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Kumar, Satish (2013) Study of flexural and compressive strength of glass fiber reinforced graphite composite. BTech thesis.

Ghosal, Samik (2013) Densification and mechanical characterization of pure and doped hydroxyapatite. BTech thesis.

guiya, Jogeswar (2013) Recycling of fire clay waste material in triaxial composition. BTech thesis.

Majhi , Swayam (2013) Dielectric and Magnetic behaviour of Substituted Strontium M-Hexagonal Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Nayak , Pravasish (2013) Effect of copper on the initial stage sintering of alumina. BTech thesis.

sahu, Biswajit (2013) Dielectric and microstructure behavior of LSMO: cobalt ferrite nanocomposite. BTech thesis.

Singh, Pushpendra (2013) Dielectric Properties of Intergrowth Ferroelectrics in the System Bi2.5Nam-1.5NbmO3m+3 (m= 2, 3 & 4). BTech thesis.

Singh, Yengkhom Hollender (2013) Development of Mn-Zn Ferrite by controlling its microstructure. BTech thesis.

Sourav, S (2014) Preparation of hybrid scaffold based on PVA and bioactive glass ceramics. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Shilpi (2013) Preparation and Characterization of Barium
Strontium Titanate Ceramics by Gel- Combustion Technique.
BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Binit Kumar (2009) Synthesis of Multiferroic $BiFeo_3$ Material by Autocombustion Technique. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Nitesh Kumar (2015) Preparation of Ceramic Porous Body Using Different Volume Concentration of Ball Clay & Wheat Flour. BTech thesis.

Aman, Sumit Kumar (2014) Development Glass Ceramics from Blast Furnace Slag. BTech thesis.

Anand, Abhishek (2017) Processing and Characterisation of Porous Mullite Via Synthetic Template Replica Method. MTech thesis.

Anand, R (2014) Preparation of dense alumina ceramic by slip casting method. BTech thesis.

Anand, Rahul (2022) Evolution of Phase and Nanostructure in Early Transition Metal Doped Polymer Derived Silicon Carbonitride Ceramics. PhD thesis.

Awasthi, Sankalp (2015) Study on Structural Properties of Hydroxyapatite-Zirconia Composites. BTech thesis.

Badaik, Bikash (2015) Study on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Mn(1-X)ZnxFe2O4 Prepared by Solid-State Reaction Method. BTech thesis.

Badolia, Abhishek (2015) Study On the Development of the Alumina - Rare Earth Phosphate Machinable Composites for Biomedical Applications. MTech by Research thesis.

Bai, Monalisa (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Amorphous Alumina-15mol% Yttria via Co-precipitation Route. BTech thesis.

Bansal, Shammee (2014) Low temperature sintering of BZT-BCT using alkalifree glass additives and its dielectric property. BTech thesis.

Barkey, Bijay Kumar (2015) Preparation and Dielectric Measurements of Niobium Pentaoxide Doped Barium Strontium Titanate Glass and Glass Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Barla, Durjodhan (2009) Synthesis of Tantalum Doped Sodium-Potassium Niobate System by
Solid state Reaction Technique.
BTech thesis.

Baruah, Biswajit (2018) Sintering and mechanical properties of Zr-doped Al2O3. MTech by Research thesis.

Basha, Shaik Akbar (2021) Design, Composition Optimization, Fabrication, and Properties of Al2O3/ZrO2/SrO based Articulating Hip Prosthesis. PhD thesis.

Behera, Susri Sangeeta (2012) Sol-gel synthesis of borosilicate vitrified bond for Diamond grinding wheel. BTech thesis.

Betala, Saurav Kumar (2014) Eefect of replacement of quartz by fly ash in tri-axial porcelain bodies. BTech thesis.

Bhalla, Lovleen Kumar (2015) Influence of Strontium Oxide on Mechanical Response of Zirconia Toughened Alumina. MTech thesis.

Bhatia, Dishu (2015) Effect of TiO2 and ZrO2 Addition on Phase Evolution, Densification and Microstructure of Lithium Silicate Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Bilung, Ankita (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite and Mullite composite. BTech thesis.

