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Mishra, Ashutosh (2009) Designing of Surface Blasts - A Computational Approach. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Premananda (2009) Development of a Computer Program for selection of Optimum Mode of Operation for Surface Miner. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Debasish (2009) Investment Analysis in Mining Industry. BTech thesis.

Patra, Nilkesh and Sankar, Sila Siba (2007) Data Reduction by Huffman Coding and Encryption by Insertion of Shuffled Cyclic Redundancy Code. BTech thesis.

Panda, Soumya Ranjan and Mohanty, Avinash (2007) Application of Virtual Implementation & Labview in Communication System. BTech thesis.

Das, Sambit Kumar and Mishra, Rohan (2007) GSM Based Display ToolKit. BTech thesis.

Prasad, P Shiva (2007) Independent Component Analysis. BTech thesis.

Atul, Swamy Saran and Mishra, Swapneel Prasanth (2007) Hand Written Devnagari Character Recognition. BTech thesis.

Panda, Deepti Ranjan (2007) Eye Detection Using Wavelets and ANN. BTech thesis.

Abhijeet, Amiteshwar Kumar and Chachan, Pradeep Kumar (2007) Recognition of Electrical & Electronics Components. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Sunil Kumar and Jena, Debasish and Patra, Debadatta (2007) Model Predictive Control. BTech thesis.

Srikanth, P K A S and Srinivas, K (2007) Implementation of FPGA in the Design of Embedded Systems. BTech thesis.

Pathak, Abhishek and Gopal, Y Sashidhar (2008) Network Auditing and Implementation of NTP Client in OMAP 5912. BTech thesis.

Mukherjee, Sandeep and Pandey, Ruchir (2007) Design and Implementation of PRBS Generator using VHDL. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Subhrajit and Dhar, Ishan (2007) Design of Timer for Application in ATM using FPGA and VHDL. BTech thesis.

Das, Nishanta Sourav (2008) Application of Wilcoxon Norm for increased Outlier Insensitivity in Function Approximation Problems. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Chinmay and Ron, Srinivas (2007) FLANN Based Model to Predict Stock Price Movements of Stock Indices. BTech thesis.

Malhotra, Ashish and Borkotoky, Siddhartha Suruj (2008) Sawtooth Genetic Algorithm and its Application in Hammerstein Model identification and RBFN based stock Market Forecasting. BTech thesis.

Karmakar, Rajdeep and Minz, Nabin Bismay Prakash (2007) Resolving Power of Optical Instruments Using Finite Element Method. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshan, Pradosh and Mundari, Biswa Ranjan (2008) Serial Communication using UART. BTech thesis.

Ghosh, Moumita (2007) Design and Implementation of Different Multipliers Using VHDL. BTech thesis.

Kumara, Meenakshi and Mehta, Divya (2008) Analysis and Measurement of the Throughput of WLAN 802.11a/b/g for KM SHAW Hall of Residence NIT Rourkela Using Qualnet. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Amogh and Dash, Rajballav (2007) Data Encryption and Decryption Using Hill Cipher Method and Self Repetitive Matrix. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Abhishek Kumar and Chabra, Sandeep (2007) Study of Software Interface For Adaptive Control System. BTech thesis.

Kaushal, Naveen and Singh, Chander pal (2008) Design of an FPGA-Based Lithium-Ion Battery Charger System. BTech thesis.

Murmu, Manas (2008) Application of Digital Signal Processing on TMS320C6713 DSK. BTech thesis.

Swain, Chittaranjan and Kumar, S Dinesh (2008) Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis. BTech thesis.

Behera, Sameer Ranjan and Mohapatra, Ranjeet (2008) Application of Visual Simulation in Communication Systems. BTech thesis.

Mahapatro, Satyajit and Thacker, Punit (2008) Measurement of Wireless Service Quality in Guest House of NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Anubhav and Manohar, Madhukar (2008) Rotation and Scale Invariant Texture Classification. BTech thesis.

Behera, Sunil Kumar and Sharma, Vivek (2008) Design of Random Number Generator and Its Delay and Power Optimization. BTech thesis.

Yellapu, Naveen Kumar and Narendra, Bikkina (2008) Modification of Hill Cipher Technique using Self Repetitive Matrix (Modular Arithmatic) and Correlation of Eigen values of Matrix with the Exponent N. BTech thesis.

Garg, Ajay Kumar and Patel, Ashish (2008) Study and Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms. BTech thesis.

Roy, Sayan and Sahoo, Soumya Ranjan (2007) Path Planning of Mobile Agents using AI Technique. BTech thesis.

Das, Amit Bikram and Gouda, Ranjit (2008) Some Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Augmentation for Flow of Liquid Hrough Circular Tubes Using Twisted Angles and Tape. BTech thesis.

Patro, Deepali (2008) CFD Simulation of Mixing And Segregation in a Tapered Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Singh, Gaurav (2008) Biodegradation of an Organic Compounds using Fluidized Bed Reactor. BTech thesis.

Rout, Deepak Ranjan (2008) Application of ANN in predicting VLE data of CO2-Aqueous-Alkanolamine System. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Bikash Ranjan and Aditya, V Ganesh (2008) Preparation of Silica Nanoparticles using Microemulsion Techniques. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Subodh and Dash, Sanat (2008) Reservoir Operation using Multiple Regressed Monthly operation Rules. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Devesh and Pandey, Alok (2008) Study of Boundary Layer Parameters on Rough Surfaces. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Satyajeet and Roy, Pragna Nando (2008) Effect of Fillers on Bituminous Paving Mixes. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Swarna Prava and Bhowmik, Amrapali (2008) Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resitant Masonry Buildings. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Ishan Jyoti (2008) Seismic Pounding Effects in Buildings. BTech thesis.

Meena, Ghamandi Lal and Viswanath, Kammula (2008) Dynamic Analysis of Framed Structures. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Sunil Kumar and Jena, Indubhusan (2008) Study of Cost effectiveness in Design of Structures with High Performance Concrete. BTech thesis.

Swetha, N. and Dash, Santosh (2008) Discharge Distribution in Meandering Compound Channels. BTech thesis.

Minz, Parbesh and Bara, Bhabani (2008) Boundary Shear Stress in Compound Channel. BTech thesis.

Suna, Nilamadhab and Singhdeo, Anil Kumar (2008) Monitoring of Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, PM10 and TSP Present in the Ambient Air of NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Mahmood, Ayaz (2008) Structural Health Monitoring Using non Destructive Testing of Concrete. BTech thesis.

Teja, P (2008) An experimental study on strength behaviour of Jointed Rock Mass through modelling under uniaxial compression tests. BTech thesis.

Singh, Jasmeet and Samal, Suman (2008) Transfer Matrix Analysis. BTech thesis.

Krishna, Nemani V S R and Biswas, Rajdip (2008) Effect of Fly-ash on Strength and Swelling Aspect of an Expansive Soil. BTech thesis.

Singh, Saurabh (2009) Manufacture of Oxygen by Linde Frankl's process. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Nibedita (2008) Design of Water Tank. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Nirbhay (2009) Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Materials for Ethanol Production. BTech thesis.

Goudhaman, J (2007) Experimental Investigation of Hot Machining Process of High Manganese Steel using Design of experiments by Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Ashwini Kumar and Sahoo, Manas Ranjan (2007) Layout Planning with Isles: A Genetic Approach. BTech thesis.

V, Venkatesh and R, Chandru (2007) Experimental Study of Pulse Tube Refrigerators. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Kishore Chandrasekhar and Soni, Manish (2007) 3-D Solid Modeling of Screw and Scroll Compressors Including Animation. BTech thesis.

Shantharam, Pradeep and Murali, R (2007) Creative Design of a Device that not only Cleans the Teeth but also Anti-Germinates. BTech thesis.

Dutta, Surajeet Kumar (2008) Study of the Chemical Composition and Energy value of Woody Biomass Species. BTech thesis.

Banerjee, Shubhonil and Patel, Dipak Kumar (2008) A Comparative Study of Effects on Characteristic Properties of FRP Composites When Exposed to Distilled Water, Nacl-Water Solution and Sea Water Separately. BTech thesis.

Shashikanth, M and Agarwal, Rahul (2008) Sintering Behavior of Red Mud Compact. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Barun and Baliarsingh, Sandeep Kumar (2008) Kinetics of Iron Ore Reduction by Coal and Charcoal. BTech thesis.

Krishnan, Tintula and Singh, Subhram Keshary (2008) Reduction Kinetics of iron ore pellets and the effect of Binders. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshi, Ashutosh A and Das, Kuntal (2008) Interface Assessment of FRP by Alternating DSC and FTIR Imaging Techniques. BTech thesis.

Rai, Shantanu and Roy, Deepanjan (2008) Sintering Characteristics And Characterisation Of Al-Mn-Ce Nanostructured Material Prepared By Mechanical Alloying. BTech thesis.

Upadhyay, Paritosh and Patro, Subrat Kumar (2008) Failure Characterization of FRP by Scanning Electron Microscope Technique. BTech thesis.

Jaiswal, Amit and Shekhar, Sudhanshu (2008) Heat Treatment of S.G Cast Iron. BTech thesis.

Goyal, Gaurav Kumar and Das, Braj Sundar (2008) Effect of Hygrothermal Treatment on the Tensile Properties of Hot-Pressed Jute Fibre Composites. BTech thesis.

Anandatheerthan, J and Kumar, Sudipt (2008) Production and Characterisation of Aluminium-Fly ash composite using Stir Casting Method. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Amit (2009) CFD Modeling of Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Desai, Himanshu (2009) Effect of Surfactants on Clay-Water Slurry Rheology. BTech thesis.

Sabat, Rama Krushna and Rajak, Rahul Kumar (2009) Sliding Wear Behavior of Bio Waste Reinforced Polymer Composite. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Asish Kumar (2009) Dry Beneficiation of High Ash Non-coking Coal Using an Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Gyanaranjan and Baske, Chaitanya Prasad (2009) Characterization of Hybrid FRP composites with Hygrothermal Exposure Under Varied Ambient Conditions. BTech thesis.

Oram, Pradeep (2009) Flow Behavior of Fly Ash Slurry. BTech thesis.

Patra, Dharanidhar (2009) Study of Reduction Behaviour Of Iron Ore Lumps. BTech thesis.

Sarangi, Subhakanta (2009) Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum-Fly Ash Composite Using Stir Casting Method. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Deepak (2009) Fabrication and Characterization of Al-fly Ash Composite using Stir Casting Method. BTech thesis.

Ojha, Soumya and Mahajan, Sahil (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Ultra Fine Al-cu Powder Particles and Subsequent Dispersion for Heat Transfer Applications. BTech thesis.

Deb, Susmit Kumar (2009) Reavling of Failure Modes in FRP Composites. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Chiranjeevee (2009) Revealing of Failure Modes of FRP Composites by Microscopic Technique. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Chinmaya (2009) Application of Signal Processing and Soft Computing To Genomics. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Bineet and Patnaik, Rakesh Kumar (2009) Genetic Algorithm and its Variants: Theory and Applications. BTech thesis.

Patel, Sangeeta and Nayak, Partha Prittam (2009) A Novel Method of Encryption using Modified RSA Algorithm and Chinese Remainder Theorem. BTech thesis.

Saikia, Bikramjit and Bhowmik, Debkumar (2009) Study of Association Rule Mining and Different Hiding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Panda, Sukumar and Mohapatra, Rahul (2009) Implementation and Comparison of Mobility Models in NS-2. BTech thesis.

Sreenivas, Varun and Nagabushanam, Kiran Kumar (2009) Automatic Train Running Information System. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Parth (2009) Design Sign of Delta Sigma Wattmeter. BTech thesis.

Moharana, Swavab Sourav and Patro, Prateek Kumar (2009) Simulations of Networks in OPNET and Implementation of OFDM in ADS. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Gaurav and John, David (2009) Erosion Wear Behaviour of Bio-Waste Reinforced Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ila and Sadangi, Debashish (2009) Non Linear Blind Source Separation Using Different Optimization Techniques. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Partha Sarathi (2009) Design and Implementation of Faster and Low Power Multipliers. BTech thesis.

Piprani, Vikas and Samal, Prachi and Sahu, Vaneshwar (2009) Fatigue Life Estimation of Pre-corroded Aluminium Alloy. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Sambit Kumar and Sarma, Nilim Chandra (2009) A Novel Method for Acoustic Noise Cancellation. BTech thesis.

Singh, Naval (2009) Non-Conventional Energy Sources. BTech thesis.

Rath, Bulbul and Tripathy, Partha (2009) Design and Development of Intelligent Sensors. BTech thesis.

Baranwal, Anshul and Payal, Bhupendra (2009) Development of Online Course System and an Open Access Online Repository. BTech thesis.

Saikia, Kaustav (2009) Effect of Band Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Vijay (2009) New Development and Performance Evaluation of Transform Domain OFDM Baseband System. BTech thesis.

Jog, Adwait and Mohapatra, Avijit (2009) Financial Forecasting Using Evolutionary Computational Techniques. BTech thesis.

Das, Abhisek (2009) Strength Characterisation Fly Ash Composite Material. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Vishal Kumar (2009) Geotechnical Investigation of Coal Mine Refuse for Backfilling in Mines. BTech thesis.

Sahana, Pritam (2009) Study on Boundary Shear Stress Distribution in Meandering Trapizoidal Open Channel Flow. BTech thesis.

Dash, S M (2009) Study of Cryogenic Cycles with Aspen-Hysys Simulations. BTech thesis.

Pati, Rashmi Ranjan and M, Vinay (2009) Reduction Behaviour of Iron Ore Pellets. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Sudhanshu (2009) Utilisation of Sisal Fibre in Stone Matrix Asphalt. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Bidhan Kumar (2009) Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flow in High Speed Turbine using Fluent. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Manish (2009) Speed Control of DC Motor Using Novel Neural Network Configuration. BTech thesis.

Gusaiwal, Hemant Kumar (2009) Synthesis of Al-Si-Ni Nanostructured Materials by Mechanical Alloying. BTech thesis.

Panditharathne, C C and Sen, S J (2009) Energy Efficient Communication Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Jitendra (2009) Computer Aided Thermal Stress Analysis of Orthotopic Rotating Disc. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Dibya Lochan (2009) Modeling of Fluid Phase Equilibria by PC-Saft EOS: Solubility of Gases/Vapor in Polythylene. BTech thesis.

Dhruw, Kaushal Kumar and Tigga, Aswin Kumar (2009) A. Eye Detection Using Varients of Hough Transform
B. Off-Line Signature Verification.
BTech thesis.

Shukla, Amit Kumar (2009) Studies on Power Quality and, an LSE & PSOPC based Harmonic Estimation to Real Time Data. BTech thesis.

Das, Chandra Bhanu (2009) Waste Silk Yarn Reinforced Epoxy Laminate. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rakesh (2009) Deposition of SiC Derived from Desert Sand and Wood Charcoal by Plasma Processing. BTech thesis.

Ghosh, Praloy Kumar (2009) Utilization of Red Mud and Pond Ash for Construction of Embankments. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Prabit Kumar and Sahoo, Mukti Ranjan (2009) Offline Signature Verification Scheme. BTech thesis.

Mazumdar, Avijit (2009) Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approached on Teachers' Performance Evaluation and Appraisal. BTech thesis.

Ahlawat, Paramvir (2009) CFD Modeling of Hydrodynamics of Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Samir (2009) Radiation Modeling for Bio-Medical Applications. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Bibhuti Bhusan and Parida, Sunil Kumar (2009) Neighborhood Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using Colored Petri Net. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Priya Ranjan and Gouda, Bimal Kumar (2007) Development and study of erosion characteristics of PEEK - glass fiber composites. BTech thesis.

Vasavi, M (2007) Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of
multi bay multi storeyed RC frame.
BTech thesis.

Kumar, Vijay (2007) Phase formation process of citrategel derived hexagonal ferrite. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Sriyanka (2009) Calibration of Capillary Type Thermal Mass Flowmeter. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Sibasish and Sachdev, Ankur (2009) Design and Development of Micro Turbine. BTech thesis.

M, Nikhil and Sahoo, Devdutta (2009) Transient Harmonic Analysis of Transformer. BTech thesis.

Beuria, Manoj Kumar and Tandi , Ajay Kumar (2009) CDMA Technology. BTech thesis.

Prakash, Bisleshana Brahma (2009) Design of Stable Slope for Opencast Mines. BTech thesis.

Gujral, Vikas and Pradhan, Satish Kumar (2009) Cryptography using Artificial Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Sanmay (2009) Controling of Mobile Agents using Intelligent Strategy. BTech thesis.

Malik, Biswanath (2009) Electric Field Calculations by Numerical Techniques. BTech thesis.

Basu, Pranamita and Harichandan, Aiswarya (2009) Power System Stability Studies Using Matlab. BTech thesis.

Nandiganahalli, Suraj (2009) Mobile Platform Control Using Fuzzy-Logic and Webots. BTech thesis.

Chatterjee, Aniruddha and Dash, Biswaranjan (2009) Modeling of Phase Transformation Kinetics of Plain Carbon Steel. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Ravi Karan and Nibariya, Rohit (2009) Study Of Gaussian & Impulsive Noise Suppression Schemes In Images. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Ankush (2009) Study on Thermal Storage from Exhaust of a Diesel Engine. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Arindam and Panda, Sandeep (2009) Identification of Crash Fault & Value Fault for Random Network in Dynamic Environment. BTech thesis.

Barla, Durjodhan (2009) Synthesis of Tantalum Doped Sodium-Potassium Niobate System by
Solid state Reaction Technique.
BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Dimple (2009) Unusual Phase Transformation Behaviour of Amorphous Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prangya Paramita (2009) Optimization of Two Bay Portal Frame. BTech thesis.

Khandelwal, Samir (2009) Designing a Valveless Micropump. BTech thesis.

Rawat, Vivek Kumar (2009) Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Pulse Tube Refrigerator. BTech thesis.

Dash, Debendra and Pattnaik, Bhabani Shankar and Mukherjee, Joydeep (2009) Implementation of PWM Based Firing Scheme for Multilevel Inverters Using Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Roymohapatra, Debasis (2009) Part Feeding System for FMS. BTech thesis.

Bhanja, Aditya (2009) Design of Instrumented Gripper. BTech thesis.

Upadhyay, Avadhesh (2009) Design of a Micropump. BTech thesis.

Dewatwal, Jainender (2009) Design of Compact Plate Fine Heat Exchanger. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Debashis and Singh, Rahul (2009) Harnessing of Wave Power from Horizontal Flow Dynamics of Shallow Waves. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ranjeet and Sagiraju, S R (2009) Harnessing of Wave Power from Horizontal Flow Dynamics of Shallow Waves. BTech thesis.

Rout, Rashmi Ranjan and Tripathy, Durga Prasad (2009) AC to DC Converter Using Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Durgesh Nandini and Mohapatra, Debashree (2009) Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Equalizer in a Communication System. BTech thesis.

Radhika, V Bhawani (2009) Biometric Identification Systems: Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Data and DWT Based Hash Coded Bar Biometric System. BTech thesis.

Rout, Bhanukrushana and Sahu, Smrutiranjan (2009) Extending JXTA for P2P File Sharing Systems. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Nishikant (2009) Dynamic Analysis of Beam. BTech thesis.

Vaishnav, Shrikant and Maida, Antim (2009) Image Compression & Transmission through Digital Communication System. BTech thesis.

Jagadev, Aseem and Senapati, Vivek (2009) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Implementation. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Ashish and Kayal, Srikant and Munshi, Bhaskar (2009) Study of Wind Turbine Driven Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) Using AC/DC/AC Converter. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ashish (2009) CFD Analysis of Natural Convection in a Vertical Microchannel. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Peeyush (2009) Simulation of Heat Transfer Phenomenon in Furnace Using Fluent-Gambit. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Deepak (2009) Alternative Design of Manipulation for Maintenance Work in Hazardous Environment. BTech thesis.

Pathak, Rohit (2009) Multi Objective Optimization using Grey Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Subhransu Kumar (2009) Melting and Solidification of Binary Alloy Subjected to Cyclic Temperature and Heat Flux Boundary Condition. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Suchi Smita (2009) Compression Strength of Saline Water Exposed Epoxy System Containing Red Mud Particles. BTech thesis.

Tirkey, Nelson (2009) Evaluation of Chip Breaker. BTech thesis.

Baghel, Abhinav Singh (2009) Study of Support System and Strata Behaviour Analysis Around Underground Workings in Coal Deposits. BTech thesis.

Behera, Binoda kumar (2009) Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Doped Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Parihar, Govind Singh (2009) Synchronization Techniques for OFDM. BTech thesis.

Biswas, Taniya (2009) Effect of Washing on Strength and Weibull Modulus of Alumina. BTech thesis.

Soren, Rimil Sing (2009) Process Improvement Through Reverse Engineering. BTech thesis.

Joshi, Samikhya (2009) Synthesis of $Bi0.5Na0.5TiO_3–BiFeO_3$ Solid Solution Via Combustion Synthesis Route. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sarada Prasanna and Dora, Bikash Kumar (2009) Channel Estimation in Multicarrier Communication Systems. BTech thesis.

Bhanja, Amritraj and Panda, Anjan Kumar (2009) Numaerical Solution of Three Dimensionsl Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Microchannel Heat Sink and CFD Analysis. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Krushna Prasad (2009) Design and Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine. BTech thesis.

J, Rahul (2009) Analytical Solutions of Heat Conduction Problems. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Manu (2009) Parametric Appraisal of Erosion Process in Polyster Glass Fiber Composites. BTech thesis.

Swer, Phibahunlang (2009) Magnetic Properties of $CoFe_2O_4$ Nano Particles Hosted in Silica Xerogels. BTech thesis.

Debnath, Debabrata (2009) Mechanical Behavior of Bagasse Fiber Epoxy Composites at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature. BTech thesis.

Debasish, Das (2009) ANT Colony Optimisation Applied to Job Shop Scheduling Problem. BTech thesis.

Jena, Pankaj Kumar (2009) Static and Dynamic Analysis of HCR Spur Gear Drive Using Finite Element Analysis. BTech thesis.

Kisku, Momata (2009) Surfactant Assisted Autocombustion Synthesis Of Bismuth Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Jena, Ramanikanta (2009) EMI Shielding Approaches for Wireless Designs. BTech thesis.

Murmu, Rabindra Kumar and Jhaniya, Meena (2009) Image Segmentation Using Hough Transform. BTech thesis.

Pattnaik, Sagar (2009) Assessment of Safety and Environmental Risk in Mines. BTech thesis.

Jain, Abhishek (2009) Assesment of Spontaneous Heating Susceptibility of Coals Differential Thermal Analysis. BTech thesis.

Giri, Sourav Kumar and Panigrahi, Rajeeb Kumar (2009) Crash Fault Identification of a A K-Connected Network in Static Fault Environment. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Neeraj (2009) Experimental Investigation of Faulty Gearbox Using Motor Current Signature Analysis. BTech thesis.

Pujari, Abhisek and Padhi, Chandan (2009) Encryption & Decryption of Data in GF (13n) Field. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Soumit Kumar (2009) Development of a Self Balanced Robot & its Controller. BTech thesis.

Das, Rosalin and Lakra, Anupama (2009) Application of Particle Swarm Optimizer to Economic Load Dispatch Problems. BTech thesis.

Behera, Nayana (2009) Treatment of Industrial Effluents in a Bioreactor. BTech thesis.

Giri , Goutam (2009) Fixed Bed Column Study for Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solution by Using Saw Dust(GMELINA ARBOREA). BTech thesis.

Singh, Ashutosh (2009) Analysis of Reweting of Hot System. BTech thesis.

Amritesh, and Singh, Milan (2009) Design of Square Patch Microstrip Antenna for Circular Polarization Using IE3D Software. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Jyoti Ranjan and Mohanty, Jignyanshu (2009) Anomaly Detection in Ethernet Networks Using Self Organising Maps. BTech thesis.

Murmu, Neeta and Otti, Abha (2009) Fingerprint Recognition. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Anand (2009) Forced Convection in Channels with Viscous Dissipation. BTech thesis.

Gajannavar, Benakanaik (2009) Creative Design of Pattern for Sand Casting of Turbine Blade. BTech thesis.

Anumula, Pavan Sandeep and P V, Balakrishna and Deshpande, Chaitanya Arvind (2009) Modeling of Breakdown Voltage of White Minilex Paper in the Presence of Voids Using Fuzzy Logic. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Shankar and Pattanayak, Byaktiranjan and Singh, Ravi Shankar (2009) Power Electronics: Computer Simulation and Analysis. BTech thesis.

Inamdar, Anand S (2009) Drilling in Bone: Modeling Heat Generation & Temperature Distribution by Using HBIM. BTech thesis.

Bahali, Santanu Kumar and Dash, Subrat (2009) Design of Phase Locked Loop. BTech thesis.

kumar, Ankush (2009) Studies on Optical Components and Radio Over Fibre Systems. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Anjana (2009) Optimal Placement of Actuators in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Shell Structures using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Rath, Sunil Kumar (2009) CFD Analysis using Multigrid Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Tudu, Prakash (2009) Processing and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Samal, Sumit Kumar (2009) Study of Parameters of Ultrasonic Machining. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Abhijeet (2009) Ground Water Replenisher: A System to Artificially Recharge Ground Water. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Harekrishna (2009) Vibration Analysis of an Elastically Restrained Beam. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Laxmi Narayan (2009) Fabrication and Wear Characterization of Jute-epoxy-SiC Composites. BTech thesis.

Aggarwal, Tarun (2009) Sliding Wear Behavior of Glass Fibre Reinforced $TiO_2$ Filled Epoxy Resin Composite. BTech thesis.

Dash Mohapatra, Santak (2009) FTIR Analysis of $Bi_2O_3-B_2O_3-Fe_2O_3$ Glass System Doped with $Nd_2O_3$. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Saurabh and Shrivastava, Rahul (2009) Study and Design of a Zero Voltage Switched Boost Converter. BTech thesis.

Kumari, Deepti (2009) A Study on the Effect of Moisture on Strength Characteristics of River Sand. BTech thesis.

Rana, Rahul and Reddy, C V V (2009) Design of Linearly Polarized Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Using IE3D/PSO. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Arpit (2009) Effect of Nickel Concentration on Stabilisation of Tetragonal Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Kispotta, Raj Kumar (2009) Vibration Analysis of a Cracked Shaft Using FEM. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Ashish Kumar (2009) Performance of an Oxidation Pond- A Case Study. BTech thesis.

Kindo, Sudha (2009) Studies on the Coding Technique and its Application to OTDR. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Amarendra (2009) Strength Characteristics Analysis of Steel Slag Hydrated Matrix. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Abhijeet (2009) Finite Elemental Analysis of Functionality Graded Smart Composite Structures. BTech thesis.

Hotwani, Nikita (2009) Vibration Analysis of Faulty Beam using Fuzzy Logic Technique. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Anurag (2009) Slope Stability Analysis using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Rao, Govardhana (2009) Vibration Analysis of Beams. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ashish (2009) Development of Mixed Integer Non-Linear Model for Hydrogen Distribution in them Refinery. BTech thesis.

Jha, Ankit and Kumar, Ashwinee and Ralte, Lathangliana and Pati, Pinak Ranjan (2009) Transient Stability Analysis using Equal Area Criterion using Simulink Model. BTech thesis.

Das, Dillip Kumar and Sheetal, Sandeep (2009) Data Acquisition System Using AT89c51 and PCL-207. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Ajit (2009) Characterization of Hybrid FRP Composite with Hydrothermal Exposure Under Varied Ambient Conditions. BTech thesis.

Bal , S J and Gupta, B K (2010) Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems using Dynamic Vote Management. BTech thesis.

Chatterjee, D (2010) Prediction of Multi Responses in Radial Drilling Process using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System. BTech thesis.

Dharchaudhuri, M (2010) Indexing of Large Biometric Database. BTech thesis.

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Testing Requirements.
BTech thesis.

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Ad hoc Networks.
BTech thesis.

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Mazumdar, Aniruddha (2010) Predicting customer purchase in an online
retail business, a Data Mining approach.
BTech thesis.

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Aswani, Karan (2010) A comparison of the Impacts of Tap and Saline Water on Some Important Engineering Properties of Virgin and Flyash mixed Swelling Soil. BTech thesis.

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K , Bijesh (2010) Effect of fiber loading on mechanical behavior of chopped glass fiber reinforced polymer composites. BTech thesis.

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Tripathy, Lalitendu (2010) Analysis And Prediction Of Plasma Sprayed Alumina-Titania Coating Deposition Using Neural Computation. BTech thesis.

Sayed, Mohammed Atif (2010) Prediction of Drying Kinetics of Different Vegetables in a Fluidized Bed Drier. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Shweta and Singh, Suchitra (2010) Study of subsynchronous resonance and its countermeasure using static VAR compensator. BTech thesis.

Chowdhury, D (2010) Study on Mechanical Behavior of Wood Dust Filled Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

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Bharath, M (2010) Thermal Analysis of Some SCCL Coal. BTech thesis.

