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Agarwal, Ankush (2009) Study on Thermal Storage from Exhaust of a Diesel Engine. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Peeyush (2009) Simulation of Heat Transfer Phenomenon in Furnace Using Fluent-Gambit. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Vishal Kumar (2009) Geotechnical Investigation of Coal Mine Refuse for Backfilling in Mines. BTech thesis.

Aggarwal, Tarun (2009) Sliding Wear Behavior of Glass Fibre Reinforced $TiO_2$ Filled Epoxy Resin Composite. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Alok (2009) Bio Heat Transfer Model for Clinical Dermatological Treatment. MTech thesis.

Agrawal, Arpit (2009) Effect of Nickel Concentration on Stabilisation of Tetragonal Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Ashish (2009) Study on Strength and Deformation Characteristic of Jointed Rock Mass. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Ashish and Kayal, Srikant and Munshi, Bhaskar (2009) Study of Wind Turbine Driven Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) Using AC/DC/AC Converter. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Binit Kumar (2009) Synthesis of Multiferroic $BiFeo_3$ Material by Autocombustion Technique. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Sriyanka (2009) Calibration of Capillary Type Thermal Mass Flowmeter. BTech thesis.

Ahlawat, Paramvir (2009) CFD Modeling of Hydrodynamics of Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Aich, Dibyendu (2009) Secure Query Processing by Blocking SQL Injection. MTech thesis.

Amasa, Ravitej (2009) Inter Carrier Interference Cancellation in OFDM Systems. MTech thesis.

Amritesh, and Singh, Milan (2009) Design of Square Patch Microstrip Antenna for Circular Polarization Using IE3D Software. BTech thesis.

Anumula, Pavan Sandeep and P V, Balakrishna and Deshpande, Chaitanya Arvind (2009) Modeling of Breakdown Voltage of White Minilex Paper in the Presence of Voids Using Fuzzy Logic. BTech thesis.

Arora, Sheetal (2009) Design of Phenyl Keto Butanoic Acid Derivatives as Inhibitors against Malate Synthase of M.Tuberculosis based on Docking & MD Simulation Studies. MTech thesis.

Arvind, K (2009) J-R Behaviour of 20MnMoNi55 Pressure Vessel Steel. MTech thesis.


Baghel, Abhinav Singh (2009) Study of Support System and Strata Behaviour Analysis Around Underground Workings in Coal Deposits. BTech thesis.

Baghel, Vikas (2009) Multiobjective Optimization — New Formulation
and Application to Radar Signal Processing.
MTech thesis.

Bahali, Santanu Kumar and Dash, Subrat (2009) Design of Phase Locked Loop. BTech thesis.

Bai, Monalisa (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Amorphous Alumina-15mol% Yttria via Co-precipitation Route. BTech thesis.

Banjare, Yamuna Prasad (2009) Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Pulse Tube Refrigerator. PhD thesis.

Bankoti, A K S (2009) Synergistic study on electrochemically deposited thin film with a spectrum from micro to nano range structures. MTech thesis.

Baranwal, Anshul and Payal, Bhupendra (2009) Development of Online Course System and an Open Access Online Repository. BTech thesis.

Barla, Durjodhan (2009) Synthesis of Tantalum Doped Sodium-Potassium Niobate System by
Solid state Reaction Technique.
BTech thesis.

Basa, Meera (2009) Synthesis & Characterization of Silica Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Technique. MSc thesis.

Basu, Pranamita and Harichandan, Aiswarya (2009) Power System Stability Studies Using Matlab. BTech thesis.

Behera, Binoda kumar (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Doped Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Behera, Jayanta Kumar (2009) Synthesis and Characterizations of ZnO Nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Behera, Kuldeep (2009) Production of Value-Added Chemicals from Glycerol (A by-product of Biodiesel Industry). BTech thesis.

Behera, Nayana (2009) Treatment of Industrial Effluents in a Bioreactor. BTech thesis.

Behera, Pritinika (2009) Analysis of Transient Heat conduction in Different Geometries. MTech thesis.

Behera, Saritarani (2009) Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes of Aroyl Hydrazone Ligand: Synthesis and Characterization. MSc thesis.

Behera, Sasmita Kumari (2009) Fast ICA for Blind Source Separation and its Implementation. MTech thesis.

Beuria, Manoj Kumar and Tandi , Ajay Kumar (2009) CDMA Technology. BTech thesis.

Bhanja, Aditya (2009) Design of Instrumented Gripper. BTech thesis.

Bhanja, Amritraj and Panda, Anjan Kumar (2009) Numaerical Solution of Three Dimensionsl Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Microchannel Heat Sink and CFD Analysis. BTech thesis.

Bharule, Ajay (2009) Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Swing Jaw Plate of Jaw Crusher. MTech thesis.

Bhatt, Keshav and Pradhan, Om Prakash (2009) Effects of Numerical Oscillation in Switching of Power Transformer Connected To A Power Network. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Amarendra (2009) Strength Characteristics Analysis of Steel Slag Hydrated Matrix. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Nilamani (2009) Development of Some Novel Spatial-Domain and Transform-Domain Digital Image Filters. PhD thesis.

Bhowmik, Alapan (2009) Dynamic Analysis of Multistorey Frame. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Sandip Kumar (2009) Micro-Drilling using Nd-YAG Laser. BTech thesis.

Bisht, Anita (2009) Effect of Heat Treatment Procedures on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nodular Iron. MTech thesis.

Bissoyi, Akalabya (2009) Design and Synthesis of H3 Receptor Inverse Agonists with AchE Inhibitor Activity and QSAR Study of H3 Receptor Antagonists. MTech thesis.