Chakrabarti, Arundhati (2011) Effect of Some Isovalent and Aliovalent Substitutions on Structure and Ferroelectric Properties of BaBi4Ti4O15. PhD thesis.

Chanda , Uttam Kumar (2013) Effect of Processing, Dopant and Microwave Sintering on the Dielectric Properties of BiFeO3 Ceramic. MTech thesis.

Choudhary, Abhisek (2018) Fabrication and Characterization of Preceramic Polymer Derived Macroporous Silicon Oxycarbide. PhD thesis.

Choudhary, Abhisek (2012) Synthesis and characterization of lithium silicate ceramic for the test blanket module (tbm) in fusion reactors. MTech by Research thesis.

Choudhary, Abhisek (2012) Synthesis and characterization of lithium silicate ceramic for the test blanket module (TBM) in fusion reactors. MTech by Research thesis.

Choudhary, Pinki (2016) Effect of Composition, Sintering Parameters and Morphologies on Densification and Mechanical Behaviour of Alumina Borosilicate Glass Composite. MTech thesis.

Choudhuri, Sohan (2012) Bulk Synthesis of Graphene Nanosheets. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Utsarga (2015) Effect of Fly Ash Addition on the Properties of Fired Clay. BTech thesis.

Chowdary, Chava Venkata Appaiah (2018) Sintering Behaviour and Mechanical Properties
of Alumina Doped Zirconia (3YSZ).
MTech thesis.

Dalei, Bhagyajit (2015) Densification Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Yttrium and Zirconium Doped Alumina Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Das, Anubhav (2011) On the Synthesis of new four-layered Aurivillius compound Bi2MNa2Nb4O15 (M= Ca, Sr, Ba). BTech thesis.

Das, Gourav (2016) Study of the Effect of Chemical Tempering on Flexural Strength of Soda Lime Silica Glass. MTech thesis.

Das, Pratim (2017) Synthesis and Characterization of Mg and Ti codoped BiFeO3. MTech thesis.

Das, Suraj Kumar (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of BST Ceramics by Solution Combustion Technique. BTech thesis.

Dash, Apurv (2013) Synthesis of Nd:YAG Nanopowder for transparent ceramics. BTech thesis.

Dash, Chandan (2011) Synthesis of lithium titanate by auto combustion method and study of its densification behavior with different binder concentration. BTech thesis.

Dash, Smruti Rekha (2015) Effect of Fabrication Methods on the Porosity, Microstructure, Strength and In-Vitro Bioactivity of Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds. PhD thesis.

Dash, Subrat (2016) Preparation of MgAl2O4 Spinel through Different Wet Chemical Methods and Study of its Densification Behavior. MTech thesis.

Dash Mohapatra, Santak (2009) FTIR Analysis of $Bi_2O_3-B_2O_3-Fe_2O_3$ Glass System Doped with $Nd_2O_3$. BTech thesis.

Deheria, S S (2014) Production of alumina based porous ceramics using graphite powder as the pore former. BTech thesis.

Dixit, Pragya (2018) Fabrication and Characterization of PVDF-Ba0.8Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3 (BCZT)
Composite Films.
MTech thesis.

Dutta, Debabrata (2011) Utilization of blast furnace slag as a raw material for the manufacture of portland cement clinker. MTech thesis.

Eqbal, Ammar (2018) Development of Highly Anisotropic Porosity in YAG Ceramic by Unidirectional Freeze Casting Method. MTech thesis.

Ghosh, Rupita (2018) Study on the Development of Calcium Phosphate based Machinable Bioceramics. PhD thesis.

Giri, Sujit Kumar (2016) Effect of Sintering Additives (V2O5, B2O3, Bi2O3) On the Electrical Properties of Substituted Y-Type Hexagonal Ferrite, Ba2Co0.6Cu0.4Zn1.0Fe12O22. MTech thesis.

Gorinta, Jayarao (2018) Development of Li4SiO4-based Ceramics for Solid Breeder and CO2 Absorption Applications. PhD thesis.

