titanium carbide on stainless steel substrate. BTech thesis.

., Hemanshu (2013) Vibration Analysis of Composite Beam. MTech thesis.

., K. Ushashri (2013) Laser assisted titanium carbide (TiC) coating on AISI304 stainless steel. MTech thesis.

., Ravi (2013) Vibration and Buckling Behaviour of Laminated Composite Plate. BTech thesis.


Abhishek, Sonu (2013) Processing, characterization and mechanical behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Agarwalla, Deepak Kumar (2013) Diagnosis of Damages in Beam Structures using Vibration Parameters and Artificial Intelligence Techniques. MTech thesis.

Ahmed, Shahnawaz (2013) Prediction of Bubbles and Drop Dynamics under Different Flow Situations and Phase Change: Lattice Boltzmann Study. MTech thesis.


B, Aarif (2013) Simulation of 1610 Helium Liquefier. MTech thesis.

Basumatary , Kamal Kumar (2013) Investigation into Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Ipomoea carnea Reinforced Epoxy Composite. MTech thesis.

Behera, Lokanath (2013) A conceptual design of pattern to replace investment casting. BTech thesis.

Behera, P (2013) Experimental studies on utilization of used transformer oil as an alternative fuel in a DI diesel engine. PhD thesis.

Behera, Siddhartha Shankar (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. BTech thesis.

Behera, Swayatt (2013) Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Hot Turning Operation. BTech thesis.


Choudhury, Balaji Kumar (2013) Design and Construction of Turboexpander based Nitrogen Liquefier. PhD thesis.


Dahariya, Karun Kumar (2013) Estimation of power generation potential of agricultural based biomass spiceis and coal-biomass mixed briquettes. MTech thesis.

Dalai , Sisir Kumar (2013) Numerical analysis of diaphragm type pulse tube refrigerator. MTech thesis.

Dehury, Janaki (2013) Processing & characterization of jute/glass fiber reinforced epoxy based hybrid composites. MTech thesis.

Dewangan, Tikendra (2013) Development of Exponential Model to Find Fatigue Crack Growth and Residual Life for Constant Amplitude Loading. BTech thesis.

Dhakal, Bijay (2013) A study on the effect of fiber loading and orientation on mechanical behaviour of jute fiber reinforced epoxy composites. BTech thesis.

Dhakal, Pushpa narayan and Singh, Digvijay (2013) Tribological behaviour of zirconium di-oxide ceramic. BTech thesis.

Dimri, Hitesh (2013) Computational Fluid Flow Analysis of Cryogenic Turboexpander. MTech thesis.


Ekka, Sandip Belas (2013) Comparative studies on engine behavior in a DI diesel engine fueled with UTO at different compression ratios. MTech thesis.


Garanayak , Shakti Ranjan (2013) CFD analysis and Optimization of Abrasive Flow Machining. MTech thesis.


Hasda, Ranjan Kumar (2013) Optimization of EDM Process Parameters through Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm. MTech thesis.


Inamdar , Prasad Kiran (2013) Free Vibration and Thermal Analysis of Randomly Oriented Carbon Nano Tube Based Functionally Graded Beam. MTech thesis.


Jha , Abhishekh Kumar (2013) CFD Simulation of a Small Stirling Cryocooler Using Non-Thermal Equilibrium Model. BTech thesis.

Jhunjhunwala, Pooja (2013) CFD analysis of helically coiled tube for compact heat exchangers. MTech thesis.

Joshi , Mayank (2013) Optimization of Micromillingprocess Using Grey Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.


Karnal, Prashanth B and Karthik, Santhosh and Sethi , Dibyajyoti (2013) Conversion of a circumferentially cracked pipe into a beam and prediction of fatigue crack propagation in a beam using FRANC 2D. BTech thesis.

Karuturi, Poorna Chandu (2013) Application of Fuzzy Logic on Understanding of Risks in Supply Chain and Supplier Selection. MTech thesis.