Biswal, Soumit Kumar (2009) Development of a Self Balanced Robot & its Controller. BTech thesis.

Biswas, Taniya (2009) Effect of Washing on Strength and Weibull Modulus of Alumina. BTech thesis.

Boda, Somaraju (2009) Feature-Based Image Registration. MTech thesis.

Bollepally, Raju (2009) Time Delay Compensation Schemes with Application to Networked Control System. MTech thesis.

Bonala, Sathyam (2009) A study on neural network based system identification with application to heating, ventilating and air conditioning (hvac)system. MTech thesis.


Chakraborty, Moumita (2009) Synthesis and characterization of ferrocene based ligand system and their complexes. MSc thesis.

Chatterjee, Aniruddha and Dash, Biswaranjan (2009) Modeling of Phase Transformation Kinetics of Plain Carbon Steel. BTech thesis.

Chaturvedi, Vedansh (2009) Parametric Optimization of Fused Deposition Modeling using Response Surface MEthodology. MTech thesis.

Chaudhary, Ravi Shekhar and Panchabhaiyye, Pratik (2009) Automatic Main Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Balaji Kumar (2009) Process Design of Turboexpander based nitrogen Liquefier. MTech thesis.

Choudhury, Bibhuti Bhusan (2009) Task Allocation Strategies in Multi-Robot Environment. PhD thesis.

Choudhury, Samir (2009) Radiation Modeling for Bio-Medical Applications. BTech thesis.

Choukiker, Yogesh (2009) Analysis Of Dual Band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Using IE3D/PSO. MTech thesis.


Das, Abhisek (2009) Strength Characterisation Fly Ash Composite Material. BTech thesis.

Das, Alok Prasad (2009) Bioreduction based Bioremediation of Hexavalent Chromium Cr (VI) through Potential Indigenous Microbes. MTech by Research thesis.

Das, Chandra Bhanu (2009) Waste Silk Yarn Reinforced Epoxy Laminate. BTech thesis.

Das, Deepanwita (2009) Red Bllod Cell Stabilization: Effect on Hydroxyethyl starch on RBC Viability, functionality and Oxidative state during Freeze Thaw Conditions. MTech thesis.

Das, Dillip Kumar and Sheetal, Sandeep (2009) Data Acquisition System Using AT89c51 and PCL-207. BTech thesis.

Das, Harish Chandra (2009) Intelligent Diagnosis and Smart Detection of Crack in a Structure from its Vibration Signatures. PhD thesis.

Das, Pramit and Mishra, Deepak (2009) Graph Partitioning: A Heuristic Procedure to Partition Network Graphs. BTech thesis.

Das, Rosalin and Lakra, Anupama (2009) Application of Particle Swarm Optimizer to Economic Load Dispatch Problems. BTech thesis.

Das, Swastik and Sethy, Rasmi Ranjan (2009) Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform & Discrete Wavelet Transform. BTech thesis.

Dash, Aparajita (2009) Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Applications of $MoO_3$ Clusters Dispersed on $ZrO_2$. MSc thesis.

Dash, Debendra and Pattnaik, Bhabani Shankar and Mukherjee, Joydeep (2009) Implementation of PWM Based Firing Scheme for Multilevel Inverters Using Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Dash, Malaya Saurava (2009) Synthesis And Electrical Characterisation of Lanthanum Doped Barium Titanate Zirconate. PhD thesis.

Dash, Nishikant (2009) Strengthening of Reinforced concrete Beams using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. MTech thesis.

Dash, S M (2009) Study of Cryogenic Cycles with Aspen-Hysys Simulations. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sarada Prasanna and Dora, Bikash Kumar (2009) Channel Estimation in Multicarrier Communication Systems. BTech thesis.

Dash, Smruti Rekha (2009) Development of Improved Tap Hole Clay for Blast Furnace Tap Hole. MTech thesis.

Dash Mohapatra, Santak (2009) FTIR Analysis of $Bi_2O_3-B_2O_3-Fe_2O_3$ Glass System Doped with $Nd_2O_3$. BTech thesis.

Datta, Abhik (2009) Design of a Lead Acid Battery Charger System. BTech thesis.

Datta, Aloke (2009) Removal of Random Valued Impulsive Noise. MTech thesis.

Deb, Susmit Kumar (2009) Reavling of Failure Modes in FRP Composites. BTech thesis.

Debasish, Das (2009) ANT Colony Optimisation Applied to Job Shop Scheduling Problem. BTech thesis.

Debnath, Debabrata (2009) Mechanical Behavior of Bagasse Fiber Epoxy Composites at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature. BTech thesis.

Desai, Himanshu (2009) Effect of Surfactants on Clay-Water Slurry Rheology. BTech thesis.

Dewangan, Palash (2009) Passive Viscoelastic Constrained Layer Damping for Structural Application. MTech thesis.

Dewatwal, Jainender (2009) Design of Compact Plate Fine Heat Exchanger. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Subhasish (2009) Application of Transversal Design and Secure Path Key Establishment for Key Pre-Distribution in WSN. MTech thesis.

Dhruw, Kaushal Kumar and Tigga, Aswin Kumar (2009) A. Eye Detection Using Varients of Hough Transform
B. Off-Line Signature Verification.
BTech thesis.

Dutta, Chiranjeeb and Biswal, Manoja Kumar and Rajput, Deepak Singh (2009) ANN based peak power tracking for PV supplied DC motors. BTech thesis.

Dwivedi, Harsh Vardhan (2009) Design of JPEG Compressor. BTech thesis.


Flora, Charanpreet Singh (2009) Evaluation of Slope stability for Waste Rock Dumps in a Mine. BTech thesis.

