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Pradhan, Debalaxmi (2011) Recovery of value added fuels from waste polyolefins bicycle tyre and tube. MTech by Research thesis.

Singh, Bhagat (2011) Study of damping in layered and welded
PhD thesis.


., Sonia (2011) Synthesis & characterization of modified barium titanate ferroelectrics by modified solid state reaction and microwave sintering routes. PhD thesis.


A, J S N B Vamsee (2011) Dynamicanalysis of electrostatically exited micro cantilever beam. MTech thesis.

Adhikari, Prativa (2011) Synthesis and Characterizations of Ca, La and Zr Modified PbTiO3 Ceramics. MSc thesis.

Adhikari, Sangeeta (2011) Preparation, characterization and catalytic application of Cr-pillared clay for synthesis of octahydroxanthenes. MSc thesis.

Adhikari, Soumalya and Choudhuri, Saptarshi Pal and Sneha, Supriya (2011) Study of voltage controlled oscillator based analog-to-digital converter. BTech thesis.

Afroz, Shama (2011) Electronic Properties of Disordered System. MSc thesis.

Agarwal, Ashish (2011) DAB: Transmitter, Receiver and SVM Classifier. MTech thesis.

Agarwal, Manik (2011) High Energy Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices
used in Space Applications.
BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Manish Kumar and Singh, Khumukcham Rajeshwar (2011) Practical Aspect Of Power Budget and QoS Analysis of WDM Network. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Niraj (2011) Acid Base Accounting of Overburden and Coal. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Sonu (2011) Speed-flow-density study of two different Indian roads and their comparisons. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Mohit (2011) Implementation of reed solomon error correcting codes. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Sonam (2011) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Matrix Composites Filled With Titania(TiO2) Powder. BTech thesis.

Agrawalla, Ankit (2011) Thermal Pyrolysis of Groundnut De-Oiled Cake and Characterization of Bio-Oil Produced. BTech thesis.

Aireddy, Harinath (2011) Investigation on Physico-Mechanical & Electrical properties of Bio-waste Reinforced Polymer Composites. MTech thesis.

Akarapu, Ashok (2011) Surface Property Modification of Copper by Nanocomposite Coating. MTech thesis.

Akash, Pandey (2011) Performance analysis of a compact heat exchanger. MTech thesis.

Alam, Rukhsar (2011) Studies on the properties of Karanja oil for probable industrial application. MSc thesis.

Alok, Vishal Kumar and Kumar, Ajay (2011) To study the different industrial applications of PLC through ladder diagrams. BTech thesis.

Ashe, Barnali (2011) A Detail investigation to observe the effect of zinc oxide and Silver nanoparticles in biological system. MTech by Research thesis.

Ather, Javed (2011) Dynamic Stability of Delaminated Cross ply Composite Plates and Shells. MTech thesis.


Baby Kumar, Vishnu (2011) Numerical modelling of photodynamic therapy. BTech thesis.

Bag, Mousom (2011) Development of Environment Friendly New Generation MgO-C Brick Using Nano Carbon. MTech thesis.

Bagria, Bajrang Lal (2011) Hydrodynamics of inverse liquid fluidized bed. BTech thesis.

Bakshi, Sambit (2011) Development of Robust Iris Localization and Impairment Pruning Schemes. MTech thesis.

Bal, Puspanjali (2011) Synthesis of Chalcogenide Metal Cluster containing
Phosphine ligands.
MSc thesis.

Bandhu, Arpan and Panda, Atula Kumar (2011) Navigation and Control of Automated Guided Vehicle using Fuzzy Inference System and Neural Network Technique. BTech thesis.

Banerjee, Debjani (2011) Design and fabrication of an experimental set up for AC susceptibility measurement. MSc thesis.

Bansal, Garima and Panda, Abhipsa and Gupta, Sanyam (2011) Internal Model Control (IMC) and IMC Based PID Controller. BTech thesis.

Bansal, Rajan (2011) Improving dimensional accuracy of fused deposition modelling (FDM) parts using response surface methodology. BTech thesis.

Bantraj, Kandi (2011) Studies on adsorption isotherms and heats of adsorption of CH4 on microporous and mesoporous adsorbents. BTech thesis.

Barapanda, Sushree Rosyla (2011) Design and fabrication of high temperature resistivity measurement setup. MSc thesis.

Barick, Barun Kumar (2011) Studies Of Structural, Dielectric And Electrical Properties Of A/B Site Modified (Na0.5bi0.5)Tio3 Ceramic Oxides. MTech by Research thesis.

Barik, Prabhat Kumar (2011) FIR Filter IC Design Using Redundant Binary Number Systems. MTech thesis.

Barman , Ghanshyam (2011) Congo Red (cr)Removal from Aqueous Solution by Commercial and Laboratory Prepared Low Cost Adsorbents Using Adsorption. MTech thesis.

Barpanda, Ravi Sankar (2011) A Multi-Objective ILP Formulation for RWA Problem in WDM Networks. MTech by Research thesis.

Baskey, Anupama (2011) Effect of additives on the decomposition, densification and phase analysis of zircon. BTech thesis.

Bathala, Srikanth (2011) Composites for machine tool beds. MTech thesis.

Behera, Abhisek Kumar (2011) Real-Time Tip Position Control of a Flexible Link Robot. MTech thesis.

Behera, Ashish (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Dinuclear-Oxomolybdenum Complexes Containing Terephthalodihydrazide Ligands. MSc thesis.

Behera, Bikash Chandra (2011) Development and experimental study of machining parameters in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning. MTech thesis.

Behera, Bishnupriya (2011) Microstructural and magnetic properties of in-situ and ball mill synthesized LSMO: CoFe2O4 nanocomposites using microwave oven. MTech thesis.

Behera, Bismay Kumar (2011) Parametric optimizartion of microdrilling in aerospace material. BTech thesis.

Behera, Debasis (2011) Design and Modeling of I2C Bus Controller. MTech thesis.

Behera, Laxmi (2011) Study of hyperbolic systems. MSc thesis.

Behera, Nishibanya (2011) Synthesis and characterization of ferrocene containing organometallic compounds. MSc thesis.

Behera, Omkar (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO nanoparticles of various sizes and Applications in Biological systems. BTech thesis.

Behera, Santosh Kumar (2011) Oxidation of Alcohol Component of Microemulsion by Lipophylic Cr(VI). MSc thesis.

Behera, Smruti Ranjan and Prasad, Saroj (2011) Motoring and Generating mode of 3-Φ Induction Machine – A Comparative Evaluation For Energy Efficiency. BTech thesis.

Bhadra, Dipanjan (2011) Physical design of low power operational amplifier. MTech thesis.

Bhatt, Vivek and Samantara, Ankur and Singh , Kamaljeet (2011) Event Control through Motion Detection. BTech thesis.

Bhattacharyya, Mallika (2011) Some studies of lead free KNN LN ceramics. MSc thesis.

Bhattacharyya, Prasun (2011) Design of a novel high speed dynamic comparator with low power dissipation for high speed ADCs. MTech thesis.

Bhivate, Parth (2011) Modelling & development of antilock braking system. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Kalyani (2011) Design and fabrication of high temperature resistivity measurement setup. MSc thesis.

Bhoi, Khagswar and Solanki, Dipesh Kumar (2011) Texture Segmentation Using Optimal Gabor Filter. BTech thesis.

Bhola, Deepak Ranjan (2011) CFD analysis of flow through venturi of carburetor. BTech thesis.

Bhowmick, Tynee (2011) characterizations of BNT ceramics synthesized by different techniques. MSc thesis.

Bhushan, Jitendra (2011) Helium Purification by Gas Adsorption method. MTech thesis.

Bhushan, Ravi (2011) Interaction of hsp 90 with p53 and Its mutated form and their comparison. BTech thesis.

Bhushan, Sujeet and Ganguly, Nirmalya (2011) Study of QoS Management In IEEE 802.11 and 802.11e MAC Layer Protocols. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Rajat Narayan (2011) Material Flow System in Robotic Assembly. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Srinibas (2011) Development and Control of Networked Servo System. MTech by Research thesis.