Goyal , Lucky (2015) Effect of Clay Sand Ratio on the Properties of Clay Bodies Prepared from Local Clays. BTech thesis.

Gundugolanu, Vijayakumar (2018) Synthesis and Characterization of
Lanthanum doped SrTiO3 (La0.3Sr0.7TiO3)
using Solid State method for SOFC anode
MTech thesis.

Gupta, Arpit (2013) Synthesis and Characterization of barium titanate-cobalt ferrite composite. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Brijesh Kumar (2011) Fabrication of Li2TiO3 pebble by studying the effect of binder content and sintering temperature on pellets. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Gaurav (2015) A Study on Using Glass Micro-Spheres in Erosion Resistant Coatings and Polymer Composites. PhD thesis.

Gupta, Manish Kumar (2015) Phase Analysis and Micro Structure of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles. BTech thesis.

Hansdah, Rajeev (2013) Design and fabrication of permeability apparatus for determination of permeability of porous ceramics. BTech thesis.

Jain, S (2010) Processing of Hydroxyapatite by Biomimetic Process. BTech thesis.

Joshi, Narayan Dutt (2015) Development of Glaze with Alkali Free Frit. MTech thesis.

Kamde, Meeta Ashok (2012) Synthesis and characterizations of lead free KNNT & Ni doped KNNT ceramics. MSc thesis.

Kaushik, Shubham (2018) Expulsion of Fluoride and Arsenate from Water Solution by Mg/Fe Layered Double Hydroxide. MTech thesis.

Khan, Rahimuddin (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Porous Ceramic Body Using Ball Clay. MTech thesis.

Kiche rai, Sanjeev (2012) Preparation Of Calcium Aluminate-Spinel Synthetic Aggregates Using Electrostatic Precipitated Dolomite DustAnd Calcined Alumina. BTech thesis.

Kisku, Momata (2009) Surfactant Assisted Autocombustion Synthesis Of Bismuth Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Kujmar, Kundrapu Shyam (2018) Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Mullite
MTech thesis.

Kumar, A (2010) Preparation of Apatite-Wollastonite and Phlogophite Glass Ceramic and Study of Its Properties. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ajay (2018) Studies on Porous Body of Mgal2o4 Spinel Prepared by Slurry Casting. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Rahul (2011) Development of Low Bulk Density Fireclay Insulation Brick. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sandeep (2015) Effect of TiO2 on Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Blast Furnace (BF) Slag Based Glass Ceramics. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Sanjeet (2009) Sol-Gel Synthesis and in Vitro Characterization of Bioactive Glass Ceramics using Rice Husk Ash Waste Material. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Vikash (2015) Effect of Copper Oxide on Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Substituted Sr-M Hexaferrite. MTech thesis.

Kumari, Akanksha (2016) Effect of Lanthanum and Phosphate Ester Addition on Densification and Dielectric Properties of (Ca, Zr) Modified Barium Titanate. MTech thesis.

Kumari, Akanksha (2012) Synthesis of Bismuth Ferrite and La –doped Bismuth ferrite by auto combustion technique. BTech thesis.

kumari, Snehlata (2013) Effect of TiO2 Addition in Al2O3: Phase Evolution, Densification, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties. BTech thesis.

Kumari , Suprita (2013) Effect of nano clay and nano zirconia addition on the properties of Alumina Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Kumari , Adit (2013) Phase optimization and microstructure of Ba-Sr-Ni-Fe-O cathode material. BTech thesis.

Lenka, Madhur Kumar (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel, Cobalt and Ni-Doped Cobalt Hydroxides. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, A (2014) Alumina silicon oxycarbide hybrids. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Swetapadma (2014) Fabrication and Characterization of PVDF - PZT (Navy type-VI) composites. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Jyoti Prakash (2011) A comparative study of the structure & magnetic properties of nickel cobalt ferrites synthesized by solid state & auto-combustion processing techniques. BTech thesis.

Mallik, Rahul Kumar (2012) Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite with different morphology. BTech thesis.