Frimal, Shikhar (2009) A Study on Water Quality of NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.


Gahlaut, Himanshu (2009) Prevention of Malicious Transactions in Database Management Systems. BTech thesis.

Gajannavar, Benakanaik (2009) Creative Design of Pattern for Sand Casting of Turbine Blade. BTech thesis.

Gamidi, Venkata Rajesh (2009) Semi Blind Time Domain Equalization for MIMO-OFDM Systems. MTech thesis.

Gaur, Ankur (2009) Effect of Strain Ageing On Welded or Nonwelded Low Carbon Steel. BTech thesis.

George, Nithin V (2009) S Transform: Time Frequency Analysis & Filtering. MTech thesis.

Ghosh, Praloy Kumar (2009) Utilization of Red Mud and Pond Ash for Construction of Embankments. BTech thesis.

Ghosh Chaudhuri, Rajib (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of S@AgBr Core-Shell Nanoparticles. MTech thesis.

Giri, Sourav Kumar and Panigrahi, Rajeeb Kumar (2009) Crash Fault Identification of a A K-Connected Network in Static Fault Environment. BTech thesis.

Giri, Sunanda (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconia Coated Silica Nanoparticles for Catalytic Reactions. MSc thesis.

Giri , Goutam (2009) Fixed Bed Column Study for Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solution by Using Saw Dust(GMELINA ARBOREA). BTech thesis.

Gorpuni, Pavankumar (2009) Development of Fast Motion Estimation Algorithms for Video Comression. MTech thesis.

Gujral, Vikas and Pradhan, Satish Kumar (2009) Cryptography using Artificial Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Gupta, G K (2009) Characterization and Pretreatment of Cotton Gin Waste. MTech thesis.

Gupta, Jaykant (2009) Mechanical and Wear Properties of Carburized Mild Steel Samples. MTech thesis.

Gupta, Nirbhay (2009) Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Materials for Ethanol Production. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Saurabh and Shrivastava, Rahul (2009) Study and Design of a Zero Voltage Switched Boost Converter. BTech thesis.

Gusaiwal, Hemant Kumar (2009) Synthesis of Al-Si-Ni Nanostructured Materials by Mechanical Alloying. BTech thesis.


Hotwani, Nikita (2009) Vibration Analysis of Faulty Beam using Fuzzy Logic Technique. BTech thesis.


Inamdar, Anand S (2009) Drilling in Bone: Modeling Heat Generation & Temperature Distribution by Using HBIM. BTech thesis.


J, Rahul (2009) Analytical Solutions of Heat Conduction Problems. BTech thesis.

Jagadev, Aseem and Senapati, Vivek (2009) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Implementation. BTech thesis.

Jain, Abhishek (2009) Assesment of Spontaneous Heating Susceptibility of Coals Differential Thermal Analysis. BTech thesis.

Javaji, S K (2009) Study of Dynamic Behavior of Ethyl Acetate Reactive Distillation Column Using ASPEN PLUS. BTech thesis.

Jaypuria, Sanjib (2009) Heat Treatment of Low Carbon Steel. BTech thesis.

Jena, H M (2009) Hydrodynamics of Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized and Semi-Fluidized Beds. PhD thesis.

Jena, Pankaj Kumar (2009) Static and Dynamic Analysis of HCR Spur Gear Drive Using Finite Element Analysis. BTech thesis.

Jena, Prabir kumar (2009) Analysis of Combined Conductive and Radiative Heat Transfer in a Two Dimensional Square Enclosure using the Finite Volume Method. MTech thesis.

Jena, Ramanikanta (2009) EMI Shielding Approaches for Wireless Designs. BTech thesis.

Jena, Sthitaprajna and Lakra, Jyotiprakash (2009) Application of Ant Colony optimization for MANETS. BTech thesis.

Jha, Alok Kumar (2009) Mechanical Characterization and Solid Particle Erosion Response of Particulate Filled Jute-Epoxy Composites. MTech thesis.

Jha, Ankit and Kumar, Ashwinee and Ralte, Lathangliana and Pati, Pinak Ranjan (2009) Transient Stability Analysis using Equal Area Criterion using Simulink Model. BTech thesis.

Jha, Panchanand (2009) Novel Artificial Neural Network Application for Prediction of Inverse Kinematics of Robot Manipulator. MTech thesis.

Jog, Adwait and Mohapatra, Avijit (2009) Financial Forecasting Using Evolutionary Computational Techniques. BTech thesis.

Joshi, Samikhya (2009) Synthesis of $Bi0.5Na0.5TiO_3–BiFeO_3$ Solid Solution Via Combustion Synthesis Route. BTech thesis.


K, Aroul (2009) Development of efficient power supply For low voltage high current Applications. MTech by Research thesis.

Kadarla, Santhosh Kumar (2009) Object Tracking in Video Images based on Image Segmentation and Pattern Matching. MTech thesis.

Kanungo, Priyadarshi (2009) Parallel Genetic Algorithm based Thresholding Schemes for Image Segmentation. PhD thesis.

Kanungo, Priyadarshi (2009) Parallel Genetic Algorithm based Thresholding Schemes for Image Segmentation. PhD thesis.

Kanwar, Rajeev (2009) Real-Time Edge Detection using Sundance Video and Image Processing System. MTech thesis.

Kar, Sidhartha and Mohanty, Abhisek (2009) Study of Different Types of Gaussian Filters. BTech thesis.

Kar, Sumit (2009) An Anomaly Detection Scheme for DDoS Attack in Grid Computing. MTech thesis.

