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Mohanty , Aurobinda (2013) Ionic Liquid Mediated Sol-Gel Synthesis of Porous Silica. MSc thesis.

., Saswati (2015) Thiosemicarbazone complexes of transition metals: Synthesis, characterization and study of reactivity. PhD thesis.

., Shweta (2014) Synthesis and characterization of dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes with thiosemicarbazone ligands. MSc thesis.

Bal, Puspanjali (2011) Synthesis of Chalcogenide Metal Cluster containing
Phosphine ligands.
MSc thesis.

Banerjee, Atanu (2021) Coordination Complexes of Vanadium Featuring O-N-O and O-N-S Donor Ligands: Study of Reactivity and Solution Behavior. PhD thesis.

Bansal, Nikhil (2015) Synthesis, Characterization and Spectral Studies of Novel Eu3+ Based Phosphors and its Solid Solutions. MSc thesis.

Barik, Bapun (2021) Environment Friendly Development of Modified Oxide-based Nanostructures for Removal of Water Contaminants. PhD thesis.

Barik, S K (2014) Transition metal clusters containing ferrocenyl diphosphine. MSc thesis.

Behera, Ashish (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Dinuclear-Oxomolybdenum Complexes Containing Terephthalodihydrazide Ligands. MSc thesis.

Behera, Nishibanya (2011) Synthesis and characterization of ferrocene containing organometallic compounds. MSc thesis.

Behera, Sagarika (2020) Synthetic Approaches Towards Biologically Active Heterocycles Employing Catalytic Strategies. PhD thesis.

Behera, Saritarani (2009) Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes of Aroyl Hydrazone Ligand: Synthesis and Characterization. MSc thesis.

Betal, J (2014) Synthesis and characterization of phosphine substituted organometallic chalcones. MSc thesis.

Bhakat, S (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes with Aroyl Hydrazones of Benzil and Diacetyl Monooxime. MSc thesis.

Bhowmick, Arnab (2012) Synthesis and characterization of transition metal cluster containing diphosphine ligands. MSc thesis.

Boddula, Rajamouli (2017) Luminescent EuIII complexes based on phenanthro-imidazole ligands for white LEDs/OLEDs and temperature sensors: Combined experimental and theoretical investigations. PhD thesis.

Chakraborty, Moumita (2009) Synthesis and characterization of ferrocene based ligand system and their complexes. MSc thesis.

Das, Ashis (2011) Surfactant-assisted synthesis and characterization of silica-doped zirconia & its application in chromium removal. MSc thesis.

Das, Onkar Kumar (2015) Synthesis and Photoluminescence Study of Lanthanide (Dy3+ & Eu3+) Doped in Phosphate and Mixed Metal Oxides. MSc thesis.

Das, Onkar Kumar (2014) Lanthanide based phosphor materials for white LEDs. MSc thesis.

Das, Rahul Kumar (2019) Luminescent Heteroatom doped Carbon Quantum Dots for Sensing and Drug Delivery Applications. PhD thesis.

Dash, Smruti Rekha (2007) Synthesis of biodiesel from vegetable oil. MSc thesis.

De, Ipsita (2012) Synthesis and characterisation of ferrocenyl chalcone. MSc thesis.

Dey, S (2014) Synthesis and application of γ-alumina nanopowders. MSc thesis.

Dhal, S (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Sm3+ Doped CeO2 Nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Dhar, Sabuj (2012) Synthesis and reactivity of metal acetylide complexes. MSc thesis.

Ekka, Basanti (2017) Synthesis of Nanoporous Materials for Abatement of Inorganic and Organic Contaminants in Water. PhD thesis.

Ekka, Basnti (2011) Synthesis and characterization of organometallic Schiff base compounds. MSc thesis.

Ghosh, Manoj Kumar (2018) New Synthetic Intrigues Towards Oxidative Dearomatization and
Related Strategies.
PhD thesis.

Kar, P (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxomolybdenum and Oxovanadium Complexes. MSc thesis.

Kar, S (2010) Studies on Particulate Growth and
Oorganization in Non-Equilibrium Myelin Structure.
MSc thesis.

Kumar, Aniket (2018) Metal Oxide-Decorated Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for Catalytic and Photocatalytic Applications. PhD thesis.

Kumari, Poonam (2012) Synthesis and characterization of some new Cu(I) complexes with thiosemicarbazone ligands. MSc thesis.

Lima, Sudhir (2023) Investigation of Biological and Magnetic Properties of Vanadium(IV/V) and Cobalt(II) Complexes Incorporating Mono and Dibasic Ligands. PhD thesis.

Majhi, Paresh Kumar (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxovanadium Complexes Featuring O- and N- Donor Environment. MSc thesis.

Malik, Prakash Kumar (2019) Solvatochromism and Preferential Solvation of D-Π-A
Push-Pull Dipolar Solutes in Pure and Binary Mixture of
Solvents: Understanding the Role of Specific
Solute-Solvent Interactions.
PhD thesis.

Mandal, Bappaditya (2016) Surfactant Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of High Surface Area Mesoporous Nanocrystalline Pure, Eu3+ and Sm3+ doped Ceria for Selected Applications. PhD thesis.

Mandal, D (2010) Synthesis of Transition Metal Carbonyl Clusters with Phosphine ligands. MSc thesis.