Bisi, Pragyan Saraswati (2011) Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked composite beam. MTech thesis.

Bisoi, Biswaranjan (2011) Trace elements in some Indian coals. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Amit Kumar (2011) Development of GeO2 and LaF3 based glass ceramics. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Mousumi (2011) Control Techniques for DC-DC Buck Converter with Improved Performance. MTech by Research thesis.

Biswal, Satya Sindhu (2011) Particle Growth and Film coating in a Fluidized Bed Granulator. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Suryanarayan (2011) Role of DNMT in cancer. MSc thesis.

Boity, Biswajit (2011) Dry sliding wear response of LD slag filled poly-ether-ether ketone composites. BTech thesis.

Bose, Nivedita (2011) Interaction of a Cationic Dye “Nile Blue A”
with Bile Salts.
MSc thesis.

Brahma, Debasish (2011) Design and Simulation of WSN based scenario for underground coal mines. BTech thesis.

Burh, Priya Monalisha (2011) Microbial Analysis of Soil and Water Samples from Koel River in Rourkela, Odisha. MSc thesis.

Bysani, Leela Krishna (2011) An Efficient Defense Scheme against Selective Forwarding Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks. MTech thesis.


Chakrabarti, Arundhati (2011) Effect of Some Isovalent and Aliovalent Substitutions on Structure and Ferroelectric Properties of BaBi4Ti4O15. PhD thesis.

Chakraborty, Debaditya and Mehrolia, Akash (2011) Torsional Behaviour of RC Beams Wrapped With Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP). BTech thesis.

Chandra Mishra , Rahul (2011) Estimation of Enzymatic Activities of Different Species of Mushrooms. MSc thesis.

Chandrakar, Gaurav (2011) Studies on Improvement of Surface Characteristics and Stability of Cr, Cu and Zn Based Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs). MTech thesis.

Chatterjee, Amit (2011) Dynamics of telomere in ageing. MSc thesis.

Chattopadhyay, Subhankar (2011) Key Pre-distribution and Key Revocation in Wireless Sensor Networks. MTech thesis.

Chaubey, Santosh (2011) Modeling and Design of Die Profile of Extrusion of Square Section from Round Billet through Non-linear Converging Dies. MTech thesis.

Chaudhuri, Saptarshi (2011) Greedy Algorithms for Target Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Chhotaray, Animesh Chhotaray and Samal, Abhijit Samal (2011) A Novel Blind Signature Based Upon ECDLP. BTech thesis.

Chiaknjuri, Varsha Rani (2011) Heat Transfer Model for Cryosurgery. MTech thesis.

Chidambaram, Allada (2011) CFD Analysis of Phase Holdup Behaviour in a Three Phase Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Chinara, Suchismita (2011) Analysis and Design of Protocols for Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. PhD thesis.

Choudhary, Ritu (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Monodispersed Microgel. MSc thesis.

Choudhury, Ajoy Kumar (2011) Investigation on electrochemical machining(ECM) for optimization of surface roughness using response surface methodolgy(RSM). BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Sasanka (2011) Identification of Transverse Crack in a Cracked Cantilever Beam Using Fuzzy Logic and Kohonen Network. MTech thesis.

Choudhury, Satish (2011) Performance Analysis of Doubly-fed Induction Generator in Wind Energy Conversion System. MTech thesis.

Chouhan, Madhu (2011) Dynamic Fault Diagnosis in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. MTech thesis.


D'Souza, Aaron and Dalal, Saprem (2011) Automatic License plate Recognition System. BTech thesis.

Dalai, Harekrushna (2011) Case studies on productivity improvement and supplier selection. BTech thesis.

Damarla, Seshu Kumar (2011) Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring and Control. MTech thesis.

Dandapat, Anandita (2011) A wavelet–galerkin method for the solution partial differential equation. MSc thesis.

Darun , Prasath.L (2011) Economic design of X-bar control chart using simulated annealing. BTech thesis.

Das, Anubhav (2011) On the Synthesis of new four-layered Aurivillius compound Bi2MNa2Nb4O15 (M= Ca, Sr, Ba). BTech thesis.

Das, Ashis (2011) Surfactant-assisted synthesis and characterization of silica-doped zirconia & its application in chromium removal. MSc thesis.

Das, Bablu (2011) Estimation of Power Generation Potential of Non- Woody Biomass and Coal – Biomass Mixed Briquettes. MTech thesis.

Das, Debashis and Pradhan, Shishir Kumar (2011) Modeling and simulation of PV array with boost converter : An open loop study. BTech thesis.

Das, Debashree (2011) P53 and cancer. MSc thesis.

Das, Gorakinkar (2011) Analysis of Slope Stability for Waste Dumps in a Mine. BTech thesis.

Das, Kunal Kumar (2011) Development of Novel Techniques to Study Nonlinear Active Noise Control. PhD thesis.

Das, Liza (2011) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Matrix Composites Filled With Aluminium Powder. BTech thesis.

Das, Monalisa (2011) Histone Methyltransferase in Human Cancer. MSc thesis.

Das, Neha and Alam, Shiba and Kanhar, Subhashree P. (2011) Electrochemical Synthesis of Copper Thin Films: Nucleation and Growth Analysis. BTech thesis.

Das, Pratik (2011) An Attempt to Design Low Cost Effective Infusion Devicefor Delivering of Drugs Depending on the Heart Rate. BTech thesis.

Das, Rasmita (2011) DC Electrical Resistivity Studies in YBCO/BZT Composites. MSc thesis.

Das, Ritesh Ranjan (2011) Geo-engineering properties of fly ash. BTech thesis.

Das, Shibani (2011) Study of decomposition behaviour of binders and the effect of binder type on strength and density of alumina samples. BTech thesis.

Das, Sidharth and Baral, Joy and Chatterjee, Peenak (2011) Active vibration control of piezo-laminated cantilever beam. BTech thesis.

Das, Subhashree (2011) VHDL implementation of reed-solomon coding. MTech thesis.

Das, Suparna (2011) Numerical solution of interval and fuzzy system of linear equations. MSc thesis.

Das, Suraj Kumar (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of BST Ceramics by Solution Combustion Technique. BTech thesis.

Das, Vicky Vikram and Mohanty, Chandi Prasad (2011) Tribological studies on Aluminium alloys. BTech thesis.

Dash, Chandan (2011) Synthesis of lithium titanate by auto combustion method and study of its densification behavior with different binder concentration. BTech thesis.

Dash, Roma (2011) Power factor correction using parallel boost converter. BTech thesis.

Dash, Slokarth and Kumar, Roshan (2011) Stress Analysis of beams and plates using the Element Free Galerkin Method. BTech thesis.

Dash, Suraj and Prusty, Alok Kumar (2011) Performance analysis of server selection schemes for
Video on Demand servers.
BTech thesis.

Debadarshini, Jagnyashini (2011) Algorithms for Load Balancing in Dis-tributed Network. BTech thesis.

Debnath, Kishore (2011) A study on mechanical behavior and damage assessment of short bamboo fiber based polymer composites. MTech thesis.

Deep, Lata (2011) Fabrication of Decorative Fluorescent Composite Material. MSc thesis.

Devadasi, Vickey and Garg, Shubham and Sahoo, Suryakant (2011) Dynamic behavior of Sandwich Beam with Piezoelectric layers. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Jyoti Prakash (2011) Strengthening of SS316LN for Development of Superconductor Jacket. MTech thesis.

Dutta, Debabrata (2011) Utilization of blast furnace slag as a raw material for the manufacture of portland cement clinker. MTech thesis.


Eerla, V.V.Satyanarayana (2011) Performance analysis of energy detection algorithm in cognitive radio. MTech thesis.

Ekka, Basnti (2011) Synthesis and characterization of organometallic Schiff base compounds. MSc thesis.