Meena, Deepak Kumar (2016) Preparation and Characterization of (1 − x)MgO.xSrO.Al2O3 (x=0.3, 0.4, 0.5)by Co-precipitation method. MTech thesis.

Meher, Avinash (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanum Oxide doped Barium Zirconate Titanate (BaZr0.1Ti0.9O3; BZT) Ferroelectric Glass Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ansuman (2012) Gelcasting Of Porous Alumina For Particulate Filtering. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Pahupati Nath (2011) Structural and Microstructural Characterization of NiO-8YSZ Nanopowders With Varying Weight Percentage of NiO. BTech thesis.

Miss, Jyoti (2017) Characterizations of Substituted Co2Y and Zn2Y type Hexagonal Ferrite. MTech thesis.

Mohan, Sanjay Krishna (2016) Densification and Characterization of Magnesium Aluminate Spinel from Commercial Grade Reactants: Effect of Milling and Additives. MTech by Research thesis.

Mohanty, Debajyoti (2011) Effect of sintering on some properties of NiZn-ferrite. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Subrat Kumar (2015) Tailoring of ni: 8ysz cermet via solution-based syntheses. PhD thesis.

Moharana, Chinmayaranjan (2009) Synthesis of Low Loss Lead Free Piezoelectric BNT-BT Ceramic. BTech thesis.

Mondal, Abhishek (2010) Preparation of CaO-SiO2-P2O5 glass by Sol-gel route. BTech thesis.

Mondal, Trinay (2018) Preparation and Characterization of Sintered Mullite Based Ceramics Using Alumina-Fly Ash Mixture. MTech thesis.

Mondal , Sourav (2015) Adsorption Study of Metal Ions Using Zirconia Nanopowders. BTech thesis.

Murty, Hara Prasad (2012) Development of Porous Bioactive SiO2-Na2O-CaO-P2O5 Glass Ceramic Scaffold. BTech thesis.

Nagar, Rahul (2011) Preparation of diopside by novel sol-gel method using rice husk ash as silica source. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Jyoti Prakash (2010) Preparation and Characterization of Bioactive Silica-Based Ceramics Derived from Rice Husk Ash. PhD thesis.

Negi, A (2010) Effect of ZnO Addition on the Sintering Behavior of Al2O3. BTech thesis.

Panda, Alok Kumar (2011) Preparation and characterization of Hydroxyapatite-Barium Titanate Composite. BTech thesis.

Panda, Ranjan Kumar (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3-Co0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4 Multiferroic Composites Prepared by Solid State Reaction Method. BTech thesis.

Pandit, Shambhu Kumar (2016) Preparation and Characterization of Glass Matrix Composite with Coal Fly-ash Waste. MTech thesis.

Pani, Debasmita (2014) Effect of si doping and e-glass fiber addition on physicochemical and mechanical properties of calcium phosphate cement. MTech thesis.

Parida, Geetanjali (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Intergrowth Bismuth Layered Structure Ferroelectrics in the System SrO-Bi2O3-TiO2. PhD thesis.

Patgiri, Deepak (2011) Synthesis of NiO-8YSZ nanopowders by co-precipitation method
and its structrual and microstructural characterization.
BTech thesis.

Pati, Pravat Ranjan (2015) A Study on Utilization of LD Slag in Erosion Resistant Coatings and Polymer Composites. PhD thesis.

Patra, S S (2014) Synthesis and characterization of cordierite based glass-ceramic. BTech thesis.

Patro, Alok (2012) Dielectric Properties of Low-Temperature Sintered
0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 – 0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 Ceramics.
BTech thesis.

Patro, Dhirendra Kumar (2015) Phase Evolution, Densification and Dielectric Properties of [KNbO3]1-x[BaNi½Nb½O3-δ]x[x=0.1,0.2] Ferroelectric Ceramics Prepared by Conventional Sintering and Spark Plasma Sintering. BTech thesis.

Pattanayak, Pratik (2009) Correlation between Vogel Fulcher Tamman & Avramov Equation for Glass Viscosity. BTech thesis.