Nanda, A P (2010) Design & Development of a Two-jaw parallel Pneumatic Gripper
for Robotic Manipulation.
BTech thesis.

porwal, ankit and vyas, vipin (2010) IMC and IMC-Based PID Controler. BTech thesis.

Patra, S (2010) Design and Modeling of Axial Micro Gas Turbine. BTech thesis.

Meena, Aniruddha (2010) Tensile test of aluminium at high temperature. BTech thesis.

Srinivasan, Shyam Sundhar (2010) Feasibility of carbon dioxide sequestration in deep indian coals. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Atul (2010) Scheduling of Automated Guided Vehicles in Flexible Manufacturing Systems environment. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Nittin (2010) To obtain a mixture of acetylene and turpentine oil in DI CI engine. BTech thesis.

Garnaik, Sobhan (2010) Computer aided design of jaw crusher. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Soumya Ranjan and K, Goutham (2010) Real Time Classification of ECG Waveforms for Diagnosis of Diseases. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Romit and Panda, Ashutosh (2010) Fault Detection and Circuit Analysis of INSTRON 1603 Fatigue Testing Machine. BTech thesis.

Verma, Amit Kumar and Mangaraj, Anoop Kumar (2010) Analysis and classification of electroencephalography signals. BTech thesis.

Patra, Sitakant (2010) Design And Modeling of Axial Micro Gas Turbine. BTech thesis.

Bhagat, Meghraj Vitthal (2010) Axisymmetric Stress Analysis of Internally Pressurized Rotating Cylinder using Finite Element Method. BTech thesis.

Das, Bhabani Sankar and Patnaik, Biswajeet (2010) Hydrodynamic study of Three Phase semi Fluidized Bed with Irregular and homogeneous binary mixtures. BTech thesis.

Singh, Satish and Pani, Rakesh Ranjan (2010) Software Implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)Scheme for Mobile Radio Channel. BTech thesis.

Kant, Shashi (2010) Designing Automated Guided Vehicle Using Image Sensor. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Ashitosh (2010) Laser welding of dissimilar material. BTech thesis.

Kachhap, S (2010) Waste Management in Mining and Allied Industries. BTech thesis.

Panda, N (2010) Laboratory Investigations on Stone Matrix Asphalt Using Sisal Fibre for Indian Roads. BTech thesis.

Patra, Jatabeda (2010) VLSI implementation of image compression and decompression using Discrete Hartley Transform. BTech thesis.

Banerjee, Abhishek and Dhal , Sumit Kumar (2010) Effect Of Strain Ageing In Welded And Non Welded Low Carbon Steel. BTech thesis.

Aravindh, R and Vaibhav Kumar, B K (2010) Channel routing optimization using a genetic algorithm. BTech thesis.

Majumdar, Abhishek and Das , Subhrajeet (2010) Out of plane vibration of curved beams. BTech thesis.

Singh , Jagabandhu and Prusty, Rajesh Kumar (2010) Studies on tribological behaviour and dielectric properties of bio-fiber reinforced composites. BTech thesis.

Behera, Priyadarshi and Bhaisare, Deep K (2010) Synthesis and characterization of ultrafine hydroxyapatite (HAp) powder coating on stainless steel substrate by electrophoretic deposition. BTech thesis.

Johar, Gaurav and Hasda, Virendra (2010) Experimental studies on heat transfer augmenatation Using modified reduced width twisted tapes (RWTT) as Inserts for tube side flow of liquids. BTech thesis.

Bhattacharjee, Arjit and Pradhan, Sagar Ranjan (2010) Estimation of stress intensity factor for corrosive environment. BTech thesis.

Sren, Mngat Prasad (2010) Spread spectrum analysis for CDMA system. BTech thesis.

Ray, Nigamananda and Kerketta, Dilip Kumar (2010) Some studies on aluminium matrix in-situ composites produced by stir casting method. BTech thesis.

Rakesh Prabu, T (2010) Finite Element Modeling Of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Gyanaranjan (2010) Study of Boundary Layer Parameters on a Flat Plate Using Wind Tunnel. BTech thesis.

Garg, Sushil (2010) Development of a self balanced robot and its controller. BTech thesis.

Garg, Rajesh Kumar and Kumar, Gourav (2010) Design and FPGA-implementation of PID regulator for DC motor speed control. BTech thesis.

Dash, Anshuman (2010) A Case Study to Solve Multi-Response Optimization Problem. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Pratoh Sourav (2010) Optimization of process parameters involved in laser bending operation using taguchi experimental design method. BTech thesis.

Roy, Bibartan (2010) Numerical Analysis in a Thermoacoustic Cryocooler. BTech thesis.

Gutha, S (2010) Comparative Study of Properties of Different Types of Binder Mixes Modified with Silica Fume. BTech thesis.

Behera, P S (2010) Vibration Analysis of a Beam using Neural Network Technique. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ravi Kumar and Pathy, Jiten Kumar (2010) A Secure Method For Digital Signature Generation for Tamperproof Devices. BTech thesis.

Behera, Debiprasad (2010) Study on the performance and Emission characteristics using castor and mustard seed oil mixture and diesel blend in C.I Engine. BTech thesis.

Prusty, S.Santosh Kumar (2010) Dynamic response of pile foundations under coupled vibration. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Manoj (2010) Design of support system for bord and pillar workings. BTech thesis.

Behera, Pranaya (2010) Study of Filter Press and its Application. BTech thesis.

Malik, Jagdeep and P, Sowmya Ratna (2010) Design of MP3 Player Application with Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III Edition. BTech thesis.

Mandal, Sudipto (2010) Optimal Placement of Collocated Sensors and Actuators in FRP Composites Substrate. BTech thesis.

Naik, Aditya Narayan and Biswas, Amrita (2010) Study on liquefaction of soil. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Piyus and Sahoo, Saransh (2010) Analysis of two level and three level inverters. BTech thesis.

Goyal, Sumit (2010) Evalutaion of chip breaker using flank wear. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Sahil and Pal, Anupam (2010) Implementation of Web-Server Using Altera DE2-70 FPGA Development Kit. BTech thesis.

Mandal, Venkatesh (2010) Limestone Rock Fragmentation analysis Using WipFrag. BTech thesis.

Kalita, Angshuman and Kar, Rashmi Ranjan (2010) Ddynamic matrix control. BTech thesis.

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Agarwal, Ricky (2010) Optimization of Process Parameters of Micro Wire EDM. BTech thesis.

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BTech thesis.

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Das, Subhrajyoti (2010) Removal of congo red dye onto coconut (cocos nucifera) shell and bael (aegle marmelos) extracts using taguchi approach. BTech thesis.

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Mishra, Sunil and Mishra, Kranti Kumar (2010) Performance Analysis of Optimal Path Finding Algorithm In
Wireless Mesh Network.
BTech thesis.

Mohanty, J (2010) Analysis and Study of Multi-Symbol Encapsulated Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. BTech thesis.

Raj, Padam (2010) Compaction Characteristics and Shear Parameters of Pond Ash. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi , Asis and Mohanty , Monalisha (2010) Effect of substarte parasitics on heterojunction bipolar transistors. BTech thesis.

Panda, Parameswar (2010) Prediction of Flow in Compound Open Channel Flows Using Artificial Neural Network. BTech thesis.

Kishan, Basanta (2010) Assessment of Chromium Pollution at Baula Mines, Orissa. BTech thesis.

Goyal, Rahul (2010) Optimization of Assembly Sequence. BTech thesis.

Hansdah, Subash and Bharti, Pankaj Kumar (2010) Performance Study of Nano-Scale Transistor with
Conventional Transistor.
BTech thesis.

Sharma, Rahul (2010) Computer-Aided Analysis of Balancing of Multi-Cylinder Inline and V Engines. BTech thesis.

Swagatika, Priyadarshini (2010) ECG Signal Analysis: Enhancement and R-Peak Detection. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Pallabi and Dumpawar, Shivani (2010) An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by Investigation with slag obtained from blast furnace of Rourkela steel plant, SAIL. BTech thesis.

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Chauhan, Rajesh (2010) A laboratory study on effect of test conditions on subgrade strength. BTech thesis.

Behera, Managobinda (2010) Vapour Liquid Equillibrium Modeling Using UNIFAC Group Contribution Method And Its Application In Distillation Column Design And Steady State Simulation. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, S K (2010) Adsorption Characteristics of Congo Red Dye onto PAC and GAC based on S/N ratio:A Taguchi Approach. BTech thesis.

Kumar, S (2010) Modelling and Simulation of Ethyl Acetate Reactive Distillation Column using ASPEN PLUS. BTech thesis.

M, A Kumar (2010) Modelling the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed using Artificial Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Rawat, R (2010) Design & Development of a Pyrolysis Reactor. BTech thesis.

Kumar, N (2010) Exploration of Ground Water in NIT Valley by Electrical Resistivity Method. BTech thesis.

K, S Kumar (2010) Extraction of Essential Oil Using Steam Distillation. BTech thesis.

K, S and Panda, G and Kumari, M (2010) Damage and Degradation Study of FRP Composites. BTech thesis.

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Rohit, P K (2010) Investigation of Some Image and Video Coding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Gupta, S (2010) Online Function Monitoring of Faulty Beam. BTech thesis.

Kumar, S (2010) Conversion of Food Wastes to Useful Chemicals/Products. BTech thesis.

Mishra, S and Das, M (2010) FPGA Based Random Number Generation for Cryptographic Applications. BTech thesis.

Aich, S R and Madhumita, M (2010) Study of Kalman, Extended Kalman and Unscented Kalman Filter (An Approach to Design a Power System). BTech thesis.

Jahagirdar, R and Ukey, A (2010) Study of Digital Modulation Techniques. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Abhishek (2010) Geometrically Nonlinear Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates Fitted With Piezoelectric Actuators and Subjected to Thermal Environments. BTech thesis.

Sharma, A (2010) Liquefaction of Low Density Polyethylene to Useful Products. BTech thesis.

Chattomba, A (2010) Illumination and Noise Survey in Mines. BTech thesis.

Tripathi, S (2010) Design and Implementation of SMPS Circuit using PWM Concepts. BTech thesis.

Ghosh, S and Swer, A B (2010) Modelling of the Breakdown Voltage of Solid Insulating Materials using Soft Computing Techniques. BTech thesis.

Behera, Suryakant (2010) FPGA based PWM techniques for controlling Inverter. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Rohit (2010) Comparison of Physical Properties of Different Compositions of Alumina/Lanthanum Hexaaluminate Ceramic Composite. BTech thesis.

Kaushikaram, K S (2010) Partial Least Squares and Neural Network Based Identification of Process Dynamics & Design of Neural Controllers. BTech thesis.

Dodani, Vicky Rameshlal and Kumar, Nikhil (2010) Embedded DSP Processor Design using Coware Processor Designer and Magma Layout Tool. BTech thesis.

Palei, Sitansu (2010) Salt effect on liquid liquid equilibrium of the system water + 1-butanol + acetone at 298k: experimental determination. BTech thesis.

Nanda , Abinash (2010) Correlation analysis of spontaneous heating of some SECL coals. BTech thesis.

Bansal, Vinay (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Sodium Potassium Niobate (Na0.5K0.5NbO3)–Nickel-Zinc Ferrite (Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4)Composite. BTech thesis.

Warjri, Raja Bipul (2010) Sol-gel synthesis of glass-ceramics using rice husk ash
and its gelcasting.
BTech thesis.

Sandeep, Manakeshwar and Sumeet , Verma (2010) Simulation of rapid loading systems in iron ore mines. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Rabishankar (2010) Study of Wear Behaviour of Rice Husk Ceramic Composites. BTech thesis.

Garg, Akhil (2010) A Fuzzy-Taguchi Approach for Improving Dimensional Accuracy of Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Built Parts. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Ashutosh and Bishoyi, Satyanarayan (2010) Automatic Telephone Answering Machine. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Umakanta and Dash, Kalyan Sourav (2010) Image Encryption & Authentication Using Orthogonal Transformation on Residual Number System. BTech thesis.

Ladwa, Tuljappa M (2010) Fault diagnosis, design and implementation of control circuit for instron fatigue testing machine. BTech thesis.

Mahajan, Vinay (2010) CFD Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer of a Gas-Liquid Bubble Column. BTech thesis.

Singh, Shougaijam Debajit and Majhi, Shiba Prasad (2010) Fingerprint recognition: A study on image enhancement and minutiae extraction. BTech thesis.

Soren, Masa (2010) Effects of faults on slope stability in opencast mines. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Subhasish (2010) Studies on Growth Kinetics of Nanoparticles Formation in Bulk Solution. BTech thesis.

Pati, Fakir Mohan (2010) Study of Parametric Optimization of Microdrilling Operation using Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

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Singh, Gurpreet (2010) Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in the
Entrance Region of an Inclined Channel.
BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Swaraj (2010) Classification of Electrocardiogram Waveforms Using PNN. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rahul (2011) Microwave and Solid State Assisted Synthesis of Lsmo: NiFe2O4 Nanocomposites and comparative study of its microstructural and magnetic properties. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Deepak (2011) Design and Analysis of a Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher. BTech thesis.

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Dash, Slokarth and Kumar, Roshan (2011) Stress Analysis of beams and plates using the Element Free Galerkin Method. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Soumyajit and K V N B, Anand Karthik (2011) Synthesis of Al-Si Alloys and Study of their Mechanical Properties. BTech thesis.

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Raj, Kundan and Sood, Sidharth and Panda, Amlan Prateek and Panigrahi, Sridhar Kumar and Pabba, Abhimanyu (2011) An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation of synthetic slags prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Kaushik (2011) Scheduling of automated guided vehicles in a FMS Environment using particle swarm optimization. BTech thesis.

Bansal, Rajan (2011) Improving dimensional accuracy of fused deposition modelling (FDM) parts using response surface methodology. BTech thesis.

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Nagar, Rahul (2011) Preparation of diopside by novel sol-gel method using rice husk ash as silica source. BTech thesis.

Panda, Prabin Kumar and Pochineni, Shalini (2011) Synchronization techniques for 3rd generation partnership project-long term evolution (3GPP-LTE). BTech thesis.

Tamuli, Kausik and Khan, Ayaz (2011) Effect of copper on the austempering behaviour of spheroidal graphite iron. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Nikhil (2011) Vibrational Analysis Of Laminated Composite Beam. BTech thesis.

Parida, Anuraag and Ranasingh, Subhakanta (2011) Modeling and Robust PD Compensation of Two-Link Flexible Manipulator. BTech thesis.

Padhy, Abhishek and ., Anish and Pati, Asish Ku (2011) Modeling of breakdown voltage of white Minilex paper in the presence of voids under AC and DC conditions Using neural networks. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Debajyoti (2011) Effect of sintering on some properties of NiZn-ferrite. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Chinmoy Krushna (2011) Computer aided analysis of balancing of multi cylinder radial and v- engines. BTech thesis.

Patgiri, Deepak (2011) Synthesis of NiO-8YSZ nanopowders by co-precipitation method
and its structrual and microstructural characterization.
BTech thesis.

Das, Liza (2011) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Matrix Composites Filled With Aluminium Powder. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Sonam (2011) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Matrix Composites Filled With Titania(TiO2) Powder. BTech thesis.

Lenka, Netranjeeb (2011) Modeling and Controller Design for an Inverted Pendulum System. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Rishabh and Trivedi, Prashant (2011) Student Attendance System Based on Fingerprint Recognition and One to Many Matching. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Ashish Kumar and Mirdha, Vivek and Hembram, Siddharth Sankar (2011) Digital image watermarking based on FPGA and spintronic logic and study of some aspects of spintronic logic based circuits. BTech thesis.

Singh, Mahendra Pratap and Chowdhury, Bilas (2011) Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Prahlad Kumar and Barik, Nirmal Kumar (2011) Speed control of separately excited DC motor using self tuned fuzzy PID controller. BTech thesis.

Mehtani, Priyanka and Priya, Archita (2011) Pattern Classification using Artificial Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Das, Debashis and Pradhan, Shishir Kumar (2011) Modeling and simulation of PV array with boost converter : An open loop study. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Ashish Kumar (2011) Dynamic analysis of a simply supported beam with crack. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Utkarsh (2011) Multi-criteria decision making approach for vendor selection. BTech thesis.

Gera, Ravi and Paul, Nipika (2011) Modal Analysis of Plane Frames. BTech thesis.

Swain, Manisha (2011) Study of Capillary Filling Dynamics in a Microchannel. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anubhav and Jena, Swagat (2011) Performance Evaluation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing using 16-bit Irregular Data Formats. BTech thesis.

Singh, Sarthak Sambit and Patnaik, Shantanu and Tripathy, Suraj (2011) Fatigue Crack Growth of Circular Pipes and Modeling of Single-Edge-Notched Tension (SENT) Specimen. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Alok Kumar (2011) Dry Sliding Wear Response of Fly Ash Filled Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone Composites. BTech thesis.

Kalo, Roupyakanta (2011) Design of reconfigurable manufacturing system. BTech thesis.

Jha, Prachi Swatantrata and Mitra, Swati (2011) Impact and Implication of Thermal Conditioning on the Mechanical behavior of FRP Composites. BTech thesis.

Srikant, A and Pradhan, S C (2011) Simulation of air breakdown mechanism using different electrodes. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Sonu (2011) Speed-flow-density study of two different Indian roads and their comparisons. BTech thesis.

Sahoo , Smrutiranjan (2011) Prediction of machining parameters for optimum Surface Roughness in turning SS 304. BTech thesis.

Subramanian, Varun and Rimal, Swaraj (2011) Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Systems. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pradeep M and Barua, Abhijeet (2011) Study Of Reactive Power Compensation Using STATCOM. BTech thesis.

Patra, Amruta (2011) Development of real time digital controller for a liquid level system using ATMEGA32 microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Maliya, vinod kumar and Naik, preetam kumar (2011) Effect of defects on mechanical properties of composite. BTech thesis.

Bantraj, Kandi (2011) Studies on adsorption isotherms and heats of adsorption of CH4 on microporous and mesoporous adsorbents. BTech thesis.

Sandeep, K. (2011) Anti-Malignant Property of Curcin through Inhibition of Tyrosine Kinase as evidenced by in-silico study. BTech thesis.

Samal, Amit (2011) Simultaneous Fermentation and separation using
Pervaporation Technique of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Fermentation: A Mathematical Approach.
BTech thesis.

Sahu, Saurav Kumar (2011) Design of waste heat recovery system in a sponge iron plant. BTech thesis.

Rangarajan, Raghuraman (2011) Design and Simulation of a Multiple Effect Evaporator System. BTech thesis.

Harjai, Arjav and Bhardwaj, Abhishek and Sandhibigraha, Mrutyunjaya (2011) Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Techniques in a Solar Photovoltaic Array. BTech thesis.

Verma, Eshan and G, Ashish (2011) Vibrational analysis of framed structures. BTech thesis.

Ganti, Vinay (2011) Analysis of 4-dof force/torque sensor for intelligent gripper. BTech thesis.

Boity, Biswajit (2011) Dry sliding wear response of LD slag filled poly-ether-ether ketone composites. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ravi (2011) Design Fabrication and Testing of Gearbox for Fault Detection. BTech thesis.

Darun , Prasath.L (2011) Economic design of X-bar control chart using simulated annealing. BTech thesis.

Saraf, Kunal Kumar (2011) Study of effective thermal condutivity of copper filled epoxy base composite. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Nishant (2011) Optimizing the cutting parameters using taguchi method to reduce the cutting tool vibration. BTech thesis.

Devadasi, Vickey and Garg, Shubham and Sahoo, Suryakant (2011) Dynamic behavior of Sandwich Beam with Piezoelectric layers. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Pusyakant and Swain, Dhananjaya and Koppuravuri, Anil Kumar (2011) Study of Wind Energy System with Induction Generators. BTech thesis.

Madan, Deepak and Srivastava, Harsh (2011) Finding faces for Gender classification using BPNN AND PCA based recognition. BTech thesis.

Sahadevan, Suneet and Roy, Ananya and Gazta, Aditya (2011) MATLAB based real time control implementation of DC servo motor using PCI card. BTech thesis.

Magrey, Mujtabha (2011) Numerical modeling of cryospray for treatment of skin tumor. BTech thesis.

Sarkar, Sayantan and Kayal, Subhradeep (2011) Face Detection and Recognition using Skin Segmentation and Elastic Bunch Graph Matching. BTech thesis.

Rath, Deepali (2011) Development of a gasifier for fueling of a diesel engine. BTech thesis.

Prusty, Sharbanee and Agrawal, Niraj Kumar (2011) Two dimensional analysis of frame structures under arbitrary loading. BTech thesis.

Bhola, Deepak Ranjan (2011) CFD analysis of flow through venturi of carburetor. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Tapas kumar and Tomar, Subhash (2011) A study on variation of test conditions on CBR determination. BTech thesis.

Chakraborty, Debaditya and Mehrolia, Akash (2011) Torsional Behaviour of RC Beams Wrapped With Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP). BTech thesis.

Meena, Kuldeep Kumar and Yadav, Parit (2011) A comparative study in soil plasticity of hall area and lecture complex area of nit rourkela. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhineet (2011) A review of seabed and placer mining deposits in india. BTech thesis.

Das, Neha and Alam, Shiba and Kanhar, Subhashree P. (2011) Electrochemical Synthesis of Copper Thin Films: Nucleation and Growth Analysis. BTech thesis.

Poddar, Vishal and Bebarta, Pratap Kumar (2011) Analysis of Foundations and Retaining walls on Industrial waste. BTech thesis.

Shrestha, Ankurman (2011) Effect of span 80 - tween 80 mixture compositions on the stability of sunflower oil-based emulsions. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Avinash and Singh, Satyajeet (2011) Wear Property of Metal Matrix Composite. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Ashutosh (2011) Experimental And Theoretical Study on The Agglomeration Arising from Fluidization of Cohesive Particles. BTech thesis.

Singh, Keshav and Amatya, Rohit Man (2011) Virtual tour. BTech thesis.

Singh, Animesh Kumar and Kishan, Radhakanta (2011) Comparative Study of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Synthesized by Oxidization of Zinc Foil and Zinc Powder. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, Priyanka (2011) Thermodyamic, ecoomic analysis and desiging of heating system for the swimming pool present at NIT rourkela. BTech thesis.

Nair, Rahul (2011) Hydrodynamic study of three phase fluidized bed with moderately viscous solutions-CFD analysis. BTech thesis.

Saha, Saurav (2011) A study on effect of fiber parameters on mechanical behavior of natural fiber based polymer composites. BTech thesis.

S R, Shubham (2011) Wastewater minimization using aspen water. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Srinidhi (2011) Calculation of heat losses from NIT Rourkela’s swimming pool and a study on evaporative losses using MATLAB. BTech thesis.

Chidambaram, Allada (2011) CFD Analysis of Phase Holdup Behaviour in a Three Phase Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Vatsa, Nikhil (2011) Tuning Parameters of Dynamic Matrix Control. BTech thesis.

Mitra, Sayandeep (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Adsorbents. BTech thesis.

Nathan, Senthil (2011) Service Quality in Power Sector. BTech thesis.

Kachhap, Bineeta (2011) Designing of a simulation tool to analyse the dining philosopher's problem by petri net analysis. BTech thesis.

Jindal, Ashish Kumar (2011) Comparison of financial investment & return on the capital in the mining industries of the developing countries – case studies. BTech thesis.

Sengupta, Anirban and Pati, Bikash Kumar (2011) Development of the non linear model for RC beams. BTech thesis.

Nanda, Abhishek (2011) Comparison of financial investments and return on capital in the mining industry of developing countries. BTech thesis.

Tewari, Krishna (2011) Design of Cumene Plant using Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Varadrajan, Namitha (2011) A comparative study of microstructural and magnetic properties of lsmo: NiFe2O4 nanocomposites prepared by microwave and solid state route. BTech thesis.

Sethy, Soumya Ranjan (2011) A Study on Mechanical Behavior of Surface Modified Natural Fiber Based Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Kalsi, Shubhkant (2011) Studies of Washing Characteristics of Low Grade Coal and Design of a Coal Washing Plant. BTech thesis.

Bagria, Bajrang Lal (2011) Hydrodynamics of inverse liquid fluidized bed. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Prasanna Kumar (2011) Production of ethylbenzene by liquid-phase benzene alkylation. BTech thesis.

Maharathi, Biswajit (2011) Studying the biochemical and psychosomatic aspect of drivers’ fatigue. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Santosh Kumar and Murum, Kiran Soy (2011) Insilico Annotation of Un-characterized proteins of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. BTech thesis.

Panda, Sarah and Shukla , Nitish (2011) A Framework for Optimized Bandwidth Allocation to LSPs in an MPLS Network. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, Akash (2011) Effect of different binders on High Alumina Self Flow Castable. BTech thesis.

Singh, S K (2011) Extraction of Thick Coal Seams. BTech thesis.

Soni, Neeraj (2011) Influence of flyash on the strength and swelling characteristics of bentonite. BTech thesis.

Rout, Saroj Kumar (2011) Design of digital thermometer and application in electrospinning. BTech thesis.

Maheshwari, Baby (2011) Comparision of different algorithm for the segmentation of handwritten indian annotations. BTech thesis.

Mehta, Abhishek (2011) Study of substitute frame method of analysis for lateral loading conditions. BTech thesis.

J P, Jagannath Prasad Mishra and Paplu, Rutwik Rath (2011) Input Power Factor Correction using Buck Converter in Single Phase AC-DC Circuit. BTech thesis.

Mittal, Deepika Rani (2011) Nature of Interaction between Metal Nanoparticles(Ag)& Bacterial Cell (E.Coli ). BTech thesis.

Padhy, Ram Prasad and Rao, P Goutam Prasad (2011) Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Systems. BTech thesis.

Dash, Chandan (2011) Synthesis of lithium titanate by auto combustion method and study of its densification behavior with different binder concentration. BTech thesis.

Vij, Suyog (2011) Biogas production from kitchen waste & to test the Quality and Quantity of biogas produced from kitchen waste under suitable conditions. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Mohit (2011) Implementation of reed solomon error correcting codes. BTech thesis.

S, Dinesh (2011) Development and Characterization Of Pellet Activated Carbon from New Precursor. BTech thesis.

Jana, Srijita (2011) Disaggregation Techniques for Estimating Rainfall of an Urban Area: A Case Study. BTech thesis.

Kareer, Sneha (2011) Studying the trivalent arsenic absorption by deproteinized human hair matrix. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Brijesh Kumar (2011) Geometric morphometric comparison between modern homo sapien skulls of south india and rest of the world. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Brijesh Kumar (2011) Fabrication of Li2TiO3 pebble by studying the effect of binder content and sintering temperature on pellets. BTech thesis.

Rath, Saswat (2011) Performance & Emission Analysis of blends of Karanja Methyl Ester in a Compression Ignition Engine. BTech thesis.

Parida, Anshuman (2011) Fabrication and Experimental Studies of a Hybrid Flat Plate Solar Collector for Heating Pool Water. BTech thesis.

Singh, Meenakshi (2011) Development of Sorbitan Monostearate organogels for controlled delivery systems. BTech thesis.

Saeed, Ahmed (2011) Path synthesis of four-bar mechanism using harmony search optimization. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Ajoy Kumar (2011) Investigation on electrochemical machining(ECM) for optimization of surface roughness using response surface methodolgy(RSM). BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Dibyaranjan and Behera, Ramakant (2011) Modeling of a vehicle speed measurement system using piezoelectric sensors. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Mohit Mohan (2011) Simulation of process parameters and bed-hydrodynamic studies for fluidized bed biomass gasification using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Behera, Bismay Kumar (2011) Parametric optimizartion of microdrilling in aerospace material. BTech thesis.

Lakra, Sonam and Guria, Pradeep (2011) Vibration analysis of beam with multiple cracks. BTech thesis.

Sarma, Sushanta (2011) Parametric optimization of turning operation on stainless steel using a carbide tool. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Birendra Kumar (2011) Optimization of Process Parameters in Laser Sheet Metal Bending. BTech thesis.

Soreng, Ajit (2011) Performance of multilayer coated tool in dry machining of AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel. BTech thesis.

Das, Sidharth and Baral, Joy and Chatterjee, Peenak (2011) Active vibration control of piezo-laminated cantilever beam. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Rajat Narayan (2011) Material Flow System in Robotic Assembly. BTech thesis.

Naskar, Suman and Rajput, Himanshu (2011) A Priority Based Optical Header Contention Resolution in Optical Burst Switching Networks. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Tanmaya (2011) Machine Loading in Flexible Manufacturing system using Artificial Immune algorithm. BTech thesis.

Dalai, Harekrushna (2011) Case studies on productivity improvement and supplier selection. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Aditya Kumar and Ravichandran, Vijay (2011) Pitch Control of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine. BTech thesis.

Padhy, Durga Madhab (2011) A case study on Application of FUZZY logic in Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM). BTech thesis.

Tudu, Deepak Kumar and Soren, Ramchandra (2011) RFID based student database management system. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Pritish (2011) Study of Approaches to Remove Show-Through and
Bleed-Through in Document Images.
BTech thesis.