Gajula, Nanda kishore (2011) Study of object detection and reading(license plate detection and reading). MTech thesis.

Ganjir, Rahul (2011) Optimisation of Process Parameter in ECM by using Rotary U Shaped tool. MTech thesis.

Ganti, Vinay (2011) Analysis of 4-dof force/torque sensor for intelligent gripper. BTech thesis.

Gaurav, Anubhav (2011) Extraction of contiguous coal seams. BTech thesis.

Gautam, Geetanjali (2011) Thermal oxidation of Ti6Al4V for bio-implementation. BTech thesis.

Gautami , G (2011) Modeling and simulation of multiple effect evaporator system. MTech thesis.

Gera, Ravi and Paul, Nipika (2011) Modal Analysis of Plane Frames. BTech thesis.

Ghorai, Uttam (2011) Production Optimization and Simulation of large Open Cast Mines. MTech by Research thesis.

Ghosh, Nilabjendu (2011) Permeability of Indian coal. BTech thesis.

Giri, Sindhushree (2011) Isolation and biochemical characterization of mercury resistant bacteria (MRB) from soil samples of industrially contaminated area of Rourkela, Orissa. MSc thesis.

Goel, Ruchika (2011) HRV and ECG signal analysis of smokers and non-smokers. BTech thesis.

Goswami, Basundhara (2011) Compactness and Convergence in the Space Of Analytic Functions. MSc thesis.

Gouda, Swati Rekha (2011) Effect of salt on the micellisation of bile salts in aqueous medium. MSc thesis.

Guha, Devi Rani (2011) Artificial Neural Network Based Channel Equalization. MTech by Research thesis.

Guntupalli, Ramesh (2011) A verilog-based simulation methodology for estimating power and area. MTech thesis.

Gupta, Arun Kumar (2011) Convex function and optimization techniques. MSc thesis.

Gupta, Brijesh Kumar (2011) Fabrication of Li2TiO3 pebble by studying the effect of binder content and sintering temperature on pellets. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Deepak (2011) Design and Analysis of a Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Gajanand (2011) Economic Design of X-bar control chart using particle swarm optimization. MTech thesis.

Gupta, Nand Lal (2011) Optimization of Micro-Wire EDM Operation Using Grey Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Sanyukta (2011) Preparation and Characterization of Waste Silk Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. MTech by Research thesis.

Gurrala, Kiran Kumar (2011) Online signature verification techniques. MTech thesis.


Halwai, Sailendra Kumar (2011) Bearing capacity of circular footing located on randomly reinforced sand bed. BTech thesis.

Hansda, Sanjib Kr. (2011) Machinability Study of AISI 316 Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel Using P 30 Grade Cemented Carbide Insert. BTech thesis.

Haran Pragalath, D C (2011) Support optimization tool for aero engine configuration systems. MTech thesis.

Harjai, Arjav and Bhardwaj, Abhishek and Sandhibigraha, Mrutyunjaya (2011) Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Techniques in a Solar Photovoltaic Array. BTech thesis.

Hasda, Savitri (2011) Effect of nanoparticles on the wetting of different solid surfaces. BTech thesis.

Hembram, Rajkishore (2011) Study on support vector machine as a classifier. BTech thesis.

Hoda, Sanaul and Banerjee, Snigdharup (2011) Image Processing based real time hardness measurement of an object. BTech thesis.


J, Mridula (2011) Feature Based Segmentation of Colour Textured Images using Markov Random Field Model. MTech thesis.

J P, Jagannath Prasad Mishra and Paplu, Rutwik Rath (2011) Input Power Factor Correction using Buck Converter in Single Phase AC-DC Circuit. BTech thesis.

Jain, Kirti (2011) Studies on isolation and characterization of oral biofilm forming bacteria. MSc thesis.

Jain, Rohit (2011) Design and FPGA Implementation of CORDIC-based 8-point 1D DCT Processor. BTech thesis.

Jain, Siddharth and Jain, Ravi Baid (2011) Spectrum Sensing Methods in Cognitive Radio. BTech thesis.

Jaiswal, Abhash (2011) Effect of hydrogen induction on co mbustion, performance and emission behaviour of compression ignition engine using used transformer oil as a main fuel. MTech thesis.

Jana, Prateek Kumar (2011) Design of 8B/10B encoder and its OVM compliant verification IP. MTech thesis.

Jana, Srijita (2011) Disaggregation Techniques for Estimating Rainfall of an Urban Area: A Case Study. BTech thesis.

Jena, Biswajit and Kumar, Sagar (2011) Tuning of PID controller by bioinspired techniques. BTech thesis.

Jena, Biswajit and Mishra, Gouri Sankar (2011) A novel group signature scheme without one way hash. BTech thesis.

Jena, Kautilya Kumar (2011) Biodegradable Polymers (PLA and PLGA) Based Nanoparticles in Protein and Plasmid DNA Delivery. MSc thesis.

Jena, Minashree (2011) Role of Histone deacetylases (HDACs) in human cancer. MSc thesis.

Jena, Shiva Shankar (2011) Investigation into spontaneous combustion characteristics of some Indian coals and correlation study with their intrinsic properties. BTech thesis.

Jena, Subasini (2011) Studies on Batch Drying Characteristics and Transfer Coefficients of the Food Grains and Vegetables in A Fluidized Bed Dryer using Ann Method. MTech by Research thesis.

Jha, Prachi Swatantrata and Mitra, Swati (2011) Impact and Implication of Thermal Conditioning on the Mechanical behavior of FRP Composites. BTech thesis.

Jindal, Ashish Kumar (2011) Comparison of financial investment & return on the capital in the mining industries of the developing countries – case studies. BTech thesis.

Joseph, Jobin (2011) Iris Database Classification and Indexing. MTech thesis.

Joshna, Palepu (2011) Design of zigbee transmitter for IEEE 802.15.4 standrad. MTech thesis.


Kachhap, Bineeta (2011) Designing of a simulation tool to analyse the dining philosopher's problem by petri net analysis. BTech thesis.

Kalia, Jyotisankar (2011) Design of Metamaterial Based Antenna Using Unit Cells. MTech thesis.

Kalo, Roupyakanta (2011) Design of reconfigurable manufacturing system. BTech thesis.

Kalsi, Shubhkant (2011) Studies of Washing Characteristics of Low Grade Coal and Design of a Coal Washing Plant. BTech thesis.

Kanaujia, Kamal Kumar (2011) An Investigation of Dissimilar Welding Joint of AISI 304L
Stainless Steel with Pure Copper by Nd:YAG Pulse Laser: Optimization of Tensile Strength.
MTech thesis.

Kanithi, Anil kumar (2011) Study of Spatial and Transform Domain Filters for Efficient Noise Reduction. MTech thesis.

Kanna, Ravikanth (2011) Design of zigbee transceiver for IEEE 802.15.4 using matlab/simulink. MTech thesis.

Kapoor, Anil (2011) Analysis of precipitation data of Orissa. BTech thesis.

Kar, Pravat Surya (2011) Buyer-Seller Relationship Success in Retail Selling of Financial Services. PhD thesis.

Kar, Subhasis (2011) Preferential solvation of p - nitrophenol in binary solvent mixtures. MSc thesis.

Kar, Swayamsiddha (2011) Role of DNA demethylation in cancer. MSc thesis.

Kareer, Sneha (2011) Studying the trivalent arsenic absorption by deproteinized human hair matrix. BTech thesis.

Kaushik, Vishal (2011) Dynamics and Control of Distillation using Aspen. BTech thesis.

Kavuri, Naga Chaitanya (2011) Data-Based Modeling: Application in Process Identification, Monitoring and Fault Detection. MTech by Research thesis.

Kesarwani, Vishal (2011) Investigation on Electric Discharge Machine for optimization of Surface Roughness using Response Surface Methodology approach. BTech thesis.

Khare, P K (2011) Treatment of Phenolic Water Using Adsorption. MTech thesis.