Katendra, Gaurav (2013) Prediction of coating thickness through thermal analysis. MTech thesis.

Kawade, Ajay (2013) Mobility of air bubble entrapped through jet impingement. MTech thesis.

Khetan , Rohit (2013) Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. BTech thesis.

Kintali , Vinod and Dandapati , Hareesh (2013) FEM Analysis of Stiffened Plates using ANSYS. BTech thesis.

Kumar, D. Jaswant (2013) Aerodynamic Analysis of Compliant Thrust Foil Bearings. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Gautam (2013) Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting and Geometric parameters in turning operation to Reduce Cutting forces and Surface Roughness. BTech thesis.

Kumar, K Sayan (2013) Experimental investigation of MRR and surface roughness of EN-18 steel in ECM. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sikandar (2013) Active Vibration Control of Rotating Composite Shaft System. MTech thesis.

Kumar, V Rakesh (2013) Teaching Learning based Optimization Applied to Mechanical Constrained Design Problems. MTech thesis.

Kumar , Niraj (2013) Study of Sloshing Effects in a Cylindrical Tank With and Without Baffles under Linear Acceleration. MTech thesis.

Kumar , Ravindra (2013) CFD Simulation of a Small Stirling Cryocooler. BTech thesis.


Madhaw, Sunny (2013) Surface Modification by Electro-Discharge Coating (EDC) with WC-Cu P/M Electrode Tool. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Rabindra Narayan (2013) Inventory Models for Manufacturing Process with Reverse Supply Chain. PhD thesis.

Mahato, Tapas Kumar (2013) Experimental investigation of microdrilling operation of printed circuit board. BTech thesis.

Maurya, Gaurav (2013) Analysis of gyroscopic effects in rotor disc systems. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Swagatika (2013) Studies on some aspects of agility appraisement: empirical research and case studies in Indian perspective. PhD thesis.

Mohanta , Manoj Kumar (2013) Optimization of Micro Wire Electro Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Aerospace Material. MTech thesis.

Mohanty, Soumya Ranjan (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. BTech thesis.

Mutalikdesai, Pavan Ramesh (2013) Study of Modal Behaviour of Viscoelastic Rotors Using
Finite Element Method.
MTech thesis.


Naik, Saroj Kumar (2013) Study the Effect of Compact Pressure of P/M Tool Electrode on Electro Discharge Coating (EDC) Process. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Kanhu Charan (2013) Three Dimensional Analysis of Combined Extrusion-forging Process. MTech thesis.

Nayak, Shibani Shankar (2013) Vibrational analysis of a simply supported beam with crack. BTech thesis.

Nepak, Prabhu Datta (2013) Navigation Control of an Automated Guided Underwater Robot using Neural Network Technique. BTech thesis.

Nial, Tophan and Reddy, Gogireddy Ravindra and Gaihre, Kosish (2013) Vibration Analysis of Rotor Shaft System using Journal Bearing. BTech thesis.


obbineni, mallikarjanareddy (2013) Dynamic stability analysis of a sandwich beam with functionally graded material constraining layer. MTech thesis.


Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh (2013) Modeling of extrusion through curve die. MTech thesis.

Padhy, Jukti Prasad (2013) Design and Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine. MTech thesis.

Panda, Asutosh (2013) A Study on Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy/Al2O3 Composites. MTech thesis.

Parida, Pramod Kumar (2013) Kinematic Analysis of Multi-Fingered, Anthropomorphic Robotic Hands. PhD thesis.

Patel, Nirmal (2013) A Comparative Analysis of TOPSIS & VIKOR Methods in the Selection of Industrial Robots. BTech thesis.

Patra , Nirupama (2013) Study of Induction motor drive with Direct Torque Control scheme and Indirect Field Oriented control scheme with Space Vector Modulation. MTech thesis.

Pradhan, Protsahan (2013) Comparative study of different adsorbent materials in a charcoal canister. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Shubhashish (2013) Effective thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filled with red mud powder. BTech thesis.