Kedia, Rahul and Jha, Dhananjay and Hembrom, Nipun Naveen (2009) Wavelet Signal Processing of Physiologic Waveforms. BTech thesis.

Khan, Irshad Ahamd (2009) Prediction of elastic properties of 2D orthogonal plain weave fabric composites. MTech thesis.

Khandai, Santripti (2009) Band Structure of $Si$ and Geometric Optimization of $SiO_2$ Cluster. MSc thesis.

Khandelwal, Samir (2009) Designing a Valveless Micropump. BTech thesis.

Khandey, Umesh (2009) Optimization of Surface Roughness, Material Removal Rate and cutting Tool Flank Wear in Turning Using Extended Taguchi Approach. MTech thesis.

Kindo, Sudha (2009) Studies on the Coding Technique and its Application to OTDR. BTech thesis.

Kisku, Momata (2009) Surfactant Assisted Autocombustion Synthesis Of Bismuth Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Kispotta, Raj Kumar (2009) Vibration Analysis of a Cracked Shaft Using FEM. BTech thesis.

Koppala, Naresh Kumar (2009) VLSI Implementation of Pipelined Quadratic Function. MTech thesis.

Kothe, Swapnil and Acharya, D Ansuman (2009) Performance Analysis of IO Intensive Task Allocation Strategies for Heterogeneous Web Servers. BTech thesis.

Krishnankutty, Deepak (2009) Implementation of a Generic Modular Cryptosystem for the RSA on Reconfigurable Hardware. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Ajeet and Bajaj, Vivek Kumar (2009) Robust Resource Allocation Techniques on Homogeneous Distributed System. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Amit (2009) CFD Modeling of Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

kumar, Ankush (2009) Studies on Optical Components and Radio Over Fibre Systems. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ashish (2009) CFD Analysis of Natural Convection in a Vertical Microchannel. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ashish (2009) Development of Mixed Integer Non-Linear Model for Hydrogen Distribution in them Refinery. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Chandranan (2009) Counter Current Flow Phenomenon & Pressure Drop Calculation in Annular Geometry. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Deepak (2009) Alternative Design of Manipulation for Maintenance Work in Hazardous Environment. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Deepak (2009) Fabrication and Characterization of Al-fly Ash Composite using Stir Casting Method. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Manoj (2009) Short-Term Load Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network Techniques. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Neeraj (2009) Experimental Investigation of Faulty Gearbox Using Motor Current Signature Analysis. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pankaj (2009) Numerical Investigation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannel. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Ranjeet and Sagiraju, S R (2009) Harnessing of Wave Power from Horizontal Flow Dynamics of Shallow Waves. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sanjeet (2009) Sol-Gel Synthesis and in Vitro Characterization of Bioactive Glass Ceramics using Rice Husk Ash Waste Material. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Shankar and Pattanayak, Byaktiranjan and Singh, Ravi Shankar (2009) Power Electronics: Computer Simulation and Analysis. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Vijay (2009) New Development and Performance Evaluation of Transform Domain OFDM Baseband System. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Dhiraj (2009) Study On Clustering Techniques And Application To Microarray Gene Expression Bioinformatics Data. MTech by Research thesis.

Kumari, Archana (2009) Synthesis of Pyrazolo [3, 4-b] pyridine by Knovengel
MSc thesis.

Kumari, Deepti (2009) A Study on the Effect of Moisture on Strength Characteristics of River Sand. BTech thesis.

Kumari, Nirulata (2009) Study and Development of Some Novel Image Segmentation Techniques. MTech by Research thesis.

Kumawat, Kanhaiya Lal (2009) Prioritization of Program Elements Based on Their
Testing Requirements.
BTech thesis.


Lakide, Vedavrath (2009) Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique. MTech thesis.

Lugun, Nirmala (2009) Removal of Malachite Green using Mahua Oil Cake. BTech thesis.


M, Nikhil and Sahoo, Devdutta (2009) Transient Harmonic Analysis of Transformer. BTech thesis.

M K, Santhosh Kumar (2009) CFD Analysis of Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Enclosure. MTech thesis.

Mahanta, Saroj (2009) Preferential Solvation of a Dipolar Solute in Mixed Binary Solvent. A Study by UV-Visible Spectroscopy. MSc thesis.

Mahapatra, Chinmaya (2009) Application of Signal Processing and Soft Computing To Genomics. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Dibya Lochan (2009) Modeling of Fluid Phase Equilibria by PC-Saft EOS: Solubility of Gases/Vapor in Polythylene. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Jyoti Ranjan and Mohanty, Jignyanshu (2009) Anomaly Detection in Ethernet Networks Using Self Organising Maps. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Babita (2009) On Applications of New Soft and Evolutionary Computing Techniques to Direct and Inverse Modeling Problems. PhD thesis.

Majhi, Jyotirmayee (2009) Modified Hill-Cipher and CRT Methods in Galois Field GF (2^M)for Cryptography. MTech thesis.

Majhi, Paresh Kumar (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxovanadium Complexes Featuring O- and N- Donor Environment. MSc thesis.

Malik, Baruna (2009) The Buckling Load of a Truss Determined by the Convergence Criterion of the Moment Distribution Method. BTech thesis.

Malik, Biswanath (2009) Electric Field Calculations by Numerical Techniques. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Jagannath (2009) Extraction and Purification of Capsular Polysaccharide from Streptococcus Pneumoniae and Escherichia Coli for Conjucate Vaccines Preperation. MTech thesis.

Mallick, Umasankar (2009) Estimation of MRR Using U-Shape Electrode in Electrochemical Machining. MTech thesis.

Mamillapalli , R S (2009) Impact of Fire on Steel Reinforcement of R.C.C Structures. MTech thesis.