Dash, Suraj and Prusty, Alok Kumar (2011) Performance analysis of server selection schemes for
Video on Demand servers.
BTech thesis.

Pal, Aurabind and Ratha, Anubhav and Mishra, Vaibhav and Garg, Anshul (2011) Development of a smart grid for the proposed 33 KV ring main Distribution System in NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Majumder, Biswajit (2011) Land use and land cover change detection study at Sukinda valley using remote sensing and GIS. BTech thesis.

Saxena, Mayank (2011) Air quality of a steel city, rourkela, orissa. BTech thesis.

V, Devaraj and Chhabra, Yatin (2011) Mathematical and Optimization Analysis of a Miniature Stirling Cryo-cooler. BTech thesis.

Meena, Seema N (2011) Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Properties of
Alumina Refractories.
BTech thesis.

Vashishtha, Somya (2011) Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil by Microbial Consortium. BTech thesis.

Paithankar, Amol (2011) Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis in Mining Industry. BTech thesis.

Roul, Shakti Prasad (2011) Application of Ant Colony Optimization for finding
Navigational Path of mobile robot.
BTech thesis.

Panda, Ashish Kumar and Sahoo, Amit Kumar (2011) Study of Speaker Recognition Systems. BTech thesis.

Sain, Suresh (2011) CFD analysis of flow pattern in electrochemical machining. BTech thesis.

Samantaray, Subhadeep and Mishra, Nayan Jyoti (2011) Diagnosis of static Topology MANETs in faulty environment. BTech thesis.

Bisoi, Biswaranjan (2011) Trace elements in some Indian coals. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Manas Kumar (2011) Strength characteristic study of fly ash composite material. BTech thesis.

Ratre, Mukesh (2011) Development of Y2O3 : Er2O3 system and its dispersion study in different media. BTech thesis.

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Agarwal, Manik (2011) High Energy Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices
used in Space Applications.
BTech thesis.

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Mishra, Debabrat (2011) ASIP design based on CORDIC algorithm using Xilinx and CoWare designer tools. BTech thesis.

Saxena, Ajay and Rout, Abhinandan (2011) The study of hydroxyapatite and hydroxyapatite-chitosan composite coatings on stainless steel by electrophoretic deposition method. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rajeev and Gupta, Abhishek (2011) VLSI Implementation of Block Error Correction Coding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Puri, Anup (2011) Simultaneous image and signal acquisition for foot force analysis. BTech thesis.

Baby Kumar, Vishnu (2011) Numerical modelling of photodynamic therapy. BTech thesis.

Goel, Ruchika (2011) HRV and ECG signal analysis of smokers and non-smokers. BTech thesis.

Brahma, Debasish (2011) Design and Simulation of WSN based scenario for underground coal mines. BTech thesis.

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acid gas aqueous alkanolamine system.
BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rahul (2011) Development of Low Bulk Density Fireclay Insulation Brick. BTech thesis.

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Sen, Argha (2011) Improving Performance of Clusters using Load Balancing Algorithms. BTech thesis.

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Mohanty, Debesh Daulat (2011) Effect of Holding time on Binder Burnout, Density and Strength of Green and Sintered Alumina Samples. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Swagat (2011) Resource Allocation Optimization through Task Based Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Real Time Embedded Systems. BTech thesis.

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Sau, Gopal Kumar (2011) Climatic changes and its influence on the runoff data over a major river basin in india – a case study. BTech thesis.

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Kumar, Prashant (2011) Preparation and Densification study of Barium Zirconate (BaZrO3) nanopowders. BTech thesis.

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Pradhan, Sunil Kumar (2011) Characterization of Pb -free “x [Ba (Zr0.2Ti0.8) O3] - (1- x) [(Ba0.7Ca0.3) TiO3]”Ceramics Synthesized by Solid State Reaction Route. BTech thesis.

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Biswal, Amit Kumar (2011) Development of GeO2 and LaF3 based glass ceramics. BTech thesis.

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Chaudhuri, Saptarshi (2011) Greedy Algorithms for Target Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Bhushan, Ravi (2011) Interaction of hsp 90 with p53 and Its mutated form and their comparison. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Subhashree (2011) Production and characterization of Activated Carbon produced from a suitable Industrial sludge. BTech thesis.

Debadarshini, Jagnyashini (2011) Algorithms for Load Balancing in Dis-tributed Network. BTech thesis.

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Jena, Biswajit and Mishra, Gouri Sankar (2011) A novel group signature scheme without one way hash. BTech thesis.

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Bhivate, Parth (2011) Modelling & development of antilock braking system. BTech thesis.

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controller based on fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm.
BTech thesis.

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Majhi, Manoj Kumar (2011) Effect of span length on bending strength and Weibull modulus of sintered alumina bar. BTech thesis.

Das, Pratik (2011) An Attempt to Design Low Cost Effective Infusion Devicefor Delivering of Drugs Depending on the Heart Rate. BTech thesis.

Singh, Dhananjay (2011) Effect of Different Additives on Cloud Point of Non Ionic Surfactant. BTech thesis.

Meher, Bidhu Bhusan (2011) Hydrodynamic Characteristic Study of a Three Phase Co-current Trickle-bed Reactor: CFD analysis. BTech thesis.

Nayan, Niraj Kumar (2011) Experimental studies on extraction of valuable fuels from karanja and neem seed by pyrolysis. BTech thesis.

Hasda, Savitri (2011) Effect of nanoparticles on the wetting of different solid surfaces. BTech thesis.

Warkadey, Rahul (2011) Analyze a wireless signal services in new built hall of residence in NIT, Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Dash, Supratik and Mohanty, Nachiketa (2012) Optimization of Flow Characteristics of Blast Furnace Slag. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Kuldeep (2012) Simulation of fluid catalytic cracker. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Ankur (2012) Seismic Evaluation of Institute Building,NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Sethy, Jyotirmoy (2012) Encapsulation of Vegetable Organogels: A Prospective New Generation Drug Delivery Vehicle. BTech thesis.

Bhandari, Sushma (2012) Artifical intilligence as a tool for ECG pattern recognition of menstrual phases in eumenorrheic young females: a preliminary study. BTech thesis.

Sarkar, Arindam and Panda, Swayambhu (2012) A development study of Microalloyed steel (HSLA) through experimental exploration. BTech thesis.

Deorah, Shashank (2012) CFD Analysis of a vertical tube having internal fins for
the Natural Convection.
BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Vinay Kumar (2012) Stability Study of Important Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and a Review on their Gas Adsorption Properties. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sudhir Kumar (2012) Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning Operation to Reduce Surface Roughness and Tool Vibration. BTech thesis.

Garg, Deepak (2012) Adsorptive removal of dyes from aqueous solution using Cu-BTC and Commercial Activated Carbon. BTech thesis.

Annavajhala, Mrudula (2012) Energy integration in sponge iron plant using heat of waste gas. BTech thesis.

Das, Sukalyan and Rout, Satyajit (2012) Assessment of Water Quality Around Mine Sites. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Deepak Kumar (2012) Job Shop Scheduling Using Artificial Immune System. BTech thesis.

Varun, Varuneet and Govindarajan, Bhargavi and Nayak, Suneet (2012) Speed Control of Induction Motor using Fuzzy Logic approach. BTech thesis.

Pujari, Prateek (2012) Electrical Properties of ZnO doped Yttria Stabilized Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Harshit (2012) Modeling of opencast mines using Surpac and its optimization. BTech thesis.

Dwibedi, Subhranshu and Basa, Debasis (2012) Effects of Cut-out On The Natural Frequency of Glass Fibre –Epoxy Composite Plates. BTech thesis.

Behera, Umakanta (2012) Application of Fuzzy Logic and TOPSIS in the
Taguchi Method for Multi-Response Optimization in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).
BTech thesis.

Bansal, Ankush (2012) Performance based earthquake design. BTech thesis.

Nath, Chirag Ranjan and Panda, Sanup Kumar (2012) Fatigue Life Estimation of Pre-corroded 7075 Aluminium Alloy. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Monalisha (2012) Design and simulation of a multiple-effect evaporator using vapor bleeding. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Rajat Kumar (2012) Application of ripper-dozer combination in surface mines: its applicability and performance study. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Sourav (2012) Change detection analysis of Talcher coalfield
using Remote Sensing and GIS.
BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Sibabrata and Mohanty, Abhijeet (2012) Synthesis & Characterization of Copper-Graphite Metal Matrix Composite by Powder Metallurgy Route. BTech thesis.

Dutta, Samrat (2012) Application of Surface Miner in Indian Coal Mines. BTech thesis.

Suna, Samrat and Patra, Kanhu Charan and Satpathy, Ajit Kumar (2012) Layered Square Location Management (LSLM) Scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Network. BTech thesis.

Ranjan, Rahul (2012) Application of DEA in the Taguchi Method for
Multi-Response Optimization.
BTech thesis.

Haldar, Abhijeet and Bhadauria, Vishwarath (2012) Power System Stability Enhancement by Simultaneous AC-DC Power Transmission. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Mukul and Baghel, Himanshu (2012) Reduction and Swelling Behaviour of Fired Iron Ore Pellets. BTech thesis.

Panda, Chittaranjan (2012) Aspen plus simulation and experimental studies on biomass gasification. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Bikash (2012) Use of GRA-Fuzzy and TOPSIS for Multi-Response Optimization in CNC end Milling. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Soubhagya (2012) Truck allocation model using linear programming and queueing theory. BTech thesis.

Vikash, Kumar (2012) Synthesis of Dibenzyl Thioether using H2S and Anion Exchange Resin as Triphase Catalyst. BTech thesis.

Sourav, Sagar (2012) Production of hydrogen enriched SYN-gas by absorption method. BTech thesis.

Sudhir, N (2012) Plate bending analysis using finite element method. BTech thesis.

Dalai, Abhijit (2012) Nitrogen and helium liquefier design and simulation using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Rupam Ranjan (2012) Effect of surfactant on evaporation of water. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Anup and Saha, Sudhir (2012) Determining the flow characteristics of synthetic
slag and optimizing the slag characteristics.
BTech thesis.

Mirdha, Santosh Kumar (2012) Investigation into Role of Intrinsic Factors in
the Spontaneous Heating of Coals.
BTech thesis.

Sourav, Pattanayak and Sabyasachi, Panda (2012) Charge Transfer vs Mass Transfer Mechanism in Electrodeposition of Copper thin films: A Structural Exploration. BTech thesis.

Bose, Arunim (2012) Simulation of air liquefaction using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Das, Kreeti (2012) Process Fault Analysis using Digraph Method. BTech thesis.

Patro, Jitendra Kumar and Malviya, Abhinav (2012) Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Augmentation Using TMT Rods with and without Baffles as Inserts for Tube Side Flow of Liquids. BTech thesis.

Panda, Partha Pratim (2012) Solvent free synthesis of Dibenzyl Sulfide using H2S rich Monoethanolamine under two phase transfer catalysis. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Avilash (2012) Effect of Key Variables on Coal Cleaning by Froth Flotation Technique. BTech thesis.

Nangia, Aniket (2012) CFD analysis of a vertical tube with external helical fins in natural convection. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Dipayan and Sahoo, Anwesha (2012) Rainwater Harvesting In A Typical Mine In Orissa. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Rashmi Prava (2012) Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Organic
Framework (MOF) Based Membrane.
BTech thesis.

Mishra, Suyash (2012) Analysis for Water Hammer considering the effect of Fluid Structure Interaction in Straight Pipes. BTech thesis.

Prusty, Dibyaranjan and Pradhan, Hitaindra Kumar (2012) An investigation on texture-property correlation in cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel. BTech thesis.

Pati, Soumya Ranjan (2012) Synthesis and characterisation of activated carbon and
its study on Cr (VI) removal from water.
BTech thesis.

Moharana, Yogesh Chandra and Malik, Manoja Kumar (2012) Fluidization In Conical Bed And Computational
Fluid Dynamics Modeling Of The Bed.
BTech thesis.

Barik, Sanjog and Singh, Brijesh Kumar (2012) Experimental Investigation of Tribological Properties of Cu/Al2O3/TiO2 composites. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Tithy (2012) Indexing Iris Database Using Multi-Dimensional R-Trees. BTech thesis.

Swain, Abhishek and Nayak, Somya (2012) Geotechnical properties of fiber reinforced pond ash. BTech thesis.

Padhan, Sanjeeb Kumar and Mund , Soumya Ranjan (2012) A power efficient method against misbehaving node in reputation system to prevent sybil attack in mobile ad-hoc network. BTech thesis.

Purniya, Deepankar and Pradhan, Gigyanshu and Nayak, Amit (2012) Robotic navigation in the presence of static and dynamic obstacles. BTech thesis.

Vasanth, S.V.A (2012) Economic Design of X-bar Control Chart by Ant Colony Optimization. BTech thesis.

Sen, Arpan and Kashyap, Rishabh (2012) Soil stabilization using waste fiber materials. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Falguni Krishna Prasad and Mahanty, Niladri Bihari (2012) Characterization of sewage and design of sewage
treatment plant.
BTech thesis.

Bose, Shivam (2012) Development of an open source toolbox and three
dimensional analysis of frame structure under arbitrary loading.
BTech thesis.

Panda, Ojaswi (2012) A Study on the Effect of Fiber Parameters on the Mechanical Behavior of Bamboo-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Based Hybrid Composites. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Maithili (2012) Performance based characterisation of bituminous binders. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Pradeepta Kumar (2012) Design and development of a concentric driven serial chain manipulator. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Manas Ranjan (2012) Risk based mine planning price uncertainty. BTech thesis.

Singh, Sunil Kumar (2012) Optimization of heating rate of crossing point temperature apparatus. BTech thesis.

Sahoo , Satyaranjan and Beldar, Manoj Kumar and Suman, Ajay Shankar (2012) Finite Element Modelling of Composite Rotor-Shaft-System. BTech thesis.

Kuanr, Debesh and Tripathy, Lokanath (2012) Accuracy improvement in odia zip code recognition technique. BTech thesis.

Marandi, Barsha (2012) Behaviour of Three Phase Fluidized Bed with Irregular Particles. BTech thesis.

Das, Bitanshu (2012) Open Pit Production Scheduling applying Meta Heuristic approach. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Gaurav and Sahu, Saujanya Kumar (2012) Design of fly ash dyke for seepage and stability analysis. BTech thesis.

Naik, Biswadarshi and Behera, Pallavi and Das, Baijayanti Mala (2012) Hardware Implementation of Soil Moisture Monitoring System. BTech thesis.

Prakash, Sabyasachi (2012) Mode of occurrence of trace elements in coal. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Subhadarshinee (2012) Fluidized bed reactor: design and application for abatement of Fluoride. BTech thesis.

Singh, Anurag and Singh, Prashant (2012) CFD Analysis of Stirling Cryocoolers. BTech thesis.

Singh, Rohit (2012) Design of concentric driven serial chain robot wrist. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Abhishek (2012) Application of fuzzy logic to model trip generation phase of sequential travel demand analysis. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Anirudh (2012) Boundary Layer Simulation using Wind Tunnel. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Ankit Kumar (2012) Effect on naphtha yield, overall conversion and coke yield through different operating variables in FCC unit using Aspen-Hysys simulator. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Preeti (2012) Removal of pollutant from industrial effluent using ion – exchange resin. BTech thesis.

Bhatia, Amitpal Singh I. S. and Gupta, Vinit Kumar and Sethi, Sourav Anand (2012) Simulation and Speed Control of Induction Motor
BTech thesis.

Nanda, Samay R and Bhaduri, Maharshi (2012) Utilization of low grade iron ore. BTech thesis.

Rohan Kumar, Sabat and Anshu J, Behera (2012) Automated steering design using Neural Network. BTech thesis.

Meena, Ankur and Singh, Randheer (2012) Comparative Study of Waste Glass Powder as Pozzolanic material in Concrete. BTech thesis.

Das, Anshuman (2012) Mining Machine Reliability Analysis Using
Ensembled Support Vector Machine.
BTech thesis.

Nigam, Kushagra (2012) Synthesis of Planar Parallel Mechanism. BTech thesis.

Samal, J.P (2012) Free Vibrations of Framed Structures with Inclined Members. BTech thesis.

Moka, Vijay Krishna (2012) Estimation of calorific value of biomass from its elementary components by regression analysis. BTech thesis.

Panda, M (2012) A study on the quality of the water-resources of cuttack city. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Satyanarayan and Yadlapalli, Raja (2012) Effect of size and strain rate on deformation
behaviour of Cu50Zr50 metallic glass: A molecular dynamics simulation study.
BTech thesis.

Nayak, Kiran Chandra (2012) Effect of coal size and process variables on coal cleaning efficiency in an air dense medium fluidized bed. BTech thesis.

Chhabada, Sandeep Singh (2012) Heuristics for license plate localization and hardware implementation of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system. BTech thesis.

Rajan, Rohit (2012) Performance Analysis of Synthetic Control Chart. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Hitesh (2012) Study of Application of L.E.D. Lighting System in
BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Anshika and Singh, Priya (2012) Synthesis and Characterisation of Metallic Coating by Pulsed DC. BTech thesis.

Raghav, Ashesh (2012) Noise Control through Active Noise Cancellation Technique in Mines. BTech thesis.

Hembram, Sasmita (2012) Behaviour of Three Phase Fluidized Bed with Regular Particles. BTech thesis.

Sriramka, Irshant (2012) Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Deepak Kumar (2012) GRA Coupled with Fuzzy Linguistic Reasoning for Quality Productivity Improvement in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). BTech thesis.

Chouksey, Ashutosh (2012) Study of parametric optimization of fused deposition modelling process using response surface methodology. BTech thesis.

Meher, Ramu Ranjan (2012) Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocarrier for Controlled Delivery of Drug Molecules. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Birendra Nath and Dash, Abinash (2012) Prototype Drowsiness Detection System. BTech thesis.

Parashar, Chetna (2012) Removal of Malachite Green dye by adsorption using char. BTech thesis.

Tulsian, Alok Kumar and kumar, sourabh and sharma, sidharth (2012) Modeling of Breakdown Voltage of White
Minilex Paper in Presence of Voids Under AC and DC conditions using Artificial Neural Network as Computational Method.
BTech thesis.

Bagaria, Vishesh (2012) Processing and study of different properties of
alumina product prepared by Slip Casting.
BTech thesis.

Parihar, Kulwant Singh and Aman, Kumar (2012) Vibration Analysis of Delaminated Plates. BTech thesis.

Ray, Guru Gaurav and Dandapat, Sumeet Kumar (2012) Applications and Simulation of Femtocells in a Cognitive Radio Environment. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Asutosh and Nanda, Alok (2012) Master Hand Technology For The HMI Using Hand Gesture And Colour Detection. BTech thesis.

Bandyopadhyay, Sohini (2012) Design of Power Optimized circuit of LC Voltage Controlled Oscillator for use in GSM Handsets. BTech thesis.

Mohanta, Dibyendu Kumar (2012) Use of Fuzzy Logic for Automated Steering of Unmanned Robotic Agent. BTech thesis.

Chanap, Rahul (2012) Study of Mechanical and Flexural properties of coconut shell ash reinforced epoxy composites. BTech thesis.

Dani, Debasis (2012) Reduction of NOx in diesel engine using diesel water emulsion. BTech thesis.

Kanojiya, Manjeet Vashistha and Banoth, Madhu and Dannana, Santosh (2012) Instantaneous Active and Reactive Current Component Method for Active Filters under Balanced & Unbalanced mains Voltage Conditions for 3-ph 3-wire System. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Praveen (2012) Mechanical Behavior of Orange Peel Reinforced Epoxy Composite. BTech thesis.

Poddar, Ayush (2012) Experimental investigation of MRR, surface roughness and overcut of AISI 304 stainless steel in EDM. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Suryansh (2012) Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning Operation to Reduce Surface Roughness and Cutting Forces. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Sujit Kumar (2012) Welding of stainless steel with pure copper by Nd:YAG laser, optimizing the tensile strength. BTech thesis.

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Raut, Haraprasad (2012) Mullitization behaviour of alumina enriched clay inpresence of dopant fe2o3. BTech thesis.

Priyaranjanl, Praval (2012) Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of a RC frame structure. BTech thesis.

Dash, Abhishek (2012) Study on the thermal pyrolysis of medical waste (plastic syringe) for the production of useful liquid fuels. BTech thesis.

Vemana, Balaji Vemana (2012) Performance Appraisal of Dragline Mining in India. BTech thesis.

Panda, Ashish Kumar (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Calcium Phosphate-Alumina Composites. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Pratik (2012) Design and fabrication of coaxial micro helicopter. BTech thesis.

Khandeparker, Ashish (2012) Study of different operating parameters of fcc unit with aspen-hysys. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Suraj and Karanki , Dinesh (2012) Heading control of an underwater vehicle. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Abhishek (2012) Design and implementation of an efficient Active Noise Control system. BTech thesis.

Saha, Shiladitya and Agarwal, Gaurav and Kumar, Kundan (2012) Analysis of Three Phase SPWM Inverter. BTech thesis.

Sanamandra, Vamsi (2012) Image segmentation based on graph cut(pixel based) technique. BTech thesis.

Panda, Abhipsa (2012) VLSI Implementation of a Demand mode Dual Chamber Rate Responsive Cardiac Pacemaker. BTech thesis.

Kar, Ashishman (2012) CFD analysis for natural convection of a vertical tube with various fin configurations. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Pravat Kumar and Lenka, Mrutyunjaya (2012) Development of a certificate less digital signature
scheme & implementation in e-cash system.
BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ansuman (2012) Gelcasting Of Porous Alumina For Particulate Filtering. BTech thesis.

Kindo, Ajit Kumar and Goel, Rajesh (2012) Optimization of heat treatment of steel developed for turbine shafts. BTech thesis.

Behera, Deepak (2012) Design and Analysis of Underactuated compliant mechanisms. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Mohan Charan (2012) Dynamic Response of Beam Under Moving Mass. BTech thesis.

Khadria, Anjul (2012) Preparation of gold nanoparticles-α lactalbumin binary complex for Breast Cancer therapy. BTech thesis.

Kushwaha, Vishwajeet (2012) Analysis of torsional vibration characteristics for multi-rotor and gear-branched systems using finite element method. BTech thesis.

Goutam, Rohit Kumar (2012) Optimization and Experimental Investigation on EN19 Using Hexagonal Shaped Electrode in ECM. BTech thesis.

Halder, Abhijit (2012) A Study On Effective Thermal Conductivity And Dielectric Properties Of Particle Filled Epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Gayatri and ., Chandni (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Zn/Al2O3 Nanocomposite by Mechanical Alloying Route. BTech thesis.

Panda, Biswajeet and Sahoo, Ashirbad (2012) Study of Soft Switching Boost Converter using an Auxiliary Resonant Circuit. BTech thesis.

Singh, Deepanshu (2012) Strata behavior in longwall mining at greater depths. BTech thesis.

Haldigundi, Tapan (2012) Compression test of aluminium at high temperature. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Bijoyprakash (2012) "Analysis of Single-Phase SPWM Inverter". BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Soumya Ranjan (2012) Modelling and Analysis of Transformer under Non-Sinusoidal Current Excitation. BTech thesis.

Jain, Pavan Kumar and Md., Anish (2012) Design of FFT processor. BTech thesis.

Maria, Rosan and Chakraborty, Debayan and Khuntia, Sudeep Kumar (2012) Modelling of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System using Frequency Control of Inverter. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshini, Varsa (2012) Study of Drag Coefficient Using CFD Tools. BTech thesis.

Panda, Piyush (2012) Study of the FACTS Equipment Operation in Transmission Systems. BTech thesis.

Pawan, Prateek and Pandey, Kushagra (2012) Human Facial Detection System. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Biswa Bhusan and Mangal, Sukanta Kumar (2012) A Novel Blind Signature Scheme Based On Discrete Logarithm Problem With Un-traceability. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Prakash and Ankur, Ashish (2012) Design Of Human Facial Feature Recognition
BTech thesis.

Lenka, Abinash (2012) Effect of calcination temperature on kaolinite for mullitisation of kaolinite and alumina mixture. BTech thesis.

Behera, Sunil and Patnaik, Sarthak (2012) Modelling of breakdown voltage of white minilex paper in the presence of voids under AC and DC conditions using fuzzy logic techniques. BTech thesis.

Singh, Kumari Pratibha (2012) Analysis of different parking space and its comparison. BTech thesis.

Nanda, Sonali (2012) optimization of sericin removal from tusser silk by autoclaving. BTech thesis.

Patro, Alok (2012) Dielectric Properties of Low-Temperature Sintered
0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 – 0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 Ceramics.
BTech thesis.

Rautray, Darshani (2012) HCS12 based embedded PWM Controller for battery charger application. BTech thesis.

Dwivedi, Sambit Kumar (2012) Load Modeling in Optimal Power Flow Studies. BTech thesis.

Imadi, Indumati Anusha and Mullick, Priyadarshini (2012) “Multicarrier Modulation for Wireless Communication using Wavelet Packets. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Omkar Prasad and Dikshit, Suman Sourav (2012) Design of a dual OPAMP low offset integrator system for plasma reactor. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Saurav (2012) Photovoltaic power control using MPPT and boost converter. BTech thesis.

Sinha, Rahul (2012) Recovery of liquid fuels from oil bearing seed. BTech thesis.

Tanty, Kunal Kumar (2012) Effect of morphology on densification study of nano – hydroxyapatite. BTech thesis.

Thatoi, Padmaja and Pradhan, Aradhana (2012) Study on the performance of newton – raphson load
flow in distribution systems.
BTech thesis.

Biswal, Bijayani (2012) Recovery of liquid fuels from cellulosic feedstock. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Soumya Ranjan (2012) Simulation of Hirakud Reservoir to Study Conservation of Water. BTech thesis.

Gidhi, Pradyumna Kumar (2012) Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems using Intelligent heuristic search algorithm (IHSA*). BTech thesis.

Das, Chinmayee and Panigrahi, Swetalina (2012) Hardware Implementation of a Secured Digital Camera with Built In Watermarking and Encryption Facility. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Amrit Abhishek (2012) Comparative study of properties of Barium Titanate synthesized by Solid State and Auto-combustion Method. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Himanshu and Dubasi, Monika and Sahoo, Soumya Ranjan (2012) Video Object Tracking Using Motion Estimation. BTech thesis.

Nag, Kaustav and Birua, Mihir (2012) Implementing Symmetric Cryptographic Techniques in Online fee Payment System of NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Bisoyi, Kavita (2012) Study of Zirconia-Mullite system: Effect of SrO addition with alumina content variation. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Jatin (2012) A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed titania coatings. BTech thesis.

Praharaj, Amrit (2012) Design of a perfusion bioreactor for simulating synovial joint cavity. BTech thesis.

Das, Nishan (2012) A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed alumina coatings. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Siddhahast (2012) Load Frequency Control in two area power system. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Deepakraj and Murmu, Chaitanya Prasad (2012) A Remote Electricity Billing System. BTech thesis.

Khan, Huma (2012) Improving the Performance of Single Phase Power Factor Correction Circuit using Parallel Boost Converters. BTech thesis.

Kotha, Dileep Kumar (2012) Matching Forensic Sketches to Mug Shot Photos using Speeded Up Robust Features. BTech thesis.

AlamMd., Md. Raiyan and Minz, Bibekanand (2012) Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks. BTech thesis.

Rana, Yashveer (2012) Evasion and Detection of Metamorphic Viruses. BTech thesis.

Pathaw, Ibadahun (2012) Simulation of Fuel Cell for renewable energy system. BTech thesis.

., Nikhil (2012) Numerical Modeling of Amperometric Biosensor. BTech thesis.

Ayenampudi, Praveen Varma and Kothuri, Bala Chakri (2012) Study Of Grid Connected Induction Generator for wind Power Applications. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Amit and Srivastava, Dheerendra (2012) Design of Simulator for Energy Efficient Clustering
in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
BTech thesis.

Ashraf, Shabina (2012) Heat Transfer Model for Menorrhagia. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Siddharth (2012) Developing A Tool For Interactive In Silico Analysis of Medicinal Plant Extracts From In House Medicinal Plant Database. BTech thesis.

Behera, Ashis Debashis (2012) 3-D Analysis of Building Frame Using STAAD-PRO. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Nitesh and Reddy, Ranabothu Nithin (2012) Automatic Detection of Fake Profiles in Online Social Networks. BTech thesis.

Sahay, Suyash (2012) A Study on the Effect of Chemical Treatment on the Mechanical Behavior of Bamboo-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Based Hybrid Composites. BTech thesis.

Swain, Priyaranjan and Goudu , J K Chaitanya (2012) Effect of Synchronization error in Multi Carrier
BTech thesis.

Bilung, Ankita (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite and Mullite composite. BTech thesis.

Marndi, Balabhadra (2012) frequency measurement of aluminium beam with multiple cracks. BTech thesis.

Shah, Akshat and Sharma, Kaveesh (2012) Design of Rectangular DRA for UWB Applications. BTech thesis.

Padhi, Swapnajeet (2012) Optical Burst Switching in WDM Ring Networks. BTech thesis.