Prakash, R (2013) Experimental Studies on a DI Diesel Engine Fueled with Jatropha Methyl Ester-Wood Pyrolysis Oil Emulsions. PhD thesis.


Rath, Usharani (2013) Two phase flow analysis in electrochemical machining for L-shaped Tool: A CFD approach. MTech thesis.

Ravindra, Sonawane Ishan (2013) Static and Dynamic Analysis of High Contact Ratio Spur Gear Drive. MTech thesis.

Ray, Saroj (2013) Analysis of combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with alternative fuel by thermodynamic modeling. BTech thesis.

Richhariya, Vipin (2013) Surface Modification of AISI 1020 Mild Steel by Electrical Discharge Coating with Tungsten and Copper Mixed Powder Green Compact Electrodes. MTech thesis.

Rout, Sarbeswar (2013) Parametric Optimization of Turning Operation on Stainless Steel Using a Carbide Tool. BTech thesis.


Saha, Shubhendra Nath (2013) Aerodynamic analysis of compliant journal foil bearings. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Binay Kumar (2013) Obtain makespan of job shop scheduling operation. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Jagannatha (2013) Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Suraj Kant (2013) Agility Evaluation in Fuzzy Environment. BTech thesis.

Salgar , Manojkumar Madhukar (2013) Dynamic Modeling of AFM Cantilever Probe Under Base Excitation system. MTech thesis.

Sethi , Sandeep (2013) CFD analysis of single phase flows inside vertically and horizontally oriented helically coiled tubes. BTech thesis.

Shah, Prakash (2013) A Fuzzy Based Service Quality and Performance Evaluation Model: A Case Study in Hostel Mess. BTech thesis.

Shams, Aamir (2013) A Study on Effective Thermal Conductivity of Copper Slag Particle Filled Epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Shekhar, Shashi (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Rishi Kumar (2013) Vibration Analysis of Tapered Beam. MTech thesis.

Singh, Akhileshwar (2013) Analysis of stiffened rectangular plate. MTech thesis.

Singh, Digvijay (2013) Tribological behaviour of zirconium di-oxide ceramic. BTech thesis.

Singh, Sandeep Kumar (2013) Simulation of R.F window Brazing process: Thermal-Structural analysis of ceramic to metal vacuum brazing joints. MTech thesis.

Singh , Harshdeep (2013) Design of water level controller using fuzzy logic system. BTech thesis.

Sreevathsanath, Kolli Surya (2013) Study of various parameters in diesel-generator sets. BTech thesis.

Subhash, Nerella Venkata Siva Sai (2013) Tribology of alumina nano composites. BTech thesis.

Sukla, Biswa Prakash (2013) FEM Analysis on Circular Stiffened plates using ANSYS. BTech thesis.

Suniya, Naveen Kumar (2013) Analusis and Modeling of Flexible Manufacturing System. MTech thesis.

Swain, Saumya Kanta (2013) Recycling of Waste Tyres: A Possible Option for Deriving Energy. BTech thesis.


Toppo, Niraj (2013) Determination of sauter mean diameter of four different fuels and their effects on performance and emission in a CI engine. MTech thesis.

Tripathy, Anshuman (2013) Machine loading in a flexible manufacturing system. BTech thesis.


V, Vinay (2013) Study on Mechanical Behaviour of Surface
treated Coir Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites.
BTech thesis.

Verma, Neelam Kumar (2013) Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters in Electrochemical Machining. MTech thesis.


Wasim , Khan Rehan (2013) Slip flow in microchannels. MTech thesis.


Yadav, Amit Kumar (2013) Thermal characteristics of boron nitride filled epoxy composites. MTech thesis.

Yadav, Ritlal Kumar (2013) A study on mechanical behavior of surface modified jute fiber reinforced epoxy composites. BTech thesis.

Yadav , Sushil Kumar (2013) Optimization of green electro-discharge machining using VIKOR. MTech thesis.

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