Mazumdar, Avijit (2009) Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approached on Teachers' Performance Evaluation and Appraisal. BTech thesis.

Mehar, Suraj Kumar (2009) Weathering Behaviour of Bagasse Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite. MTech by Research thesis.

Meher, Anil (2009) ECM Process Characteristics. BTech thesis.

Michael, Mathew (2009) Design of Flywheel for Improved Energy Storage using Computer Aided Analysis. BTech thesis.

Miryala, Dinesh Kumar (2009) Implementation of PCS of Physical Layer for PCI Express. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Alekha Kumar (2009) Analysis of Secure Routing Scheme for MANET. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Anudhyan (2009) Assessment of Coal Quality of Some Indian Coals. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anupam and Panda, Sunil and B, Srinivas (2009) Control of Voltage Source Inverters using PWM/SVPWM for Adjustable Speed Drive Applications. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ashutosh (2009) Designing of Surface Blasts - A Computational Approach. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Bineet and Patnaik, Rakesh Kumar (2009) Genetic Algorithm and its Variants: Theory and Applications. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Gyanaranjan and Baske, Chaitanya Prasad (2009) Characterization of Hybrid FRP composites with Hygrothermal Exposure Under Varied Ambient Conditions. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ila and Sadangi, Debashish (2009) Non Linear Blind Source Separation Using Different Optimization Techniques. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Manish (2009) Speed Control of DC Motor Using Novel Neural Network Configuration. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Nishikant (2009) Dynamic Analysis of Beam. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Prabit Kumar and Sahoo, Mukti Ranjan (2009) Offline Signature Verification Scheme. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Sambit Kumar and Sarma, Nilim Chandra (2009) A Novel Method for Acoustic Noise Cancellation. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Sanjib (2009) Short Term Load Forecasting Using Computational Intelligence Methods. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Subhransu Kumar (2009) Melting and Solidification of Binary Alloy Subjected to Cyclic Temperature and Heat Flux Boundary Condition. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Tanuj (2009) Dynamic Performance Estimation of DFIG Wind Turbine under
Balance /Unbalance Grid Fault Condition.
MTech thesis.

Mogadala, Archana (2009) Stabilization of Cytochrome C Reductase using Osmolytes. MTech thesis.

Mogal, Shyam (2009) Vibration Analysis of Cracked Beam. MTech thesis.

Mohakud, Partha Sundar (2009) Structures and Properties of Al-based Al-Si-Ni Nanostructures Developed by Mechanical Alloying. MTech thesis.

Mohammed, Zuberuddin (2009) Study on the Effects of Band Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation. MTech thesis.

Mohanty, Anurag (2009) Slope Stability Analysis using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Auroprasad (2009) Development of a Hybrid Material for the Removal of Fluoride from Water. MSc thesis.

Mohanty, Biswaranjan (2009) Development of experiments on vacuum technology. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Durgesh Nandini and Mohapatra, Debashree (2009) Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Equalizer in a Communication System. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Jyotiranjan (2009) Fatigue Life Prediction Under Constant Amplitude and Interspersed Mode-I and Mixed-Mode (I and II) Overload using An Exponential Model. PhD thesis.

Mohanty, Laxmi Narayan (2009) Fabrication and Wear Characterization of Jute-epoxy-SiC Composites. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Partha Sarathi (2009) Design and Implementation of Faster and Low Power Multipliers. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rakesh (2009) Deposition of SiC Derived from Desert Sand and Wood Charcoal by Plasma Processing. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Shyama Prasad (2009) Processing of BiFeO3 Ceramics by Gelcasting. MTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Binayak (2009) Study of Reduction Behaviour Of Iron Ore Lumps. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Chiranjeevee (2009) Revealing of Failure Modes of FRP Composites by Microscopic Technique. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Debasish (2009) Investment Analysis in Mining Industry. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Srabani (2009) A New Approach for Performance Improvement of OFDM System using Pulse Shaping. MTech by Research thesis.

Moharana, Chinmayaranjan (2009) Synthesis of Low Loss Lead Free Piezoelectric BNT-BT Ceramic. BTech thesis.

Moharana, Swavab Sourav and Patro, Prateek Kumar (2009) Simulations of Networks in OPNET and Implementation of OFDM in ADS. BTech thesis.

Mondal, T K (2009) Phase Equilibrium Modeling in Gas Purification System. MTech thesis.

Moon, Nitesh (2009) Prediction of Blast Loading and its Impact on Buildings. MTech thesis.

Mukherjee, Saptarshi (2009) Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Modular Architecture for Unstructured Environment. MTech thesis.

Murmu, Meena (2009) Evaluation of Strength Characteristics of Steel Slag Hydrated Matrix. MTech thesis.

Murmu, Mithun (2009) Three Dimensional Analysis of Extrusion through Taper Die. MTech thesis.

Murmu, Neeta and Otti, Abha (2009) Fingerprint Recognition. BTech thesis.

Murmu, Rabindra Kumar and Jhaniya, Meena (2009) Image Segmentation Using Hough Transform. BTech thesis.


Naik, Sameer (2009) Vibration Analysis of Cracked Steel Beams. BTech thesis.

Nanda, Satyasai Jagannath (2009) Artificial Immune Systems: Principle, Algorithms and Applications. MTech by Research thesis.

Nandiganahalli, Suraj (2009) Mobile Platform Control Using Fuzzy-Logic and Webots. BTech thesis.

Nath, Subhasisa (2009) Study of Reduction Kinetics of Iron Ore Pellets by Noncokingcoal. MTech thesis.