Philip, Denny K. (2013) Fabrication of green and sintered Al: Al2O3 composites using gel-casting and powder metallurgy technique. MTech thesis.

Pilli, Venkatesh (2015) Study on the Alumina - Silicon Carbide - Carbon Based Trough Castable. MTech by Research thesis.

Pradhan, A (2014) Production of alumina based porous ceramics using sodium alginate as gelling agent. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prakash (2012) Effect of Mg and La substitution on Electromagnetic Properties of Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prashanta Kumar (2013) Preparation and characterization of Sr Substituted BaBi2Nb2O9 Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Sunil Kumar (2011) Characterization of Pb -free “x [Ba (Zr0.2Ti0.8) O3] - (1- x) [(Ba0.7Ca0.3) TiO3]”Ceramics Synthesized by Solid State Reaction Route. BTech thesis.

Praksh, Rahul (2011) Synthesis, characterization and effect of atmosphere on sintering behavior of BaTiO3 nano-powders. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Kshitij Chandra (2009) Preparation of CCTO Powder by Solid State reaction. BTech thesis.

Purab, Das (2012) Microwave assisted synthesis and characterization fo LSMO: Cobalt ferrite composites. BTech thesis.

R, Vinaykumar (2020) Low Temperature Sintering and Characterizations of Co-Ti Substituted SrFe12O19 M-type Hexagonal Ferrites for High frequency Antenna Applications. PhD thesis.

Rana, Shambhu bhusan (2014) Development of ceramic tiles using waste materials. BTech thesis.

Rath, Durga Prasad (2015) Phase Evolution in Doped Polymer Derived Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramics. MTech thesis.

Ratre, Mukesh (2011) Development of Y2O3 : Er2O3 system and its dispersion study in different media. BTech thesis.

Rautaray, Rajib Lochan (2016) Phase Evolution, Powder Morphology and Photoluminescence Behavior of Europium Ion Doped Zinc Oxide and Zinc Oxid-Zinc Borate Powders. MTech thesis.

Rickey, Shradha Suman (2015) Reaction-Sintered Alumina - Spinel Composites: Effect of Raw Material Sources. MTech thesis.

Rout, Chinmay Sekhar (2015) Synthesis and Dielectric Properties of MgTiO3 and Cu0.5Ti0.5NbO4 Composite Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Rout, S S (2014) Processing of porous ceramics –a case study with hydroxyapatite and plantago ovata. BTech thesis.

Rout, Sarat Kumar (2015) Synthesis, Electrical and Electrochemical Behavior of Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite for SOFC Cathode Application. PhD thesis.

Roy, Pradip Kumar (2009) Influence of substitutions and Sintering Aids on Structural and Electromagnetic Properties of NiCuZn Ferrite. PhD thesis.

Roy, T (2014) Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-chitosan-alginate micro-thin nanocomposites. BTech thesis.

S, Snehesh T (2014) Effect of some transition metal oxide additives on the fired properties of tri- axial ceramics. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Abhisek (2015) Effect of Copper Oxide Addition on Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Zn-Ti Substituted Sr-M Hexagonal Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Satya Prakash (2015) Synthesis of Lithium Orthosilicate by Polymer Precursor Route. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Soumya Prakash (2016) Effect of Zr and Ti on the Phase Evolution of Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramics. MTech thesis.

Sahu, S (2010) Effect of Yttria in Sintering Behaviour of Alumina. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Swonsl Sitam (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanum Oxide Doped Barium Strontium Titanate Para Electric Glass Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Sarath Chandra, K (2017) Processing and Properties Of Polycrystalline Nd:YAG Ceramics. MTech by Research thesis.

Sawaiyan, Arun (2015) Development of Low Clay Whiteware Bodies. BTech thesis.

Saxena, K (2010) Synthesis and Characterisation of Lead Free Piezoelectric NBT-BT Ceramic. BTech thesis.

Seth, Prabin Kumar (2015) Synthesis of Zinc Stannate Powder by Solid State Route and Molten Salt Synthesis Method and Their Characterization. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Ankit (2018) Development of Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Bioglass Composite Scaffold. MTech thesis.