Animesh, Amulya and Mishra, Vivek (2012) Modification of collector of Electro spinning Machine for the fabrication of 3-D nanofibrous scaffold for Tissue Engineering applications. BTech thesis.

Niki, Bhavna Mishra (2012) Adsorption of hexavalent chromium onto goethite. BTech thesis.

Prabhakar, Rohit (2012) CFD Analysis Of Newtonian Fluid Flow Phenomena Over a Rotating Cylinder. BTech thesis.

Kiche rai, Sanjeev (2012) Preparation Of Calcium Aluminate-Spinel Synthetic Aggregates Using Electrostatic Precipitated Dolomite DustAnd Calcined Alumina. BTech thesis.

Devadasi, Ruby (2012) Developing an efficient IEEE754 compliant FPU in verilog. BTech thesis.

Sas, Saswat Sachidananda (2012) Future of Aluminium Industry in India. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Satyavikash (2012) An exhaustive Data Mining of Medicinal Plants using MySQL for Biotechnology Research. BTech thesis.

Bhattacharjee, Birupaksha and Panda, Sunil Gautam (2012) Capacity analysis of underwater acoustic MIMO communications. BTech thesis.

Dushyant , Sharma and Binita , Sen (2012) Grid synchronization algorithm for distributed generation system during grid abnormalities. BTech thesis.

Das, Neeharika (2012) High Performance Logic for Arithmetic Circuits. BTech thesis.

Khan, Tarannum and Sahoo, Avisikta (2012) Natural Language Based Object-Oriented Software Modelling. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Keshav (2012) Secure Messaging Service on Google App Engine using ECC and RSA Encryption. BTech thesis.

Behera, Susri Sangeeta (2012) Sol-gel synthesis of borosilicate vitrified bond for Diamond grinding wheel. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Parul (2012) Design of resonant circuits based Embedded
Controller for power supply of LCD TV and Monitor.
BTech thesis.

Rath, Ranjan Kumar (2012) Adaptive MIMO technology for 4G. BTech thesis.

Mallik, Rahul Kumar (2012) Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite with different morphology. BTech thesis.

Bhagat, Pradeep (2012) Synthesis and biocompatibility evaluation of gelatin based hydrogels. BTech thesis.

Pandav, Debasish and Sethi, Sabyasachi (2012) Design of Compact Planar Ultra-Wideband Antenna with Band-Notched Characteristics. BTech thesis.

Purab, Das (2012) Microwave assisted synthesis and characterization fo LSMO: Cobalt ferrite composites. BTech thesis.

Murty, Hara Prasad (2012) Development of Porous Bioactive SiO2-Na2O-CaO-P2O5 Glass Ceramic Scaffold. BTech thesis.

Dung Dung, Tom Atul and Sharan, Ashutosh (2012) Prediction of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Circumferentially cracked pipe using CASCA and FRANC2D. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Ankit and Nilagiri, Bhargav and Balakrishna, A. Guru (2012) Corporate Portal Management System. BTech thesis.

Das, Animesh (2012) Recognition of Human Iris Patterns. BTech thesis.

Dev, Ruby and Sahu, Lipsa (2012) An efficient IEEE754 compliant floating point unit using verilog. BTech thesis.

Panigrahy, Nitish Kumar and Kanher, Manat (2012) Improving MAC Layer Performance in WLAN. BTech thesis.

Singh, Deepak Kumar and Hota, Janmejaya and Nayak, Satyajeet (2012) Novel Application of LabVIEW in High Voltage Engineering. BTech thesis.

Goel, Sitesh (2012) Theoretical and Experimental Investigation Of a Shaft Disc System With a Crack. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prakash (2012) Effect of Mg and La substitution on Electromagnetic Properties of Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrite. BTech thesis.

., Priyanka (2012) Modeling of Light Distribution in Tissue by Monte Carlo Simulation. BTech thesis.

Choudhuri, Sohan (2012) Bulk Synthesis of Graphene Nanosheets. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Satya Prakash (2012) An investigation into the friction stir welding of aluminium pipe with stainless steel plate. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Bibek and Kar, Bibhu Prasanna (2012) Matlab based modeling of photovoltaic array characteristics. BTech thesis.

Panda, Abhisek and Mohapatra, Prabhu Kalyan (2012) Tribological Studies on Al-SiC composite and Al-Si alloy. BTech thesis.

Choudhur, Rajlaxmi (2012) In-silico Study of Non-Specific EGFR Inhibitors for Targeting EGFRvIII in Glioblastoma. BTech thesis.

Das, Kundan and Behera, Prasant (2012) Spectrum access and handover strategy in femtocell network. BTech thesis.

Prabhakar, Prakash (2012) Noise and Dust Survey in Mines. BTech thesis.

Vulisetty, Anuja Swetha (1991) Protein Super family Classification using Artificial Neural
BTech thesis.

Paswan, Swati (2012) Studying the arsenic absorption by keratin protein extracted from human hair. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ashutosh (2012) Modelling Of Micro Wire-EDM. BTech thesis.

Saha, Goutam Chandra (2012) Financial analysis of mining projects. BTech thesis.

Chitwan, Chanchal (2012) Automatic Cast Shadow Detection. BTech thesis.

Das, Abhishek and Dash, Suraj (2012) Design and Implementation of FPGA based linear All Digital Phase-Locked Loop for Signal Processing Applications. BTech thesis.

Mascharak, Satyaki and Choudhuri, Arghyapriya (2012) Implementation of the onboard ADC and DAC on the Spartan 3E FPGA platform. BTech thesis.

Swain, Ashit Kumar and Swain, Arya Kumar Swagat Ranjan and Mohapatra, Abinash (2012) Design of Power System Stabilizer. BTech thesis.

Swain, Shanti Swaroop (2012) Analysis and Improvements in Trojan Designing. BTech thesis.

Ratha, Bedaprakash and Mishra, Tushar (2012) A Study of Partial Discharge Characteristics in High Voltage Insulators. BTech thesis.

Das, Manas Ranjan and Barla, Sunil (2012) Object Shape Recognition. BTech thesis.

Varma, Penumatsa Lokesh (2012) Characterization of bio-oil and biodiesel blends. BTech thesis.

Prakash, Nishant and Gamango, Dhirendra (2012) Study of ratcheting behavior of pure copper and pure aluminum using molecular dynamics simulation. BTech thesis.

Panda, Sunil Kumar (2012) Reduction of NOx emission in diesel engine using Exhaust Gas Recirculation. BTech thesis.

Hota, Anuraag and Pradhan, Souramya (2012) Hand Written Odia Character Recognition. BTech thesis.

Singh, Anuja (2012) Realising a signature verification using Single Electron Transport Devices. BTech thesis.

Patel, Parul (2012) Role of amino acids in the lyophilization of RBC. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Mahesh Prasad (2012) Solution to economic load dispatch using PSO. BTech thesis.

Rudra, Sumon (2012) In silico studies on potential binding sites of amyloid inhibitor compounds on amyloid beta peptide. BTech thesis.

M S S A, Raghuveer (2012) Hardware Implementation of Densely Packed Decimal Encoding-An optimized approach supporting run-time user input. BTech thesis.

Tudu , Monica (2012) Preparation of composite nanofibres for Bone Tissue Regeneration. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Raunaq (2012) Design, Fabrication and optimization of collector set-ups for obtaining aligned nanofibers. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Manish and Gouda, Himanshu Sekhar (2012) Fingerprint recognition system to verify the identity of a person using an online database. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Achin (2012) Embedded Systems Programming in a private cloud - A prototype for "Embedded Cloud Computing. BTech thesis.

Swami, Ganesh (2012) Numerical modeling of heat distribution during laser tissue interaction. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Pradyumna Keshari (2012) Computer aided analysis and design of hoisting mechanism of an E.O.T crane. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Amlan Kumar and Mishra, Bibhas (2012) Distributed Fault Detection In Wireless Sensor Network. BTech thesis.

Anand, Rajan (2012) Electrophoretic deposition of hydroxy-apatite on Ti6Al4V. BTech thesis.

Bagal, Dilip (2012) Experimental investigation and modeling micro-drilling operation of aerospace material. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Sameer and Thakur, Pappu (2012) Human Face Detection. BTech thesis.

Paulose, Leo and Cheedella, Phani Teja (2012) Enhancement of Digital Photo Frame Capabilities With
Dedicated Hardware.
BTech thesis.

Sethi, Regan Kumar (2012) Energy Harvesting from Ambient Vibrations by Electromagnetic Transduction mechanism. BTech thesis.

Pahuja, Sahil (2012) Designing an algorithm using active noise cancellation for development of a headphone in heavy noise industry. BTech thesis.

Thakur, Udipta (2012) Effect of MxOy (M= Si, Ti, Ca, Mg) Dopants on Solid-State Sintering of Yttrium Aluminium Garnet. BTech thesis.

Lenka, Arunesh (2012) Optimization of hot-machining using taguchi method. BTech thesis.

Arya, Dheeraj Kumar and Kumar, Rakesh (2012) Static Slicing of Interprocedural Programs. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Mohit (2012) Pattern Clustering using Soft-Computing Approaches. BTech thesis.

Singh, Jatindra Kumar and Behera, Sujit (2012) Speaker verification using Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient and Artificial Neural Network. BTech thesis.

Das, Sidharth and Baskey, Biram Baburay (2012) Design of an embedded system for the detection of tsunami. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Nirupa and Topno, Monalisha (2012) Fluid Flow Measurement Systems Using Hot Wire Anemometer. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ankit (2012) Transverse vibrational Analysis of simply supported beam. BTech thesis.

Jain, Yogesh Kumar (2012) A Study on Pattern Classification of Bioinformatics Datasets. BTech thesis.

Sonker, Ved Prakash and Behera, Mahendra (2012) Biometric Face Recognition System using SURF Based Approach. BTech thesis.

, Utkarsh and Mishra, Mukesh Kumar (2012) ESAR: Energy Saving Ad Hoc Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pankaj (2012) Performance and emission charactersistics of eucalyptus oil and gasoline blend in four sroke multi cylinder petrol engine. BTech thesis.

Meher, Chitta Ranjan (2012) Damping of fixed-fixed welded joints. BTech thesis.

Kumari, Akanksha (2012) Synthesis of Bismuth Ferrite and La –doped Bismuth ferrite by auto combustion technique. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Manas Ranjan (2012) Creep behavior of rock. BTech thesis.

Kerketta, Jablun and Behera, Soubhagya Ranjan (2012) Design of Fractal slot Antennas for WLAN and
WiMAX Applications.
BTech thesis.

Pacheri, Shasikala (2012) Development of continuous monitoring device for water spill and temperature. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pranav and Dungdung, Binay Prakash (2012) An extension of elgamal digital signature algorithm. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Sudhir Kumar (2012) Damping of composite material structures with bolted joints. BTech thesis.

Behera, Arup Avishek and Swain, Somjit and Mandavi, Devendra Singh (2012) Comparison of Performance Analysis of Different Control Structures. BTech thesis.

Kilaka, Sunil and Sahu, Himansu (2012) Performance Analysis of Optical WDM Networks. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Amlan Kumar and Mishra, Bibhas (2012) Fault Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Using Distributed Approach. BTech thesis.

Behera, Jyoti Ranjan and Barik, Rajesh Kumar (2012) Voltage to Frequency Converter: Modeling and Design. BTech thesis.

Ekka, Ashish (2012) Pathloss Determination Using Okumura-hata Model for Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Khuntia, Mahendra Kumar and Swain, Jyoti Ranjan (2007) Salt effect on liquid liquid equilibrium for ternary system water +1-propanol +ethyl acetate. BTech thesis.

Chinthapatla, Nikhil (2012) Damping of composite materials with riveted joints. BTech thesis.

Aryadipta, Abhinandan and Behera, Avinash (2012) Scheduling Real-time Divisible Loads in Cluster Computing Environment. BTech thesis.

Jha, Nupur and Deo, Anupama (2012) Development of Unsupervised methods for medical Image Segmentation. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Lipi (2012) Water quality assessment and modeling of Cuttack city. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Nitesh (2012) Fault tolerant enterprise networks for large scale organizations. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Rahul and Shashikanth, M (2008) Sintering characteristics of red mud compact. BTech thesis.

Ravada, S Dikshith (2012) Laboratory investigation on stone matrix asphalt using banana fiber. BTech thesis.

Rath, Debasis (2012) Application of inhibitors to prevent spontaneous heating of coal. BTech thesis.

Pragyan, Arya (2012) Evaluation of blasting in an opencast mine. BTech thesis.

Soren, Rajendra (2012) Laboratory investigation of stone matrix asphalt using bagasse fiber. BTech thesis.

Prusty, Biswanath (2012) Use of waste polyethylene in bituminous
concrete mixes.
BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Akash and Tripathy, Abhijit (2012) Real Time SpeakerRecognition on TMS320C6713. BTech thesis.

Mandal, Manabesh and Behera, Kedar Sankar (2012) Analysis of color histogram based similarity search and retrieval strategy of videos in Video on Demand systems. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Anurag (2012) Distributed Slack Bus Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch. BTech thesis.

Sumi, Pitoshe (2012) Software Approach for the Best Correlation between Intrinsic Properties and Susceptibility Indices of Coal Seam. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Anshul and Singh, Ravi Kumar (2012) Solving Target Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Network Using Genetic Algorithm. BTech thesis.

Singh, Rahul (2012) Vehicle Model Identification. BTech thesis.

Singh, Abhishek and Kumar, Saurabh (2012) Face Recognition using PCA and Eigen face approach. BTech thesis.

Kantha, Shravan Kumar (2012) Study of the microstructure of dolomite doped alumina. BTech thesis.

Oram, Sunil and Upman, Govind (2012) Identifying Persistent Faults in Network Access Control System. BTech thesis.

Saxena, Ankit and Jeevagan, Shakthi Yokesh (2012) Segmentation of Fingerprint Impressions and Signatures. BTech thesis.

Panigrahy, Vivekananda (2012) Lossless Image Compression and Secure Storage of Medical Images. BTech thesis.

Behera, Priyaranjan (2012) Odia Offline Character Recognition. BTech thesis.

Behera, Gourahari and Sohala, Soumya Ranjan (2012) Effect of copper on the properties of austempered ductile iron castings. BTech thesis.

Bage, Prasanta and Sudhir, Jena (2012) Velocity Distribution at the Cross-Over of Sinusoidal Trapezoidal Meandering Channels. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pankaj (2012) Effect of colletor on electrospinning to fabricate aligned nano fiber. BTech thesis.

Singh , Amartya and Das , Kundan Kumar (2007) Application of data mining techniques in bioinformatics. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Mukesh and Dash, Sambit (2012) Relay based traffic contol system using infrared pair detectors. BTech thesis.

Sa, Bhanja Kishore (2012) Spontaneous heating liability of some washed coal. BTech thesis.

C.V., Krishna Prasad (2012) Determination of gas content of coal. BTech thesis.

Lalduhsaka, Mark (2012) Vitrification of mononuclear cells isolated from umbilical cord blood. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Aradhana (2012) Predictive state feedback control of network control systems. BTech thesis.

Surabhi, Soumya (2012) Production of alumina based porous ceramics using naphthalene as the pore former. BTech thesis.

Sastry, Sonti Vamsy Krishna (2012) Development and characterization of chitosan and chitosan-starch composite scaffolds prepared by freeze gelation method. BTech thesis.

Ekka, Philomina (2012) Effect of binders and plasticisers on alumina processing. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Rosalin and Nag , Amit (2007) Production of ethanol from bagasse. BTech thesis.

Aneja, Anant and Patki, Akash Ramesh and Kumbhalwar, Rohit (2007) Approximate proper name matching. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anupam (2012) Effect of different high alumina cements on the properties of self flow castable with distribution coefficient 0.21. BTech thesis.

Dwivedi , Piyush and Vishal , Vivek (2007) Particle swarm optimization applied to job shop scheduling. BTech thesis.

Behera, Satyasuranjeet and Mohapatra, Sibasis and Bisoi , Monalisa (2007) Automatic power factor correction by microcontroller 8051. BTech thesis.

Srivatsan, K R and Behera, Satyabrata (2007) Bearing capacity of model footings on sand. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Manas (2007) Behavior of strip footing on multi-layered geogrid reinforced sand bed. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Soubhagya Ranjan and Meena, Anil (2007) Behaviour of lime stabilized reinforced flyash under uniaxial loading. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra , Sudeep and Sahu, Lalit Mohan (2007) Bio-fuels from biomass. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Anant and Munsh, Shreerang Pradeep and Memon, Mohammed Rehan and Mishra, Sitanshu (2007) Speed control of DC motor using IGBT. BTech thesis.

Jesthi, Sanjit and Chanakya, Abhinav (2007) Buffer allocation strategies in shop floor using simulation. BTech thesis.

Saraf, Utsav and Gupta, Sandeep Kumar (2007) Buffer overflow attacks & countermeasures. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Biswaranjan (2009) Development of experiments on vacuum technology. BTech thesis.

Subudhi, Sivananda and Kumar, Diwakar (2007) Preparation and characterisation of 60mol% Al2O3 & 40mol%ZrO2 microcomposite by SOL-GEL precipitation route. BTech thesis.

Abinandhan, P and Nayan Prakash , Rajeev and Samad , Rabindra Kumar (2008) Study and implementation of programmable logic controller. BTech thesis.

Ray, Anuj Kumar (2007) Synthesis and characterization of BaTio3 powder prepared by combustion synthesis process. BTech thesis.

Sharan, Alankar and Kumar, Atul (2008) Vibrational analysis of sandwich beams. BTech thesis.

Kochupyloth, Pauljin (2007) Preperation of hydroxyapatie-alumina coated zirconia composites. BTech thesis.

Gouda, Ranjit and Das, Amit Bikram (2008) Some experimental studies on heat transfer augmentation for flow of liquid through circular tubes using twisted angles and tapes. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Devesh and Pande y, Alok (2008) Study of boundary layer parameters on rough surfaces. BTech thesis.

Chauhan , Mahendra Singh and Nath, Deepjyoti (2007) Offline signature verification scheme using feature extraction method. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Vivek Chandan and Sahu, Debashis (2007) Experimental studies on heat transfer augmentation using twisted aluminium taper clips and twisted tapes. BTech thesis.

Singh, Bipin (2007) Preparation and Characteristics of tetragonal phase zirconia using dolomite. BTech thesis.

Kar, Soumyaranjan (2007) Heuristic algorithm for fault detection and path performance monitoring in meshed all-optical networks. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Shivam and Saraogi, Mayur (2007) Electronic chip cooling in horizontal configuration using fluent-gambit. BTech thesis.

Garg, Bhuvnesh and Kumar, Pankaj (2007) Fatigue behavior of aluminium alloy. BTech thesis.

K, Rohan (2007) Programming and simulation of densification of ZTA nano-composite. BTech thesis.

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Singh, Subhram Keshary and Krishnan, Tintula (2008) Reduction kinetics of iron ore pellets and
the effect of binders.
BTech thesis.

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BTech thesis.

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Bhobhariya, Sanjay and Anand , Vikash (2013) A comparative study on strength improvementand CBR properties of NIT hostel area soil by using calcium carbide residue and fly ash. BTech thesis.

Shah, Prakash (2013) A Fuzzy Based Service Quality and Performance Evaluation Model: A Case Study in Hostel Mess. BTech thesis.

Das, Siddharth (2013) A Multifunctional Equipment for Early Detection of Leakages from Nuclear Waste Containment Estimating Thermal and Electrical Resistivity, Moisture Content of Soil. BTech thesis.

Devi, Kshetrimayum Jenita (2013) A Secure Image Steganography Using LSB Technique and Random Pseudo Random Encoding Technique. BTech thesis.

Mudgil, Pushpendra and Murmu, Chandni (2013) A Strong Proxy Signature Scheme based on Partial Delegation. BTech thesis.

Shams, Aamir (2013) A Study on Effective Thermal Conductivity of Copper Slag Particle Filled Epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

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Dhakal, Bijay (2013) A study on the effect of fiber loading and orientation on mechanical behaviour of jute fiber reinforced epoxy composites. BTech thesis.

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Kumar, D. Jaswant (2013) Aerodynamic Analysis of Compliant Thrust Foil Bearings. BTech thesis.

Mitra, Arijeet (2013) Agent - Based Traffic Simulation
using Microscopic Modelling.
BTech thesis.

Sahu, Suraj Kant (2013) Agility Evaluation in Fuzzy Environment. BTech thesis.

Panda , Partha Sarathi and Sahu, Rajat (2013) Ambient air quality assessment in opencast metal mines. BTech thesis.

Chauhan, Chetan (2013) An Approach for Mitigating Denial of Service Attack. BTech thesis.

Tulip, Sudhanshu Sekhar and Shekhar, Raj (2013) An Assessment of Mechanical Behavior on High Temperature and Different Volume Fraction of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Suraj and Lal, Babu (2013) An Effective Cache Replacement Policy For Multicore Processors. BTech thesis.

Singh , Nishant (2013) An improved grid connected PV generation inverter control system. BTech thesis.

Biraji , Ranjit Kumar (2013) An in silico approach towards breast cancer therapy using Hsp90 as target. BTech thesis.

Moharana, Soumya Ranjan (2013) An in silico exploration of novel antifibrotic agents for wound healing. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Abhishek (2013) An Integrated Design of Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Biogas Plant For The Conversion of Feedstock (Biomass) To Biofuel. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Debanand and Anand, Brajesh and Misra, Saksham (2013) Analog to digital convertor interface with 8051 microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sibani Prasad and Dora, Kangala Pradeep Kumar (2013) Analysing the Performance of Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms on Multicore Processors. BTech thesis.

Maiti, Anuran (2013) Analysis and control of processes. BTech thesis.

Panda, Jagajyoti and Srikanth, M S (2013) Analysis and design of vertical vessel foundation. BTech thesis.

Ray, Saroj (2013) Analysis of combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with alternative fuel by thermodynamic modeling. BTech thesis.

Raina, Anshu (2013) Analysis of Parallel Sorting Algorithms on Heterogeneous Processors with OpenCL. BTech thesis.

Bochalya, Rameshwar kumar (2013) Analysis of synthesis gas produced from biomass gasification. BTech thesis.

Parida, Asit Kumar (2013) Android Application Development for GPS Based Location Tracker & NITR Attendance Management System. BTech thesis.

Priyadarsini , Priyanka and Aditya , Jami (2013) Application of ethernet over powerline communication. BTech thesis.

Barik, Santanu Kumar (2013) Application of inverse theory in open pit blasting. BTech thesis.

Sethy, Biswajit (2013) Application of Sliding Mode Technology in PV Maximum Power Point Tracking System. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Mamta Kumari (2013) Applications for Multicore System. BTech thesis.

Lakra, Roshan (2013) Assessement of uncertainity analysis of mine fans by studing ventilation network design. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Debananda (2013) Assessment of spontaneous heating liability of some indian coal by crossing point temperature and Olpinski index method. BTech thesis.

Shanker, Bijai (2013) Assessment of spontaneous heating liability of some Indian coals using experimental techniques. BTech thesis.

Praharaj, Sanjib (2013) Assessment of spontaneous heating of fresh and oxidized coals. BTech thesis.

Paswan, Prabhakar Kumar (2013) Assessment of wet oxidation of some indian coals. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Gouri Sankar and Behera, Manoranjan (2013) Atlas simulation based study of recessed source/drain SOI mosfets. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Pranay (2013) Automated Academic Planning System. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshee, Om Pritam (2013) Bearing capacity of pond ash overlain by sand bed. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Rahul (2013) Behaviour of ring footing over reinforced sand. BTech thesis.

Mishra , Siddharth (2013) Behaviour of Three Phase Fluidized Beds Using Wood Particles. BTech thesis.

Lata, Manju (2013) Biodegradation of phenol by bacterial strain isolated from paper sludge. BTech thesis.

Vyankatesh, Sakhare Rahul (2013) Catalytic pyrolysis of castor seed into liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels. BTech thesis.

Patra, Shalini (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer augmentation for flow through a tube using wire coil inserts. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Soumya Ranjan (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. BTech thesis.

Behera, Siddhartha Shankar (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. BTech thesis.

Shekhar, Shashi (2013) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. BTech thesis.

Sethi , Sandeep (2013) CFD analysis of single phase flows inside vertically and horizontally oriented helically coiled tubes. BTech thesis.

Jha , Abhishekh Kumar (2013) CFD Simulation of a Small Stirling Cryocooler Using Non-Thermal Equilibrium Model. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Ravindra (2013) CFD Simulation of a Small Stirling Cryocooler. BTech thesis.

., Kunal (2013) Characterization of river kosi in the monsoon of 2010-12. BTech thesis.

Verma, Anupam Kumar and Kumar, Siddhant (2013) Characterization of sewage and design of a UASB reactor for its treatment. BTech thesis.

Pramanick, Puloma (2013) Classification of electroencephalogram (EEG) signal based on fourier transform and neural network. BTech thesis.

Islam, Shariq (2013) Code Based Analysis of Object-Oriented Systems Using Extended Control Flow Graph. BTech thesis.

Jayannavar, Prashant A. (2013) Community Detection in Networks. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshan, Soumyakant (2013) Community detection in social networks. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Rakesh Kumar and Mahapatra , Debasish (2013) Comparative study between active and hybrid power filters for power quality enhancement. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Protsahan (2013) Comparative study of different adsorbent materials in a charcoal canister. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Ritesh Kumar and Agarwal , Sharad (2013) Comparision of Iris Identification by Using modified SIFT and SURF keypoint Descriptor. BTech thesis.

Raj, Rahul (2013) Compression test of aluminium alloy at different strain rate. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Subhendu (2013) Computing Slices for Interprocedural Programs. BTech thesis.

Behera, Lokanath (2013) A conceptual design of pattern to replace investment casting. BTech thesis.

Boda, Sonal Sagar and Patra, Debashis Ranjan (2013) Condition Assessment of High Voltage Power Transformer Using Dissolved Gas Analysis. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Debabrata (2013) Control System Design of Tilt Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). BTech thesis.

Dora, Gouri Shankar and Madhulita, Monali (2013) Control techniques for power system stabilisation. BTech thesis.

Das, Srinit and Pal, UpasanaPriyadarsini (2013) Controller design for vehicle heading control. BTech thesis.

Karnal, Prashanth B and Karthik, Santhosh and Sethi , Dibyajyoti (2013) Conversion of a circumferentially cracked pipe into a beam and prediction of fatigue crack propagation in a beam using FRANC 2D. BTech thesis.

Asif, Mohammad (2013) Development of Cost Estimation Tool. BTech thesis.

Rout, Akash and Srivastav, Rallapalli (2013) Crack identification in beams. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Siba Prasad (2013) Critical review of beach sand mining in india-with particular reference to chhatrapur sand complex (OSCOM) in odisha-a case study. BTech thesis.

Soren , Sangita (2013) Deciphering molecular mechanism of amyloid inhibition through docking studies between amyloid beta peptide and selected small molecules. BTech thesis.

Das, Pratik (2013) Decision-making scenario towards Supply chain performance assessment in Fuzzy Context. BTech thesis.

Anurag, Anup (2013) Decoupled control strategy of grid interactive inverter system with optimal LCL filter design. BTech thesis.

Sampark , P. and Majhi , Goutam Kumar (2013) Deformation Induced Phase Transformation of 304L Stainless Steel and its Structural Characterization. BTech thesis.

Ghosal, Samik (2013) Densification and mechanical characterization of pure and doped hydroxyapatite. BTech thesis.

Chirmaxo, S.Styline and Singh, Keshav Kumar (2013) Desigin of wireless weather monitoring system. BTech thesis.

Hansdah, Rajeev (2013) Design and fabrication of permeability apparatus for determination of permeability of porous ceramics. BTech thesis.

Parveen, Arifa (2013) Design and FPGA Implementation of a Digital Signal Processor. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Bikash Chandra and Samant, Sanjay Kumar (2013) Design and power estimation of booth multiplier using different adder architectures. BTech thesis.

Jain, Suman and Rana, Jyoti Prakash (2013) Design and Simulation of some Controllers for Speed Control of Chopper fed DC Motor. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Abhilash and Mishra, Pinaki (2013) Design of temperature controllers using labview. BTech thesis.

Swain, Rakesh and Mohapatra, Soumya Ranjan (2013) Design of a Controller for Simultaneous Control of Multiple Systems in Wireless Scenario. BTech thesis.

Patra, Manoj Kumar (2013) Design of a GSM based digital door lock. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Toshali (2013) Design of a hybrid electric vehicle. BTech thesis.

Swami, Purushottam (2013) Design of a Simulator for finding K-best Energy Efficient Paths in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks. BTech thesis.

Fathah, Abdul (2013) Design of a Boost Converter. BTech thesis.

Chandra, Chanchal (2013) Design of Blind Signature Protocol Based upon DLP. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhay (2013) Design of Centrifugal Casting Experimental Setup for Fabrication of Alumina Tube. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Stutee and Swain, Manisha (2013) Design of CORDIC-based Digital Protective Relay. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Chandan and Gaihre, Arjun (2013) Design of e-shaped dielectric resonator antenna for ultra wideband (UWB) applications. BTech thesis.