Nayak, Abhijeet (2009) Finite Elemental Analysis of Functionality Graded Smart Composite Structures. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Arindam and Panda, Sandeep (2009) Identification of Crash Fault & Value Fault for Random Network in Dynamic Environment. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Ashish Kumar (2009) Performance of an Oxidation Pond- A Case Study. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Jitendra (2009) Computer Aided Thermal Stress Analysis of Orthotopic Rotating Disc. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Suchi Smita (2009) Compression Strength of Saline Water Exposed Epoxy System Containing Red Mud Particles. BTech thesis.


Ojha, Shakuntala (2009) CFD Analysis on Forced Convection Cooling of Electronic Chips. MTech by Research thesis.

Ojha, Soumya and Mahajan, Sahil (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Ultra Fine Al-cu Powder Particles and Subsequent Dispersion for Heat Transfer Applications. BTech thesis.

Oram, Pradeep (2009) Flow Behavior of Fly Ash Slurry. BTech thesis.

Ota, Radheshyam (2009) Kan Extension. PhD thesis.


P S, Arun Kumar (2009) Implementation of Image Compression Algorithm using Verilog with Area, Power and Timing Constraints. MTech thesis.

Padhi, Ashoka (2009) Absolute Negative Mobility. MSc thesis.

Padhy, Bibek Kumar and Sahu, Sudhir Kumar (2009) Analysis of Speech Recognition Techniques. BTech thesis.

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Panda, Sukumar and Mohapatra, Rahul (2009) Implementation and Comparison of Mobility Models in NS-2. BTech thesis.

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Pani, Niroj Kumar (2009) A Secure Zone-Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. MTech thesis.

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Panigrahi, Bibhuti Bhusan and Parida, Sunil Kumar (2009) Neighborhood Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using Colored Petri Net. BTech thesis.

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Patel, Sangeeta and Nayak, Partha Prittam (2009) A Novel Method of Encryption using Modified RSA Algorithm and Chinese Remainder Theorem. BTech thesis.

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Pattanayak, Anupam (2009) Deterministic Merging of Blocks in Combinatorial Design based Key Predistribution in Distributed Wireless Sensor Network. MTech thesis.

Pattanayak, Pratik (2009) Correlation between Vogel Fulcher Tamman & Avramov Equation for Glass Viscosity. BTech thesis.

Pattnaik, Sagar (2009) Assessment of Safety and Environmental Risk in Mines. BTech thesis.

Penukonda, LakshmiRamana (2009) Secured Vector Routing Protocol for MANETs in Presence of Malicious Nodes. MTech thesis.

Piprani, Vikas and Samal, Prachi and Sahu, Vaneshwar (2009) Fatigue Life Estimation of Pre-corroded Aluminium Alloy. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Bidhan Kumar (2009) Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flow in High Speed Turbine using Fluent. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Bidhan Kumar (2009) Service Quality Indicators in Education Setting:Application of RIDIT Method to Likert Scale Surveys. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Dimple (2009) Unusual Phase Transformation Behaviour of Amorphous Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Gaurav and John, David (2009) Erosion Wear Behaviour of Bio-Waste Reinforced Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Hrudananda (2009) Block Turbo Code and its Application to OFDM for Wireless Local Area Network. MTech thesis.

Pradhan, Krushna Prasad (2009) Design and Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Parth (2009) Design Sign of Delta Sigma Wattmeter. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prangya Paramita (2009) Optimization of Two Bay Portal Frame. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Premananda (2009) Development of a Computer Program for selection of Optimum Mode of Operation for Surface Miner. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Pyari Mohan (2009) Robust Distributed Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network. MTech thesis.

Praharaj, Swetapadma (2009) Processing and Characterization of Fly Ash - Quartz Coatings. MTech thesis.

Prakash, Bisleshana Brahma (2009) Design of Stable Slope for Opencast Mines. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Kshitij Chandra (2009) Preparation of CCTO Powder by Solid State reaction. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Shailesh (2009) Simulation of Nitrogen Liquefication Cycles. MTech thesis.

Praveen, N (2009) Real Time Pattern Recognition using Matrox Imaging System. MTech thesis.

Prusty, Simadri Jagannath and Dash, Rosen (2009) Study of Image Segmentation Schemes and Their Applications to Microscopic Images. BTech thesis.

Pujari, Abhisek and Padhi, Chandan (2009) Encryption & Decryption of Data in GF (13n) Field. BTech thesis.

Pujhari, Truptimayee (2009) Islanding Detection in Distributed Generation. MTech thesis.


R, Arun Kumar (2009) Buckling Analysis of Woven Glass Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate. MTech thesis.

Radhika, V Bhawani (2009) Biometric Identification Systems: Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Data and DWT Based Hash Coded Bar Biometric System. BTech thesis.

Ragamouni, Sravanthi (2009) Preparation and Characterization of Poly (ε-caprolactone) PCL Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications. MTech thesis.

Raghupathi , Avula (2009) Dynamic Stability of a Sandwich Plate under Parametric Excitation. MTech thesis.

Rana, Raghunath Prasad (2009) Powder Processing, Densification Behaviour, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al2o3- 50 vol% zro2 Composites. PhD thesis.

Rana, Rahul and Reddy, C V V (2009) Design of Linearly Polarized Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Using IE3D/PSO. BTech thesis.

Rao, Govardhana (2009) Vibration Analysis of Beams. BTech thesis.

Rao, K Jagajjanani (2009) Solubilization and Biodegradation of Naphthalene in Presence of Sapindus Mukorossi − Synthetic Mixed Surfactant Systems. MTech by Research thesis.

Rath, Bikash (2009) Implementing and Comparing DSR and DSDV Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networking. BTech thesis.