Sharma, Vivek (2015) Study on the Effect of Mno2 as Sintering Additive in Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Solid-State Derived Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4. BTech thesis.

Shubham, Kumar (2014) Humidity sensing properties of Bi0.5Na0.25Li0.25TiO3 ceramics. BTech thesis.

Sikder, Soumavo (2017) Synthesis of Aluminum Borate Whiskers by Molten Salt Method and Investigating the Effect of Their Content and Sizes in the Reinforcement of Alumina-Borosilicate Glass Composites. MTech thesis.

Singh, N (2014) Synthesis, sintering and characterization of Al2O3-13 wt.% TiO2 composite powder prepared by polymer assisted co-precipitation route. MTech thesis.

Singh, Shashwat (2013) Study of the Effect of Different Nucleating Agents
On Lithium Alumino-Silicate Glass-Ceramic System.
BTech thesis.

Singh, Vidisha (2015) Phase Evolution and Stability of Aluminum Titanate Prepared by Solid -State Route and Solution Combustion Route. BTech thesis.

Soumya, Devavarapu (2015) Processing of Mullite based Ceramics Using Bauxite-Fly ash Mixture. MTech by Research thesis.

Sowjanya, Chelluri (2022) Studies on the Crystal Structure, Electrical Conductivity and Oxygen Transport Parameter of A0.5Sr0.5Co0.2-xBxFe0.8O3- [A = La, Ba; B = Zn, Al; x = 0 – 0.2] Perovskite Oxides. PhD thesis.

Sowjanya , Chelluri (2015) Processing and Characterization of Porous Alumina Ceramics with Wide Porosity Range. MTech by Research thesis.

Sreeram, Abhinay (2022) Effects of Processing and Composition on the Electrical, Optical and Photocatalytic Properties of Ba, Ni Modified KNbO3 Ceramics. PhD thesis.

Srivastava, Kamal Nayan (2011) Development of GeO2 -BaF2 based glass ceramic. BTech thesis.

Srivastava , Shubham (2017) Borohydride Synthesis for Development of Rare Earth Doped and Co-Doped Yttrium Borate Phosphors for Luminescent Applications. PhD thesis.

Subudhi, R S (2010) Improved BaBi4Ti4O15 Relaxor Ferroelectrics for FRAM Application. BTech thesis.

Sudhakar, Bhukya (2014) Fabrication of polymer derived silica bonded alumina ceramics. BTech thesis.

Surin, Angelica (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Spongy-ZnO for Photocatalytic Application. BTech thesis.

Swain, Ipsita Priyadarshini (2021) Evolution of Porosity and Nanostructure in Preceramic Polymer Derived Nanoporous Particulates. PhD thesis.

Swain, Rajashree (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of WO3 Nanowedge for Electrochromic Application. BTech thesis.

Swain, Sanjaya Kumar (2009) Processing of Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffold. MTech thesis.

Swetha, Chavva (2017) Development of Experimental setup for Electricalconductivity Measurement as a Function of Temperature and Oxygen Partial Pressure. MTech thesis.

Tanty, Kunal Kumar (2012) Effect of morphology on densification study of nano – hydroxyapatite. BTech thesis.

Thakur, Udipta (2012) Effect of MxOy (M= Si, Ti, Ca, Mg) Dopants on Solid-State Sintering of Yttrium Aluminium Garnet. BTech thesis.

Tirkey, S F (2010) Wear Behaviour of Hydroxyapatite -TZP Composite. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Dhirendra Kumar (2017) Preparation and Characterization of Luminescent Magnetic-Ceramic Composite Material. MTech thesis.

Ulahannan, G (2014) Synthesis and sintering of translucent yttrium aluminium garnet. MTech thesis.

Verma, Jan (2014) Humidity sensors based on LaFeO3 ceramics prepared by Sol-Gel method. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Amit Kumar (2022) Development of Granular Porous Alumina Adsorbents Using Kaolin for the Mitigation of Excess Fluoride Ions from Aqueous System. PhD thesis.

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