Pangeni, Balkrishna (2013) Design of Headwork for Lower Nagavali Irrigation Project. BTech thesis.

Anand, Abhishek and Minz, Avinash (2013) Design of high performance class B push pull amplifier. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Manish (2013) Design of microcontroller based temperature controller. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Sandeep Kumar and Halder, Abhishek (2013) Design of Microstrip Log Periodic Antenna for Wireless Applications. BTech thesis.

Gantayet, Ajay and Rout, Debashis (2013) Design of Pentagonal Fractal Antenna for Ultra Wideband Applications. BTech thesis.

Behera, Soumya Ranjan and Meher, Thabir Kumar (2013) Design of single ended primary inductor DC-DC converter. BTech thesis.

Singh, Vikrant Dev (2013) Design of systematic support system for development and depillaring in underground coal mines. BTech thesis.

Atal, Oshin and Sharma, Tanya (2013) Design of ultra small microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication applications. BTech thesis.

Singh , Harshdeep (2013) Design of water level controller using fuzzy logic system. BTech thesis.

Muduli , Siddharth (2013) Designing a wavelength specific color perception test for just noticeable difference in color domain. BTech thesis.

Panda, Anusman and Singh Harsh, Manjeet (2013) Detecting a Stationary Target on an Undirected Network. BTech thesis.

Seth, Mohan (2013) Detection of Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Satyendra (2013) Determination of thermal conductivity of tissue mimicking gel. BTech thesis.

Priyadarsini, Lopamudra (2013) Developement of Low Cost Water purification Technique. BTech thesis.

Naik, Ashok Kumar (2013) Developing a location based reminder application on android platform. BTech thesis.

Baran, Nirod (2013) Development and charecterization of soy lecithin and palm oil based organogels. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Prateik (2013) Development of acid resistant bricks using waste materials. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Partha (2013) Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed to locate the position of a projectile’s termination using image processing algorithms. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Gaurav and Pradhan, Ashish Kumar and Goyal, Avin and Neeraj, Nitesh Kumar (2013) Development of Automated Purchase System for NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Upasana (2013) Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application. BTech thesis.

Pattanayak , Suchi Sraba (2013) Development of efficient power supply for microprocessors using zero voltage switching. BTech thesis.

Dewangan, Tikendra (2013) Development of Exponential Model to Find Fatigue Crack Growth and Residual Life for Constant Amplitude Loading. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Binapani (2013) Development of giant liposomal formulation for drug delivery and tissue engineering application. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Sampad and Nandan, Rohit (2013) Development of IP core for SATA communication on FPGA. BTech thesis.

Singh, Yengkhom Hollender (2013) Development of Mn-Zn Ferrite by controlling its microstructure. BTech thesis.

Baral, Sanjib Kumar and Dash, Sourav (2013) Development of Time-Stamped Signcryption Scheme and its Application in E-Cash System. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Sandeepa and Patel, Priyesh (2013) Diagnosis of ECG arrhythmias in wireless telecardiology. BTech thesis.

Majhi , Swayam (2013) Dielectric and Magnetic behaviour of Substituted Strontium M-Hexagonal Ferrite. BTech thesis.

sahu, Biswajit (2013) Dielectric and microstructure behavior of LSMO: cobalt ferrite nanocomposite. BTech thesis.

Singh, Pushpendra (2013) Dielectric Properties of Intergrowth Ferroelectrics in the System Bi2.5Nam-1.5NbmO3m+3 (m= 2, 3 & 4). BTech thesis.

Panda, Soumya Ranjan (2013) Distributed Slack Bus Model for Qualitative Economic Load Dispatch. BTech thesis.

kumar, B.prithiraj amitesh (2013) Dump slope stability analysis. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Amit Kumar and Marathe, Rigved Dattatraya (2013) Dynamic Event Driven Fault Diagnosis for Distributed Networks. BTech thesis.

Nayak , Pravasish (2013) Effect of copper on the initial stage sintering of alumina. BTech thesis.

Kedia, Ankit (2013) Effect of Electrolyte on Adsorption of Dye at Clay – water Interface. BTech thesis.

Ghose , Subhojeet (2013) Effect of Filler material replacement on the properties of high alumina conventional castables. BTech thesis.

Daspattanayak, Tusharkanta and Mohanty, Kaibalya (2013) Effect of heat treatment on wear properties of plain carbon steel. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ashish Kumar and ChandraPrakash, Suluganti (2013) Effect of impulse voltage on solid insulation. BTech thesis.

Ranjan , Atul and Ranjan, Manindra (2013) Effect of Isothermal Annealing Temperature and Cooling Rate on Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron. BTech thesis.

Kumari , Suprita (2013) Effect of nano clay and nano zirconia addition on the properties of Alumina Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Panda , Abhishek (2013) Effect of shape, size and content on the effective thermal conductivity BeO filled polymer composites. BTech thesis.

Goenka, Mahesh and Naik, Abhishek (2013) Effect of size distribution and water content on properties of iron ore pellets. BTech thesis.

Mehta, Gaurav and Patra, Hrushikesh (2013) Effect of size, temperature and strain rate on deformation behavior of nickel nanowires: A molecular dynamics simulation study. BTech thesis.

Tarai , Smrutyunjaya and Rohith , V.K. (2013) Effect of spires on boundary layer growth. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Sujasha and Gupta, Savita (2013) Effect of thermal shock and loading rate on the microstructure and properties of Cu/Al2O3 composites. BTech thesis.

kumari, Snehlata (2013) Effect of TiO2 Addition in Al2O3: Phase Evolution, Densification, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Shubhashish (2013) Effective thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filled with red mud powder. BTech thesis.

Phanindra, Srungavarapu Durga and Reddy, Ankireddypalle Hema Sagar (2013) Electrochemical analysis of austenitic stainless steel of type 304L SS in nitric acid medium. BTech thesis.

Parhi, Priyabrat and Bhoi, Prabhupad (2013) Embedded system development for Tsunmi detection. BTech thesis.

Dash, Anwesha and Jain, Karishma (2013) Energy Efficient Dynamic Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad hoc Networks. BTech thesis.

Yadav , Sunil (2013) Energy from municipal waste using a gasifier. BTech thesis.

Patra , Prasanta Kumar (2013) Engineering properties of warm mix asphalt using emulsion as an additive. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Sourav Kumar (2013) Engineering properties of warm mix asphalt using synthetic zeolite as an additive. BTech thesis.

Sundaray , Preetam (2013) Environmental Flow. BTech thesis.

Agarwal , Piyush (2013) Estimation of bicycle level of service for urban indian roads. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Sambhu (2013) Estimation of pedestrian level of service for indian roads. BTech thesis.

Bengani, Saurav Kumar (2013) Estimation of power system frequency. BTech thesis.

Nag, Soumyakant (2013) Evaluation of dragline mining in Indian coal mines. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra , Saswat (2013) Evaluation of performance of flax fiber in the SMA mix using slag as aggregate replacement. BTech thesis.

Agrawal , Parbesh (2013) Evaluation of surface roughness and MRR of EN18 steel tool in EDM process. BTech thesis.

Reddy, Challa Dinesh (2013) Evaluation of Truck Dispatch System and its Application using GPS in Opencast Mines- a Case Study of Indian Mines. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Debidayal and Singh, Sachchidanand (2013) Experimental and Numerical evaluation of mine pillar design. BTech thesis.

Meher, Samikshya and Nayak, Nishant (2013) Experimental and numerical study on vibration and buckling characteristics of laminated composite plates. BTech thesis.

Hembram, Seeta (2013) Experimental Determination of Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Tissue Mimicking Gel. BTech thesis.

Mahato, Tapas Kumar (2013) Experimental investigation of microdrilling operation of printed circuit board. BTech thesis.

Kumar, K Sayan (2013) Experimental investigation of MRR and surface roughness of EN-18 steel in ECM. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Samir Kumar (2013) Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Augmentation using Triangular Wavy Tape (TWT) As Inserts For Tube Side Flow Of Liquids. BTech thesis.

Sandha, Jasobanta (2013) Experimental studies on hydrodynamic behaviour of flow through a tube with Triangular Wavy Tapes (TWT). BTech thesis.

Bal, Satarupa (2013) Experimental validation of ZVS boost converter with resonant circuit for low power photovoltaic applications. BTech thesis.

Joshi, Kundan (2013) Fabrication and Characterization of a Perfusion Bioreactor for Interface Tissue Engineering. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Sasmita (2013) Fabrication and Characterization of a Silk-HA Based Scaffold for Multi-compartmental B-L-B Graft. BTech thesis.

Dash , Shreeram Jyoti (2013) Fabrication of Few Layer Graphene/ZrO2 composite powders. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Shatabdi (2013) Fabrication of abrasive jet machine. BTech thesis.

Naaz, Farha (2013) Fabrication of chitosan based nanofibers by electrospinning and their characterisation. BTech thesis.

Acharya, Tilak and Sahoo, Sunit Kumar (2013) Face Recognition Using PCA and DCT Based Approach. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Nishikanta and Das, Anurag (2013) Fault Discrimination in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Bansal, Manish (2013) Feature Detection using S-Transform. BTech thesis.

Kintali , Vinod and Dandapati , Hareesh (2013) FEM Analysis of Stiffened Plates using ANSYS. BTech thesis.

Sukla, Biswa Prakash (2013) FEM Analysis on Circular Stiffened plates using ANSYS. BTech thesis.

Behera, Swayatt (2013) Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Hot Turning Operation. BTech thesis.

Behera, Ranjeet and Pradhan, Abhisek (2013) FPGA Implementation of RSA algorithm and to develop a crypto based security system. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Swarup Kumar and Muankhia, Sadhna (2013) FPGA implementation of UTMI and protocol layer of USB 2.0. BTech thesis.

Sethy, Nivedita (2013) Wireless alarm system using AVR microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Kanar, Ashish Kumar (2013) Free vibration of 1-D and 2-D skeletal structures. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Madhusmita and Singh, Smrutidhara (2013) Fuzzy logic control of induction motor drive for performance improvement. BTech thesis.

Malik, Alok and Nayak, Biswabhusan (2013) Virtual instrument based fault detection in three phase circuit. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Shibani Shankar (2013) Vibrational analysis of a simply supported beam with crack. BTech thesis.

., Ravi (2013) Vibration and Buckling Behaviour of Laminated Composite Plate. BTech thesis.

Nial, Tophan and Reddy, Gogireddy Ravindra and Gaihre, Kosish (2013) Vibration Analysis of Rotor Shaft System using Journal Bearing. BTech thesis.

Jee, Devraj and Patel, Nikhar (2013) V/f Control of Induction Motor Drive. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Ansuman and Behura , Rajesh (2013) GSM based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System. BTech thesis.

Barpanda, Siddharth Sekhar (2013) Use of Image Processing Techniques to Automatically Diagnose Sickle-Cell Anemia Present in Red Blood Cells Smear. BTech thesis.

Panda, Adyasha (2013) Habitat Monitoring using wireless sensor networks. BTech thesis.

Naik , Milan (2013) Urban sprawl of Bhubaneswar city using GIS applications and entropy. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Jasmine and Tarai, Chidananda (2013) Hand Gesture Based Surveillance Robot. BTech thesis.

Panda, Nishith (2013) Uncertainty modeling of ore body and grades using single normal equation simulation and sequential gaussian simulation: an application to an iron ore mine. BTech thesis.

Garnaik, Sambit (2013) Ultra-wideband Pulse Generator for Radar System. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Bhabesh (2013) Two phase fluidization of coarse materials in a tapered fluidized bed. BTech thesis.

Subhash, Nerella Venkata Siva Sai (2013) Tribology of alumina nano composites. BTech thesis.

Singhal, Shikha and Singhal , Shalakha (2013) Hand Gesture Recognition using Depth Data for Indian Sign Language. BTech thesis.

Singh, Digvijay (2013) Tribological behaviour of zirconium di-oxide ceramic. BTech thesis.

Dhakal, Pushpa narayan and Singh, Digvijay (2013) Tribological behaviour of zirconium di-oxide ceramic. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Priyanka and Samal, Tripti (2013) Heel-Strike Detection for Angle Invariant Gait Pattern Recognition. BTech thesis.

Gautam, Chinmaya (2013) Topology Control in Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
using K-Means Clustering.
BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Ripu Sudan and Hembram, Sachin (2013) To Study The Reduction And Swelling Behaviour Of Iron Ore Pellets. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Dillip kumar and Rajesh kumar , Palai (2013) To study the effect of strain rate on tensile properties and high cycle fatigue behaviour of if steel. BTech thesis.

Mund, Rachna (2013) Titania Nanoparticles for the Intracellular Delivery of Paclitaxel in Breast Cancers. BTech thesis.

Behera, Sauvagya (2013) Hydrodyamic study of newtonian fluid flow over a sphere using CFD models. BTech thesis.

Mohanta , Yayati Kishore (2013) Hydrodynamics stydy of conventionl (cylindrical) fluidized bed at ambient temperature. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Saurabh (2013) Theoretical Analysis of Mixed Gas Adsorption Behaviour of
(CH4+CO2) on Metal Organic Framework (MOF).
BTech thesis.

Singh, Vishal and Panda, Abhijit (2013) Hydrogeochemical study in and around malanjkhand copper mine. BTech thesis.

Panda, Siddhant (2013) The Determination of Minimum Bubbling Velocity, Minimum
Fluidization velocity and Fluidization Index of Fine Powders
using Gas-Solid Tapered Beds.
BTech thesis.

Gayari, Abhinav (2013) Hydrological analysis and design of Headworks of Jeera Irrigation Project. BTech thesis.

Dash, Apurv (2013) Synthesis of Nd:YAG Nanopowder for transparent ceramics. BTech thesis.

Behera, Bibhu Prasad and Jena, Saroj Kumar (2013) Synthesis of Nano-Structured Stainless Steel
Powder by Mechanical Alloying and
BTech thesis.

Reddy, Anandigari Bharath Kumar and Tudu, Siba Prasad (2013) Image Restoration Techniques. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sudhir Kumar and Horo, Rajan (2013) Synthesis of Nano-dispersed TiO2 Zirconium Based Alloy by
Mechanical Alloying.
BTech thesis.

Ray, Saimon (2013) Synthesis of grapite-sic microcomposite
and its effect on the mechanical strength of tempered magnesiacarbon
BTech thesis.

Mahaling, Kumuda Ranjan (2013) Synthesis of dibenzyl sulphide by using PEG-6000 as a green catalyst. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Akshay (2013) Synthesis and sintering of alumina precursor powder prepared in hydroxyhydrogel form. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Arpit (2013) Synthesis and Characterization of barium titanate-cobalt ferrite composite. BTech thesis.

Singh , Gaurav (2013) Implementation of Traditional and Non-Traditional Optimization Algorithms for Heat Exchanger Design. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Jyotiprakash and Pati , Pushpak (2013) Implementation of genetic algorithm based fuzzy logic controller with automatic rule extraction in FPGA. BTech thesis.

Mahamallik, Amlan (2013) Synthesis and Characterization of Porous Activated Carbon from a new Precursor(karanja oil cake). BTech thesis.

Ekka, Amrit (2013) Simulation Of Vehicular Movement in VANET. BTech thesis.

Maity, Sabarna and Sabarna, Sambal Shashank (2013) Synthesis and Characterization of Zn-Al2O3Composite. BTech thesis.

Ray, Ray (2013) Swarm Optmization Algorithms for Face Recognition. BTech thesis.

Madhaw, Sunny (2013) Surface Modification by Electro-Discharge Coating (EDC) with WC-Cu P/M Electrode Tool. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Abhijit (2013) Suitability Study of Surface Miner in Indian Coal Mines. BTech thesis.

Jena, Ankita (2013) Improved authentication mechanism based on elliptic curve cryptography. BTech thesis.

Singh, Manish (2013) Suitability study of ripper-dozer combination in Indian mines. BTech thesis.

Naik, Saroj Kumar (2013) Study the Effect of Compact Pressure of P/M Tool Electrode on Electro Discharge Coating (EDC) Process. BTech thesis.

Behera, Amulya Kumar (2013) Study On the Effect Of Various Catalysts For Biomass Gasification Process. BTech thesis.

Suman, Shashwat (2013) Improving Influenced Outlierness(INFLO) Outlier Detection Method. BTech thesis.

V, Vinay (2013) Study on Mechanical Behaviour of Surface
treated Coir Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites.
BTech thesis.

Sahu, Biswajit (2013) Study of Washability Characteristics of Some Indian Coals. BTech thesis.

Brahma , Ritiritao (2013) In silico structure prediction of γ-secretase: a key enzyme in Alzheimer’s disease. BTech thesis.

Sreevathsanath, Kolli Surya (2013) Study of various parameters in diesel-generator sets. BTech thesis.

Singh, Shashwat (2013) Study of the Effect of Different Nucleating Agents
On Lithium Alumino-Silicate Glass-Ceramic System.
BTech thesis.

Sahu, Jagannatha (2013) Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Nishith Nirvan (2013) Study of System Identification method Using Adaptive Filter and Neural Network. BTech thesis.

Prasad, B.N.V. Siva (2013) Study of Strata Behaviour in Blasting Gallery Panel in Coal Mines. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Ajit Kumar (2013) Study of Strata and Support Behaviour of a Longwall Mine. BTech thesis.

Chakravarty, Raj (2013) Study of Stability of Overburden Dumps Mixed with Flyash in an Opencast Coal Mine. BTech thesis.

Bala , Shiban Kanti (2013) Study of Smart Grid Technology and Its Development in Indian
BTech thesis.

Sethi, Sachin Kumar (2013) Study of Segmentation Techniques for Medical Images. BTech thesis.

Sial , Sambit Kumar (2013) Study of safety at public places and roads. BTech thesis.

Dutta , Rohan and Das , Rupak (2013) Study of PLC and Its Application In A Smart Traffic Control System. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Abhilash and Sahu, Subhransu Sekhar (2013) Intelligent Fuzzy Logic based controller scheme for a mobile robot navigation. BTech thesis.

Patra , Suvendhu Kumar (2013) Study of Physical and Thermal Behaviour of Epoxy
Composites filled with Blast Furnace Slag.
BTech thesis.

Avisek, M.P. and ., Shubham (2013) Study of Input Power Factor Correction in Single Phase AC-DC Circuit Using Parallel Boost Converter. BTech thesis.

., Prateek (2013) Intrusion Detection Using Self-Training Support Vector Machines. BTech thesis.

Singh , Rajat and Meena, Devendra Singh (2013) Study of image denoising using curvelet transform. BTech thesis.

Behura, Satya Soumendra (2013) Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Microchannels using
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Models.
BTech thesis.

Dhir, Satarupa (2013) Study of flow of granular solids through horizontal orifices. BTech thesis.

Parashar, Siddhartha Basudeb and Bisoyi , Sunil Kumar (2013) Investigation on Fires in Coal Mines and Approach for Prevention – Case Study. BTech thesis.

Dhir, Satarupa (2013) Study of flow of granular solids through horizontal orifices. BTech thesis.

Das, Suraj Kumar (2013) Study of Flexural Behaviour of Jeffcott Rotor. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Satish (2013) Study of flexural and compressive strength of glass fiber reinforced graphite composite. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Abhimanyu Kumar and Patro, Rupali (2013) Study of Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithms
for Wireless Sensor Network.
BTech thesis.

Soni, Ajeet Kumar (2013) Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing bacteria from oil contaminated soil. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Jyoti Ranjan (2013) Study of Distance-Based Outlier Detection Methods. BTech thesis.

Patra , Manas Ranjan (2013) study of adaptive signal processing. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Lalit Madhab and Pradhan, Anshuman (2013) Study and Analysis of different types of comparator. BTech thesis.

., Rakesh Ranjan (2013) K-Nearest Leader Follower Classifier. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Pratyasha and Sahoo , Swayam Prakash (2013) Studies on Erosion Wear Behaviour of Al-3Mg-10SiC Composite. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Akash (2013) Kinetics studies in synthesis of dibenzyl sulphide in liquid-liquid-solid mode. BTech thesis.

Rastogi, Anurag and Gupta, Kirti (2013) Student Attendance Through Mobile Devices. BTech thesis.

Munda, Duryodhan (2013) The effect of bamboo fiber on the performance of stone matrix asphalt using SLAG as aggregate replacement. BTech thesis.

Khetan , Rohit (2013) Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Susanta (2013) Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. BTech thesis.

., Choppakalyan (2013) Laser coating of titanium carbide on stainless steel substrate. BTech thesis.

Mohanta, Malay Kumar (2013) Lean Metric Evaluation in Fuzzy Environment. BTech thesis.

Majhi , Bikash Kumar (2013) Static and Dynamic analysis of Functionally Graded Flat Panels. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Santanu Kumar (2013) Static and Buckling analysis of Laminated Sandwich Plates with Orthotropic Core using FEM. BTech thesis.

Behera , Anil Kumar and Kumar , Satender (2013) Stabilizer Design for a Two Area Power System Network. BTech thesis.

Patel , Sumeet Sekhar and Mohapatra, Swastik (2013) Stabilisation of Fe based nano-structures developed
through mechanical milling.
BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Shaktisri Anilranjan (2013) Link Prediction in Social Networks. BTech thesis.

Sarangi , Ankita (2013) Liposome formation by adipose tissue derived lipids and its applications. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Suseet (2013) Liquid drop dynamics under the effect of an induced horizontal wettability gradient. BTech thesis.

Duwary, Bijoy Kumar (2013) Liquid drop movement over an inclined surface using Volume of Fluid model with finite volume method. BTech thesis.

Sethy , Badal Kumar and Sinha , Abhishek Kumar (2013) Speed Control of DC Motor Using Chopper. BTech thesis.

krishna, Yendeti Sai and Narayana, V (2013) spectrum sensing schemes for cognitive radio
BTech thesis.

Agrawal , Shwetank and Kumar , Durgit (2013) Load flow solution for meshed distribution networks. BTech thesis.

Choudhary, Sundeep (2013) Some properties of flyash for mine backfilling. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Pranab (2013) Load frequency control in a single area power system. BTech thesis.

Behera, Sandeep (2013) Solution To Constrained Economic Load Dispatch. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pamarthi Kranthi and Ojha , Ritika (2013) Solar Tracker System for PV Module. BTech thesis.

Sisodia, Anirudha (2013) Soil and Water Quality Monitoring in Opencast Mines. BTech thesis.

Singhal, Aneesh and Kadiyan, Abhimanyu (2013) Location and extent of cohesive zone in the blast furnace as related to the degree of reduction of iron ore pellets/iron ore. BTech thesis.

Parija, Anwesha (2013) Low cement high alumina castables: Effect of distribution coefficients. BTech thesis.

Pandey, A K (2013) Simulation of traffic movement in vanet using sumo. BTech thesis.

Ansari, Mazhar Husain (2013) Simulation of effects of various parameters in solid waste gasification in a fixed bed reactor. BTech thesis.

Samal, Anil Kumar (2013) Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design Using CFD Tools. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Pratyusa kumar (2013) Self-Balancing Bot Using Concept of Inverted Pendulum. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra , Siddharth (2013) Self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles from sessile evaporating drops. BTech thesis.

T, Aswin Prabhu (2013) Seismic Evaluation of 4-Story Reinforced Concrete Structure by Non-Linear Static Pushover Analysis. BTech thesis.

Pratheek, Bellam and kar, Rishit (2013) Seismic Design of Multistoried and Multi Bay Steel Building Frame. BTech thesis.

Mandal, Shambhu Nath (2013) Seismic Analysis of Open Ground Story Framed Building. BTech thesis.

Bhaumik, Manotapa (2013) Seismic Analysis and FRP Jacketing of 4-storey RC Building. BTech thesis.

Sharma , Ankesh and Bhadra, Biswobhanu (2013) Seismic Analysis and Design Of Vertically Irregular RC Building Frames. BTech thesis.

Tudu, Anjana (2013) Schedulability Analysis of periodic task of uniprocessor system on Real Time System. BTech thesis.

Marandi, Amit Kumar (2013) Scalability planning for reconfigurable manufacturing system using simulated annealing. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Anshuman (2013) Machine loading in a flexible manufacturing system. BTech thesis.

Pattnaik, Ashutosh and Ranjan, Rajiv (2013) Robotic Arm Control Through Human Arm Movement using Accelerometers. BTech thesis.

Bhardwaj, Gautam (2013) Measurment of electrical conductivity of natural fiber composite. BTech thesis.

Anilkumar, Karri (2013) Face recognition using DCT and PCA approach. BTech thesis.

Sethi , Siba Sankar (2013) production of bio fuel from pyrolysis of Jatropha seed. BTech thesis.

Das , Manas Ranjan (2013) Rheological behavior of clay water slurry in the presence of cationic surfactants and Electrolytes. BTech thesis.

Sowmya , Tontepu Naga and Marandi, Debati (2013) Optimal filter design and switching loss reduction in single phase grid connected Inverter system. BTech thesis.

Samantaray, Devadutta and Pattnaik, Debasmita and Sahu, Bonani (2013) Microcontroller based implementation of a fuzzy knowledge based controller. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Shashikant and Reddy, Bojja Rahul (2013) Resource Allocation Policy for Virtualized Network Interfaces. BTech thesis.

Navyanth , Kusampudi (2013) Minimization of defects in aluminium alloy castings using SQC. BTech thesis.

Biswas , Ritam (2013) Removal of methylene blue dye using oil cake (karanja). BTech thesis.

Agarwal , Kumud (2013) Removal of Dyes Using Conventional and Advanced Adsorbents Advanced Adsorbents. BTech thesis.

Basireddy, Sashidhar Reddy (2013) Relation of proximate analysis with DTA due to spontaneous heating of some Indian coals. BTech thesis.

Swain, Saumya Kanta (2013) Recycling of Waste Tyres: A Possible Option for Deriving Energy. BTech thesis.

guiya, Jogeswar (2013) Recycling of fire clay waste material in triaxial composition. BTech thesis.

Kanth, Chaganti Sarath and Mayor, Tejas Anishwar (2013) Modeling and design of an audio amplifier system. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Sanjay Kumar and Pal , Siddharth (2013) Recrystallization Texture Development in CP-Titanium. BTech thesis.

Kerketta, Suraj (2013) Modeling for the Steady State Production of Large Open Cast Mines- Case Study. BTech thesis.

Pathak, Apurva (2013) Recognition using SIFT and its Variants on Improved Segmented Iris. BTech thesis.

Manadhata, Chitransu (2013) Modeling for the steady state production of large open cast mines- case study. BTech thesis.

Swain , swaraj Preet and Dalai, Srilokanath (2013) Real time pedestrian detection and tracking for driver
assistance systems.
BTech thesis.

Mishra, Debashis (2013) Modeling of breakdown voltage of solid insulating material using artificial neural network. BTech thesis.

Ray, Sachet and Gupta, Aditya Kumar (2013) Modeling of calibration circuit for partial discharge measurement. BTech thesis.

Saigal, Chirag (2013) Reaction Sintered Zircon-Dolomite Compositions for Insulating Refractories. BTech thesis.

., Divya and Kamal, Zeba (2013) Ratcheting Behaviour of Nano-Scale Copper by Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations. BTech thesis.

Gunda , Suman and B.V.S , Pavan Kumar and M , Sagar Kumar (2013) Modeling, Analysis and Design of Synchronous Buck Converter Using State Space Averaging Technique for PV Energy System. BTech thesis.

Chand , Subhasis and Patro , Asutosh (2013) Range Finder and score Database for Golf Applications. BTech thesis.

Das, Swagat and Jena, Swastik (2013) Radar Pulse Compression Using Frequency Modulated Signal. BTech thesis.

Dhanuka , Raghav (2013) Modelling of doubly fed induction generator based wind turbine. BTech thesis.

Seal , Suprabhat (2013) Pyrolysis of cotton seed and characterization of the liquid product. BTech thesis.

Kanungo, Sibasish (2013) Modelling of loads in power flow analysis. BTech thesis.

Bal , Pramod Kumar (2013) Production of 500 Tons per Day of Pure Hydrogen Gas from Refinery Off-Gas Stream. BTech thesis.

Prasad , Alisha (2013) Production and Utilization of Fly Ash Based Biofertillizers in Plant Growth. BTech thesis.

Nag, Saurendra and Talluri, Neeradh (2013) Processing, Microstructure and Properties of Micro and Nano Alumina Reinforced Aluminium Composites. BTech thesis.

Abhishek, Sonu (2013) Processing, characterization and mechanical behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Raj , Shammy (2013) Processing and Characterization of Titanium-Hydroxyapatite
Metal Matrix Composite for Biomedical Applications.
BTech thesis.

Jha, Prasanna Chandra (2013) Processing and Characterization of Ball Milled Magnesium for Biomedical Implant. BTech thesis.

Kattamuri , Venkatesh (2013) Process Flow Sheet Simulation of Hydrogen Production Using Sulfur-Iodine Cycle. BTech thesis.

Reddy , Kotha Pruthvi (2013) Process Fault Analysis Using Signed Directed Graphs and Fuzzy Logic. BTech thesis.