Kishore, Priyanka (2011) Isolation, characterization and identification of Actinobacteria of Mangrove ecosystem, Bhitarkanika, Odisha. MSc thesis.

Kisku, Ram Chandra (2011) Modelling of temperature profile in turning with uncoated and coated cemented carbide insert. BTech thesis.

Kispotta, Usha Gracy (2011) Synthesis and characterization of bio-composite material. MSc thesis.

Kolli, Vijay Ramya (2011) Side lobe supression techniques for polyphase codes in radar. MTech thesis.

Konduru , Pradeep Kumar (2011) Hydrodynamic characteristics of tapered fluidized bed in ternary mixture using Artificial Neural Network. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhineet (2011) A review of seabed and placer mining deposits in india. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhishankar (2011) Adsorption of methane on activated carbon by volumetric method. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Amit (2011) Field Theory and Galois Theory. MSc thesis.

Kumar, Avinash and Singh, Satyajeet (2011) Wear Property of Metal Matrix Composite. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Nikhil (2011) Vibrational Analysis Of Laminated Composite Beam. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Nishant (2011) Optimizing the cutting parameters using taguchi method to reduce the cutting tool vibration. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pradeep (2011) Optimization of structural parameters using artificial neural network for vibration reduction in beams. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pradeep M and Barua, Abhijeet (2011) Study Of Reactive Power Compensation Using STATCOM. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Prashant (2011) Preparation and Densification study of Barium Zirconate (BaZrO3) nanopowders. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rahul (2011) Development of Low Bulk Density Fireclay Insulation Brick. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rajeev and Gupta, Abhishek (2011) VLSI Implementation of Block Error Correction Coding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ravi (2011) Design Fabrication and Testing of Gearbox for Fault Detection. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Shailesh (2011) Analysis of TX-100 based microemulsion in the presence of TB drug isoniazid. MSc thesis.

Kumar, Shashi (2011) Prediction of crack propagation using γ-model for through wall cracked Pipes. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Sidheshwar and Singh, Bhagirathi (2011) Study on silicon carbide produced From rice husk as a reinforcing agent. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Suman (2011) Simulation of Trapping Effects in 4H-Silicon Carbide Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (4H-SiC MESFET). MTech thesis.

Kumar , Sumit (2011) Analysis of radiative heat transfer in an absorbing-emitting-scattering medium using fluent. MTech thesis.

Kumari, Sadhana (2011) Development of a Controller For Fuel Cell Using FPGA. MTech thesis.

Kundan, Paswan (2011) Sintering study of Mag-Al Spinel synthesized via combustion synthesis using glycine as fuel. BTech thesis.

Kundu , Shubhasri (2011) Control of Real Mobile Robot Using Artificial Intelligence Technique. MTech thesis.


Lakra, Rajdeep (2011) Assesment of spontaneous heating of some indian coking and non-coking coal. BTech thesis.

Lakra, Sonam and Guria, Pradeep (2011) Vibration analysis of beam with multiple cracks. BTech thesis.

Langkam, Johny (2011) Removal of Chromium (VI) from water by using Lanthanum based Hybrid Materials. MSc thesis.

Lenka, Netranjeeb (2011) Modeling and Controller Design for an Inverted Pendulum System. BTech thesis.

Levaka, Ravi Teja Reddy (2011) Algorithm based on Booth's Encoding Pattern for Fast Scalar Point Multiplication for ECC in Wireless Sensor Networks. MTech thesis.


Madan, Deepak and Srivastava, Harsh (2011) Finding faces for Gender classification using BPNN AND PCA based recognition. BTech thesis.

Madhukar, Poloju (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanostructures and Synthesis of Zn/Al2O3 Nanocomposite by Mechanical Alloying Route. MTech thesis.

Magrey, Mujtabha (2011) Numerical modeling of cryospray for treatment of skin tumor. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Smita (2011) Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Electrolytes. MSc thesis.

Maharana, Birendra Kumar (2011) Optimization of Process Parameters in Laser Sheet Metal Bending. BTech thesis.

Maharathi, Biswajit (2011) Studying the biochemical and psychosomatic aspect of drivers’ fatigue. BTech thesis.

Mahato, Nisha Rani (2011) Fuzzy finite element method for vibration analysis of imprecisely defined bar. MSc thesis.

Mahato, Subham (2011) Fabrication of Decorative Fluorescent Composite Material. MSc thesis.

Maheshwari, Baby (2011) Comparision of different algorithm for the segmentation of handwritten indian annotations. BTech thesis.

Maiti, Trijit Kumar (2011) Development and Study of a Helium Purifier based on Low Temperature High Pressure Adsorption of Impurities. MTech by Research thesis.

Majhi, Manoj Kumar (2011) Effect of span length on bending strength and Weibull modulus of sintered alumina bar. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Sudam Charan and Thakur, Prasanta Kumar (2011) Study the effect of input filter for buck converter. BTech thesis.

Maji, Pallab (2011) Application of Residue Arithmetic in Communication and Signal Processing. MTech thesis.

Majumder, Biswajit (2011) Land use and land cover change detection study at Sukinda valley using remote sensing and GIS. BTech thesis.

Maliya, vinod kumar and Naik, preetam kumar (2011) Effect of defects on mechanical properties of composite. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Amit Kumar and Hota, Bhabani Sankar (2011) Load flow study in power system. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Jyoti Prakash (2011) A comparative study of the structure & magnetic properties of nickel cobalt ferrites synthesized by solid state & auto-combustion processing techniques. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Sangram Keshari and Khan, Mehetab Alam (2011) Study of the design and tuning methods of PID
controller based on fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm.
BTech thesis.

Mallick, Sarada Prasanna (2011) Gelatin based emulsion hydrogels as a matrix for controlled delivery. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Tapas kumar and Tomar, Subhash (2011) A study on variation of test conditions on CBR determination. BTech thesis.

Mallik, Gayadhar (2011) Leaching characteristics of fluoride from pond ash. BTech thesis.

Mallik, Manila (2011) Effect of microstructure on the indentation creep behaviour of 2.25Cr-1Mo and its comparison with modified 9Cr-1Mo ferritic steel. MTech thesis.

Marndi, Bhagaban (2011) Stability of Slopes in Iron Ore Mines. BTech thesis.

Matada , Mahesh (2011) Performance Improvement of AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converters For
Distributed Power System.
PhD thesis.

Meda, Venkata Saikumar (2011) Optimization of Induction Length and Flow Rates of Acetylene in Diesel Engine. MTech thesis.

Meena, Ashvin (2011) Exploration of ground water using electrical resistivity method. BTech thesis.

Meena, Kuldeep Kumar and Yadav, Parit (2011) A comparative study in soil plasticity of hall area and lecture complex area of nit rourkela. BTech thesis.

Meena, Sanjay (2011) A Study on Hand Gesture Recognition Technique. MTech thesis.

Meena, Seema N (2011) Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Properties of
Alumina Refractories.
BTech thesis.

Meena, Vishvendra and Saroya, Avtar (2011) Study of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Natural Fiber Composite. BTech thesis.

Meher, Bidhu Bhusan (2011) Hydrodynamic Characteristic Study of a Three Phase Co-current Trickle-bed Reactor: CFD analysis. BTech thesis.

Mehta, Abhishek (2011) Study of substitute frame method of analysis for lateral loading conditions. BTech thesis.

Mehtani, Priyanka and Priya, Archita (2011) Pattern Classification using Artificial Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anubhav and Jena, Swagat (2011) Performance Evaluation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing using 16-bit Irregular Data Formats. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anurag (2011) Study of PID controller design for systems with Time delay. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Arpita (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of La doped BaTiO3 ceramic by solgel route. MSc thesis.

Mishra, Debabrat (2011) ASIP design based on CORDIC algorithm using Xilinx and CoWare designer tools. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Kaushik (2011) Scheduling of automated guided vehicles in a FMS Environment using particle swarm optimization. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Pahupati Nath (2011) Structural and Microstructural Characterization of NiO-8YSZ Nanopowders With Varying Weight Percentage of NiO. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Punyapriya (2011) Development and Characterization of Low Cost Composite from Sugarcane Bagasse Waste. PhD thesis.