Rath, Bulbul and Tripathy, Partha (2009) Design and Development of Intelligent Sensors. BTech thesis.

Rath, Satya (2009) Study of Performance of Routing Protocols for Mobile Adhoc Networking in NS-2. BTech thesis.

Rath, Sunil Kumar (2009) CFD Analysis using Multigrid Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Rawat, Vivek Kumar (2009) Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Pulse Tube Refrigerator. BTech thesis.

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Ray, Subhrajit (2009) Processing and Characterization of Titania Filled Epoxy - Glass Fiber Composites. MTech thesis.

Reddy, B Venkata Subba (2009) FGPA Implementation of Low-Complexity ICA Based Blind Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output OFDM Receivers. MTech thesis.

Rout, Bhanukrushana and Sahu, Smrutiranjan (2009) Extending JXTA for P2P File Sharing Systems. BTech thesis.

Rout, Jaswant kumar (2009) Embedded Processor Design and Implementation of CAM. BTech thesis.

Rout, Prajna (2009) Effect of Systheis Conditions And pH on Stabilization of Matastable Tetragonal Zirconia. MSc thesis.

Rout, Rashmi Ranjan (2009) Studies on the Effect of Alumina Aggregates on he Performances of Alumna-Carbon Refractories. MTech thesis.

Rout, Rashmi Ranjan and Tripathy, Durga Prasad (2009) AC to DC Converter Using Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Rout, Shuvranshu Kumar (2009) Prediction of Relative Density of Sand with Particular Reference to Compaction Energy. MTech thesis.

Roy, Pradip Kumar (2009) Influence of substitutions and Sintering Aids on Structural and Electromagnetic Properties of NiCuZn Ferrite. PhD thesis.

Roymohapatra, Debasis (2009) Part Feeding System for FMS. BTech thesis.


Sabat, Rama Krushna and Rajak, Rahul Kumar (2009) Sliding Wear Behavior of Bio Waste Reinforced Polymer Composite. BTech thesis.

Sahana, Pritam (2009) Study on Boundary Shear Stress Distribution in Meandering Trapizoidal Open Channel Flow. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Ashish (2009) Mixed Ligand Complex of Copper (II) Containing O-N Donor Ligands. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Asish Kumar (2009) Dry Beneficiation of High Ash Non-coking Coal Using an Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Biswajeet and Nayak, Devadatta (2009) Study Of Subgrade Strength Related To Moisture. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Ganesh Kumar (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of BaTiO3 Prepared by Molten Salt Synthesis Method. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Krushna Chandra (2009) An Approach towards the synthesis of furo[3,4-c]pyrazole. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Manmath Narayan (2009) A Novel Approach for Survivability of IEEE 802.11 WLAN Against Access Point Failure. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Nirjharini (2009) Investigation of Power Factor Correction in Single Phase AC-DC Converters. MTech by Research thesis.

Sahoo, Priti Ranjan (2009) Groundwater Exploration. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Atul Kumar (2009) Efficient Heuristics for Scheduling Tasks on a Flo Shop Environment to Optimize Makespan. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Harekrishna (2009) Vibration Analysis of an Elastically Restrained Beam. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Mrutyunjaya (2009) Study on Boundary Shear Stress Distribution in Meandering Trapizoidal Open Channel Flow. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Niroj (2009) Study of Erosion Resistance of ULCC based Precast with Indigenous High Alumina Cement. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Sushanta Kumar (2009) An appraisal of Characteristic Mechanical Properties of Aluminium 6061 alloy – Silicon Carbide (SiCp) Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) exposed to different thermal conditions. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Vaneshwar kumar (2009) Study on the Effect of Pre-Corrosion on Crack Initiation and Fatigue Life of an Aluminum Alloy. MTech thesis.

Saikia, Bikramjit and Bhowmik, Debkumar (2009) Study of Association Rule Mining and Different Hiding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Saikia, Kaustav (2009) Effect of Band Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation. BTech thesis.

Samal, Sumanta (2009) Production and Dispersion Stability of Ultrafine Al, Cu and Al-Cu Particles in Base Fluid for Heat Transfer Applications. MTech thesis.

Samal, Sumit Kumar (2009) Study of Parameters of Ultrasonic Machining. BTech thesis.

Sarangi, Saumendra (2009) Particle Swarm Optimisation Applied to Economic Load Dispatch Problem. MTech thesis.

Sarangi, Subhakanta (2009) Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum-Fly Ash Composite Using Stir Casting Method. BTech thesis.

Sarkar, Saptarshi (2009) Development of a Computer Oriented Algorithmic Approach for Opencast Mine Dispatch System. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Anjana (2009) Optimal Placement of Actuators in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Shell Structures using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Sanmay (2009) Controling of Mobile Agents using Intelligent Strategy. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Debashis and Singh, Rahul (2009) Harnessing of Wave Power from Horizontal Flow Dynamics of Shallow Waves. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Sunil Kumar (2009) Securing Fisheye State Routing Algorithm Against Data Packet Dropping by Malicious Nodes in MANET. MTech thesis.

Sethi, Samir Kumar (2009) Study of Boundary Layer Parameters on Rough Surfaces. BTech thesis.

Shaik, Zuneid Alam (2009) Design and Development of a Solar Dryer. BTech thesis.

Sharda, Varun and Kishan, Avinash C (2009) Skew Detection and Correction in Scanned Document Images. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Paramanand (2009) Neural Network Based Robust Adaptive Beamforming for Smart Antenna System. MTech thesis.