Rout , Prakash Ranjan (2013) Preparation of TiO2-ZrO2-Y2O3 composite for load bearing implants. BTech thesis.

Mishra , Debesh (2013) Preparation of Soap Using Different Types of Oils and Exploring its Properties. BTech thesis.

Sethy , Amit (2013) Preparation of oxalic acid from molasses. BTech thesis.

Ranjan , Debesh Kumar (2013) Preparation of Ceramic Membranes for Effluent Treatment. BTech thesis.

Das , Swagatika (2013) Preparation of magnesium aluminate spinel by auto combustion route using glycine as fuel and densification study with Cr2O3 addition. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Raj Amrit (2013) Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning Operation to Reduce Tool Vibration and Cutting Forces. BTech thesis.

Baidya , Sudip Sukla (2013) Preparation and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite – Zirconia Composite. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Shilpi (2013) Preparation and Characterization of Barium
Strontium Titanate Ceramics by Gel- Combustion Technique.
BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prashanta Kumar (2013) Preparation and characterization of Sr Substituted BaBi2Nb2O9 Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Gautam (2013) Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting and Geometric parameters in turning operation to Reduce Cutting forces and Surface Roughness. BTech thesis.

Jena, Sampreeti (2013) Multi-Objective Optimization of the Design Parameters of a Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger Based on Economic and Size Consideration. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra , Sidhartha (2013) Power Upgradation by Simultaneous AC-DC Power Transmission System. BTech thesis.

Kushwaha, Shreeram (2013) Multiobjective optimization of cluster measures in Microarray Cancer data using Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Clustering. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Subhransu and Bebarta, Siddharth Shankar (2013) Power Quality Improvement in 3 – Phase System Using Shunt Active Filter. BTech thesis.

Singh , Bibhu Pratap and Singh , Sumit Kumar and Tarai , Sourav Ranjan (2013) Power Quality Assessment Using Signal Processing and Soft Computing Approach. BTech thesis.

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Drum Level Control Using LabVIEW.
BTech thesis.

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Joshi , Mayank (2013) Optimization of Micromillingprocess Using Grey Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Bican , Lokesh Kumar (2013) Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining
Parameters Using Genetic Algorithm Technique.
BTech thesis.

Sowmya, Tontepu Naga and Marandi, Debati (2013) Optimal filter design and switching loss reduction in single phase grid connected inverter system. BTech thesis.

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ent industrial processes using SIMULINK.
BTech thesis.

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Sahoo, A G (2014) A decision support framework towards benchmarking of enterprise (supply chain) agility: an empirical research. BTech thesis.

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Majeti, Sriram (2014) A Multisignature Scheme with Distinguished Signing Authorities. BTech thesis.

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Kumar , A (2014) A study on mechanical behaviour of hair fiber reinforced epoxy composites. BTech thesis.

K otesh, Banoth (2014) A Study on Vehicle Trajectory Analysis. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Swagat Chandan (2014) Accident analysis and development of crash prediction model of mid size city. BTech thesis.

Mishra, S and Sahoo, T R (2014) A survey on group signature schemes. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Swagat Chandan (2014) Accident analysis and development of crash prediction model of mid size city. BTech thesis.

Singh, Indrajeet and Nag, Rahul Anand (2014) Acid Base Accounting of Mine Waste. BTech thesis.

Patra, Abhijeet and Chaluvadhi, Arun Kumar (2014) Acoustic Beam forming and Speech Recognition using Microphone Array. BTech thesis.

Singh, S K (2014) Adsorption of dye by natural and modified wood dust. BTech thesis.

Swain, B K (2014) Adsorption studies of phenol using activated carbon prepared from groundnut shell. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, A (2014) Alumina silicon oxycarbide hybrids. BTech thesis.

Ojha, B (2014) An in silico approach to analyse imatinib analogues as effective protein kinase inhibitors against BCR-ABL in chronic myeloid leukemia. BTech thesis.

Jha, A (2014) An in silico approach towards acute myeloid leukemia (with FLT3-ITD mutation) therapy using HSP90 as target. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, V (2014) An in silico approach towards cancer therapy using tumor PKM2 as target. BTech thesis.

Sarangi, Prakash (2014) An Indigenous Automated GupChup Machine. BTech thesis.

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Mishra, R and Dash, A (2014) An investigation on texture property correlation in annealed CP-Titanium. BTech thesis.

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Swain, Tapan Kumar and Baid, Vaibhav (2014) Analog fabrication of PID controller. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Debasish (2014) Analysis and Implementation of Admissible Heuristics in 8 Puzzle Problem. BTech thesis.

mohanty, A and Sahoo, A (2014) Analysis and Simulation of Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive. BTech thesis.

Dileep, K and Rao, C M (2014) Analysis of collaborative filtering algorithms. BTech thesis.

Singh, A K (2014) Analysis of Combustion and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fueled With Ethanol as an Alternate Fuel. BTech thesis.

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Sahoo, S K (2014) Analysis of Routing Protocols for a Wired Network. BTech thesis.

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Sahoo, S (2014) Analysis of traffic noise. BTech thesis.

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Naik, Lalit Ranjan (2014) CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger with constant heat flux boundary condition. BTech thesis.

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Shrivastava, S (2014) Water quality analysis of water bodies of Kantajhar
BTech thesis.

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Samal, D P (2014) Characterization of activated carbon and study of adsorption of methylene blue dye using activated carbon. BTech thesis.

Das, Smrutirekha (2014) Characterization o f activated carbon of coconut
shell,rice husk and karanja oil cake.
BTech thesis.

Nagorao, Sugave Dattaram (2014) Characterization of garlic skin and its evaluation as biomaterial. BTech thesis.

Pragnya, P and Sarma, S (2014) Measurement of synthetic high alumina blast furnace
slags in the laboratory.
BTech thesis.

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., Shambhavi (2014) Chemical characterization of active components derived from garlic scales and their potential applications in Tissue Engineering. BTech thesis.

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Baxla, M A (2014) Comparative study of similarity measures for item based top n recommendation. BTech thesis.

Nayak , S K (2014) Comparative study of machinability characteristics during machining nimonic c-263 with uncoated and cvd multicoated carbide inserts. BTech thesis.

Paramanik, Subhasish (2014) Comparison of Zero Knowledge Authentication Protocols. BTech thesis.

Nath, K (2014) Use of multicomponent fluid for waste heat recovery using kalina cycle. BTech thesis.

Sethi, R K (2014) Use of adaptive methods to improve degraded document images. BTech thesis.

Senthooran, Ravikumar (2014) Computational Fluid Flow analysis in Cryogenic Turbo expander. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, R (2014) Computing static slices using reduced graph. BTech thesis.

Pati, G K (2014) Two dimensional analytical threshold voltage modeling of dual material gate S-SOI mosfet. BTech thesis.

Nahak, Rajat Kumar (2014) Conceptual design of casting patter. BTech thesis.

Tiwari, R and Sameer, S and P.B.S, S (2014) Tribological behaviour study of ceramic composites. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Chirag (2014) Comparative Study and Simulation of Boost Converter and Buck Converter for a Photovoltaic System. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Chirag (2014) Comparative Study and Simulation of Boost Converter and Buck Converter for a Photovoltaic System. BTech thesis.

Nayak, S (2014) Torsional rigidity in beams with arbitrary cross-sections. BTech thesis.

Kiran, G R S and Kumar, P (2014) Tool handle design for power GRIP. BTech thesis.

Niranjan, S and Shrivas , A (2014) To model breakdown voltage using artificial neural networks of solid insulating materials. BTech thesis.

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Tobgay, S (2014) The temporal analysis of area capacity curve of Hirakud reservoir. BTech thesis.

Show, Durbar (2014) Creation and Allocation of Virtual Machines for Execution of Cloudlets in Cloud Environment. BTech thesis.

Behera, S R (2014) The rheological study of slurry containing china clay and ball clay using different deflocculant. BTech thesis.

Dungdung, A J and Sethy, R K (2014) Textural and magnetic properties of cross-rolled silicon steels. BTech thesis.

Acharya, G and Pandey, S (2014) Target detection by radar using linear frequency modulation. BTech thesis.

Borah, R (2014) Synthesis of natural fiber templated high surface area nano-structured TiO2 and its application in photocatalysis. BTech thesis.

Sah, S (2014) Synthesis of dibenzyl disulfide using hydrogen sulfide and solid tri-phase catalyst. BTech thesis.

Kumar, A (2014) Synthesis and characterization of Ni(OH)2 nanopowders and NiO:8YSZ composites. BTech thesis.

Patra, S S (2014) Synthesis and characterization of cordierite based glass-ceramic. BTech thesis.

Agarwal , N and Mohanty , M (2014) Synthesis and characterization of austenitic stainless steel by mechanical alloying. BTech thesis.

Kumar, A Kiran and Pratheek, G Ram (2014) Depth and Zoom Estimation for PTZ Camera Using Stereo Vision. BTech thesis.

Padhi, A K (2014) Surface modification of 316L stainless steel by Sol-Gel method. BTech thesis.

Ranjan, R (2014) Surface modification by Electro-Discharge Coating (EDC) with Tic-Cu P/M electrode tool. BTech thesis.

Jenna, Hari (2014) Design and Analysis of fractal antenna for wireless application. BTech thesis.

Swain, D P (2014) Supplier selection in risk consideration: a fuzzy based topsis approach. BTech thesis.

Kennedy, Ombeni Kanze (2014) Design and Analysis of Fractal Antennas for wideband Apllications. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, S (2014) Study on the effect of the effect of different raw materials sources on spinelization and densification of MgO-Al2O3 spinel. BTech thesis.

Suna, Bhagyashree (2014) Design and Analysis of Laminated Composite Materials. BTech thesis.

Gupta, A (2014) Study on speed profile across speed bumps. BTech thesis.

Mallick, S (2014) Study on pulsed Nd:YAG laser butt welding of high carbon steel. BTech thesis.

Behera, Kirtidipan (2014) Design and analysis of two low power sram cell structures. BTech thesis.

Kumar, S (2014) Study on mechanical behaviour of banana fiber reinforced epoxy composites. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, S and Sahoo, B K (2014) Study on flow characteristics of primary blast furnace slag. BTech thesis.

Hansdah, B B (2014) Study on error in space speed prediction. BTech thesis.

Shrishti , Swarnim and Amrit , Anand (2014) Design and Development of a Hybrid Human Powered Vehicle. BTech thesis.

Singh, S K and Bhengraj, R (2014) Study of Zn-Sn-Al solder alloys. BTech thesis.

Chanda, Arindam (2014) Design and development of a mouse using 3d scanning(faro arm). BTech thesis.

Sah , Sudhir (2014) Design and development of a packedbed scrubber for upgradation of biogas using a closed-loop process: An
economical and environmental approach.
BTech thesis.

Gautam, A (2014) Study of various methods for the removal of arsenic contamination in groundwater. BTech thesis.

Raj, Tapas and Jena, Ashirvad (2014) Design and development of an automated paint mixing machine. BTech thesis.

Saswat, S (2014) Study of single phase shunt active power filter. BTech thesis.

Raj , Ayyagari D P Prudvi and Nayak , Devidutta (2014) Design and development of wall climbing robot. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Pallabi (2014) Design and Fabrication of a PCB for the Centralized Control Unit of a Wireless Sensor Network. BTech thesis.

Kabijeet, K and Kumar, A (2014) Study of reduction behavior of iron ore lumps by coal. BTech thesis.

Kundu, Pritam Kumar (2014) Design and fabrication of work holding device for a drilling machine. BTech thesis.

Sahu , Subhajit (2014) Design and Implementation of a Heterogeneous Sensor-based Embedded System for Flood Management. BTech thesis.

Rana, G and Badu, A J (2014) Study of power quality assessment for a photo-voltaic based Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM). BTech thesis.

Gedam, Prashant (2014) Design and Implementation of bidirectional DC DC converter fed DC motor. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Anil (2014) Design and Implementation of Stateful Packet Filtering Firewall and optimization using Binary Decision Diagram. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, S (2014) Study of hybrid energy system based on wind-diesel engine system. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anwesh and Kumar, D. Hema (2014) Design and Optimisation of Dielectric Resonator Antenna array
using PSO Technique.
BTech thesis.

Srihar, Nagadamudi and Kunchur , Vishnu (2014) Design and Optimization of Paper Bags. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Debashish and Tirkey, Ashish Kumar (2014) Design and simulation of double gate fets using atlas. BTech thesis.

Das, A and Mishra, A (2014) Study of clustering algorithms for brain computer interface using wireless sensor networks. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, I (2014) Studies on zircon-dolomite system for refractory application. BTech thesis.

Praharaj, B B (2014) Studies on treatment of sugar industry effluent using inverse fluidised bed bioreactor. BTech thesis.

Sahu, R K (2014) Studies of spontaneous heating liability of some Indian coals. BTech thesis.

Gupta, S K (2014) Studies on microbial fuel cell using rice water as substrate. BTech thesis.

Soren, B (2014) Studies on drying kinetics using fluidized bed dryer. BTech thesis.

Deoriya, J (2014) Stress analysis of knee joint and knee prosthesis. BTech thesis.

Swain, S (2014) Stress analysis of high speed turbomachine. BTech thesis.

Patra, R (2014) Statistical approach for detection of vehicle in heavy traffic. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, S (2014) Stability analysis of open PIT slope using FLAC. BTech thesis.

Nayak, T (2014) Stability analysis of dump with admixture of fly-ash and overburden material in open-cast coal mines. BTech thesis.

Deepak, M L and Mishra, A (2014) Speed control of DC motorusing chopper. BTech thesis.

Panda, G and Hota, D K (2014) Spectrum sensing methods in cognitive radio network. BTech thesis.

Nayak, D and Sahoo, M R (2014) Spam detection in collaborative tagging. BTech thesis.

Gautam, A K (2014) Solution of different multi-criteria decision making engineering problems by PROMETHEE II and VIKOR. BTech thesis.

Maharana, R (2014) Software reliability prediction using neural network. BTech thesis.

Arora, S (2014) Simulation study of divided wall distillation column. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, V (2014) Simulation of methyldiethanolamine-carbon dioxide-water system
using equilibrium approach.
BTech thesis.

Mishra, D P (2014) Simulation of carbon dioxide - monoethanolamine - water system using equilibrium approach. BTech thesis.

Pati, A (2014) Simulation and modelling of divided wall distillation column by programming design equations using MATLAB. BTech thesis.

Kumar, V (2014) Simulation and flow analysis through different pipe geometry. BTech thesis.

Sambit, S (2014) Simulation and flow analysis through a straight pipe. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, P K (2014) Simulation and economic analysis of crude distillation unit using aspen plus. BTech thesis.

Karali, B (2014) Signature verification using grid based feature extraction. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, A (2014) Separation of azeotropic mixture by extractive distillation and pressure-swing distillation:computer simulation and economic optimization. BTech thesis.

Das, M K (2014) Selected heuristic algorithms for solving job shop and flow shop scheduling problems. BTech thesis.

Kumar, K (2014) Seismic evaluation of crane supporting industrial steel buildings. BTech thesis.

Jaimin, I (2014) Sesmic analysis of RC frame with brick infill. BTech thesis.

Kumar, R (2014) Seismic analysis of braced steel frames. BTech thesis.

Akram, S T (2014) Security in smartphones and tablets. BTech thesis.

Goyal, N (2014) Screening of novel drugs against alpha-glucosidase, a key enzyme in diabetes. BTech thesis.

Gupta, A and Kar, S (2014) Scheduling and efficient energy utilization in cloud system. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, S (2014) Routing of hazardous material carrying vehicles. BTech thesis.

Panda, Gopal Krushna and Panigrahy, A nubhav and Gup t a, Hemant Kumar (2014) Design of 2df imc controller. BTech thesis.

Roy, Achinta (2014) Design of 30-tap FIR filter using VHDL. BTech thesis.

Yadav, R (2014) Robust object tracking algorithms using C++ and MATLAB. BTech thesis.

Ramyatanuja , A (2014) Design of a spectrum analyser. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Dablu Ranjan (2014) Design of an infra-red optocoupler based mobility aid for the blinds. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Chandan Kumar (2014) Design of Blade Contour for High Speed Expansion Turbine. BTech thesis.

Nayak, A (2014) Review on multisignature schemes based upon DLP. BTech thesis.

Behera , Chinmay Kumar and Barman, S K (2014) Design of booth multiplier using ripple carry adder. BTech thesis.

Aditya, . (2014) Resilient supplier selection through fuzzy-topsis. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Sabyasachi (2014) Design of Control Algorithm for Renewable Energy Resources. BTech thesis.

Bairagi, Alok Ranjan and ., Vishal (2014) Design of Door Handle. BTech thesis.

Kedia, Apurv Keshav (2014) Design of Fairing for Human Powered Vehicles Considering Aerodynamics & Aesthetics. BTech thesis.

Mahato, M (2014) Removals of heavy metals frombed sediment of Brahmani river. BTech thesis.

Anirudh, T Shanmuk and Satpathy, Jyoti Pragyan (2014) Design of Motorized Wheel chai. BTech thesis.

Kazavali, Shaik (2014) Design of Novel Hsp90 Inhibitors to Trigger Tau Degradation in Alzheimer’s disease: An Insilico Approach. BTech thesis.

., Pranshu and Parida , S S (2014) Remote controlled garage shutter. BTech thesis.

Raj, Tapas and Jena, Ashirvad (2014) Designa and development of an automated paint mixing machine. BTech thesis.

Sethi , Samir Kumar (2014) Designing of a Multi Slide SDS PAGE Device. BTech thesis.

Jain, Shivi and Das, Satyajit (2014) Designing of Zinc Oxide Thin Film Electrode based Continuous Impedance Monitoring System. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Balmuri Vinay (2014) Determination of infiltration rate of soils using single and double ring infiltrometer and study on drought of karimnagar district of andhra pradesh. BTech thesis.

Panda, Debakanta and Kumar , Amit (2014) Determination of Some Properties of Fly Ash with Lime and Cement. BTech thesis.

Behera, Ananda Kumar (2014) Developing an Ontological approach to Content-based Recommendation System. BTech thesis.

Srivastav, Abhay and Malik, Bharat (2014) Developing an interactive web browser based game. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Amarjeet (2014) Development of Magnesia Spinel brick using Pre-synthesized and in-situ spinel. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, P P (2014) Regenerative braking using buckboost converter. BTech thesis.

Trivedi, A and Seth, S (2014) Reduction behaviour of fired iron ore pellets. BTech thesis.

Mishra, L and Singh, H (2014) Re-design of drivers’ car seat using three dimensional reverse engineering. BTech thesis.

Patra, R (2014) Rate studies on monoethanolamine-carbon dioxide-water system. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, N (2014) Publish - subscribe based communication model. BTech thesis.

Kumar, A (2014) Production scheduling and mine fleet assignment using integer programming. BTech thesis.

Aman, Sumit Kumar (2014) Development Glass Ceramics from Blast Furnace Slag. BTech thesis.

Raj, Vaibhav (2014) Development of design tools for the design of steel beams as per indian & international standards. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, A (2014) Production of alumina based porous ceramics using sodium alginate as gelling agent. BTech thesis.

Deheria, S S (2014) Production of alumina based porous ceramics using graphite powder as the pore former. BTech thesis.

Samantaray, Amiya Kumar (2014) Development of a Real-time Embedded System for Speech Emotion Recognition. BTech thesis.

Thomas, Raunak M. (2014) Development of a user-friendly Graphical User Interface for a bioinformatics workstation. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Sai Shankar (2014) Development of alkali free glaze for refractory application application. BTech thesis.

Rout, S S (2014) Processing of porous ceramics –a case study with hydroxyapatite and plantago ovata. BTech thesis.

Rout, Himansu (2014) Development of an android based doctor’s tele-information system. BTech thesis.

Istiyaq , M and Agarwal, A (2014) Prestressed modal analysis of non uniform beam using ansys. BTech thesis.

Behera, J K and Sahoo, H (2014) Preparation of synthetic slag in the lab resembling industrial blast furnace slag and study of its flow characteristics. BTech thesis.

Rana, Shambhu bhusan (2014) Development of ceramic tiles using waste materials. BTech thesis.

Sourav, S (2014) Preparation of hybrid scaffold based on PVA and bioactive glass ceramics. BTech thesis.

Sukla, Sas an ka Sek ha r (2014) Development of Design Tool for Design of Steel Columns. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhijeet (2014) Development of low cost filter using herbal technique. BTech thesis.

Anand, R (2014) Preparation of dense alumina ceramic by slip casting method. BTech thesis.

Bothra, A (2014) Preparation and characterization of poly vinyl alcohol - gelatin- carboxy methyl chitosan polymer films. BTech thesis.

Roy, T (2014) Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-chitosan-alginate micro-thin nanocomposites. BTech thesis.

Singh, H K (2014) Prediction of shear strength of deep beam using genetic programming. BTech thesis.

Sena, A K and Maharana, A (2014) Prediction of fatigue crack propagation in a cracked beam specimen. BTech thesis.

Patra , Pratik (2014) Development of methology for seismic design of concrete gravity dam. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Sambit Kumar and Krishna, A. V. Jay and Rohit , Kumar (2014) Development of microcontroller based over-current relay controls. BTech thesis.

Debata , Bijay Kumar (2014) Development of porous hydroxyapatite for orthopedic applications. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ravi (2014) Development of porous TiO2 layer on Ti6Al4V for bone implants. BTech thesis.

Meher, Siddharth (2014) Development of a Software for Rotodynamic Analysis Of Flexible Rotor. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Krishna (2014) Development of walk safe cane for the rehabilitaion of blind people. BTech thesis.

Malhotra, Rishabh (2014) Differential Evolution Optimization Technique To Design
Gear Train System.
BTech thesis.

Nanda, P K (2014) Power quality improvement in 3-ϕ power system using shunt active filter with synchronous detection method. BTech thesis.

Ekka, D K (2014) Power quality estimation and classification using wavelets. BTech thesis.

Das , A and Singh, G (2014) Plastic deformation and failure studies near a void for copper-aluminium alloy via molecular dynamics simulation. BTech thesis.

Sethi, S (2014) Plant design for microbial treatment of waste water with advanced oxidation process. BTech thesis.

Kumar, R (2014) PID controller design for various plant model. BTech thesis.

Kumar, M (2014) Phasor analysis of GM-type double Inlet pulse tube refrigerator. BTech thesis.

Das, L (2014) Phase evolution behaviour of dolomite-alumina system. BTech thesis.

Mishra, S (2014) Fault detection in wireless sensor networks. BTech thesis.

Lakra, A (2014) Performance evaluation of generic routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks. BTech thesis.

Tibrewal, B and Swain, T K (2014) Path planning and control of mobile robot using fuzzy logic. BTech thesis.

Anand, A (2014) Parts of speech tagging using hidden Markov model, maximum entropy model and conditional random field. BTech thesis.

Panda, Anwesha (2014) Direct Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. BTech thesis.

Mishra, S (2014) P300 detection and characterization for brain computer interface. BTech thesis.

Shanti, Debasish and Das, Pratik (2014) Distributed Environment Monitoring. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sri Ankit (2014) Dragline performance study in indian coal mines. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sunil and Khan , Arbaz and Pandey, Ankit Kumar (2014) Dry grinding behaviour of Fe and SiO2 in specially designed Dual Drive Planetary Ball Mill. BTech thesis.

Gumansingh, S (2014) Overlay of flexible pavements: an ANN approach. BTech thesis.

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Pand, Swaraj (2014) Dynamic Modelling, Simulation and Comparison of Large Scale
Carbon Dioxide Capture in Coal Fired Power Plant using Various Amine Solvents.
BTech thesis.

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Gangawat , J (2014) Optimization of production planning in underground mining. BTech thesis.

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Das, S (2014) Optimization of heat transfer using CFD simulation for concentric helical coil heat exchanger for constant temperature outer wall. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Kanhaia (2014) Effect of Coal Structure on Spontaneous heating using
Fourier Transform infra-red Spectroscopy.
BTech thesis.

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Pradhan, C (2014) Noise survey and noise modelling of open cast machineries in mines. BTech thesis.

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Kumar , Saurabh and Naik, Gaurav Kumar (2014) Modelling and analysis of a tricopter. BTech thesis.

Oram, Shikha (2014) Ergonomic wheelchair design. BTech thesis.

Aggarwal, Akshay (2014) Evaluation Of Best-Fit Failure Criteria For Talcher Area. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Priyanka and Varma, Nitish (2014) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Strength of Inertial Entrainment. BTech thesis.

Kalika, Mallikarjuna (2014) Experimental investigation of Carbon dioxide absorption in a packed bed tower. BTech thesis.

Rastogi, Tulika (2014) Experimental studies on heat transfer augmenatation using galvanised iron wire insert with and without baffles. BTech thesis.

P, Dhanush (2014) Experimental studies on heat transfer augmentation for flow of liquid through circular tubes using twisted gi wires with and without baffles as insert. BTech thesis.

Subudhi, Sarthak (2014) Experimental studies on pressure drop for flow through tubes using twisted galvanised iron wire insert with and without baffles. BTech thesis.

Dehury, Sourprakash (2014) Experimental study and modeling of diesel engine fueled with rubber seed oil. BTech thesis.

Moharana, Durga prasad (2014) Experimental Study on Measuring Diffusion Coefficients of various Organic Solvents and Solids with varying Geometries in Air. BTech thesis.

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Mohanty, Siddhant (2014) Exploring potential drugs against Scrapie disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease using molecular docking techniques. BTech thesis.

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Biswal, Shruti (2014) Extraction of Face Features Using Various Techniques. BTech thesis.

Bansal, Shammee (2014) Low temperature sintering of BZT-BCT using alkalifree glass additives and its dielectric property. BTech thesis.

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Naik, Biswajit and Mudgal, Nikhil and Behera, Somanath (2014) Load flow analysis of unbalanced radial distribution systems. BTech thesis.

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Roushan, Satish (2014) Inductive power transfer technology for mobile battery charger. BTech thesis.

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Behera, Suraj Prakash (2014) Fabrication of silk-based composite scaffold for bone-ligament-bone graft using aqueous polymeric dispersion technique. BTech thesis.

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Sarangi , Ishan Kumar and Nayak, Sudarshan (2014) Image mosaicing of panoramic images. BTech thesis.

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Singh , Nitish Kumar (2014) Hydrodynamic characteristic study of a three phase co-current trickle-bed system. BTech thesis.

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Shubham, Kumar (2014) Humidity sensing properties of Bi0.5Na0.25Li0.25TiO3 ceramics. BTech thesis.

Agrawa], Sourav Kumar (2014) High security image encryption by 3stage process. BTech thesis.

Kalyan, Kumar Prabhu (2014) High heeled gait analysis of ankle joint forces using force platform. BTech thesis.

Motamarri, Naveen (2014) High gain narrow band LNA design for Wi-max applications at 3.5GHZ. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rajesh (2014) Heavy metal biosorption using algae. BTech thesis.

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Patel, Ananya and Kumar, Priyank (2014) Finite element analysis of micro end mill and simulation of burr formation in machining al6061-t6. BTech thesis.

Baral, Ansuman (2014) Flexible job shop scheduling operation. BTech thesis.

Ambwani, Mohit (2014) Formulation and Assessment of Neural Network and Multiple Linear Regression Models to predict PM10 Levels in Rourkela, India. BTech thesis.

Minj, Amit Prem Prakash (2014) Green supply chain performance assessment: exploration fuzzy logic to tackle linguistic evaluation information. BTech thesis.

Tibrewal, Ashutosh and Kumar, Vikash (2014) FPGA Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard. BTech thesis.

Kurani, Kritika (2014) GPU accelerated parallel Iris segmentation. BTech thesis.

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Mishra, Sandeep (2014) Free Vibration Analysis of Curved Panels. BTech thesis.

Mazumdar, Aniket (2014) Geometric morphometric comparison of cranium of primates along the evolutionary pathway. BTech thesis.

Padhi, Bhabani Sankar (2014) Free Vibration of Laminated Composite Plate with a Central Hole. BTech thesis.

Mandal, Arnab (2014) Frequency domain system identification and it's application in jamming. BTech thesis.

Kar, Saurav Kumar (2014) Generation of UML class diagram from software requirement specification using natural language processing. BTech thesis.

Mishra , Ashu (2014) Generation and Prioritization of test sequences using UML activity diagram. BTech thesis.

Panigrahi, Soumya (2014) Fuzzy-TOPSIS for Appropriate Site Selection for Establishing a Thermal Power Plant. BTech thesis.

Joshi, Dhruv (2014) Garbage collection schemeoptimization in YAFFS. BTech thesis.

Mallick, Chinmaya Kumar (2014) Effect of presence of double notch along with various geometry on tensile and compression behaviour of pure copper using molecular dynamics simulation. BTech thesis.

., Vishal (2014) Design of pillars of temples of india. BTech thesis.

Garg, Subham (2014) Dry and wet grinding behaviour of Fe and Sio2 in specially designed dual drive planetary ball mill. BTech thesis.