Mishra, Rashmi (2011) Application of tuned mass damper for vibration control of frame structures under seismic excitations. MTech thesis.

Mishra, Rishabh and Trivedi, Prashant (2011) Student Attendance System Based on Fingerprint Recognition and One to Many Matching. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Smruti Snigdha (2011) Effect of Chaotropic Reagents on Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) - A Fluorescence Study. MSc thesis.

Mishra, Swagat (2011) Resource Allocation Optimization through Task Based Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Real Time Embedded Systems. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Tanmaya (2011) Machine Loading in Flexible Manufacturing system using Artificial Immune algorithm. BTech thesis.

Mitra, Sayandeep (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Adsorbents. BTech thesis.

Mittal, Deepika Rani (2011) Nature of Interaction between Metal Nanoparticles(Ag)& Bacterial Cell (E.Coli ). BTech thesis.

Modi, Sourav (2011) Application of UNIQUAC model in modeling VLE of
acid gas aqueous alkanolamine system.
BTech thesis.

Mohanta, Annapurna (2011) Superconducting Order Parameter Fluctuation in Doped and Composite Cuprate Superconductors. PhD thesis.

Mohanta, Jagadish Chandra (2011) Navigational control of multiple mobile robots in various environments. PhD thesis.

Mohanta, Runa (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Oxovanadium Complex Incorporating Dimethyl Terephthalate Moiety. MSc thesis.

Mohanty, Chiranjiv (2011) Experimental investigation of the combustion, performance and emission parameters of a compression ignition engine using blends of vegetable oil and diesel fuel. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Debajyoti (2011) Effect of sintering on some properties of NiZn-ferrite. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Debesh Daulat (2011) Effect of Holding time on Binder Burnout, Density and Strength of Green and Sintered Alumina Samples. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rahul (2011) Microwave and Solid State Assisted Synthesis of Lsmo: NiFe2O4 Nanocomposites and comparative study of its microstructural and magnetic properties. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Anil (2011) Synthesis and characterization of polymer composite ferroelectric materials. MSc thesis.

Mohapatra, Chinmaya (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Ferroelectric ceramic by soft chemical route. MSc thesis.

Mohapatra, Chinmoy Krushna (2011) Computer aided analysis of balancing of multi cylinder radial and v- engines. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Lopamudra and Panda, Debansu (2011) Coloured Petrinet for Modelling and Validation of Dynamic Transmission Range Adjustment Protocol for Ad Hoc Network. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Swapna Sarita (2011) Iron/Copper Co-Catalyzed C-C Cross-Coupling Reaction. MSc thesis.

Moharana, Gyanti Prakash (2011) Effect of catalyst on the synthesis of SiC from rice husk. MTech thesis.

Mondal, Arpan Kumar (2011) An investigation on characterization of bio-composites. MTech thesis.

Mukherjee, Arijit (2011) An Efficient Job-Grouping Based Scheduling Algorithm for Fine-Grained Jobs in Computational Grids. MTech thesis.

Mukherjee, Sourav (2011) FPGA based Network Security Architecture for High Speed Networks. MTech thesis.

Mutchukota, Thrinatha Reddy (2011) Man-in-the-Middle Attack and its Countermeasure in Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing. MTech thesis.


N, Rohini (2011) Feasibility study on the microbial separation of iron from slime. MSc thesis.

Nagar, Rahul (2011) Preparation of diopside by novel sol-gel method using rice husk ash as silica source. BTech thesis.

Naik, Suraj Kumar (2011) QoS Aware Data-Path Routing in DWDM/GMPLS Network. MTech thesis.

Nair, Rahul (2011) Hydrodynamic study of three phase fluidized bed with moderately viscous solutions-CFD analysis. BTech thesis.

Nanda, Abhishek (2011) Comparison of financial investments and return on capital in the mining industry of developing countries. BTech thesis.

Naskar, Suman and Rajput, Himanshu (2011) A Priority Based Optical Header Contention Resolution in Optical Burst Switching Networks. BTech thesis.

Nath, Rashmi Ranjan (2011) Design and Analysis of Thick walled cylinders with holes. BTech thesis.

Nathan, Senthil (2011) Service Quality in Power Sector. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Santosh Kumar and Murum, Kiran Soy (2011) Insilico Annotation of Un-characterized proteins of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Sarthak (2011) Study of chip breaker on turning of stainless steel. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Soumyajit and K V N B, Anand Karthik (2011) Synthesis of Al-Si Alloys and Study of their Mechanical Properties. BTech thesis.

Nayan, Niraj Kumar (2011) Experimental studies on extraction of valuable fuels from karanja and neem seed by pyrolysis. BTech thesis.

Ningthoujam, Herojit (2011) Triple Band Microstrip Antenna with Defected Ground Plane. BTech thesis.


Om Sri , Satyasai and Naik, Tatsat (2011) Study of Fingerprint Recognition System. BTech thesis.


P, Kalyan Chakravarthi (2011) Physical layer impairments based optical routing. MTech thesis.

Padhy, Abhishek and ., Anish and Pati, Asish Ku (2011) Modeling of breakdown voltage of white Minilex paper in the presence of voids under AC and DC conditions Using neural networks. BTech thesis.

Padhy, Durga Madhab (2011) A case study on Application of FUZZY logic in Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM). BTech thesis.

Padhy, Ram Prasad and Rao, P Goutam Prasad (2011) Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Systems. BTech thesis.

Paithankar, Amol (2011) Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis in Mining Industry. BTech thesis.

Pal, Aurabind and Ratha, Anubhav and Mishra, Vaibhav and Garg, Anshul (2011) Development of a smart grid for the proposed 33 KV ring main Distribution System in NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Panda, Achyut Kumar (2011) Studies on process optimization for production of liquid fuels from waste plastics. PhD thesis.

Panda, Alok Kumar (2011) Preparation and characterization of Hydroxyapatite-Barium Titanate Composite. BTech thesis.

Panda, Amit and Kumar, Praveen (2011) Forward dynamic slicing. BTech thesis.

Panda, Anukul Chandra (2011) Parallel algorithms for iris biometrics. MTech by Research thesis.

Panda, Ashish Kumar and Sahoo, Amit Kumar (2011) Study of Speaker Recognition Systems. BTech thesis.

Panda, Bibhu Prasad (2011) Design and Analysis of an Efficient Phase Locked Loop for Fast Phase and Frequency Acquisition. MTech thesis.

Panda, Bijayalaxmi (2011) Structural and electronic properties of chalcopyrite semiconductor. MSc thesis.

Panda, Prabhash Kumar and Nayak, Rakesh (2011) Effect of Thermal and Microwave Treatment on Low Temperature Mechanical Property of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite: An Experimental Exploration. BTech thesis.

Panda, Prabin Kumar and Pochineni, Shalini (2011) Synchronization techniques for 3rd generation partnership project-long term evolution (3GPP-LTE). BTech thesis.

Panda, Ranjit Kumar (2011) Effect of copper on austempering behavior of ductile iron. MTech thesis.

Panda, Sagar (2011) Diophantine Equation. MSc thesis.

Panda, Sarah and Shukla , Nitish (2011) A Framework for Optimized Bandwidth Allocation to LSPs in an MPLS Network. BTech thesis.

Panda , Sunil Kumar and Ramteke, Rahul G (2011) Attacks on Geographic Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Ashish Kumar and Mirdha, Vivek and Hembram, Siddharth Sankar (2011) Digital image watermarking based on FPGA and spintronic logic and study of some aspects of spintronic logic based circuits. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Ashish Kumar (2011) A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Fluid Flow and
Heat Transfer in a Micro channel.
MTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Bibhu Prasad and Pradhan, Abhijit (2011) Modern methods for power system harmonics estimation. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Ranjana (2011) Synthesis and Characterisation of Silica Coated Magnetite Nanoparticle. MSc thesis.

