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Tomar, Anuradha (2018) State Estimation in Cognitive Radio Environment. MTech thesis.


., Neharika (2018) Design of a Heart Rate Monitoring System Using Photoplethysmography. MTech thesis.

., Nitin (2018) Robot Control Using Motor Imagery in Real Time. MTech thesis.


Acharya, Aditya (2018) Development of Some Spatial-domain Preprocessing and Post-processing Algorithms for Better 2-D Up-scaling. PhD thesis.


Bandagi, Vinayak Anil (2018) Face Recognition Using Sparse Representation. MTech thesis.

Barik, Sukumar (2018) IoT Based Weather Monitoring and Intimation. MTech thesis.

Barmate, Pali (2018) Performance Study of a Cooperative Communication using Receive Antenna Selection and Transmit Beam-forming. MTech thesis.

Bharadwaj, Diksha (2018) Application of Compressive Sensing in Wideband Cognitive Radio Network. MTech thesis.

Bhattacharya, Swati (2018) Detecting Digital Image Origin: Photographic or Photorealistic. MTech thesis.

Bhave, Swati (2018) Sparse Representation Algorithms and their Applications. MTech thesis.

Bhimesh, Gude Hema (2018) Hyperspectral Image Classification. MTech thesis.

Bopche, Vivek (2018) Face Recognition Under Different Lighting Conditions. MTech thesis.


Chaitanya, Maddu (2018) Acquisition, Feature Extraction and Classification of ECG Signals. MTech thesis.

Chaman, Chandan Kumar (2018) Design and Analysis of Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Applications. MTech thesis.

Chandaluri, Sumedh (2018) Robust Dictionary Learning by Error Source Decomposition. MTech thesis.


Goud, Namala Ranjtih (2018) Image Super Resolution and Reconstruction Using Sparse Representation. MTech thesis.


Halder, Arjya (2018) Estimation of Cyclic Period for Blind Cyclostationary Detection. MTech thesis.

Hasan, Asif (2018) To Design and Develop Photo Voltaic Power Harvesting System Using MPPT Technique. MTech thesis.


Indra, Subhajit Kumar (2018) Design of Wireless Data Acquisition System for Landslide Detection. MTech thesis.


Jayaswal, Amit Kumar (2018) Design and Prototyping of a Low-Cost Portable Ventilator. MTech thesis.


Kakde, Bhavana (2018) Content-Based Image Retrieval. MTech thesis.

Kamade, Shalini (2018) Implementation of Compressive Sensing in Hardware. MTech thesis.

Kamal, P Raj (2018) Implementation Battery-less Power Management Circuit for Energy Harvesting System. MTech thesis.

Kapgate, Sachin Nimbraj (2018) Distributed Least Mean Square Volterra Model for the Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using WSNs. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Bommana Vijaya (2018) High Throughput, Energy Efficient Network on Chip Based Hardware Accelerator. MTech thesis.

Kumar, JYV Manoj (2018) Multilayer Hardware Security against Hardware Trojans in Network on Chip. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Shashiranjan (2018) Design of Self-Powered Accelerometer System by using Piezoelectric Energy harvester. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Sujit (2018) Internet of Things Applications Using LoRa for Long Range Wireless Communication. MTech thesis.

Kumari, Sweta (2018) Analysis of One-Way and Two-Way Relay Networks Affected by Hardware Impairments. MTech thesis.


Locharla, Govinda Rao (2018) Variable length FFT/IFFT Processor: Algorithm to Architecture Mapping and Implementation. PhD thesis.


M, Abhinav (2018) Process Aware design & Optimization of Operational Transconductance Amplifier. MTech thesis.

Maity, Priyanka (2018) Optimization of Double Threshold Based Energy Detection in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network. MTech thesis.

Mathukia, Sunny kumar Lalitbhai (2018) Design of Coriolis mass flow meter. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Anoop Kumar (2018) Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Relaying Systems with Channel Estimation Error and RF Impairments. PhD thesis.


Padhee, Subhransu (2018) Topology, Modeling and Control Aspects of DC-DC Converter for an Off-Grid Operated Fuel Cell Power System Perspective. PhD thesis.

Panda, Deepak Kumar (2018) Development of Dynamic Background Subtraction Algorithms for Visual Surveillance Applications. PhD thesis.

Parimala, Anusha (2018) Video Enhancement: Video Stabilization. MTech thesis.

Patel, Dhruv (2018) Real-Time ECG Monitoring System Using Android Smart Phone. MTech thesis.

Patil, Suraj Darigonda (2018) Design of IoT aware IP camera data retreaval system for smart city application. MTech thesis.

Patra, Jyoti Prasanna (2018) Signal Detection and Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coded Mobile Communication Systems. PhD thesis.


R, Rakesh (2018) Application of Deep Learning Techniques in Blind Identification of Radio Access Technologies. MTech thesis.

R, UNNI (2018) PC Based Ultrasonic Intrusion Detection System. MTech thesis.

Rahman, Ekhlakur (2018) Detection and Measurement of Arsenic Using pH Meter. MTech thesis.

Rakesh, Matla (2018) Spectrum sharing in Cognitive Radio. MTech thesis.

Ranjith, Chukka (2018) Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Gabor Wavelet Function. MTech thesis.

Reddy, Dandu Amarnatha (2018) Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction. MTech thesis.

Routray, Punyatoya (2018) Design of compact slot cavity backed Bow-tie antenna for GPR application. MTech thesis.

Roy, Manidipta (2018) Face Recognition using Depth Information. MTech thesis.

Roy, Uttam (2018) Design and development of IoT aware traffic management
system with multi-sensor interface.
MTech thesis.


Sahu, Manish (2018) Performance Analysis of FSO Link under Atmospheric Turbulence and Pointing Errors. MTech thesis.

Seth, Saurabh (2018) Securing Test Wrapper for SoC using Physical Unclonable Function. MTech thesis.

Singh, Jitendra (2018) Fingerprint Based Identity Authentication System over IoT. MTech thesis.

Sreekanth, Peddinti (2018) Eigenvalue Based Blind Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio Systems Under Low Sample Environment. MTech thesis.

Srinivas, Arava (2018) Estimation of Time Varying Parameters Using Distributed Techniques. MTech thesis.

Srinivasu, Ulli (2018) Semi-Supervised Learning in Random Forest Classifier for Human Action Recognition. MTech thesis.

Sudheer, Kalamati (2018) Design Of Instrumentation Amplifier For Portable ECG Signal
Acquisition Systems.
MTech thesis.

Suman, Sameer (2018) Design and Implementation of an Interfacing Circuit for
Capacitive Sensor.
MTech thesis.

Swapna, Tentu (2018) Adjustable Windowing for Transmit Beam forming in MIMO Wireless Rayleigh Fading Channel. MTech thesis.


Thakre, Deeksha (2018) Study and Development of Error Diffusion Techniques for Digital Halftoning. MTech thesis.


Vasimalla, Mounika (2018) ECG Arrhythmia Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks. MTech thesis.


Yadav, Rohit (2018) Design of renewable energy system control with MPPT. MTech thesis.

Yadav, Satyendra Singh (2018) Development of Wireless Communication Algorithms on Multicore/Manycore Architectures. PhD thesis.

Yalamati , Susmitha (2018) Image Registration Using SIFT Algorithm. MTech thesis.

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