Verma, Vivek Kumar (2014) Practical simulation and modelling of lightning impulse voltage generator using marx circuit. BTech thesis.

Chachan, Ripunjay (2014) Designing of an Intelligent Temperature-Cum-Humidity Monitoring Device. BTech thesis.

Hansaria, Utsav (2014) Gait studies of normal and hallux valgus affected individuals. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Akhilesh (2014) Comparison of Microstructures and Properties of AZ91 and AE42 Magnesium Alloys. BTech thesis.

Nagwan, Mahesh Rajbeer (2014) An in Silico approach towards inhibition of Dengue virus entry using CD209 in Dendritic cells as target. BTech thesis.

Thampithurai, Sapeethaa (2014) Modeling of partial discharge in transformer windings and its detection. BTech thesis.

Alam, Shahrukh (2014) Microcontroller Implementation of Digital Pid Controller. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sarbajit Sanjat (2014) Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of lead free ferroelectric (Ba0.9Ca0.1)(Ti1-xSnx)O3(x=0.06, 0.08,0.1) Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Tripathi, Bhishm (2014) A Survey on various image compression techniques. BTech thesis.

Behera, Ranjit (2014) Adsorption studies of malachite green using activated carbon
Prepared from jackfruit seeds.
BTech thesis.

Nanda, Sourav (2014) Techno-economic analysis of bioethanol production from lignocellulosic residues: a process simulation approach. BTech thesis.

Parida, Satyabrata (2014) Denoising Of Satellite Images. BTech thesis.

Naik, Satyaban (2015) Culture Based Product Design. BTech thesis.

Dung Dung, Avinash (2015) Bio-Active Antimicrobial Silver-Chitosan Composite Coating on 316L Stainless Steel by Electrophoretic Deposition Method. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Ambuj (2015) Effect of Gypsum on Atterberg Limits and Compaction Characteristics of Soil. BTech thesis.

Banerjee, Arnab (2015) A Bluetooth Messenger Application. BTech thesis.

Mihir, Kandepu Abhignana and Kumar, Konduru Vinay (2015) 3D Image Reconstruction Using Multiple Images. BTech thesis.

Padhy, Manobes and Prasad, C Shiv (2015) Comparative Study of the Sn-Ag and Sn-Zn Eutectic Solder Alloy. BTech thesis.

Mahanand, Tribed Kumar (2015) Differential Evolution Optimization Technique to Design Gear Train System. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sanjit (2015) Object Height Estimation. BTech thesis.

Routray, Dikshya (2015) Object Search Strategy in Tracking Algorithms. BTech thesis.

Kavya, Pendyala (2015) Obstacle Detection of a Mobile Robot. BTech thesis.

Chand, Sidhant (2015) Optimization in the Treatment of Spent Pot Lining and Enriching of Its Carbon Percentage by Hydrochloric Acid Leaching. BTech thesis.

Raja, Kintali Vivek (2015) Optimization of Biodiesel Production using Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Sudheepth, K (2015) Optimization of Machining Performance during the Turning of GFRP Composites:Topsis Based Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Tripathy , Biswa Bisruta and Khatua , Sandeep Kumar and Behera , Labanya (2015) Distillation Column Control Strategies; IMC & IMC Based PID Controller. BTech thesis.

Mahananda, Ranjan (2015) Optimization of Machining Performance Yields during Turning of GFRP Composites: A Grey based Taguchi Approach. BTech thesis.

Palai, Ashis (2015) Analysis of Essential Oil Content Obtained from Plant Materials Using Steam Distillation. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Gitesh (2015) UPFC for Analysis of Relay Performance During Power Swing Condition. BTech thesis.

Rupanagudi , Manoj (2015) Drowziness Detection System using Image Processing. BTech thesis.

Agrawalla, Abhisek and Keshri, Namrata (2015) Durability Assessment of Multiwalled Carbon-Nanotubes Modified Advanced Fibrous Polymeric Composite in Different Marine Environment. BTech thesis.

Majhi, Jogendra (2015) Optimized Collision Warning Protocol in VANET. BTech thesis.

Bhubaneswari, M (2015) Optimized Histogram Equalization for Image Enhancement. BTech thesis.

Singh, Dilip Pratap (2015) Parametric Studies on Synthesis of BIS(4-Chlorobenzyl) Sulfide Using Hydrogen Sulfide. BTech thesis.

Manohar , Sunil (2015) Dynamic Obstacle Detection. BTech thesis.

Anand, Abhijeet (2015) Parametric Studies on the Reduction of Metachloronitrobenzene (MCNB) Using Hydrogen Sulphide. BTech thesis.

Swain, Amrit Anushil (2015) Pedestrian Level of Service at Intersections. BTech thesis.

Namata, Shakti (2015) Performance Analysis of Heavy Earth Moving Machineries (HEMM)In Opencast Coal Mines. BTech thesis.

Panda, Manisha (2015) Performance Evaluation of XY and XTRANC Routing Algorithm for Network on Chip and Implementation using DART Simulator. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Manish Kumar (2015) Phase Analysis and Micro Structure of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles. BTech thesis.

Singh, Vidisha (2015) Phase Evolution and Stability of Aluminum Titanate Prepared by Solid -State Route and Solution Combustion Route. BTech thesis.

Patro, Dhirendra Kumar (2015) Phase Evolution, Densification and Dielectric Properties of [KNbO3]1-x[BaNi½Nb½O3-δ]x[x=0.1,0.2] Ferroelectric Ceramics Prepared by Conventional Sintering and Spark Plasma Sintering. BTech thesis.

Sethi , Smruti Ranjan (2015) Nitroacetophenon to Aminoacetophenon by H2s-Rich Aqueous Methyldiethanolamine A Novel Process for Utilization of H2s-Laden Gas Streams Using Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide as Phase Transfer Catalysis. BTech thesis.

Gogoi, Devipriya (2015) Phase Transfer Catalyzed Synthesis of BIS (4-Chlorobenzyl) Sulfide Using Hydrogen Sulfide. BTech thesis.

Sakariya, Jigar Jayant (2015) Phenol Degradation Using Microorganisms. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ayush and Dalai, Manaranjan and Nayak, Subendhu (2015) Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Circuit For Power Devices. BTech thesis.

Kumar, M Dilip and Chouhan, Himanshu (2015) Pitting studies of plain carbon steel in chloride containing borate buffer solution. BTech thesis.

Giri, Abhishek (2015) Power Factor Improvement of Single Phase AC-DC System Using Parallel Boost Converter. BTech thesis.

Rabden, Pema (2015) Power Factor Improvement of Single Phase AC-DC System using Parallel Boost Converter. BTech thesis.

Bhadra , Dibyendu and Meena , Rajnish Kumar (2015) Power Quality Improvement by Harmonic Reduction Using Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filter with p-q & d-q Current Control Strategy. BTech thesis.

Seervi, Kailash (2015) Prediction of Calorific Value of Indian Coals by Artificial Neural Network. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Prasanta and Kumar, Ankit (2015) Prediction of Compressive Strength using Genetic Programming Involving NDT Results. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Priti (2015) Prediction of Talen Binding Site for Genome Editing in Stem Cells. BTech thesis.

Das, Siddharth Sekhar (2015) Preparation & Characterization of Activated Kaolinite. BTech thesis.

Lenka, Abinash (2015) Preparation and Characterization of interpenetrating Hydrogel of Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate and Methyl Cellulose. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Swonsl Sitam (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanum Oxide Doped Barium Strontium Titanate Para Electric Glass Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Meher, Avinash (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanum Oxide doped Barium Zirconate Titanate (BaZr0.1Ti0.9O3; BZT) Ferroelectric Glass Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Barkey, Bijay Kumar (2015) Preparation and Dielectric Measurements of Niobium Pentaoxide Doped Barium Strontium Titanate Glass and Glass Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Vinay (2015) Preparation of Activated Charcoal and Chromium Removal Using Adsorption. BTech thesis.

Jamuda , Homan (2015) Preparation of Bricks Using Construction and Demolition Waste and Sludge. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Nitesh Kumar (2015) Preparation of Ceramic Porous Body Using Different Volume Concentration of Ball Clay & Wheat Flour. BTech thesis.

Baruah, Samrat and Srivastava, Shashank (2015) Production and Assesment of Compost as A Bio-Fertilizer Using Kitchen Waste From NIT Rourkela Hostels and Study of Comparative Plant Growth. BTech thesis.

Mourya, Avanish Kumar (2015) Production of Butanol (C4H9OH) from Barley Straw. BTech thesis.

Soren, Sarbeswar (2015) Production of Butanol (C4H9OH) from Switchgrass. BTech thesis.

Badaik, Laxmi (2015) Production of Polyhydroxybutyrate Using Bacterial Strains. BTech thesis.

Panda, Ipsita (2015) Production of Polyhydroxybutyrate Using Bacterial Strains of Escherichia Coli and Bacillus Subtilis: A Comparison. BTech thesis.

pal, Sushil and Barik, Annwesh (2015) PSO Based Deployment of Hybrid Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Ranjan, Harshit (2015) Quality Driven Wireless Sensor Network. BTech thesis.

Sha, Akash Kumar and Moktan, Budhi Man (2015) Study of Reactive Power Compensation Using Fact Devices. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, Swapanila and Das, Suroshree (2015) Real-time Vehicle Tracking System with Data Logging and Glass Break Detector. BTech thesis.

Abhinav, K (2015) Recharging of a Rectangular Microchannel over a Span to Increase Heat Transfer. BTech thesis.

Rao, D Yogendra (2015) Recommender Systems using Collaborative Filtering. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Anubhav and Kumar, Abhinav (2015) Re-Design of Motor-Bike Seat using Three Dimensional Reverse Engineering. BTech thesis.

Nahak, Biswanath (2015) Reduction of Iron Ore Pellets. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Roshan (2015) Removal of Congo Red Dye from Water Using Orange Peel as an Adsorbent. BTech thesis.

Kainth, Gurpreet Singh (2015) Removal of Turbidity from Water using Low Cost Adsorbent. BTech thesis.

Milad, Ahmad (2015) Response of Structure Subjected To Different Earthquake Ground Motions. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Barid Baran (2015) RFID Based Attendance Mangement System Using Labview. BTech thesis.

Tew, Deepika (2015) Rheological Behavior of Soft Flour in Presence of Oil and Surfactant. BTech thesis.

Bisoi, Kedar Chandra and Barik, Chandan Kumar (2015) Role of Algae in Discharge from Malanjkhand Copper Mine. BTech thesis.

Chakraborty, Hillol (2015) Scene Identification Using Discriminitive Pattern. BTech thesis.

Barik, Deepika and Behera, Dibyaraj Krishna (2015) Secured Information Exchange in Smart Grids. BTech thesis.

Behera, Gourav Kumar (2015) Wound Dressing for Uncontrolled Blood Loss –by Polyelctrolytic Complex. BTech thesis.

Mahanand, Siddharth and Jena, Tushar Kanti (2015) MATLAB Simulation Model to Improve Voltage Sag Due to Starting of Induction Motor Using STATCOM. BTech thesis.

Saha, Barnika and Rath, Suraj Kumar (2015) Economic Load Dispatch for IEEE 30-Bus System Using PSO. BTech thesis.

Gond, Shruti and Nath, Aishwarya (2015) Mitigation Model for DDoS Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Subramanyam, K S and Rout, Dhananjay (2015) New Convertible Authenticated Encryption Scheme with Message Linkages. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Kaspa Sudheer (2015) EEG Processing for Fast and Efficient Analysis. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Kapil Kumar and Bhattamishra, Smarak Dash (2015) Effect of Addition of Al to Sn-Zn Solder Alloys. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Nitesh (2015) Novel Approach for Neighbourhood-based Collaborative Filtering. BTech thesis.

Naser, Mohammad (2015) Seismic Analysis and Design of Hospital Building by Equivalent Static Analysis. BTech thesis.

Arifizada, Mohammad Zia (2015) Seismic Analysis of Four-Story TIIR Building Using Equivalent Static Method. BTech thesis.

Saha, Aakanksha (2015) Novel Contract Signature based on Key Exchange. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sweta Swagatika (2015) Seismic Analysis of High- Rise Building by Response Spectrum Method. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshini, Sonali (2015) Novel Method for Face Recognition. BTech thesis.

Mahammad, Yaar (2015) Seismic Performance of Multistorey Reinforced Concrete Buildings By Pushover Analysis. BTech thesis.

Singh, Utkarsh (2015) Self-Assembly of Silica Nanoparticles on Glass Surface. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Akash (2015) Sensor Fusion for Navigation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Using Kalman Filtering. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Basudev (2015) Signal and Energy Detection Methods in Cognitive Radio. BTech thesis.

Choudhary , Sanjana Anand (2015) Simulation Analysis of A Propane Recovery Plant from Using ASPEN PLUS. BTech thesis.

Javed, Md and Agrawal , Abinash (2015) Simulation and Experiments on One Phase and Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filters. BTech thesis.

Shekhar, Shashi (2015) Simulation of an Adsorption Column for The Removal of Ethyl Acetate From Air. BTech thesis.

Dash, Abhishek (2015) Simulation of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System With Maximum Power Point Tracking. BTech thesis.

Chandrakar, Ashish and Agrawal, Ankit (2015) Study on Fatigue Crack Growth in the Presence of a Hole in the Vicinity of the Crack Path. BTech thesis.

Abhinav, Anubhav (2015) Single Stage Anaerobic Digestion for Sewage Sludge Treatment. BTech thesis.

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Kumar, Shashibhusan (2015) Study on Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Filled With Mullite Particles. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Nitesh and Behera, Rajanikanta (2015) Study on Use of Polymeric Waste Materials in Concrete for Road Pavements. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Akshaya Kumar (2015) Spectrum Sensing & Signal Identification Using RTL-SDR. BTech thesis.

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Rajalaxmi , Bagasingi (2015) Stabilization of Red Soil Using Blast Furnace slag. BTech thesis.

Sinhal , Prachi (2015) Stator Inter Turn Short Circuit Fault Diagnosis in Three Phase Induction Motor Using Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Raosaheb, Parkhe Shashank (2015) Steady State Simulation of an Azeotropic Distillation System Using Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Maayedukondalu, Telagam Setty (2015) Steady State Simulation of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) System Using Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Bala , Pritam Kumar (2015) Steady State Simulation of Extractive Distillation System Using Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Banavathu Goutham (2015) Steady State Simulation of Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) In Aspen Plus. BTech thesis.

Krishna , Chandana Bala (2015) Struvite Production As a Value Added Product from Human Urine. BTech thesis.

Pradhan , Gurudev (2015) Studies on Diffusivity of Naphthalene Balls Using Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.

Rath , Rajguru Swayamjeet (2015) Studies on Fluidized Bed Technology for Treatment of Gaseous Pollutants: Nitrogen Oxides(NOx). BTech thesis.

Ringania , Udita (2015) Studies On Fluidized Bed Technology For Treatment Of Gaseous Pollutants: Sulphur Dioxide. BTech thesis.

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Puvvada , Sindhoora and Das, Amit Kumar (2015) Studies on Wear Behavior of Aluminium-Tin Alloy. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ronit (2015) Study and Analysis of Different Channel Encoding and Decoding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Kumar, K Vinod (2015) Study and Design of Automobile Continuously Variable Transmission. BTech thesis.

Poddar , Sourav and Sahoo , Saurabh Kumar (2015) Study and Development of Handwritten Numeral Character Recognition. BTech thesis.

Gupta , Pragati (2015) Study and Preparation of High Alumina Insulating Castables. BTech thesis.

Behera , Abhilekh (2015) Study of Chemical Leaching of Aluminum from Red Mud. BTech thesis.

Nawaz, Zeeshan (2015) Study of Fingerprint Enhancement and Matching. BTech thesis.

Golakoti , Vikas (2015) Study of Geometric Features of Road and Accident Rate. BTech thesis.

Patra , Deepika and Keshri, Suraj Kumar (2015) Study of Hot Wire Anemometry and Flow Measurement Elements. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Nirlipta Sovan (2015) Zinc-Chitosan Composite Coating on 316LSS for Bone Tissue Engineering by Electrochemical Method. BTech thesis.

Rao, K Tejeswar (2015) Welding Inspection System. BTech thesis.

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Kumar , Nitish (2015) Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Beam Structures. BTech thesis.

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Mohanty, Regal (2015) Vibration Analysis of Cracked Composite Plate. BTech thesis.

Parida, Abhisek (2015) Vein Pattern Extraction Using Near Infrared Imaging for Biometric Purposes. BTech thesis.

Choudhary , V Sushmitha (2015) Variation of Process Parameters Using the Taguchi Method. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rohit (2015) Utilization of Solid Wastes Generated From Steel Plant. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Malay Milan (2015) Use of Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Establishment of Solar Power Plant in NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Rahamtullah, Ruman (2015) Urban Sprawl of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar Region Using Remote Sensing and ARC-GIS. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Subhrajyoti (2015) Unsupervised Classification of Hyperspectral Images based on Spectral Features. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Raj Babbar (2015) Underwater Control of Mobile Robot. BTech thesis.

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Sethi, Alok Ranjan (2015) Underground Mine Ventilation Survey. BTech thesis.

Panigrahy, Umesh (2015) Uncertain Vibration Analysis of Laminated Structure-A Fuzzy Finite Element Approach. BTech thesis.

Wamhne , Udipt (2015) Two Tank Level Control Systems Using Dynamic Matrix Control and Study of Its Tuning Parameter. BTech thesis.

Rout, Bishmaya Kumar (2015) Two Dimensional Flow of Shear Thinning Fluid Around A Square Cylinder. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Pritish Kumar (2015) Two Dimensional flow of Shear Thinning Fluid Around A Circular Cylinder. BTech thesis.

Gochhayat , Soumya Ranjna (2015) Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Assisted TiC-NiCoating on AISI 304 Stainless Steel. BTech thesis.

Bishoyi , Newton (2015) Treatment of Spent Pot Lining by Chemical Leaching Using Nitric Acid for Enrichment of Its Fuel Value and Optimzation of The Process Parameters. BTech thesis.

Jena, Sonit Kumar (2015) To Study the Drug Target in Ebola Virus and Explore Anti-Viral Agent in Silico. BTech thesis.

Suna, Chhabila Prasad (2015) To Detect the Status of the Door Using Flex Sensor for Home Application. BTech thesis.

Pavan Kumar , P B Sai and Hanok, Kodavatikanti (2015) Time stamped Digital Signature Scheme with Message Recovery & Its Application in E-Cash System. BTech thesis.

Pati, Swarupa Ranjan (2015) Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Jute-Glass Reinforced Epoxy Composite. BTech thesis.

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Patra, Biswajit M (2015) Effect of Cobalt Oxide Addition on Alumina Sintering. BTech thesis.

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Nayak, Swaraj Sourav (2015) Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Composites Filled With Aluminium Nitride (AIN). BTech thesis.

Nayak, Sesan (2015) Effect of Silver and Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles on the Growth Behaviour of Escherichia Coli. BTech thesis.

Jena, Diganta (2015) Text to Speech Conversion for Odia Language. BTech thesis.

Vijay, Abhay Kumar (2015) Test Scenario Generation for Web-Application. BTech thesis.

Soren, Ghana Shyam and Gupta, Ram Ashish (2015) Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Samant, Aditya Pratap Dhall (2015) Effect of Deflocculants on High Alumina Low Cement Castables. BTech thesis.

Shekhar, Shashi (2015) Study of Impact of Dispersion of Gases From Stack on Environment Through CFD Simulation. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Swadheen Satyakam (2015) Study of Motion Control of A Flexible Link. BTech thesis.

Ramesh, Vaditya (2015) Study of Part of Speech Tagging. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Utsarga (2015) Effect of Fly Ash Addition on the Properties of Fired Clay. BTech thesis.

Parida, Satyajit (2015) Effect of Nano Silica on the Compressive Strength of Concrete. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Shivam (2015) Study of Shear Stress on the Surface of an Obstacle Attached to Wall of a Narrow Channel. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Rahul (2015) Study of Velocity Profile of a Converging Compound Channel Using ANSYS. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Sabyasachi (2015) Effect of Obstacle-Size on the Flow Structure of Two-Phase Flow Through Enlarging Channel. BTech thesis.

Kashyap, Rudrendra (2015) Effect of Saline Water on Geotechnical Properties of Low Plastic Soil and High Plastic Soil. BTech thesis.

Shrestha, Mausam (2015) Study on Design and Performance Comparison of RC Buildings Designed for Various Indian Seismic Zones. BTech thesis.

Ansupallav, . (2015) Effect of Starch and Surfactant on Viscosity of Bentonite Suspension. BTech thesis.

Sahu , Kiran Kumar (2015) Adiabatic Logic Design for Low Power VLSI Applications. BTech thesis.

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Mondal , Sourav (2015) Adsorption Study of Metal Ions Using Zirconia Nanopowders. BTech thesis.

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Sharma, Vivek (2015) Study on the Effect of Mno2 as Sintering Additive in Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Solid-State Derived Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4. BTech thesis.

Behera, Rashmi Ranjan (2015) Air Atomized Spray with Additives: A Novel Cooling Methodology for the Development of Nanosteel. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Ajitesh (2015) Study on Ultrasonic Welding of Aluminimum Sheets. BTech thesis.

Dora, Yajnyadatta (2015) Study Project on Chairs. BTech thesis.

Hota, Sachidananda (2015) Study, Design and Fabrication of a 3D Printer. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Sarthak Arooni (2015) Study, Design and Fabrication of a 3D Printer. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Debasish (2015) Study, Design and Fabrication of a 3D Printer. BTech thesis.

Bhatia, Dishu (2015) Effect of TiO2 and ZrO2 Addition on Phase Evolution, Densification and Microstructure of Lithium Silicate Ceramics. BTech thesis.

S, Siddharthan (2015) Suction Measurement of Bentonite Using Filter Paper Technique. BTech thesis.

Jha, Chandan Kumar (2015) Effective Thermal Conductivity of h-BN Filled Epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Mallik, Himanshu (2015) Automated Student Attendance Registering System Using Face Recognition. BTech thesis.

Prakash, Chandra (2015) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Yttria Stabilised Zirconia Filled Epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Hussain, Tanzim (2015) Effects of Non-Motorized Vehicles on Mixed Traffic in India. BTech thesis.

Dhir, Ankit Anitosh (2015) Effects of Silver Nanoparticles on the Growth of L. Casei. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Saurabh (2015) Efficient Image Fusion Using DWT. BTech thesis.

Panda, Smaranika (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of a Smart Super Absorbent Hydrogel. BTech thesis.

Panda, Ranjan Kumar (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3-Co0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4 Multiferroic Composites Prepared by Solid State Reaction Method. BTech thesis.

Badaik, Bikash (2015) Study on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Mn(1-X)ZnxFe2O4 Prepared by Solid-State Reaction Method. BTech thesis.

Patra, Anubhav and Swain , Aditya Narayan S S (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Ceramic Nanofluids. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Aditya Narayan (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Glass Particulate – Epoxy Composite for Structural Application. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Sovan and Subhadarshy, Turyansu (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Nanofluids. BTech thesis.

Lenka, Madhur Kumar (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel, Cobalt and Ni-Doped Cobalt Hydroxides. BTech thesis.

Surin, Angelica (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Spongy-ZnO for Photocatalytic Application. BTech thesis.

Sharifi, Abdul Hadi (2015) Efficient Client-Server Assignment for Internet Distributed Systems. BTech thesis.

Chaturvedi, Jalaj (2015) Electrocardiogram Signal Compression and Decompression. BTech thesis.

Patra, Nitish Kumar and Chhatria, Paramananda (2015) Electrochemical Exfoliation of Graphene and its Characterisation. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Saurav (2015) Design of Controllers for Three Tank System. BTech thesis.

Beck, Avinash (2015) Embedded System Design for a Digital Multimeter Using Motorola HCS12 Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Patel, Jagruti (2015) Emotion Detection by Electroencephalogram. BTech thesis.

Munjal, Dishant (2015) Analysis of Slice-Based Metrics for Aspect-Oriented Programs. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sanjay (2015) Analysis of Subsidence and Stability of Pillars in A Coal Mine. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ravikant and Tiwari, Ayush (2015) Analysis of The Slope Stability of the Overburden Dumps Mixed with Fly Ash and Various Stabilization Techniques for Slope Stability. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Soumya Prakash (2015) Analysis of WDM and Wavelength Assignment in Optical Networks. BTech thesis.

Subhadarshini(, Sonalin (2015) An Identity Based Key Exchange Scheme with Perfect Forward Security. BTech thesis.

Shasani, Smruti Saurav and Meher, Ramiya Ranjan and Patra, Manoj Kumar (2015) Color and Shape Recognition. BTech thesis.

Kamila, Sourav Kumar (2015) Comparative Analysis of Different Transformation Techniques in Image Steganography. BTech thesis.

Shravan kumar , Balakumar Shiva and ., Tushar (2015) Comparative Assessment of Dislocation Density in Cyclically Deformed Austenitic Stainless Steel Determined by X-Ray Diffraction and Hardness Tests. BTech thesis.

Siri, Rapaka Soumita (2015) Comparative Study of Phenol Biodegradation of Phenol by Free and Immobilized Cells. BTech thesis.

Hati, Dinesh Prasad (2015) Comparative Study of Conventional And Minimum Quantity Lubrication During Machining 17-4PH Stainless Steel. BTech thesis.

Prajapati, Ranjan Kumar (2015) Comparison and Evaluation of Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs Combination Therapy for Control of T2DM. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Nitish and Agarwal, Rishabh (2015) Comparison of Microstructures and Properties of Ae42 Magnesium Alloy and Its Composites. BTech thesis.

Chouhan, Amber (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Ti-foam Using NaCl as Space Holder. BTech thesis.

Swain, Rajashree (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of WO3 Nanowedge for Electrochromic Application. BTech thesis.

Panda, Deepak (2015) Computational Fluid Dynamics of Airfoil Sections. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Amit (2015) Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Converging Microchannel. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Satyaprakash (2015) Analytical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Various Characteristics of Hole Quality During Micro Drilling of PCB. BTech thesis.

Bopche, Punit Kumar (2015) Animation: A Learning Tool. BTech thesis.

Upadhyaya, Sailesh Kumar and Patel, Ragini (2015) Design of Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks. BTech thesis.

Nahak, Nibedit (2015) Design of Fish Descaling Machine. BTech thesis.

Mani Vikash, V and Kumar, Sandeep (2015) Design of Highly Efficient Grid Connected Microinverter for Photovoltaic Panel. BTech thesis.

Rajesh Kumar, V (2015) Conjugate Heat Transfer in Diverging Microchannels. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Alisha (2015) Design of Intangible Interface for Human Computer Interaction- Hand Gestures Controlled Mouse. BTech thesis.

Dhal, Sovan Suman (2015) Design of Internal Mechanism for Adjustable Computer Mouse Operated using Single Control Input. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Shreemoy Kumar (2015) Design of Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Bicycle. BTech thesis.

Parida, Pravas Janmejay (2015) Design of Mechanical Device to Transfer a Seriously Ill Person to the Operation Theater. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Kirti Sai (2015) Design of Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications. BTech thesis.

Godara, Ashokeshwer (2015) Energy Efficient Routing in Clustered Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET). BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Soumen (2015) An Optimization of 16×16 SRAM Array for Low Power Applications. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhishek (2015) Corrosion Behavior of Low Carbon Steel in Presence of Chlorides, Cyanides, and Sulphates. BTech thesis.

Behera, Siniprabha (2015) Data Acquisition from Lvdt and Its Analysis. BTech thesis.

Bagh, Smita Sarojini (2015) Application of Algae in Air Pollution Control Technique. BTech thesis.

Anand, Ankesh (2015) Delineation of Water Bodies from Satellite Images Using MATLAB. BTech thesis.

Adithya, Godishala (2015) Denoising of ECG Signal Using TMS320C6713 Processor. BTech thesis.

Naresh Kumar, M and Ravi Kumar, Kunchela (2015) Design of Microstrip Antennas for Wideband Applications. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ashish and Kumar, Santosh (2015) An Investigation on Effect of Texture on the Plastic Deformation of CP-Titanium. BTech thesis.

Dalei, Bhagyajit (2015) Densification Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Yttrium and Zirconium Doped Alumina Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Satyam (2015) Density Functional Theory Based Investigation of 1-Butyl-3-Methylidazolium as a Potential Methane Hydrate Inhibitor. BTech thesis.

Verma, Harshit and Dhal, Subrat Kumar (2015) Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Data Centers. BTech thesis.

Dahal, Pranesh (2015) Design of Object Identification System Based on Machine Vision. BTech thesis.

Satyam, Kumar (2015) Enhancement of Branch Coverage using Java Program Code Transformer. BTech thesis.

Ranjan, Vivek Kumar (2015) Design, Fabrication & Testing of Shaft Alignment Test Set Up. BTech thesis.

Samal, Ashutosh (2015) Design a Setup for Preparation of Chitosan Microbeads Based on Economic and Size Consideration. BTech thesis.

Pasayat, Rahul and Pal, Jiten Kumar (2015) Assessment of Air and Water Quality in Opencast Mines. BTech thesis.