Sharma, Ravi Karan and Nibariya, Rohit (2009) Study Of Gaussian & Impulsive Noise Suppression Schemes In Images. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Saurabh and Prasad, Dewakar and Tripathy, Manish (2009) Image Processing using Haar Wavelet transform. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Shriram (2009) Energy-Efficient Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks. MTech thesis.

Sharma, Suraj (2009) Design of Access Control Policy Checker (ACPC). MTech thesis.

Sharma, Surajit (2009) Generation of Optimized Robotic Assembly Sequence using Soft Computing Methods. MTech by Research thesis.

Sheeja, K L (2009) Adaptive Channel Equalization using Radial Basis Function Networks and MLP. MTech thesis.

Shukla, Amit Kumar (2009) Studies on Power Quality and, an LSE & PSOPC based Harmonic Estimation to Real Time Data. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Anand (2009) Forced Convection in Channels with Viscous Dissipation. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Sudhanshu (2009) Utilisation of Sisal Fibre in Stone Matrix Asphalt. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ashutosh (2009) Analysis of Reweting of Hot System. BTech thesis.

Singh, Mukesh Kumar (2009) Navigational Path Analysis of Mobile Robot in Various Environments. PhD thesis.

Singh, Naval (2009) Non-Conventional Energy Sources. BTech thesis.

Singh, Saurabh (2009) Manufacture of Oxygen by Linde Frankl's process. BTech thesis.

Singh, Vikash Kumar (2009) Machine Learning Techniques For Detecting Untrusted Pages on the Web. BTech thesis.

Singla, Sahil (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Barium Titanate and Cobalt Ferrite Powders for Preparation of Magneto Electric Composites. BTech thesis.

Solanke, Swanand (2009) Design and Analysis of Novel Charge Pump Architecture for Phase Locked Loop. MTech thesis.

Sonkusale, Nitin and Tiwari, Ajitabh (2009) Cost Based Optimization of Job Allocation in Computational Grids. BTech thesis.

Soren, Rimil Sing (2009) Process Improvement Through Reverse Engineering. BTech thesis.

Sreenivas, Varun and Nagabushanam, Kiran Kumar (2009) Automatic Train Running Information System. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Abhijeet (2009) Ground Water Replenisher: A System to Artificially Recharge Ground Water. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Manu (2009) Parametric Appraisal of Erosion Process in Polyster Glass Fiber Composites. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Ragini (2009) Design of an Astronomical Reflecting Telescope. MSc thesis.

Subudhi, Badri (2009) Video Image Segmentation and Object Detection Using Markov Random Field Model. MTech by Research thesis.

Suchismita, Arpita (2009) A Study of Effects of Binder Quality and Natural Fiber on Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures. MTech thesis.

sudeendra, SK (2009) Controller Area Network: its Interface, Applications and ASIC Implementation. MTech by Research thesis.

Sujith, Rajan (2009) Free Vibration of Laminated Composite Cross-Ply Spherical Panels. MTech thesis.

Sutar, Mihir Kumar (2009) Fault Detection of Cracked Cantilever Beam Sing Smart Technique. MTech thesis.

Swain, Biswa Ranjan (2009) Mitigation of DDoS Attack using a Probabilistic Approach &
End System based Strategy.
MTech thesis.

Swain, Sanjaya Kumar (2009) Processing of Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffold. MTech thesis.

Swer, Phibahunlang (2009) Magnetic Properties of $CoFe_2O_4$ Nano Particles Hosted in Silica Xerogels. BTech thesis.


Tamarapalli , Atchuta Ravi Kumar (2009) An Efficient ICI Cancellation Technique for OFDM Communication Systems. MTech thesis.

Tarangini, K (2009) Biosorption of Heavy Metals using Individual and Mixed Cultures of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Bacillus Subtilis. MTech by Research thesis.

Thakre, Kishor (2009) Dynamic Performance of DFIG under Unbalance Grid Voltage Condition. MTech thesis.

Thakur, Sachin and Tripathi, Saurabh (2009) Load Balancing in a Network using Ant Colony Optimization Technique. BTech thesis.

Tirkey, Nelson (2009) Evaluation of Chip Breaker. BTech thesis.

Tirkey, Vijaylakshmi (2009) Synthesis of Novel Magnetic Mesoporous Adsorbent for Isolation of Sugar. MSc thesis.

Tripathy, Satya Narayan (2009) Electromagnetic Waves in Random Media. MSc thesis.

Tripathy, Shuvendu (2009) Studies on Aluminum–Fly-Ash Composite Produced by Impeller Mixing. MTech thesis.

Tudu, Prakash (2009) Processing and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.


Upadhyay, Avadhesh (2009) Design of a Micropump. BTech thesis.


V, Jaikishen and Kindo, Sudharani (2009) Study of Coding techniques and its application to OTDR. BTech thesis.

V J, Shine (2009) An Energy Efficient Dynamic Source Routing for MANET. MTech thesis.

Vaish, Rohit (2009) Application of Wireless Sensor networks for Environmental Monitoring and Development of an Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing. MTech thesis.

Vaishnav, Shrikant and Maida, Antim (2009) Image Compression & Transmission through Digital Communication System. BTech thesis.

Varghese, George Tom (2009) Phase Locked Loop Design as a Frequency Multiplier. MTech thesis.

Velagaleti, Silpakesav (2009) A Novel High Speed Dynamic Comparator with Low Power Dissipation and Low Offset. MTech thesis.

Venkat, Arun (2009) Measurement and Thermodynamic Modelling of Volumeric Properties of Alkanolamine-Water Mixtures. BTech thesis.

Vipparti, V K R (2009) Soft Computing Approach to Channel Estimation for MIMO OFDM Systems. MTech thesis.

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