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Agasti, Subhadarshini (2015) Tooth Discoloration :-A Nontoxic Approach Towards The Treatment. MSc thesis.

Astha, - (2015) Arabidopsis mpk6-1 Mutants and Its Non-Host Resistance Against Magnaporthe Oryzae. MSc thesis.

Behura, Assirbad (2015) Effect of PMA on Autophagy in Human Monocyte Cell-Line, THP-1. MSc thesis.

Bisoyi, Harsita (2015) Elucidation of Anticancer Activity of Andrographis Paniculata and Its Role in the Expression of E-Cadherin and P53 in Prostate Cancer. MTech thesis.

Boxi, Ankita (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Gelatin-Stavudine Conjugated Liposomal Nanoparticles for Better Delivery in Case Of HIV. MTech thesis.

Das, Durgesh Nandini (2015) Elucidating Mechanisms of Benzo[a]pyrene Mediated Apoptotic and Autophagic Cell Death and its Prevention with Phytotherapeutics. PhD thesis.

Das, Seba (2015) Combinatorial Impact OF SNPS & microRNAs in the Aetiology of Ovarian Cancer. MSc thesis.

Dash, Eva (2015) Nisin Induced Morphological Changes and Disruption Of Growth in Bacillus Subtilis. MSc thesis.

Dash, Hirak Ranjan (2015) Distribution, Genetic Analysis and Bioremediation Potential of Mercury Resistant Marine Bacteria. PhD thesis.

Deb, Moonmoon (2015) Epigenetic Signatures of Genes and Their Correlations with Various Signaling Pathways During Tumorigenesis. PhD thesis.

Dhar, Gyanaseni (2015) Nonhost Resistance In Arabidopsis (Pen 2-3, Pen 3-1, Pen1-1, Pen 3-1, 2-3) Against Magnaporthae Oryzae. MSc thesis.

Hembram , Gudra (2015) Structural and Compositional Analysis of Feathers of Sunbird Nectarinia Asiatica. MSc thesis.

Jaiswal, Kumar Sagar (2015) Bioprospecting Potential Probiotics from Human Gut Microbiome of Rourkela Population, Odisha. MSc thesis.

Kumari, Pratibha (2015) Effect of Calcimycin Regulated Autophagy on Nuclear Receptor HNF-4a Expression in THP-1 Cells. MSc thesis.

Kumari, Savitri (2015) Effect of Temperature and Storage on Free and Encapsulated Lactobacillus Acidophilus NCIM 2660 and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus NCIM 2056 in Different Food Matrix. MSc thesis.

Mahapatra, Aparna Sinha (2015) Targeting the Hedgehog Pathway Components by Using Inhibitors and Epigenetic Modulators. MSc thesis.

Mangwani, Neelam (2015) Understanding Biofilm Formation and Quorum Sensing in Marine Bacteria for Enhanced Utilization in Bioremediation. PhD thesis.

Minz, Aliva Prity (2015) Evaluation of Antioxidant and Anticancer Efficacy of Chitosan Based Nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Mishra, Laxmi Priya (2015) Characterization of Biofilm Forming Acidotolerant Lysinibacillus sp. RTA 01 and its Utilization in Biosynthesis of Chromium Oxide Nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Moharana , Sibani (2015) Role of TiO2 Nanoparticle on Growth and Development of Drosophila Melanogaster. MSc thesis.

Muni, Uttam Chetan (2015) Role of Calcimycin in Regulation of Autophagy in THP-1 Cells. MSc thesis.

Nanda, Arpita (2015) Preparation and Characterization of PVA and Carrageenan Based Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications. MSc thesis.

Nandini, K (2015) Isolation,Purification and Conformational Characterization of Peanut( Arachis Hypogea) Lectin in the Presence of Chaotropes. MSc thesis.

Padhi, Jyostna Rani (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Novel Gelatin and Carrageenan Based Hydrogels for Topical Delivery. MSc thesis.

Panda, Subhasmita (2015) Isolation of Bacteria from Coal Mine Dust with Metal Nanoparticle Fabrication Ability. MSc thesis.

Patel, Priti (2015) Synergistic Effect of Trichostatin a and Thymoquinone in Inducing Anticancer Activity in Breast Cancer. MSc thesis.

Patnaik, Navyanita (2015) Biosurfactant Mediated Degradation of Phenanthrene. MSc thesis.

Priyadarsini, Subhashree (2015) MYC-Micro RNA-Transcript Regulatory Crosstalks in STS Oncogenesis. MTech thesis.

Prusty, Tanmayee (2015) Apoptosis and Autophagy Induction in T98G Cells (Glioblastoma) with Concanavalin A. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, puja (2015) Ricinus Agglutinin Induced Autophagy in Glioblastoma Cells. MSc thesis.

Sahu, B B (2015) Nonhost Resistance IN Arabidopsis Thaliana (Col-0,Ler-0,Npr,Pen2 Gfp) Against Magnaporthae Oryzae. MSc thesis.

Senapati, Bhagyashree (2015) Biophysical and Catalytic Characterization of Gpx7 in Presence Divalent Metal Ions. MSc thesis.

Sethy, Priyadarshani Suchismita (2015) Nanostructures and Patterning in Indian Parrot Psittacula krameri. MSc thesis.

Sethy, Rojali (2015) Study of Microrna-Mediated Regulation of Metastasis in Fibrosarcoma. MSc thesis.

Sweta, Chandra (2015) Nisin Induced Morphological Changes and Disruption of Growth in Eschericia.Coli. MSc thesis.

Talapatra, Sandip (2015) Investigation of Antimicrobial Potential of Nisin Against Bacillus thuringiensis. MSc thesis.

Tripathy, Shilpa Swagatika (2015) Biotherapeutics Potential of Human Gut Microbes of Rourkela, Odisha Against Enteric Pathogens. MSc thesis.

Yadav, Rina (2015) Effect of Encapsulation on Survival of Lactobacillus Fermentum NCIM 2156 and Lactobacillus Plantarum NCIM 2083 under Temperature Stress and Storage in Food Matrix. MSc thesis.

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