Dhrua, Deepak Kumar and Kumar, Shantanu (2015) Assessment of Copper Contamination in Soil Near Malanjkhand Copper Mine, Madhya Pradesh. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Protyush (2015) Assessment of Radio Coverage in Indian Cities Using FDTD. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ramesh and Gantayat, Anushrav (2015) Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Change of Landuse and Land-Cover in IB Valley Coalfield Using Remote Sensing and GIS. BTech thesis.

Dash, Pradosh Pritam (2015) Design of Piezoresistive MEMS Accelerometer with Optimized Device Dimension. BTech thesis.

Reddy, Avula Ravi Teja (2015) Design of RC Framed Building Considering MCRs Recommended in Various International Codes. BTech thesis.

Naik, Malothu Dilip Kumar (2015) Design and Analysis of Efficient Phase Locked Loop. BTech thesis.

Wali, Abdul (2015) Atlas Simulation Based Performance Study of Fully-Depleted Dual-Material-Gate Silicon on Insulator MOSFETs. BTech thesis.

Dash, Abhishek and Mohapatra, Anshuman (2015) Atmospheric Water Generator: To Meet the Drinking Water Requirements of a Household in Coastal Regions of India. BTech thesis.

Nayak, LaxmiKanta (2015) Audio-Visual Content-Based Violent Scene Characterisation. BTech thesis.

Panda, Swaroop and Goel, Kushal (2015) Design of Smart Furniture for a Smart City. BTech thesis.

Chhotray, Anuvab (2015) Automatic Image Annotation using 2D MHMM. BTech thesis.

Rao, Debashis (2015) Design of Stable Slopes for Dumps Admixture with Flyash. BTech thesis.

Deepak, Botta Durga (2015) Automatic Recognition of Real Time Chess Game Using Image Processing Techniques. BTech thesis.

Dash, Sidhant (2015) Design and Analysis of Absorption Refrigeration System Using [EMIM [OTF] +H2O]. BTech thesis.

Bhardwaj, Hem Shruti and Sahoo, Paramita Sahoo (2015) Environmental Study of Nano-Filler Embedded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Rajendra Kumar (2015) Design and Analysis of Absorption Refrigeration System Using H2o + [EMIM] [TFA]. BTech thesis.

Senapati, Rajaranjan (2015) Automation and Controlling of Automatic Floor Cleaner. BTech thesis.

Pradhani, Amit Kumar (2015) Design, Fabrication & Testing of Alignment Test Set Up. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Soumya Ranjan (2015) Design, Optimization and Economic Feasibility of Absorption Refrigeration System Using (Lithium Bromide + Water) as Working Pair. BTech thesis.

Sahu , Nupur (2015) Bidirectional Network-on-Chip Router Implementation Using VHDL. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Deepshikha (2015) Bioactivity of Rolled Titanium. BTech thesis.

Angoria, Giriraj (2015) Biosorption of Chromium (VI) Using Orange Peel. BTech thesis.

Jena, Anshuman (2015) Blind Beamforming on a Randomly Distributed Sensor Array System. BTech thesis.

Das, Biro Kishore and Mallick, Debaprasan (2015) Briquetting of Iron Bearing Materials. BTech thesis.

Shamim, Kausar (2015) Erosive Wear Behavior of Pomegranate Peel Reinforced Epoxy Composite. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rakesh (2015) Capacity and Level of Service of Signalized Roundabouts in Urban Indian Context. BTech thesis.

Behera, Kishore Kumar and Behera, Sushil Kumar (2015) Carbonization of Non-Coking Coal. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Manish (2015) Design, Optimization and Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of Absorption Refrigeration System Using Ammonia + Water As Working Pair. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Sujeet Kumar (2015) Design and Analysis of Dual Band Micro strip Patch Antenna. BTech thesis.

Das, Raj Kishore (2015) Designing a Forward Convertor with Transformer Reset and Synchronous Rectification. BTech thesis.

Ranjan, Rajeev (2016) Modelling and Simulation of a Photovoltaic System with MPPT Controller. BTech thesis.

Noor, SK Noor Mohammad (2015) Erosive Wear Behaviour of Orange Peel Char Reinforced Epoxy Composites. BTech thesis.

Ankit, Patnala and Patra, Manas Ranjan (2015) Designing and Fabrication of Automatic Cutting Machine. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Abhishek (2015) Designing Novel Lead Molecules for Human Coagulation Factor XIII B Involved in Cardiovascular Diseases. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Pravin (2015) Estimation of Biogas Potential of the Food Waste Generated in a Hostel Mess. BTech thesis.

Garanayak , Chinmay and Behera , Bipin Bihari (2015) Design and Analysis of Standalone PV System. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Rudra Dutt (2015) Designing of an ECG Signal Acquisition System and Analyzing Effect of Slow Music on Autonomic Nervous System. BTech thesis.

Rath, Sibasish and Toppo, Joy Kiran (2015) Centro-symmetry Parameter Studies of Defects in Deformed
Copper Single Crystal.
BTech thesis.

Rungta, Shaswat (2015) Detecion of Opinion Spam in Online Reviews. BTech thesis.

Anand, Vishal and Giri, Mrinal (2015) Evaluation and Correlation of Some Properties of Coal. BTech thesis.

Meher, Bijaya Kumar (2015) CFD Analysis of a Pulse Tube Cryocooler. BTech thesis.

Das, Jayadev (2015) Design and Development of a Powder Feeding system For Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Cladding. BTech thesis.

Ghadai, Sambit and Purohit, Pranit Kumar (2015) Design and Development of a Continuous Passive Motion Device for Physiotherapeutic Treatment of Human Knee. BTech thesis.

Varma, Anurag (2015) Detection of Denial of Service Attack Through Network Traffic Analysis. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sandeep (2015) CFD Analysis of Film Cooling in Gas Tusrbine Blade. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Swadesh Kumar (2015) CFD Analysis of Flow Pattern in Electrochemical Machining Process. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Asutosh (2015) Design and Development of Assistive Device for Person with Disabilities. BTech thesis.

Patel, Subham Swagat and Sethy, Sanat Kumar and Lal, Satyajeet (2015) Detection of Faults in the Tranmission Lines by Using 8051 Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Behera, Akhilesh (2015) CFD Analysis of Matrix Cooling Method in Gas Turbine Blades. BTech thesis.

Barpanda, Siddharth Sagar (2015) Execution of a Voice - Based Attendence System. BTech thesis.

Patnaik, Yugesh (2015) CFD Analysis of RIB Turbulated Cooling in Gas Turbine Blades. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Ranbir Pratik and Shivadas, Patil Gagan (2015) Design and Development of Automated Filler Rod Feeding System for TIG Welding. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Samyak (2015) Design and Development of Microfluidic Lab-On-Chip Bioimpedance Analyzer. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Neeraj (2015) Detection of Partial Discharge in High Voltage Power Equipment under Sinusoidal Applied Voltage. BTech thesis.

Wadhwa, Jatin and Ahemad, Talib (2015) Detection of Region Duplication in Digital Images:A Digital Forensic Approach. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Manoranjan (2015) Determination and Correlation of a Few Properties of Coal. BTech thesis.

Samantaray, Sambeet (2015) Experimental Analysis on Surface Roughness of En-24 Hardened Steel. BTech thesis.

Jena, Swarup Raj (2015) Design and Fabrication of Automatic Floor Cleaner. BTech thesis.

Amitav, Amartya (2015) Development and Characterization of Gelatin-Based Uniaxial Macro-Porous Scaffold by Ionotropic Gelation. BTech thesis.

Barde, Warsha (2015) Development and Characterization of Unidirectional Aligned Macroporous Alginate Scaffold by Ionotropic Gelation Using Calcium Chloride. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Binaya Kumar (2015) Experimental Investigation of Turning of Austenitic Steel. BTech thesis.

Kishor, Kaushal (2015) Design and Fabrication of Intake and Exhaust Manifold of a Prototype Race Car. BTech thesis.

Meher, Swadhin (2015) Design and Implementation of Smart-Street Light System Using ARDUINO UNO. BTech thesis.

Kujur, Rajan Kumar (2015) Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Aspects Using Circular [MS] Rods Insert With and Without Baffles. BTech thesis.

Dalai, Biswajit (2015) CFD Modelling of Heat Transfer in Blast Furnace. BTech thesis.

Pattnaik, Antariksha (2015) CFD Simulation of Pressure Drop and Liquid Holdup in a Trickle Bed Reactor. BTech thesis.

Behera, Saroj Kumar (2015) Characterization of Bio-Oil and Upgradation to Transformer Oil. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Sujit Kumar (2015) Characterization of Bio-Oil and Upgradation to Dieseloil. BTech thesis.

Shashank, Nooka and Chakravarthi, Vaddeti Kalyan (2015) Characterization of Fly Ash for Their Effective Management. BTech thesis.

Harshitha, Chadalavada (2015) Characterization of In-house Developed Electroporator. BTech thesis.

Rout, Manish (2015) Characterization of Lotus Stem Starch. BTech thesis.

Ghosh, Subhankar (2015) Characterization of Mammogram Using Ensemble Classification Technique for Detection of Breast Cancer. BTech thesis.

Behera, Satyajit and Send, Sudhanshu Sekhar (2015) Characterization of Various Power Quality Disturbances Based on Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence Scheme. BTech thesis.

Patel, Kishan Kumar (2015) Development and Real-time Dynamic Positioning of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle. BTech thesis.

Shubhankar, Pratik and Ramesh, M (2015) Design and Study of Bio-Mass Chopper. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Pranay Kumar and Pattnaik, Tirthankar (2015) Design From Deconstruction: Design And Development of an Electric Toaster. BTech thesis.

Deepak, Aditya (2015) Development of a GUI RDF Tool for Generating XML/RDF Graph Model. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Ansuman (2015) Development of a Posture Alert Device for the Postural Optimisation of the Human Upper Limb. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Himanshu (2015) Development of a Simple Conductivity Meter for Testing Ground Materials. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Abhishek Kumar (2015) Development of a Wireless Control Based Control System of a Wheelchair For Physically Disabled Person. BTech thesis.

Srivastava, Utkarsh (2015) Development of an ECG Signal Acquisition System and Analysis of Effect of Odia Music On the Autonomic Nervous System. BTech thesis.

Venumadhav, Penta (2015) Design of A Plant to Produce 5 Ton per Day Liquid Fuel from Waste Plastic (Low Density Polyethylene). BTech thesis.

Chandra, Tushar Kumar (2015) Design of a Portable Device for ECG Signal Acquisition And its Transmission Using Bluetooth For Diagnostic Analysis. BTech thesis.

Satapathy, Sourav Bikash (2015) Development of an Experimental Set-Up for Producing Metal and Ceramic Functionally Graded Materials. BTech thesis.

Nawaz, Aquib (2015) Development of an Intelligent Baby Cradle for Home and Hospital Use. BTech thesis.

Murthy, Meta Dev Prasad (2015) Design of a Quadcopter for Search and Rescue Operation in Natural Calamities. BTech thesis.

Dash, Abinash (2015) Development of Computational Software to Determine the ‘Factor of Safety’ of Bord and Pillar Working as Per Tributary Area Approach. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Manisha (2015) Design of an Assistive Device for Older Age People Suffering from Essential Tremor. BTech thesis.

Mahil, Ansh and Rajput, Dheerendra Singh (2015) Design of an Automatic Trolley. BTech thesis.

Utkarsh, . (2015) Experimental Studies on Measuring the Diffusion Coefficient of Various Solids with Varying Geometries in Air. BTech thesis.

Khetan, Ayushi (2015) Design of an Ergonomic Knife Handle. BTech thesis.

Behera, Subham Kumar (2015) Experimental Studies on Spontaneous Heating Liabilities of Coals Of Central Coalfield Limited (CCL). BTech thesis.

Nayak, Rudraa and Sahu, Akshaya Kumar and Yadav, Narendra (2015) Extraction of Symmetrical Components and Fault Indication. BTech thesis.

Vineela, Sanampudi (2015) Eye Corner Detection. BTech thesis.

Behera, Rashmi Rekha (2015) Fabrication and Characterization of a Polymer Based Three Compartmental Scaffold for Fibrocartilage Regeneration. BTech thesis.

Subhadarshini, Lipsa (2015) Development of Interference Mitigation Schemes in 4G Technology Using Smart Antennas. BTech thesis.

Parinav, . and Kumar, Mukesh (2015) Development of Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Deepak Kumar (2015) Fabrication of Functionally Graded Material (FGM) Set-Up. BTech thesis.

Sawaiyan, Arun (2015) Development of Low Clay Whiteware Bodies. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rahul (2015) Fabrication of Micro-alginate Beads Under Centrifugally Induced Artificial Gravity Conditions. BTech thesis.

Khadanga, Swaraj (2015) Development of MapReduced Topic Sensitive PageRank. BTech thesis.

Behera, Bikash Kumar (2015) Face Recognition and Facial Expression Detection. BTech thesis.

Tandi, Artatrana (2015) Development of Poly Vinyl Alcohol-Cellulose Composites for Wound Dressing Applications. BTech thesis.

Pattnaik, Sourav Kumar (2015) Development of Spread Sheet Design Tool for Steel Beam-Column as Per International Standards. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ritu (2015) Fatigue Determination in Drivers Using Biomarkers and Subjective Assessment Tools. BTech thesis.

Kawar, Bijay Kumar (2015) Development of Software for Different Textured Profile Thrust Bearing. BTech thesis.

Parida, Ram Prasad (2015) FEM Modeling of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rajesh (2015) Development of Three Lead ECG Machine. BTech thesis.

Behera, Saswat Kumar and Prajapati , Sonu Kumar (2015) Development of Tungsten Based Alloy Through Nano Structuring. BTech thesis.

Mudiar , Jyotishman (2015) Develpoment of a Comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet for Estimating the Output of Some Geotechnical Laboratory Experiments. BTech thesis.

Agarwalla, Varsha and Padhy, Saswat Kumar (2015) Diagnosis of Neuro-Degenerative Diseases Using Probabilistic Neural Network. BTech thesis.

Sai, Manuka Shiva (2015) Devolopment of Software to Evaluate Roof Fall Risk in Bord and Pillar Method -Depillaring Phase. BTech thesis.

Ranjit Kumar, A (2015) Finite Element Analysis of a Rotor Supported with Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings. BTech thesis.

Pandey, Pratyush Kumar (2015) Finite Element Analysis of Beam with Smart Materials. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Preetiranjan (2015) Finite Element Analysis of Gas Foil Bearings. BTech thesis.

Nanda, Abhishek (2015) Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Carbon Nanotobe Based Nano Composite Structures. BTech thesis.

Patra, Prabir Kumar (2015) Finite Element Simulation of Machining of Inconel 825, a Nickel Based Superalloy. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Prakhar (2015) Finite Element Static Analysis of Slabs on Elastic Foundation. BTech thesis.

Behera, Somanath (2015) GSM Based Energy Meter. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Lagnajeet (2015) Hand Gesture Recognition System. BTech thesis.

Asmat, Adiba and Ray, Prajna Pallabee (2015) Harmonic Reduction Using SVPWM and Active Harmonic Filter and Their Comparative Analysis. BTech thesis.

Siddhartha, C V Srinivasa and Bharath, Gorja Chaitanya and Behera, Chinmayee (2015) Harmonics and Phasor Estimation for a Distorted Power System Signal. BTech thesis.

Subudhi, Abhijit Kumar (2015) Healing of Crack in Glass by Thermal Tempering Method. BTech thesis.

Varsh, Byri Amogh (2015) Heat Transfer Around a Circular Cylinder in the Laminar Zone. BTech thesis.

Tete, Eugine (2015) Heat Transfer Around a Square Cylinder in Unsteady Flow Regime. BTech thesis.

Behera, Suchitra (2015) Flow Analysis in Rigid Vegetation Using ANSYS. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Jyoti Prakash (2015) Flow Behaviour of Pond Ash Slurry and Shrinkage of Pond Ash Stowed Mine Area. BTech thesis.

Giri, Preeti and Pavan Kumar, Palarapu (2015) Fragrance Perception Through Perfume Packaging: a Visual Link with Customers. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Arpita (2015) Free Vibration Study of Annular Laminated Composite Circular Plates with Holes. BTech thesis.

Patel, Pallavi (2015) Generation of Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulated Signal using Arduino Microcontroller. BTech thesis.

Shekhar, Shubham (2015) Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Rath, Dikshya Shree (2015) Machine to Machine Communication for Health Care and Disaster Management. BTech thesis.

Venkatesh, Rasula (2015) Malicious Accounts Detection Based on Short URLs in Twitter. BTech thesis.

Rath, Nitish Kumar (2015) MapReduce Based Feature Selection and Classification of Microarray Dataset. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rahul (2015) Mathematical Modelling of Source/Drain Extension Regions in SOI MOSFETs. BTech thesis.

Khandelwal, Deepak and Sanapala, Vinod (2015) Measurement of Viscosity of High Alumina Blast Furnace Slags by Statistical Approach. BTech thesis.

Behera, Baikuntha and Pruseth, Subrat (2015) Genipin Crosslinked Gelatin-Guargum Based Phase Separated Hydrogel for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Application. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Pratik and Sahu, Pallav (2015) Microstructure and Properties Of Az91 Magnesium Alloy. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Susovan Kumar (2015) Geotechnical Study on Behaviour of High Concentrated Ash Slurry. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Mrityunjay and Choudhury, Prabir Kumar (2015) Gesture Recognition Based on Computer Vision on a Standalone System. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Raman (2015) Mobile Robot Path Planning in Static Environment. BTech thesis.

Mandal, Abhijeet (2015) Gravitational Search Algorithm: A Novel Optimization for Economic Design in Discontinuous Model. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Ravi Kumar (2015) Growth of Boundary Layer on Smooth and Rough Surface. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Ajitesh and Bhutia, Priyadarsini (2015) Modeling and Simulation of Partial Discharge Pulse Generator. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Avinash (2015) Modeling the Dispersion of Dust Generated From Open Pit Mining Activities. BTech thesis.

Panda, Bimal Prasad and Singhal, Aakash Deep (2015) Modelling & Simulation of Fluid Flow Behaviour During Carbondioxide Sequestration in Coal Structure Using Comsol Multiphysics. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Subodh (2015) Modelling and Control of Active Clamped Forward Converter with Synchronous Rectification. BTech thesis.

Mohanty, Subhashis and Suresh, Ganta and Jena, Rabisankar (2015) ModellIng and Simulation of a Photovoltaic System with MPPT Controller. BTech thesis.

Sonker, Niteesh and Das, Soumya Ranajn and Mohapatro , Laxman (2015) Modelling and Simulation of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Connected with Wind Turbine. BTech thesis.

Pal , Ansuman Dutta (2015) Modelling of Abrasive Flow Machining. BTech thesis.

Mittal, Jitesh Kumar (2015) Modelling the Dispersion of Dust Generated From Open Pit Mining. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Anshul Abhijit (2015) Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Investigation for Generating ‘I’ Shaped Contour Using Electro Chemical Machining. BTech thesis.

Rout, Chinmay Sekhar (2015) Synthesis and Dielectric Properties of MgTiO3 and Cu0.5Ti0.5NbO4 Composite Ceramics. BTech thesis.

Kalia, Nityananda (2015) Synthesis and Mechanical Behaviour of Epoxy- Fly Ash Composite. BTech thesis.

Goel, Lipsa Kumari and Mishra, Abhipsa (2015) Synthesis of Chitosan Coated Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Nanoparticles by Electrochemical Method. BTech thesis.

Jaiswal, Saket (2015) Synthesis of 3 Mol% Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (3YSZ) and Study on Corrosion Behavior of CMAS on Sintered 3YSZ Pellets. BTech thesis.

Das, Srashtasrita (2015) Synthesis of Copper Sulphide Nanoparticles for Solar Heating of Water. BTech thesis.

Animesh, . (2015) Synthesis of BIS-(p-Chlorobenzyl) Sulphide Using H2S and TBMAC Polymer Bound as Phase Transfer Catalyst. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Samahita (2015) Multi-Cellular Heterogenous VHO Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic System. BTech thesis.

Parijat, Kumar (2015) Multi-Objective Optimization in Machining (Turning) of Aluminium. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Gyanendra (2015) Multi-Objective Optimization in Machining (Turning) Of Brass. BTech thesis.

Das, Siddharth (2015) Multi-Objective Optimization in Machining (Turning) of Copper. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Akash and Bhushan, Mani (2015) Synthesis of Iron Oxide Pigment by Planetary Milling. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Satya Prakash (2015) Synthesis of Lithium Orthosilicate by Polymer Precursor Route. BTech thesis.

Seth, Prabin Kumar (2015) Synthesis of Zinc Stannate Powder by Solid State Route and Molten Salt Synthesis Method and Their Characterization. BTech thesis.

Garg, Sumit Kumar and Meher, Ronak Kumar (2015) Naive Bayes Model with Improved Negation Handling and N-Gram Method for Sentiment Classification. BTech thesis.

Chaturvedi, Vivek Kumar (2015) Nano Semiconducting Device Based Design of Voltage Controlled Oscillator. BTech thesis.

Prabhat, Pankaj (2015) Nano-Semiconducting Devices Based Design of Voltage Controlled Oscillator. BTech thesis.

Hota, Brahmananda and Sahoo, Pravat Kumar and Patra, Nabodit (2015) Nanoindentation Study of Pure Magnesium. BTech thesis.

Vemala, Sai Abhilash (2015) Hydrodynamic Characteristics Study of Three Phase Trickle Bed Reactor. BTech thesis.

Ranjan, Sameer (2015) Hyperspectral Image Classification Using K-means Clustering. BTech thesis.

Madhusmita, Mitali and Agrawal, Atul (2015) Talking Gloves. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Alok (2015) Target Simulator for Gun Fire Control System. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Kanhu Charan (2015) Targeting RSK2 for Treatment of Osteoarthritis- an in Silico Study. BTech thesis.

Das, Om Bikash Kumar (2015) Identification of a Novel Drug Target Protein Against Haemophilus Influenzae Rd KW20: An Insilico Approach. BTech thesis.

Singh, Ajeet (2015) Identification of Drug Target Against Bacteroides Fragilis 638R: Through Insilico Genome Analysis. BTech thesis.

Bhanjdeo, Pratik Ranjan (2015) Neural Networks Technique for the Control of Artificial Mobile Agents. BTech thesis.

Yadav, Anamika (2015) Identification of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Receptor Modulators for Nerve Regeneration. BTech thesis.

Meghasmita , S (2015) Identification of Phytochemicals Rhinovirus. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Jeet (2015) Non Fourier Heat Transfer Across a Gun Barrel. BTech thesis.

Ghosh, Pooja (2015) Image Mosaicing Using Feature Detection Algorithms. BTech thesis.

Bhuyan, Sangeeta (2015) Image Security using Visual Cryptography. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Arpan Suravi (2015) Image Segmentation and 3-D Reconstruction of Coronary Artery. BTech thesis.

Maji, Sukumar (2015) Image Skew Detection and Correction in Regular Images and Document Images. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Vaibhav (2015) Image Source Identification Using Machine Learning Techniques. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Sushri Sangita (2015) Image Tagging Using Visual Approach. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Gaurav (2015) Impact of Coal Mining on Water Quality. BTech thesis.

Khatua, Bapuji (2015) Numerical Analysis of Orifice-Type Aerostatic Thrust Bearing. BTech thesis.

Divya Sree, V (2015) Impact of Dispersion of Gases from Combustion of Coal Tar. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Deepak (2015) Numerical Modelling and Field Monitoring of Stability of Cut Slopes. BTech thesis.

Manna, Vivek (2015) Numerical Simulation of Air-Lift Pump. BTech thesis.

Patro, Jatin Kumar (2015) Numerical Simulation of Inertial Entrainment Phenomenon. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Hitesh Kumar (2015) Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Channel with Triangular Wall. BTech thesis.

Naik, Abinash (2015) Impact of Iron Ore Mining on Water Quality. BTech thesis.

Saluja, Megha (2015) Isolation and Characterization of Phenol Degrading Organisms from Soil Sample Containing Traces of Crude Oil. BTech thesis.

Yamasan, Avinash (2015) Isolation and Characterization of Phytochemicals from Garlic Scale. BTech thesis.

Kundra, Ankita (2015) Isolation and Characterization of Protein Derived from Garlic Scale and Their Application in Bone Tissue Engineering. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Himansu Sekhar (2015) Implementation of an Embedded System for Real Time Monitoring of Vehicular Movement in Mining Sites. BTech thesis.

Satpathy, Subhashish Kumar (2015) Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of Squat Jump and Counter-Movement Jump. BTech thesis.

Swain, Smruti Sarita (2015) Implementation of FIR Filter using Distributed Arithmetic Method. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Sundaram and Singh, Abhishek (2015) Improved On-demand Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Network. BTech thesis.

Meher, Sanjay Kumar (2015) Kinetic Study of Rice Bran by Thermogravimetric Analysis. BTech thesis.

Tagirisa, Siddhardha (2015) Improving Performance of Job Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment. BTech thesis.

Karunakar, Kale (2015) In Vitro Induction of Amyloidosis and its Counter Measure. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Sushil (2015) Life Cycle Assessment of the Process Steam Reforming of Methane(SMR). BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Siddhartha (2015) Intelligent Robotic Navigation. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Vishal (2015) Interoperability in Software Defined Networking. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Santosh Kumar (2015) Investigation of Heart-Lung Function in Smokers Using Integrated Heart-Lung Signal Acquisition System. BTech thesis.

Dalai, Sher Singh (2015) Investigating Broader Terms for Depression and Conducting Academic Inventory Surveys to Determine the Severity of Depression. BTech thesis.

Chakravarty, Maussam (2015) A Theoretical Decision Making Framework on the Assessment of Leagility Index in a Supply Chain Management. BTech thesis.

Prasad, Manikant (2015) A Universally Verifiable Blind Signcryption Scheme with
Message Recovery.
BTech thesis.

Pandey, Ashish (2016) Iris Biometric Analysis under Occlusion. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Rajeev (2016) Room Temperature Control using On-Off Controller. BTech thesis.

Kanhar, Soumya Ranjan (2016) OPAMP Realization and PID Controller Fabrication. BTech thesis.

Das, Guru Charan (2016) Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Carbon Quantum Dots from Wood Ash. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Chandraprakash (2016) Driver Drowsiness Detection System. BTech thesis.

Katiyar, Jyotsna (2016) Atlas Based Simulation of Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor. BTech thesis.

Panda, Swastik Sovan (2016) Power Quality Disturbance Detection and Classification. BTech thesis.

Samantaray , Anupam (2016) Power Quality improvement using FACTS devices. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Sandeep Kumar (2016) Application of HEC-HMS Model for Runoff Simulation. BTech thesis.

Reddy, Yerragunta Chandra Sekhar (2016) Application of K-Ԑ Model to Compound Channels Having Diverging Flood Plains and Analysis of Depth Averaged Velocity Using Ansys(Fluent). BTech thesis.

Patro, B Litusha (2016) Application of Liquid Membrane in Removal of Dyes. BTech thesis.

Dandapat, Prasanjit (2016) Application of Schmidt Rebound Number for Estimating Coal Strength. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Ashis (2016) Power-Law Fluid Flow Around A Triangular Cylinder in Laminar Flow Regime. BTech thesis.

Malavathu, Gopirajunaik (2016) Arduino Based Design of Smart Energy Saving System. BTech thesis.

Bahalia, Prayashree (2016) Estimation of Kinetic Parameters for Production of PHB. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Satya Sundar and Kumar, Sagar (2016) Estimation of Parameters and Design of a Path Following Controller for a Prototype AUV. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Prashant and Padhi, Aswini Kumar (2016) Assessment and Characterization of Airborne Dust in Coal Surface Mine. BTech thesis.

Naidu, Basava Vishal (2016) Evaluation of Current Pillar Design Practice in Ramagundam Coal Belt. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Dibyanshu Shekhar (2016) Assessment of Spontaneous Combustion of Some Indian Coals Using Differential Thermal Analysis. BTech thesis.

Behera, Kumar Chand (2016) Evaluation of Defluoridation of Water with Few Adsorbents by Batch Sorption Studies. BTech thesis.

Acharya, Aditya (2016) Assessment of Spontaneous Heating of Coals by Thermal Analysis Technique. BTech thesis.

Abhishek, Neelabh (2016) Assessment of Spontaneous Heating of Some Indian Coal Using Fire Risk Index by Crossing Point Temperature Method. BTech thesis.

Abhishek, Kumar (2016) Assessment of Spontaneous Heating Susceptibility of Coals Using Wet Oxidation Potential Difference Technique. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Pulack Ranjan (2016) Assessment of Water Quality of Different Coal Washeries. BTech thesis.

Tirthankar , Sidhartha (2016) Power-Law Fluid Flow Around an Elliptical Cylinder in Laminar Flow Regime. BTech thesis.

Sahoo, Dharmasish (2016) Automated Irrigation System Using Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

Gupta, Nisha (2016) Automatic Number Plate Recognition Using Raspberry Pi2 in Shovel-Dumper Combination. BTech thesis.

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