Parida, Anshuman (2011) Fabrication and Experimental Studies of a Hybrid Flat Plate Solar Collector for Heating Pool Water. BTech thesis.

Parida, Anuraag and Ranasingh, Subhakanta (2011) Modeling and Robust PD Compensation of Two-Link Flexible Manipulator. BTech thesis.

Parida, Banani (2011) DC Electrical Resistivity Studies in bulk YBCO/Ag composites. MSc thesis.

Parida, Pravat Kumar (2011) Natural polymer based (alginate and chitosan) Microparticles for oral drug delivery. MSc thesis.

Parida, Sheetal (2011) Isolation, characterization and stress response of dental plaque forming bacteria. MSc thesis.

Patgiri, Deepak (2011) Synthesis of NiO-8YSZ nanopowders by co-precipitation method
and its structrual and microstructural characterization.
BTech thesis.

Pati, Nishant Kumar (2011) Evaluation of Underground Coal Pillar Design. BTech thesis.

Pati, Swagat (2011) Performance and Power Factor Improvement of Indirect Vector Controlled Cage Induction Generator in Wind Power Application. MTech by Research thesis.

Patil, Vinayak Vasantrao (2011) Span-60 based organogels as probable matrices for transdermal/topical delivery systems. MTech thesis.

Patra, Amruta (2011) Development of real time digital controller for a liquid level system using ATMEGA32 microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Patra, Anindya Sundar (2011) Synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of Al-Pillared clay towards environmentally benign synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes. MSc thesis.

Patra, Deepak and V, Sharath (2011) Effect of Firing Temperature and time on swelling behavior of reduced iron ore pellets. BTech thesis.

Pattanaik, Mausumi (2011) Synthesis and Characterizations of Lead Free KNN Ceramics Near Morphotropic Phase Boundaries. MTech by Research thesis.

Pattnaik, Anjana (2011) Synthesis and characterization of amine-functionalized magnetic silica nanoparticle. MSc thesis.

Pattnaik, Prasanjeet (2011) Development of iontophoretic delivery system. BTech thesis.

Pattnaik, Swapnajit (2011) Development of Improved Performance Switchmode Converters for Critical Load Applications. PhD thesis.

Paul, Abhisek and Chayani, Satyabrata (2011) Speech Recognition in Hindi. BTech thesis.

Pavankumar, Vodnala (2011) Damping of machine tool structures with riveted joints. MTech thesis.

Pawa, Taran Deep Singh (2011) Analysis of Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol. BTech thesis.

Poddar, Vishal and Bebarta, Pratap Kumar (2011) Analysis of Foundations and Retaining walls on Industrial waste. BTech thesis.

Pontati, Sandeep (2011) Microwave Characteristics of SiGe HBT. MTech thesis.

Pradhan, Dibyaranjan and Behera, Ramakant (2011) Modeling of a vehicle speed measurement system using piezoelectric sensors. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Karan Kumar (2011) An approach to dynkin diagrams associated with KAC-moody superalgebra. MSc thesis.

Pradhan, Naina (2011) DNA Methylation and Cancer. MSc thesis.

Pradhan, Purabi Rani (2011) Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes with thiosemicarbazone ligands. MSc thesis.

Pradhan, Subhashree (2011) Production and characterization of Activated Carbon produced from a suitable Industrial sludge. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Sunil Kumar (2011) Characterization of Pb -free “x [Ba (Zr0.2Ti0.8) O3] - (1- x) [(Ba0.7Ca0.3) TiO3]”Ceramics Synthesized by Solid State Reaction Route. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Sushree Sangeeta (2011) Preparation of low cost herbal mosquito repellent from Begunia leaf. MSc thesis.

Praksh, Rahul (2011) Synthesis, characterization and effect of atmosphere on sintering behavior of BaTiO3 nano-powders. BTech thesis.

Prasoon , P S (2011) Security Framework against Denial of Service Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks. MTech thesis.

Prejil, P (2011) Design of a Power Control MAC Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. MTech thesis.

Priyadarshini, D.Indira (2011) Role Of DNA Methyltransferase 1, “DNMT 1” In Human Cancer. MSc thesis.

Priyadarshini, Itishree (2011) Spatiotemporal Chaos in Coupled Map Lattice. MSc thesis.

Priyadarshini, Sabut (2011) A Mechanism to Improve the Performance of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol. MTech thesis.

Priyadarshini, Sony (2011) Isolation, Identification and biochemical analysis of Mercury Resistant Bacteria (MRB) from the effluent water of Rourkela Steel Plant, Orissa. MSc thesis.

Prusty, Sharbanee and Agrawal, Niraj Kumar (2011) Two dimensional analysis of frame structures under arbitrary loading. BTech thesis.

Prusty, Smruti (2011) FPGA Based Active Power Filter for Harmonics Mitigation. MTech thesis.

Pullagura, Gandhi (2011) Effect of hydrogen enrichment on the performance emissions and combustion parameters of a complete biofueled diesel engine. MTech thesis.

Punyatoya, Swastisudha (2011) GA-Based fault diagnosis algorithms for distributed systems. MTech thesis.

Puri, Anup (2011) Simultaneous image and signal acquisition for foot force analysis. BTech thesis.


Raj, Kundan and Sood, Sidharth and Panda, Amlan Prateek and Panigrahi, Sridhar Kumar and Pabba, Abhimanyu (2011) An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation of synthetic slags prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides. BTech thesis.

Rajgandha, Susanta Kumar (2011) Role of Histone acetyltransferase, “p300” in Human Cancer. MSc thesis.

Rajput, Abhimanyu and Bhuyan, Prashant (2011) High Energy Planetary Milling Of Fe, Cr & Ni Powder. BTech thesis.

Ram, Ashish Kumar and Sahoo, Sandip (2011) Intelligent optimization of Circuit placement on FPGA. BTech thesis.

Ram, Saswat Kumar (2011) FPGA Implementation of digital controller for shunt active power filter to reduce harmonics and reactive power. MTech thesis.

Rangarajan, Raghuraman (2011) Design and Simulation of a Multiple Effect Evaporator System. BTech thesis.

Rath, Deepali (2011) Development of a gasifier for fueling of a diesel engine. BTech thesis.

Rath, Saswat (2011) Performance & Emission Analysis of blends of Karanja Methyl Ester in a Compression Ignition Engine. BTech thesis.

Ratre, Mukesh (2011) Development of Y2O3 : Er2O3 system and its dispersion study in different media. BTech thesis.

Ray , Pravat Kumar (2011) Signal Processing and Soft Computing Approaches to Power Signal Frequency and Harmonics Estimation. PhD thesis.

Reddy, Venkata Rama (2011) Resource allocation for OFDM-based cognitive radio systems. MTech thesis.

Roul, Shakti Prasad (2011) Application of Ant Colony Optimization for finding
Navigational Path of mobile robot.
BTech thesis.

Rout, Bikash Chandra (2011) Multilevel Power Estimation Of VLSI Circuits Using Efficient Algorithms. MTech thesis.

Rout, Jyoti Ranjan (2011) Study of the settling charactristics of fly ash-water slurry and designing of a settling pond. BTech thesis.

Rout, Kamalesh Chandra (2011) Dynamic Stability Enhancement of Power System Using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer. MTech by Research thesis.

Rout, Matruprasad (2011) Flow stress and barreling behavior of aluminum alloy during upset forging at elevated temperature. MTech thesis.

Rout, Saroj Kumar (2011) Design of digital thermometer and application in electrospinning. BTech thesis.

Rout, Stitiprajna (2011) Cryopreservation of human whole blood and checking the viability of mononuclear cells. BTech thesis.


S, Dinesh (2011) Development and Characterization Of Pellet Activated Carbon from New Precursor. BTech thesis.

S R, Shubham (2011) Wastewater minimization using aspen water. BTech thesis.

Sabat, Asima (2011) Simulation of Partial Discharge in High Voltage
Power Equipment.
MTech thesis.