Marpally, Jyoshna (2015) Photocatalytic Degradation of Malachite Green and Rhodamine B Dye over SnO2-CuO Binary Metal Oxide Nanocomposite under UV Light. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Monali (2014) Design of Supported Nanoparticles in Ionic Liquid Medium and Its Photocatalytic Applications. MSc thesis.

Mishra, Usha (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Dioxidomolybdenum(Vi) Complexes of Azo-Hydrazone Ligands. MSc thesis.

Mitra, Swastika (2012) Synthesis, Characterization and Structure of Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes of Aroylhydrazones. MSc thesis.

Mohanta, D (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Crystalline Anatase Titania. MSc thesis.

Mohanta, Runa (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxovanadium Complex Incorporating Dimethyl Terephthalate Moiety. MSc thesis.

Moharana, Srikanta and Mohanta, Susmita (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Nano Hydroxyapatite (n-HAP). MSc thesis.

Mondal, J (2014) A dsorption studies of malachite green dye on mesoporous silica synthesized in 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid. MSc thesis.

Mondal, Santanu (2015) Effect of Chelator Size & Charge on Iron(II) Release from Ferritin Nano Cage. MSc thesis.

Nayak, Dinesh Kumar (2018) C-N and C-O Bond Formation Reactions: Synthesis of N-Aryl Amides, Benzoxazoles and 3(2H)-Furanones. PhD thesis.

Paikaray, Sonali (2013) A Simple Hydrothermal Synthesis of Luminescent Carbon Quantum Dots from Different Molecular Precursors. MSc thesis.

Pallei, Ajit Kumar (2014) Design and synthesis of new multifunctional europium molecular complex for oleds. MSc thesis.

Panda, Aniruddha (2009) Preparation and Characterization of Mesoporus $CeO_2-ZrO_2$ Nanopowders Using Dodecylamine and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate as Surfactant. MSc thesis.

Pandey, Annu Kumari (2015) Synthesis and Characterisation of Multi-Ferrocenyl Compounds Containing Enone Moieties. MSc thesis.

Panigrahi, Ranjana (2011) Synthesis and Characterisation of Silica Coated Magnetite Nanoparticle. MSc thesis.

Panigrahi, S K (2014) Synthesis and photophysical studies of bipolar host materials for phosphorescent oleds. MSc thesis.

Pattanayak, B (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Alumina/Iron Oxide Mixed Nanocomposite. MSc thesis.

Pattnaik, Anjana (2011) Synthesis and characterization of amine-functionalized magnetic silica nanoparticle. MSc thesis.

Pradhan, Purabi Rani (2011) Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes with thiosemicarbazone ligands. MSc thesis.

Pradhan, Sagnika (2018) Catalytic Applications of Surface and Structurally Modified Zirconia Nanoparticles for Synthesis of Biologically Important Molecules. PhD thesis.

Priyadarshini, Chinmayee (2013) Synthesis and Characterization of Porous Metal Oxides in Imidazolium Ionic Liquids. MSc thesis.

Rathore, Pradeep Kumar (2015) Finding Thermal and Conformational Stability of Iron Storage Nanocage Protein ,Ferritin by Circular Dichroism. MSc thesis.

Rout, Lipeeka (2017) Bimetallic Nanostructures with Noble (Ag & Au) and Earth Abundant (Cu & Sn) Metals and their Catalytic & Photocatalytic Applications. PhD thesis.

Sabinaya, Sushree (2011) Studies on Myelin Formation & Particulate growth in Mixed Surfactant System. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Ashish (2009) Mixed Ligand Complex of Copper (II) Containing O-N Donor Ligands. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Jitendra Kumar (2019) Iron Oxide Based Magnetic Nanocomposites: Removal of Inorganic and Organic Water Contaminants and Antimicrobial Properties. PhD thesis.

Sahoo, N (2014) Surfactant mediated synthesis and characterization of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Padmini (2015) Bimetallic Au-Cu Nanoparticles Anchored Reduced Graphene Oxide as Efficient Catalyst for Reduction of Nitro Aromatic Compounds. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Shraban Kumar (2019) Novel Graphene Oxide Based Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Application Towards Adsorptive Removal of Toxic Inorganic/Organic Pollutants from Aqueous Media. PhD thesis.

Sahu, Harikrishna (2011) Surfactant mediated synthesis and characterization of Boehmite nanowires. MSc thesis.

Sahu, Kausik (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Several Cp-Based Organometallic Compounds. MSc thesis.

Satapathy, Sitakanta (2011) PEG-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Ceria nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Sethy, Sangeeta (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxovanadium Complexes Incorporating Bidentate ligand. MSc thesis.

Singh, Kasturi (2019) Exploration of New Lanthanide Based Inorganic Phosphors Intended for Light Emitting Diodes. PhD thesis.

Tirkey , Vijaylakshmi (2017) Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Ferrocene Containing Organometallic Compounds. PhD thesis.

Tudu, P (2014) Report of dioxidovanadium complexes of bioactive heterocycles: synthesis, characterization and study of biological activity. MSc thesis.

Yadav, Sushree Arpitabala (2019) Synthesis of Enesulfonamides and Benzoxazolidines through Transition-metal Catalyzed C-N Bond Formation. PhD thesis.

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