Sabinaya, Sushree (2011) Studies on Myelin Formation & Particulate growth in Mixed Surfactant System. MSc thesis.

Sadhukhan, Suchetana (2011) Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Electrolytes. MSc thesis.

Saeed, Ahmed (2011) Path synthesis of four-bar mechanism using harmony search optimization. BTech thesis.

Saha, Saurav (2011) A study on effect of fiber parameters on mechanical behavior of natural fiber based polymer composites. BTech thesis.

Sahadevan, Suneet and Roy, Ananya and Gazta, Aditya (2011) MATLAB based real time control implementation of DC servo motor using PCI card. BTech thesis.

Sahay, Varun (2011) Multiuser detection for CDMA system. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Alok Kumar (2011) Dry Sliding Wear Response of Fly Ash Filled Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone Composites. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Asit (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Bio-Composite. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Biranchi Narayan (2011) Effect of Cryogenic Treatment of Cemented Carbide Inserts on Properties & Performance Evaluation in Machining of Stainless Steel. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Brahmotri (2011) The effect of parameters on the performance of a Fluidized bed reactor and Gasifier. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Jaya Prakash (2011) Analysis of ECG signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Jyoti Prakash and Patro, Santosh Kumar (2011) Development of open verification ip for I2C controller. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Manas Kumar (2011) Strength characteristic study of fly ash composite material. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Palash (2011) The Monitoring of The Network Traffic Based on Queuing Theory. MSc thesis.

Sahoo, Prahlad Kumar and Barik, Nirmal Kumar (2011) Speed control of separately excited DC motor using self tuned fuzzy PID controller. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Prasanna Kumar (2011) Production of ethylbenzene by liquid-phase benzene alkylation. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Rosalin (2011) Dynamic stability of composite shells subjected to hygrothermal enviornment. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Smrutirekha (2011) A Study on Strength and Deformation Behaviour of Jointed Rock Mass. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Swati (2011) Study of Capillary Filling Dynamics in a Microtube. BTech thesis.

Sahoo , Smrutiranjan (2011) Prediction of machining parameters for optimum Surface Roughness in turning SS 304. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Abhijeet and Behera, Soumyajyoti (2011) Papr analysis and channel estimation techniques for 3GPP LTE system. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Ashish Kumar (2011) Dynamic analysis of a simply supported beam with crack. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Harikrishna (2011) Surfactant mediated synthesis and characterization of Boehmite nanowires. MSc thesis.

Sahu, Laxmidhar (2011) Modeling of STATCOM and SVC for Power System Steady State Operation and Enhancement of Transient Stability of a Multi Machine Power System by STATCOM. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Mamata (2011) Perturbation techniques. MSc thesis.

Sahu, Mohit Mohan (2011) Simulation of process parameters and bed-hydrodynamic studies for fluidized bed biomass gasification using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Mrutyunjaya (2011) Prediction of flow and its resistance in compound open channel. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Niranjan (2011) Study of Crystal Structure and Electrical Properties on Lead Titanate and Lead Zirconate Titanate Based Ceramic Oxides. PhD thesis.

Sahu, Pritish (2011) Study of Approaches to Remove Show-Through and
Bleed-Through in Document Images.
BTech thesis.

Sahu, Ramesh Chandra (2011) Neutralization of Red Mud Using CO2 Sequestration and their Utilizations. PhD thesis.

Sahu, Ranjeet Kumar (2011) An investigation on dimensional accuracy of fused deposition modeling (FDM) processed parts using fuzzy logic. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Rashmi Ranjan (2011) Role of histone methyltransferase “EZH2” in human cancer. MSc thesis.

Sahu, Sasmita (2011) Vibration Analysis of Cracked Beam using Intelligent Technique. MTech by Research thesis.

Sahu, Saurav Kumar (2011) Design of waste heat recovery system in a sponge iron plant. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Sitanshu Sekhar (2011) Analysis of Genomic and Proteomic Signals Using Signal Processing and Soft Computing Techniques. PhD thesis.

Sahu , Susmita Kumari (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Al2O3-CeO2
Nano-Composites for Removal of Organic Dye Molecules.
MSc thesis.

Sain, Suresh (2011) CFD analysis of flow pattern in electrochemical machining. BTech thesis.

Saleh, Abdullah (2011) Study Of The Performance Of Batch Distillation Using gPROMS. BTech thesis.

Samal, Amit (2011) Simultaneous Fermentation and separation using
Pervaporation Technique of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Fermentation: A Mathematical Approach.
BTech thesis.

Samantaray, Shila (2011) A DoG based Approach for Fingerprint Image Enhancement. MTech thesis.

Samantaray, Subhadeep and Mishra, Nayan Jyoti (2011) Diagnosis of static Topology MANETs in faulty environment. BTech thesis.

Sandeep, K. (2011) Anti-Malignant Property of Curcin through Inhibition of Tyrosine Kinase as evidenced by in-silico study. BTech thesis.

Sangra, Pankaj Kumar (2011) Classification of Electroencephalography signals using mixture of Features. BTech thesis.

Sankar, Paraselli Bheema (2011) Measurement of air breakdown voltage and electric field using standad sphere gap method. MTech thesis.

Saraf, Kunal Kumar (2011) Study of effective thermal condutivity of copper filled epoxy base composite. BTech thesis.

Sarangi, Prabhu Prasad (2011) Biochemical characterization and antibiotic resistance
of some medically important bacterial isolates.
MSc thesis.

Sarangi, Sangita (2011) Optimization of Robot Motion Planning using Ant Colony
MTech thesis.

Sarkar, Sayantan and Kayal, Subhradeep (2011) Face Detection and Recognition using Skin Segmentation and Elastic Bunch Graph Matching. BTech thesis.

Sarma, Sushanta (2011) Parametric optimization of turning operation on stainless steel using a carbide tool. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, Akash (2011) Effect of different binders on High Alumina Self Flow Castable. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, Sitakanta (2011) PEG-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Ceria nanoparticles. MSc thesis.

Sau, Gopal Kumar (2011) Climatic changes and its influence on the runoff data over a major river basin in india – a case study. BTech thesis.

Saxena, Ajay and Rout, Abhinandan (2011) The study of hydroxyapatite and hydroxyapatite-chitosan composite coatings on stainless steel by electrophoretic deposition method. BTech thesis.

Saxena, Mayank (2011) Air quality of a steel city, rourkela, orissa. BTech thesis.

Sen, Argha (2011) Improving Performance of Clusters using Load Balancing Algorithms. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Amlan Swetapadma (2011) Characterizations of Sol gel Synthesized (1-x)BZT-xBCT Ceramics. MSc thesis.

Sengupta, Anirban and Pati, Bikash Kumar (2011) Development of the non linear model for RC beams. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Aditya Kumar and Ravichandran, Vijay (2011) Pitch Control of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine. BTech thesis.

Sethy, Kaliprasanna (2011) Application of pushover analysis to RC bridges. MTech thesis.

Sethy, Soumya Ranjan (2011) A Study on Mechanical Behavior of Surface Modified Natural Fiber Based Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Sharan, Nemi (2011) Vibration and stability of laminated composite doubly curved shells by a higher order shear deformation theory. MTech thesis.

Sharan , Alok (2011) Strength characteristics of fibre reinforced compacted pond ash. MTech thesis.

Sharma, Prashant (2011) Designing a real time embedded controller using data acquisition system for a DC motor speed control. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Rakhee (2011) Design & Fabrication of an Experimental Set-up for Susceptibility Measurement. MSc thesis.

Sharma, Srinidhi (2011) Calculation of heat losses from NIT Rourkela’s swimming pool and a study on evaporative losses using MATLAB. BTech thesis.

Sheet, Riya (2011) Role of DNA methyltransferase 3A and 3B, in Human Cancer. MSc thesis.

Shilabhadra, Srijeya and Yasser, Mohammed (2011) Baseband Processor Design of Multi-purpose RFID Tag. BTech thesis.

Shit, Trishanu (2011) Experimental and numerical study on behavior of externally bonded RC T-beams using GFRP composites. MTech thesis.

Shrestha, Ankurman (2011) Effect of span 80 - tween 80 mixture compositions on the stability of sunflower oil-based emulsions. BTech thesis.

Shrivastava, Amit Kumar (2011) Optimization of robotic assembly of printed circuit board by using evolutionary algorithm. MTech thesis.

Shukla, Shankar Prasad (2011) Investigation in to tribo potential of rice husk (RH) char reinforced epoxy composite. MTech thesis.

Shukla, Swapna Samir (2011) Synthesis and dispersion of barium stannate nanopowders. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ajay and Singh, Ashish Kumar (2011) Biometric Identification using Phonocardiogram. BTech thesis.

Singh, Animesh Kumar and Kishan, Radhakanta (2011) Comparative Study of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Synthesized by Oxidization of Zinc Foil and Zinc Powder. BTech thesis.

Singh, Dhananjay (2011) Effect of Different Additives on Cloud Point of Non Ionic Surfactant. BTech thesis.

Singh, Hemant and Bhati, Vikram Singh (2011) Code Coverage Analysis of Object-Oriented Programming. BTech thesis.

Singh, Keshav and Amatya, Rohit Man (2011) Virtual tour. BTech thesis.

Singh, Mahendra Pratap and Chowdhury, Bilas (2011) Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. BTech thesis.

Singh, Meenakshi (2011) Development of Sorbitan Monostearate organogels for controlled delivery systems. BTech thesis.

Singh, S K (2011) Extraction of Thick Coal Seams. BTech thesis.

Singh, Sarthak Sambit and Patnaik, Shantanu and Tripathy, Suraj (2011) Fatigue Crack Growth of Circular Pipes and Modeling of Single-Edge-Notched Tension (SENT) Specimen. BTech thesis.

Singh, Vivek (2011) A Brief Study on Dynamics of Viscoelastic Rotors – An Operator Based Approach. MTech thesis.

Singh , Amit Kumar (2011) Some studies on dynkin diagrams associated with Kac-moody algebra. MSc thesis.

Soni, Neeraj (2011) Influence of flyash on the strength and swelling characteristics of bentonite. BTech thesis.

Sood, Anoop Kumar (2011) Study on Parametric Optimization of Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Process. PhD thesis.

Soreng, Ajit (2011) Performance of multilayer coated tool in dry machining of AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel. BTech thesis.

Sriharsha , Ramineni and Ashwin Kumar, M V and Nikhil , Saraogi (2011) Design and implementation of synchronous buck converter based PV energy system for battery charging applications. BTech thesis.

Srikant, A and Pradhan, S C (2011) Simulation of air breakdown mechanism using different electrodes. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Kamal Nayan (2011) Development of GeO2 -BaF2 based glass ceramic. BTech thesis.

Subramaniam, P (2011) Reliability based analysis of Slope, Foundation and Retaining Wall using Finite Element Method. MTech thesis.

Subramanian, Sivaraman and Joshi, Shishir Ramkrishna and Maharana, Sudeep (2011) PLC Implementation of Supervisory Control for a Dynamic Power Flow Controller using a Modular Approach. BTech thesis.

Subramanian, Varun and Rimal, Swaraj (2011) Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Systems. BTech thesis.

Subudhi, K Krishan Kumar and Mishra, Ramshankar (2011) Human Face Recognition and Detection. BTech thesis.

Subudhi, Prabhat Kumar (2011) Synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications
Of CeO2- MgO nanocomposite oxide for Knoevenagel
Condensation reaction.
MSc thesis.

Sulanki, Kamlesh (2011) Pipelined Implementation of Densely Packed Decimal Encoding. BTech thesis.

Sutar, Soubhagya and Sarma, Anup (2011) Design and Implementation of Application Specific Instruction Set Processor using LISATek Design Methodology. BTech thesis.

Swain, Manisha (2011) Study of Capillary Filling Dynamics in a Microchannel. BTech thesis.

Swain, Subhasmita (2011) Synthesis and characterization of polymer ferroelectric composite material. MSc thesis.

Swain, Suvasis (2011) Studies on superconductor/Nano composite of BSCCO/BiFeO3. MSc thesis.


Tamuli, Kausik and Khan, Ayaz (2011) Effect of copper on the austempering behaviour of spheroidal graphite iron. BTech thesis.

Teepireddy, T. Sudheep Kumar (2011) Preparation And Characterization Of Novel Span 80: Tween-80 Based Organogels For Food And Pharmaceutical Industries. MTech thesis.

Tewari, Krishna (2011) Design of Cumene Plant using Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Thakur, Vasundhara (2011) Synthesis of enamines and their bromination. MSc thesis.

Tiga, Suman (2011) Characterization and Identification of Some Medically Important Bacterial Isolates. MSc thesis.

Tirumalaraju, Deepthi (2011) Removal of Zinc, Nickel and Copper Ions from Waste Water Using Char-A Sponge Iron Plant Waste. MTech by Research thesis.

Tiwari, Ashutosh (2011) Experimental And Theoretical Study on The Agglomeration Arising from Fluidization of Cohesive Particles. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Priyanka (2011) Thermodyamic, ecoomic analysis and desiging of heating system for the swimming pool present at NIT rourkela. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Pusyakant and Swain, Dhananjaya and Koppuravuri, Anil Kumar (2011) Study of Wind Energy System with Induction Generators. BTech thesis.

Toppo, Paberus (2011) Susceptibility of some WCL and NECL coal with respect to spontaneous heating. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Ipsa (2011) Effect of Microstructure on Sliding Wear Behaviour of Modified 9Cr-1Mo steel. MTech thesis.

Tripathy, Shrimoy (2011) Study and Analysis of Performance of IEEE 802.11 Power Saving Mode. BTech thesis.

Tudu, Deepak Kumar and Soren, Ramchandra (2011) RFID based student database management system. BTech thesis.

Tudu, Saraswati (2011) Effect of Interferon and Ribavirin on hepatitis C virus. BTech thesis.


V, Devaraj and Chhabra, Yatin (2011) Mathematical and Optimization Analysis of a Miniature Stirling Cryo-cooler. BTech thesis.

Varadrajan, Namitha (2011) A comparative study of microstructural and magnetic properties of lsmo: NiFe2O4 nanocomposites prepared by microwave and solid state route. BTech thesis.

Vashishtha, Somya (2011) Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil by Microbial Consortium. BTech thesis.

Vatsa, Nikhil (2011) Tuning Parameters of Dynamic Matrix Control. BTech thesis.

Veluri, Gangadhar (2011) Rub-impact analysis in rotor dynamic systems. MTech thesis.

Verma, Anupam (2011) Time constrained fault tolerance and management framework for k-connected distributed wireless sensor networks based on composite event detection. BTech thesis.

Verma, Eshan and G, Ashish (2011) Vibrational analysis of framed structures. BTech thesis.

Verma, Preeti (2011) Ratcheting Fatigue Behaviour and Post-fatigue Tensile Properties of Commercial Aluminium. MTech thesis.

Vij, Suyog (2011) Biogas production from kitchen waste & to test the Quality and Quantity of biogas produced from kitchen waste under suitable conditions. BTech thesis.

Vishwakarma, Umesh Kumar (2011) Modelling of Micro Electro Discharge Machining in Aerospace Material. MTech thesis.

Volli, Vikranth (2011) Recovery of bio-fuels from agricultural residues. MTech thesis.

Vully, Mahesh Kumar (2011) Facial expression detection using principal component analysis. MTech thesis.


Warkadey, Rahul (2011) Analyze a wireless signal services in new built hall of residence in NIT, Rourkela. BTech thesis.


Yadav, Brijesh Kumar (2011) Geometric morphometric comparison between modern homo sapien skulls of south india and rest of the world. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Utkarsh (2011) Multi-criteria decision making approach for vendor selection. BTech thesis.

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